Work: Juguete para Uchihas (Naruto, ItaDei, Naru-sasu-Naru)
Author: @FullbusterFic - Translation for Vonlane.

Translation- Spanish to English for Vonlane
Work: Uchiha's Toy (Naruto, ItaDei, Naru-sasu-Naru)



First part:

Ever since Deidara joined the Akatsuki, he's only been a toy for the organization, tortured and abused by everyone. His hopes fall on Itachi Uchiha, the one at fault for having to live this way, for having to feel so much hate and yet... the one at fault for starting to fall in love with him. When he's sure he's in love with Itachi Uchiha, his brother Sasuke Uchiha appears to once again make Deidara's life hell, in the end making him... a simple toy used for the Uchiha's entertainment becasue between brothers, everything is shared, including toys.

Second part:

After helping his brother take down the organization and escape with Deidara, Sasuke is reunited with Naruto, who manages to capture him and bring him back to the village. Sasuke is convinced that he will be killed  there for being a traitor- an S Class criminal. Even still, he tries to tell Naruto his feelings while the blond refuses to accept what he feels, each time hurting Sasuke's heart. Will Naruto realize his feelings towards Sasuke before they kill his team mate?


Chapter 1: Just a Toy

Note: According to the author, this story has been plagiarized time and time again. This time, however, I've been given permission to post this. Should you see someone else uploading this without her permission, please notify me and I'll notify the author. As it is now, this is the only English translation of her book. Thank you, and enjoy the story.

Saga I: Itachi and Deidara


I hated them. I hated everyone in this damned organization and once again cursed the day in which I lost against Itachi Uchiha: the one at fault for my misfortune and the one who was responsible for the reason that I was here serving this organization, but he will fall. One day, I'll kill everybody one by one. I will. A beautiful explosion and everyone dies! That's all I dreamt of day after day.

I couldn't stand the pain, I couldn't stop screaming over every bite that Hidan placed upon my body; every suckle, every lick he gave me, every grotesque brush his hands laid upon my skin. I hated him! He disgusted me; even I disgusted myself. I just wanted to leave the Akatsuki.

"Scream some more, slut." Hidan said once again while he smiled, still biting with force over my body until I bled and I couldn't keep myself from crying out in pain.

What have I become since joining the Akatsuki? Was I just the sex toy for the entire organization? When it wasn't Hidan, it was Kisame. If it wasn't Kisame, it was Kakuzu. The point was that I was always in the same situation, satisfying the most perverse and sadistic wishes for them. I cursed the Uchiha because it was his fault. It was his damn fault I was here and even though he never laid a hand on me, the others did because he made it possible for me being here. They tore my body and mind because of him. I'll kill him, one day I will! I screamed once again when Hidan thrust his hand inside my pants and harshly gripped my member. It hurt! Everything he did hurt.

He didn't even have the nerve to abuse me in his bed, since according to him... he didn't want to stain the sheets with the blood of a bitch, because that's what I was to every member of this organization: their slave, their toy, their slut. Even I started to believe the nicknames they threw at me! Each one of them preferred their own term to refer to me! Though, in the end, everyone did the same to me: tear me apart to satisfy their lowly needs.

"Scream more for me, blondie." Hidan whispered, licking my ear while I felt how he made cuts on my body with his kunai. I screamed with every cut but at the same time I couldn't satisfy him. It was hard not to scream from the pain. "I said scream!" Now it was his turn to scream at me while he penetrated me with force in one thrust only to take it out.

I screamed so loud that I was almost sure the entire organization heard. Tears started falling down my face, I couldn't help them from doing so. My legs shook, they could no longer support my weight. It hurt a lot, I couldn't pick myself up from the floor but this, this had only just begin. I knew Hidan; a masochist to the bone. He thrust his member inside me one time, causing me this pain that ripped me in half only to pull out, stretch me out, and once again enter to cause me more pain.

"That's how I like it, know to obey me. I want you to scream so much that everyone knows the bitch enjoys himself more with me." He said, referring to me with the insult.

I lay on the floor crying. I couldn't move! The pain was killing me and I doubted that I'd still be conscious because in more than one occasion with Hidan, I'd fainted. And I'm sure it was the best thing that could ever happen to me! I wanted to tell him to stop, to leave me alone, but it was useless.

He grabbed me by the hair with force to pick my head up and he kissed me. Apart from feeling the pain from the hair tug, I felt his force against my lips, his bites. I could taste blood. It was my day! He bit my lips, making them bleed. He tore me and I couldn't help it! I cried once again and Hidan, with a grand smile on his face, passed his tongue over my lips, tasting my blood to savor it.

"I like you." He told me. "So young, very attractive, so tasty, and you scream well." He said sadistically without taking his eyes off me. "Let's play a game, you and me."

"Please, no." I begged him.

"Yes." Hidan said with that smile of his while he reached out to grab his scythe. "Now stay quiet. With every scream, I'll plunge a kunai in my body." He said, drawing a circle on the ground and I knew he was connecting himself to me; what he would feel, so would I.

"Don't do it, please." He punched me, sending me flying towards the wall. It barely hurt considering what he could do to me.

"Shut your mouth, only open it when you blow me." He shouted and I sensed how he approached me with his scythe in his hand.

I got scared. I don't know if he was going to cut me or if he was going to do something worse but at this point, my pants were all shredded. It could barely cover anything as it was just tattered cloth that could fall any moment. I was at his disposition! I still had some clay left in my hands, I could feel it, beginning to mold something but Hidan was quick to grab it, holding it in his hands and then taking hold of mine. He looked at me, smiling.

"You want to blow something up?" He asked me and I tensed. "It's fine with me." He said, lowering his hand with the clay towards my entrance and forcing his hand in without nay compassion. "Come on, blow it up. Either way I'm going to fuck you so much you won't even remember your name."

I couldn't blow it up, not with it being inside me. I cried because even when I tried to defend myself... Just how did I think I could go against one from Akatsuki? I was the small one, the rookie, the one they defeated and crushed.

When he finally pulled the molded clay out of me and threw it towards a corner, I found myself not even having enough strength to explode it. He took a hold of my arms, biting them to leave horrible marks and once again, I felt a horrible pain. He was inserting the end of his scythe inside of me, and it didn't fit! It was too big but he insisted while I tried not to scream. He moved it around, trying to get me to scream and in the end I did. I couldn't help it. Any moment now and I could faint! My pain was almost over the limit.

I thought of everyone in the Akatsuki. I was going to kill them all; I wanted to become much stronger and annihilate them. I wanted them to suffer like I was because I've had enough of dealing with their humiliation. I wanted to leave, somewhere far away but the last time I tried that, they found me and it was even worse; Kisame, Hidan and Kakuza had thrown me to the floor, the three of them taking turns abusing me without mercy only to leave me on the floor of the main living room completely naked and bloodied. Sasori, my master, was the one who healed me, only to violate me later with his puppets when I was confident he wanted to help me. Nobody helped me in this organization! I didn't matter to anybody, I didn't even know my own parents. It was something normal in my life, I was used to contempt.

This time I screamed much harder while Hidan laughed, once again nailing himself with those kunai of his. I wanted to die, someone kill me, please! But I wanted to live, wanted to escape but there was no way to do it. In here, the only way to escape was through death but even I was too much a cowards for that. I couldn't kill myself.

He stopped stabbing himself and I could breathe for a few seconds, still on the floor, crying, bleeding, without the power to move my body not one millimeter. He walked closer to me, destroying the circle after having his fun. He looked at me from where he stood, pulling his pants down and entering me. I didn't even have the strength to scream! I let him do whatever he wanted. I couldn't move, not even a finger. He had torn me again! Just like always, because Hidan and Sasori, they were the worst.

He didn't even bother to take off his pants, only lower them enough to insert his member in me, time and time again feeling the rush as he entered and pulled out of me. More slowly, faster, moaning and insulting me just like he liked to as he positioned me on all fours even though I couldn't maintain balance. My knees were weak as he grabbed me by the hair and made me look in the mirror.

"You like it, eh?" He asked me while he maintained my head leveled to the mirror in front of me.

I was a mess- a mess on all fours as he tugged my hair while roughly penetrating. I saw him penetrate me, I saw him in the mirror how he enjoyed himself with a bloodied blond full of cuts, bruises and marks; a blond who's eyes no longer held life in them. I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror! That revolting being couldn't be me.

"Of course you like it." He answered himself. "You like it when they fuck you on the floor like the bitch you are." He said, spanking me. "How you excite me..." He said, once again hitting me and with each punch, I could feel his member inside me harder, more rushed until he came.

Pulling out, he let go of my hair, making me fall to the floor as my knees gave out to my weight. This time he didn't hold me up again. I could see everything blurry from the tears, I was only eighteen years old and already I wished for death. I just need an executioner!

"How disgusting, look what you did you bastard." He said to me but I couldn't turn to face him.

He grabbed me by the hair again and turned me, throwing my face down to something wet on the floor. I imagined that as he pulled out of me, drops of his semen had fallen to the floor. I only now noted that I was right as he moved my head over the floor, cleaning last bit of his being with me. When he let me go, he left to prepare himself for sleep, changing his clothes. Before climbing onto bed, he looked over to me noting how still I was.

"You're not dead, no?" He asked, smiling. "If you're not, hurry up and leave, get out of my room. I don't need you anymore for today."

Seeing how I didn't move, he came up to me, grabbing me by the wrist and dragging me from the room towards the door. Opening it, he threw me out into the hallway as I was, throwing my Akatsuki cloak without care over my naked body which covered nothing as it barely fell on me.

He closed the door and left me in the dark, I couldn't see anything, my eyes could see nothing and much less in the dark. I could hear steps. Someone was coming and if they same me lying here, they would take me to their room to continue torturing me! But I couldn't move, I tried a few times but my body refused to respond. I managed to see feet close to my head and one of them kicked me softly on the hand, moving it to check if I was okay, but I couldn't move, even my fingers refused to respond. I was immobile and finally, I fainted in front of whoever was there. I couldn't care less who it was, I knew how it would end!


Chapter 2: I hate you


I woke up on the floor where Hidan had left me a few hours ago. My entire body hurt but at least I could move my hands. I managed to carry a bit of my weight as I tried getting up, even though my legs shook; on the floor, a small pool of blood. I supported myself on the wall to stand, grabbing the cloak and throwing it over my body to cover my nakedness. I was about to leave to my room when I noticed a bottle of ointment on the floor. I didn't have one of these! The truth is these were a rare find. Sometimes Sasori would fabricate his own ointments, but ever since...well, no matter, it wasn't me whom he gave them to, everyone but me had their own.

I grabbed it in my hands and my body ached as I bent down for it. I looked both ways, making sure if anyone was in the hallway and if perhaps it belonged to them but nothing. The hallway was deserted. I placed it inside my cloak and began walking, the entire way relying on the wall for support. I passed by the living room, surprised when Itachi almost bumped into me on his way to his room. I looked at him but as usual, he continued on his way. I hated him! He always looked at me with those supercilious eyes of his, feeling superior than me, than anybody in this organization. I understood that since he was the only one who didn't take me to his bed, didn't harass me, or torture me, that I was nothing to him; never would he stoop to my level. He wouldn't take me, he didn't give me his attention, as if I didn't exist to him.

I almost fell towards the floor and not because my shoulder bumped hard against Itachi's, but because of the small equilibrium I had at the moment. Still, it did hurt a bit, my shoulder. Even after Hidan, there was not a single millimeter in my body that did not hurt. I groaned a bit, at least pain could be reflected on my face and even though Itachi had left, Kisame, who was sitting in the living room, started smiling.

"Had a rough night, blondie?" He asked, a malicious smile in place.

"Leave me alone." I told him and I think that wasn't such a good idea to mess with him because he got up and walked up to me, pinning me against the wall, hurting me as he grabbed me by the neck.

"Still feel like opening your mouth?" He asked, his face close to mine. "Because if that's how it is, then I'll wait for you in my room. I have something that little mouth of yours could occupy itself with." He said, grabbing my hand and pressing it over his member, making me understand the meaning behind his words.

I closed my eyes due to the pain. I didn't say anything back, seeing as he had let go and marched away with a smile in place, reminding me to pass by his room. Something I was not planning to do! Although knowing how they were, it didn't matter if I went or not, one way or another they would come for me whenever and drag me if necessary.

I entered my room. Sincerely, I was so hungry but I couldn't go out now. At this point, everyone was about to wake up and I didn't want to stay with them, they were capable of doing whatever they could to me so I preferred to stay some time in my room while they ate breakfast.

I sat on the bed and complained about the pain. I couldn't even sit down right! Though, it was Hidan who was always a beast with me. Maybe if it was Kisame who fucked me instead of Hidan last night, then perhaps I'd be able to move a bit more. I grabbed the ointment out of my cloak and looked at it. Actually, I opened it just to check if it had been someone's prank to find it empty but no, it was full. I didn't know who left it there but I sure would like to know because they had helped me. Someone in here is worried for me! Thinking about it, I ruled out three: Hidan, Kisame, and Itachi. One of them had hurt me last night, the other wanted to do me today and then there was Itachi, who simply, I didn't exist, therefore he wouldn't waste his things on me. Then who was it that could have given me the ointment?

I thought and thought, trying to remember something from last night but aside from the time with Hidan, I couldn't remember anything. Maybe I did remember the pair of feet that had kicked my hand but nothing else. They hadn't even taken me anywhere else, to another room. They had just left me there even though they were nice enough to leave the bottle there. At least the wounds would heal fast!

Taking advantage that everyone was eating breakfast, I grabbed a towel and headed towards the showers because only three people had private showers: Pain, Konan, and the damn Uchiha! The rest of us had to use the community showers and I hated going. I was always scared that I'd cross paths with someone so I only chose the times they were busy to shower, in this case, how they were all occupied by breakfast.

I arrived at the bathroom and turned on the hot water. While I waited for the water to adjust, I took off the "pants" that were destroyed by Hidan, if they were even called pants anymore. I left my cloak to the side for when I got out, entering the shower. I hoped the water would take away everything; the pain, the marks that gave me nothing but disgust, the wounds, but it only took away the blood and dirt. I loosened my ponytail, letting my long hair fall so I could wash it.

I cleaned myself entirely, but as hard as I rubbed, the sensation of disgust didn't disappear and I felt so dirty inside. I'd been here for only a year and not once had I had a tranquil night. I was beyond dirty now! Perhaps that's why Pain, like Itachi, didn't bother to look at me- I wasn't worthy of their attention. They didn't eat everybody else's leftovers and I simply had nothing to give that someone else had already taken from me.

I was about to start crying, but I contained myself because in this place, it didn't matter how much I cried, shouted, or pleaded for help, nobody would come, nobody would feel pity for me. They were all S-class criminals, they were strong and they knew it. They knew they could walk over me easily, I was the free chip in their games because nobody messed with the Uchiha! Nobody else messed with Sasori! It was only me they messed with. Did I really look that weak to them? Or is it because I'm the smallest? Or perhaps, it was because I was the rookie? I didn't know.

I was almost finished dismissing my thoughts when I felt a hand press against my wrist, turning me around and roughly pinning me against the cold of the shower. I tried to free myself from him because seeing clearly, it was Kisame and that smile of his.

"Let go!" I shouted but he only smiled, entertaining himself with my vain attempts to escape from his hold.

"I'll let you go when you give me what you owe." He told me. "I want to see that mouth of yours busy."

"I'm not doing it."

"Yes you will." He told me, grabbing the back of my head and with his feet, pushing a large basin of water towards me.

He was strong and even as I made a few clay insects, when the exploded, Kisame had just simply engulfed them in water, preventing them from hitting him directly. He was trying to force my head into the basin, and because of how much it hurt, I ended up succumbing and falling to my knees on the floor. I tried pushing away my face from the water but even so, he submerged it with a hit to the basin.

He took me out after a few seconds and I tried to get as much air as possible, taking deep breaths while he grabbed me from the hair this time.

"Are you going to do it?" He asked me.

"No." I said and breathed in because I knew he was going to push me back and he did.

This time he submerged me for a bit more. I knew because I counted the seconds and even so, I wasn't good at holding my breath. I was drowning and because of the struggling, I think Kisame noticed, too. Again, he pulled me out and this time I think he really wanted to drown me because a little bit more and I'd be out of air.

"You'll do it?" He asked again.

"No." I told him and I thought he'd give up. How delusional I was! He had every intention to win. I was insignificant, I didn't have any other option against them.

This time he took me out of the water once I was done struggling because I was about to pass out for lack of air. He looked at me with that smile of his and I knew I had lost. I'd do it anyways, be it for the good or bad, they always won.

"I'll do it." I told him, about to cry.

"That's what I wanted to hear." He told me, throwing the basin upside down, the water all over the floor as he sat upon it. "Start."

I didn't want to do this. I really didn't want to do anything with anyone in this organization except for killing them but I didn't have any other option and within the bad, Kisame was the least aggressive with me. He didn't cut me nor hurt me with the exception of when he penetrated me, but it seemed, today he wanted something quick. Maybe he was in a hurry! I got closer to him and with my shaking hands, I pulled down his zipper. This was the worst about Kisame: he didn't abuse you, he didn't force you. It was me who had to voluntarily do it but of course, only to stop him from drowning me, so he wouldn't hurt me. I suppose the contract worked; I'd do it voluntarily and he wouldn't hit me. But that didn't mean that I wanted to do it, so in a way, I was still forced.

I took his member out from the open pants, looking at it for a few seconds. It still wasn't completely erect but it was in the process. Maybe because of the excitement he got after seeing me naked in the shower, or drowning me. I'm not even sure what excites these guys anymore. I doubted for a few seconds if I should take it in my mouth or not but from the look that Kisame gave me, I understood he was in a hurry so he didn't come with much patience to deal with my doubts. I ended up putting it in my mouth and closing my eyes. I didn't want to see it! I didn't want to see what I was doing, but I suppose this is what I had done all my life; an orphan that had to survive alone did whatever he could to survive, no one had ever helped me.

I was there for ten minutes with Kisame's member in my mouth, stopping every other bit to rest for a few seconds before continuing, hearing Kisame's moans, his insults because everybody loved to insult me. They loved it when I confirmed them things, telling them they were right, that I was only this: a slut they had whenever they craved for it, one they could do whatever they want with without caring about the consequences.

At the end, I felt how Kisame got up and backed me up all the way to the wall, sitting me on the floor while he stood, his member leveled with my mouth. He started pushing it in my mouth without any compassion, moving at a fast rhythm and going in so deep that I retched. I couldn't take it! He forced me to keep my mouth open. From my eyes, tears started falling and I tried hold back that horrid retching while he moaned. He moaned as he pulled out and entered until he came.

He laughed when I started spitting out all his semen, I was drowning with him; I couldn't swallow it and neither did I want to. I didn't like how it tasted, I didn't like that it was from them. Kisame didn't stop laughing as he pulled up his zipper and watched me cough. In that moment, the door opened to reveal Itachi dressed with the Akatsuki cloak, calling Kisame over because they had a mission.

While he hurried Kisame, Itachi laid his eyes on me for a few seconds though I couldn't return the stare as I was too busy with a horrible cough, trying to spit out his partner's liquid.

"Let's go, then." Kisame said and both exited to leave on their mission.

I looked over to the closed door once alone and I swore that one day, Itachi will pay for it all. If in my village it was bad, then in here it was worse. Of course in my village they messed with me for my art, but at least they didn't abuse me, nor torture me. I only had to deal with other guys with either same or lower strength then I yet in here, in here I was the most weak. According to them, I had the possibility of becoming someone powerful, that they liked my ability, but I hadn't yet reached their level.


Chapter 3: Distrust

Itachi Uchiha

I left with Kisame on a mission and the fact that I had to go look for him annoyed me. I'm an Uchiha, I didn't go looking for nobody, they should be the ones to kiss the very floor I walk on. He even had the nerve to tell me to wait a few minutes? Who did he think he was? I didn't wait for nothing or no one. That wasn't all that pissed me off, but also seeing Deidara on the floor coughing and spitting. I had no idea what had happened! Though of course, it probably had to do with Kisame.

To be honest, I've been noticing something weird about Deidara since a few months ago but it wasn't because he and I had a great relationship; we didn't event talk to each other. I knew he hated me; he didn't want to become a part of Akatsuki from the very beginning and knowing he was barely a kid witho no combat experience, I challenged him. And of course I won! I'm an Uchiha, no, I'm the genius of the Uchiha! Deidara was absolutely nothing; a kid without a family who specialized in the art of explosion. There was still so much for him to learn, therefore it was my fault he was here.

Although I barely paid attention to the blond, I worried a little. Sometimes, I would look over him from a distance to assure myself that he was okay, but he wasn't. Ever since becoming a part of the organization, he lost a little more weight every time I saw him. He never ate with us and coincidentally, when he did eat, it was very little what he had on his plate. He didn't even have any type of relation with the other members; he never wanted to be near anyone in the group. He always spent his time alone, coming in and locking himself up in his room every now and then.

Either way, there was no reason for me to worry about him. He hated me and it was logical since I was the one who forced him to enter this place he never wanted to be in and now, he couldn't escape. We had him and I was the one who took his freedom, I was the one who cut his wings and caged him but what was worse was that in that moment, I didn't care doing it. It was now that I couldn't stand seeing those beautiful blue eyes convert into lifeless orbs, their lights turned off and sad. He wasn't that happy rebel child I used to know- he was completely different. He was a kid who no longer felt like holding on to life, like if he had lost everything. That's what I felt from him when I saw him and that's why I didn't like looking at him; it tore me from inside whenever I did.

Maybe that's why I, too, started distancing myself. I couldn't stand to see him. I wanted that other side of him, the one where he was always happy and fun, rebellious. The one who challenged me although he knew he had no possibility of winning against me. Now there was nothing to this kid and it was all my fault.

I walked behind Kisame, having no need to walk in front. My relationship with Kisame was strictly professional. We understood each other in combat and at first, we could talk normally, though, I couldn't trust him. Something inside me told me not to and most definetly when he started obsessing over me.

He turned to look at me and smiled; I kept my usual serious mood, hiding my mouth behind the cloak's collar and lowering my head, the hat as well as so he could not see my face.

"You're in a bad mood today?" Kisame asked me.

"I want to finish this quickly." I told him in all seriousness. I was serious! It was something I couldn't prevent being.

"Have something to do or what?" Once again, he asked, trying to start conversation with me. Apart from being serious, I kept to myself. It didn't surprise me that people hated or feared me.

"No." Was my only response.

Kisame continued looking at me with that smile of his and I couldn't stant it anymore. I picked up my pace and put myself in front. They could've sent anyone in this mission, I don't know why they sent me. I was good in battle, but to gather information... well of course I was as well, but because of the sharingan!

"Thought about what I told you?" I heard Kisame ask me.

"Yes." was my answer.


"Not interested, I already told you."

"Come on." He began while catching up to me and I turned around to face him. "How long's it been since you've fucked?" He bluntly asked. "Ever since you killed your Uchiha girlfriend?" He smiled.

"So what?" I asked. "I have no need to."

"I've heard you masturbate in occasion. Who do you think of when you do it?" That did get me by surprise.

What was worse is that Deidara came to mind. Something weird since I never thought about him! Maybe it was my fault for seeing him this morning all messed up in the shower coughing and spitting. Me and my stupid instinct to protect! What did I care about that kid? Even if he died, we all knew he was reckless with his attacks. He was the type to die young, we all knew that.

"Let's continue with the mission." I told him seriously, changing the topic.

"Maybe your little brother?" He continued. "I can make you forget about it. Do it with me, I want to know how an Uchiha fucks." He told me in a suggestive manner, getting closer to my lips as to kiss me.

I took out a kunai and before he could even brush his lips against mine, I had it held up to his throat, ready to slice if need be.

"Get near me again and I'll be having fish on the grill for dinner." I threatened and he smiled.

"You and your bad moods." He said, grabbing the hilt of his sword and instinctively, I activated my Sharingan, making Kisame stop mid-action. It wasn't wise to mess with me and he knew that better than anyone!

"Make any move and I won't hesitate to kill you." I threatened.

"Let's continue the mission." He said, going back to his serious tone as he let go of the sword's handle and began walking in front of me.

From the beginning I didn't trust him not one bit. Like I've said, he was undoubtedly obsessed with me and I didn't know why. It's not like we were perfect in bed! We were, I don't know, normal like any other person. Who knows why everbody in the organization wanted to try and get in bed with me, often times finding them laying in my bed with nothing on. I threw them out anyways! I think the only one who hasn't violated me in this topic was Deidara... and well, Konan.

We arrived at the village we were assigned to and it was Kisame who located the person they sent us to find. It was an easy task; use the sharingan and the information was all in my head! I didn't even need to question him, I could see right through him. Why would they send me for this bullshit? Honestly, each time the organization did something stupid.

Kisame didn't insinuate for the rest of the mission even though he looked at me and his eyes were lustful. I knew he wanted to get in bed with me! But I wanted no one from this organization. I was the great Uchiha, I didn't stoop to their level and besides, I had enough with having to think about Sasuke going around trying to kill me. They even said he'd gotten stronger! That, I had to see for myself one day. A weak Uchiha was something we could never allow; we weren't the most feared in Konoha for nothing.

Once back at the base, I left to the nearest pond to bathe. I needed it. What I didn't expect, was that when I was already nude and getting in the water, that Kisame would be sitting somewhere by the edge. I turned to face him so he could see better.

"Like what you see?" I asked him.

"A lot." Was his response.

"Then take a good look because this is the most you'll have of me." I stated and he smiled.

"We'll see, Itachi. You know as well as I do that we are both compatible. You'll enjoy yourself with me."

"Don't raise your ego. I'm too much for you." I arrogantly told him. Annoyed, he marched off.


Chapter 4: Encounters


I got up from the shower floor when the two left to their mission and I swore that I saw something aside from coldness in the Uchiha's glare. Perhaps it was my imagination- my imagination that he would help me, that it could be him but no, he had come here in search of his partner and if he had seen and ordered him to leave me alone, he would have because nobody messed with the Uchiha; they feared him and it was normal, even I feared him. His eyes, his abilities, everything about him was perfect. He was the strongest here and he was only twenty-one years old. So young, so strong, much different than I!

I finished getting ready and exited the showers, primarily because I didn't want to be here when the others came. I walked the hallway towards my room and I didn't know why, but I couldn't help but think of the stare that the Uchiha had sent my way. I didn't know why he had looked at me, normally he wouldn't- he never did. In reality, I don't even think he knows what happens to me in this organization; he never worried about me and we practically never talked to each other so there was no way he could really know. Plus, I doubted Kisame, his own partner, would explain to him how everyone abused me whatever chance they get.

Truth is, I envied Itachi a little. He had much more liberty than I did. He was never around the base, he left and came back whenever he felt like it, he got everything he proposed, he had this feeling of security and prepotency. I suppose that being feared for his eyes, it was something that allowed him to do what he wanted, unlike me. I couldn't escape, couldn't leave, couldn't decide for myself. I wasn't strong like him, I didn't have any security over my own self and because of that, everyone walked all over me.

I left my towel in my room, my hair wet and loose as I headed out to eat, walking through the longest hallway, the one far away from the showers because surely at this point, they were all headed there. When I entered the kitchen, Konan was the only one left. Truthfully, she was the one who least worried me. She had never said anything out of place to me, nor had she ever done anything to me. I didn't hate or like her, to me, she was just indifferent. She greeted me and slid over the counter a bowl with this morning's breakfast. I returned the greeting, taking the chance to eat standing up. Sitting down wasn't even an option, I couldn't do it without making pained expressions!

"Where did the Uchiha team go?" I asked Konan because she was close to the leader.

"They have a mission outside, but it won't take long for them to come back. They just had to pick up some information." She commented.

"Are there any missions for me?" I asked her, really wanting to go far away, leave for a good amount of time without being near them.

"At the moment, no." She said. "But if anything comes up, I'll tell you."

I was pissed off a little. If they had only gone to gain some information, they could have told me and I would have happily appreciated it for letting me out of this place even if it was for a few hours. I hated everything about this place. Also, to go out for information, it wasn't necessary to send Kisame and Itachi, they were good for battle whereas being the weaker one, I could have easily taken care of getting the information myself without any problems.

I finished eating and decided to go out for a bit to train. I had to train a lot if I wanted to kill them all! I was going to show them that although I wasn't as strong as them right now, one day I would be. So strong even, that I would even have enough strength to kill Itachi. He was my greates challenge, my rival to beat, the one who had won all my hate when I lost against him that day and entered this organization. Though, even with all that hate I had, I could never forget those eyes. The reason being his eyes were pure art, just like his body. He was the most brilliant being I had ever crossed, even if he had that serious and superior personality. His figure fascinated me. But I was only a child at his side who's art was to blow things up! An ability as disastrous as the life of its owner, Sasori had told me once, that I was condemned to die young. My art would be my destruction.

I trained all morning and I didn't want to go in and eat. Everyone would be there! To be honest, it was a real torture; they never leaved me alone to eat peacefully so I had no choice but to deal with being hungry. Ever since I came to this organization, I've done nothing but loose weight and each time, I felt and became much weaker. I think my stomach was starting to get used to eating very little because each time I would eat less. Sometimes I didn't even have an appetite and sometimes I didn't even feel hungry and that was a problem, I know it, because I was becoming sick and I couldn't fix it.

I continued training, wasting chakra until exhaustion, but I wanted to become much stronger- exploding everything around me, creating new creations of clay, coming up with new attacks until I couldn't do anything more. I breathed with difficulty due to being too tired and decided to go to the pond not so far from here. If I was lucky, no one from the organization would be there. I thirsted for the water to calm the pain in my body, to wash over my muscles, bruises and wounds.

When I arrived, depending on the trees rather than my own feet, I was surprised. Itachi was there meaning Konan was right; their mission really didn't take much time. I dazzled over his features while he kept his eyes closed, a small waterfall rushing down over his shoulders.

He was even more attractive with his hair down and his chest had nothing to do with mine; I was a child at his side. I didn't think he had noticed that I was here and although I liked what I was seeing, I didn't want to bother. I turned around meaning to leave when I heard his deep voice.

"Where are you going, Deidara?" He asked me without opening his eyes and of course, he was an Uchiha. He didn't need to see me to know it was me.

"Back to the base." I told him. "Sorry to have bothered you, I didn't know you were back."

"You weren't bothering me. If you came here to bathe, do it so long as you don't bother me."

I didn't know if I should take my clothes off or not, not because I was embarrassed to, though to be honest, I was a little embarrassed, but because of all the marks on my body. I had so many that it was nearly impossible to go by unnoticed by the Uchiha. I don't think he cared much though, seeing as I didn't interest him. It was just that seeing his perfect body and comparing it to mine- weak and covered in cuts, wounds, bruises and bites -it just didn't convince me. I felt like the world's biggest trash compared to him who was practically a God.

"I think I'll come back some other time." I said.

"Enter." He ordered me, because that's what an Uchiha was good for, to demand! "I was leaving anyways."

He swam over to where I was and got out and suddenly I noticed that he was completely naked. I blushed! I could hate him for all I wanted but everything about him was still art. I liked what I saw, I couldn't help it. Along with being an idiot, I was a masochist; loving the body of the person I hated the most in this world. As if he would be interested in me! What bullshit. I suppose that everyone in the organization had already tried to go out with him, seduce him and maybe one of them would but since the beginning, I never tried and apart from hating him, it's not like I had options. I never had them nor will I ever! How would he want something with me? Almost everyone in the organization had violated me whenever they wanted, they had humiliated me, destroyed me! Itachi wouldn't even touch me with a stick! I was dirty, too dirty for an Uchiha.

Getting out, he hurried up and dressed while I looked at him, petrified without knowing what to do or say. I also didn't want to start taking my clothes off in front of him; I didn't want him to see me like this, so fragile, dirty, the "slut" as the others who would do this to me would say. I didn't feel like I even had the right to look at Itachi; he was so pure, so perfect, so brilliant and I was only the bitch of the organization. What right did I have to look at him? I felt ashamed to even meet his gaze, even so it was discouraging.

When he started walking away, without the intent to, he bumped into my shoulder and I almost fell. Actually, I was about to if not for a surprised Itachi grabbing me. It wasn't even a strong bump, I just couldn't handle it. I met his eyes, noting his hands holding my back but I couldn't find the strength to stand on my own. What's worse is that I liked feeling the touch of his fingers, they had a soft, delicate touch, not like the others.

"Are you okay?" He asked me without any feeling in his voice, as if he was obligated to ask.

"I'm...tired." I told him. "I just need to rest a bit."

"You're training too much." He told me, looking at one of the burns on my neck. "And don't blow things up close to you," he continued, "they're leaving you with marks."

I didn't think on telling him that it had been Hidan. I let him believe it was me- that it was my own entertainment because I had had enough, enough of remembering that it was him, that because it was his fault that I had these wounds; he brought me to this hell.

"I have to train." I told him, moving around a bit in his arms as I tried to pull away, something I couldn't do because I was still dizzy.

"You can't train anymore for today." He told me. "You're without any strength, you should go rest."

"Of course, you would say that because you're strong, you're perfect!" I shouted. "I'm not like you, I need to train!"

"You're all torn up!" He shouted back. "You can't continue today, go rest."

"I hate you." I told him, almost crying. "You and your damn clan. I hate your eyes. I hate your strength. I hate that you're only three years older than me and that you're the strongest one here. I hate how cold you are and your words."

"I know."

"One day I'll kill you."

"Yes, but it won't be today. You can't even stand. Get in the water and rest a bit, I'll go back to my room."

He put me on my feet and left me to lean against a tree for support. I had my eyes full of hate but he had this look on his face that I didn't know how to identify. As he left, he turned to say something else.

"You're too weak, Deidara." He said to my shock before disappearing, his words hurting deep.

Once he left, I took my clothes off and got inside the water. The freshness took away a bit of my pain but it couldn't wash away the words Itachi had left swimming around in my mind. I was weak! I was weak, destined to die young but in this moment, I couldn't anymore. My entire body hurt, I barely had any chakra and I only wanted to go away far from Akatsuki, far from everything.

I was so deep into my thoughts that I let my body slide until I sunk completely in the water. I didn't want to get out. I wanted to stay there, drown myself, lose my life, get away from Akatsuki; I was decided. It would be today! I had to have the courage to do it, to not go back up to the surface, to maintain still while I drowned.

I didn't know how much time I had been underwater, but a hand grabbed me and took me out of the water with force and then I heard a laugh. It wasn't Itachi, Konan, or Pain. I tried to clear my head a little before opening my eyes and when I did, I found myself with Kakuzu and Zetsu.

They were up to something because they grabbed me by the hands and although I tried to escape, I didn't have the strength to confront them. I created a single centipede, blowing it up when it had wrapped itself around Kakuzu's leg though it did barely nothing. He laughed before punching me, throwing me towards the ground for having the audacity to try and blow his leg up.

Kakuzu sat on top of me while Zetsu held my hands up above my head against a tree. He grabbed me by the neck and made me look him directly in the eyes.

"You think an attack with that little chakra is capable of wounding me?" He asked me. "You're too weak, Deidara." He said those words, reminding me of Itachi. "Each day you're weaker, you barely eat. You spend the day training until you're out of chakra, it's great." He said. "Because the weaker you become, the easier you are to control."

"What a shame, this kid." Zetsu said. "He could've gone far."

"What are you talking about?" Kakuzu asked, laughing. "We only recruited him so he could be our bitch. Besides that, you come very cheap." He said, licking my face while I frowned in disgust, trying to free myself though I knew I wouldn't be able to.


Chapter 5: Kakuzu


I've always been scared of Kakuzu. He hadn't killed most of his partners for nothing, not until they recruited Hidan. He was the perfect partner for Kakuzu thanks to his immortality but me? I didn't have that ability. Kakuzu was ruthless, cold, always thinking about business and I think he never got along with anybody.

I don't even know what ability Zetsu used but I found myself immobilized and my hands tied to the tree with Kakuzu's threads. He looked at me up and down and to add to it, I was naked for having gotten in the pond.

"I see you had a great night with Hidan." He told me, smiling. "I should make a business with you, it'd be very profitable. What do you think, Zetsu?" He asked him.

"They would pay well for him." He commented. "Blond, clear eyes, rebellious look, everyone would love it. Though, we'd have to maintain his clay away from him."

"Yes, his clay could pose to a problem." Kakuzu commented while I observed them. "They'd pay me a good lot to let them fuck you." He told me.

"They already do it for free, why would they pay you?" I asked him, sarcastic and with a temper.

"Because I'm much stronger than them and they wouldn't want any problems. Besides, you'd be completely available, all they have to do is tell me when they want you and you'd be there. I could care less what they do to you, so long as they leave you breathing for the next in line, it's sufficient." He laughed.

"Go to hell. I won't do what they ask of me." I challenged, in return getting a charge of electricity going through my entire body for answering that way.

I screamed and writhed as much as the bonds could let me. I had forgotten Kakuzu could use all five elements but of course, the electric charge was there to remind me. I tried breathing air and relaxing myself a bit, trying to forget the pain and the mark that was sure to be there from the electricity's burn.

"Shut up." He said. "You don't get to decide in this business, all you need to do is provide your body."

His hands started touching me from my feet up to my face as if to check that the merchandise was in perfect condition. He stared at me up close before kissing me. I bit him with so much strength that I was even able to taste his metallic blood. He shouted before giving me another electric charge that left me practically breathless and with a bigger pain than the previous shock.

It didn't look too good for me and I didn't have the strength to defend myself. I knew that every response of mine that he didn't like would be fatal for me but I didn't care. If he killed me, even better because at least I would escape this damn hell. I watched him angrily wipe himself with the sleeve of his cloak, blood oozing from his lip.

"I'll teach you to behave, slut." He said, getting so pissed that it scared me. "Turn him around." He ordered Zetsu, who turned me around face down with my hands still tied.

I felt the first lashes of his cables and the second, and the third. After those three, I lost count because I could only scream. I felt my skin bleed with each of his whips. I could only imagine how much blood came running down my back, the marks they'd leave because these, I don't think they'll ever disappear; those were there to stay forever. It wasn't a mark like a bite from Hidan that would heal over time, no. These would leave a scar but they would remain forever engraved.

I also couldn't keep the tears from escaping my eyes. It was impossible, it hurt too much. The tears fell without permission. I buried my face in the dirt and waited for him to stop lashing at me and when he did, he turned me around, once again invading my mouth with his.

I didn't want to let him, but I couldn't keep him from it. I felt so much pain and he gripped my throat so hard that I had to open my mouth to breathe better, making it so that he could insert his tongue inside. I breathed when he separated from me with that sadistic smile on his face, leaving his saliva and taste in my mouth.

"See how that wasn't so hard?" He asked me. "His kisses aren't that bad." He explained to Zetsu. "I think we could get a lot for him. Let's see what else you have to make profit out of."

His hands lowered down to my member, touching it, measuring it, tasting it as if to check if it was good or not for his plan that he had laid out for me. Either way, I didn't know why all this was necessary. We both knew perfectly well that he would end up using me to gain money while everyone else got to torture and violate me. They didn't care about my body, they only wanted a tight entrance to stretch and a body to wound so they could enjoy themselves.

I focused on my hands, searching the mouths for any trace of leftovers seeing as how my bag full of clay was far from reach. I searched and searched until I found a bit, but it wasn't all that great! I didn't even think it could cause much damage. I tried to imagine anything that could cause minimum damage to let me escape.

While I thought about where to attack and when, Kakuzu entertained himself with my body. He was focused on exploring each part of it, touching every centimeter, kissing and licking, biting my nipples until making damage, giving me static charges whenever he felt like it and laughing when I screamed out of pain and when my body tensed.

I could see him lower his pants, not even taking them off like the others did. He didn't want to take them off and that only demonstrated one thing: I didn't interest him, he only wanted something fast to enjoy, cum, and then leave. He got on top of my chest, straddling me as he put his member inside my mouth with no ounce of compassion, thrusting in and out how he wanted without paying any mind to my gagging and retching; without paying any importance if I was suffocating as he thrust it in deep.

He laughed and insulted me while noticing how Zetsu's hands massaged my member rapidly trying to make me cum. Zetsu's movements caused me to moan even though I didn't want to. I tried keeping quiet, not making any sound until I noticed Kakuzu's cables wrapping around my neck. They pressed hard against my throat, trying to suffocate me while he continued thrusting his member into my mouth, hearing that muffled sound as I tried to breathe for air.

"Moan, bitch." He said. "Moan for me and I'll let you breathe."

I let out a light moan, barely inaudible and it was all Kakuzu needed to loosen the cables, letting me breath and talk- talk to moan, of course- because he wouldn't let me do anything but moan if I didn't want him to strangle me again.

Once again he inserted his member in my mouth while I moaned in intimacy with what Zetsu was doing because I know felt his mouth over it, sucking, nibbling, bobbing up and down while gripping me tightly as if it would produce more pleasure and moans.

"See how he moans, Zetsu?" Kakuzu laughed. "This is how you train a bitch. You like my cock?" He asked me, taking it out to let me breathe between my coughs and gagging.

I didn't answer because I couldn't, I couldn't stop coughing. I couldn't stop spitting out the saliva that stuck to me without giving me time to swallow it.

"Answer!" He shouted, grabbing me by the hair so I could look at him.

"No." I told him.

"You don't like it?" He asked me, smiling. "Then I'll make you like it."

I screamed like I never had before as I felt my chest burn. He was burning me and I didn't even know with what. I couldn't stop feeling that pain and begged him to stop but he ignored me. I had no other choice but to go with what he wanted.

"I like it!" I shouted. "I like your cock!"

He stopped the flame and I knew I was crying. Everything hurt, I didn't even think I could move an inch to escape. The thought of using the clay seemed distant by the second.

"Of course you like it, you're a slut. You see a cock and you go running after it." He laughed. "Relax, Deidara. You'll have it all to yourself." He commented while he penetrated me and I screamed, he hadn't even prepared me.

I felt as if they were tearing me in half. The pain was extreme, so much so that I started seeing blurry. I didn't know if it was because of the pain or because of the tears that fell endlessly. He didn't stop fucking me until he came and just when I thought they would leave me alone, Zetsu took the chance to violate me. He entered a bit more slow and was normal. I felt a liquid inside me and I knew it wasn't theirs; it was blood. They were tearing me up and they knew it.

Kakuzu took the moment to untie my hands and it was at that moment that I took advantage of the clay. Kakuzu didn't see it coming but as he blocked my diminutive bird with his right hand, it blew up and managed to blow off his hand. Of course I didn't count on him to sew it back up and now he looked at me much more fury than ever.

He had gotten me on my staggering feet, I couldn't escape and I couldn't run as they would catch me immediately, especially Zetsu. Kakuzu, furious, grabbed my right wrist and snapped it. I heard the crunching sound and I started to scream. He didn't give me much time to suffer through the pain though, because with the next punch he gave me, I fell to the floor, hitting the back of my head against a rock. After that, I couldn't remember anything else!

I slightly opened my eyes while they dragged me through the hallways to my room. I supposed they intended to abandon me there and later on say they had no idea what had happened to me because of course, the wounds Kakuzu gave me were impossible to heal or cover up, they were clearly visible. At least... at least they had dressed me! I was almost near my room when I heard a deep voice asking them where they were going. Itachi!

"We're taking him to his room." Kakuzu explained.

"What happened to him?"

"A bit of training that got a bit out of our hands." He said as if that was the truth. "Deidara...doesn't know when to give up."

"Training?" Itachi asked as if doubting. "When I saw him earlier, he was in no condition to train any more. Even the slightest breeze could push him over, it's imposible that he would continue to train with you guys." I heard the Uchiha say with a very serious tone.

"That's how stubborn he was when he challenged us." Kakuzu defended himself. "Or are you calling me a liar, Uchiha?" He asked him directly but he stayed quiet as to not cause a fight.

I couldn't speak, but I was hoping that they would leave me with him. I preferred to stay with that unfriendly bastard a thousand times than them. At least Itachi would never touch me. I began to feel dizzy again and I knew that I would faint again. My head hurt like never before, I thought it would burst. Kakuzu threw me over towards Itachi and instead of grabbing me, he let me fall to the ground at his feet. An Uchiha until the death! Of course he wouldn't stoop to grab me. I didn't move from where I fell, I couldn't.

Kakuzu and Zetsu left, leaving me there until Itachi's voice stopped them again. I felt him close, he had bent over to look at me and he asked them what that was. I didn't know what he referred to until I felt him touch the back of my head touching something, some type of liquid.

"Why is he bleeding?" He asked them and they were surprised.

"I don't know." Kakuzu commented. "It must've happened when he fell to the ground."

"And the blood on his back?" Itachi asked, annoyed.

"I already told you, we were training him. Perhaps I did get a bit out of hand." Kakuzu laughed, disappearing into the hallway and leaving me on the floor with Itachi.

"Deidara." He called out to me, checking if I was conscious. "Hey... Deidara."

I could see his face. I saw his black eyes, his lips moving, but I couldn't tell him anything. I thought that if I had to die today, then this would be the perfect moment, with Itachi as my last image- the person who brought me into this hell and the last one to see me get out of it. I fainted just when I noticed he held me in his arms and said something about finding a medic. I didn't want him to find me a medic, I just wanted to die. He would've done me a great favor if he had unsheathed his katana and plunged it into me right then and there, because that's what I expected.

Chapter 6: A Long Night

Itachi Uchiha

Truth is, I didn't buy that whole training thing but there also wasn't a reason to fight against them; not when time was being wasted and Deidara continued bleeding out. One of the many things I hated, was having to deal with other people's problems that weren't mine, like the fact that I had to find a medic for Deidara. Since they had disappeared, it wasn't ethical to just leave Deidara abandoned there waiting to die.

I walked towards Konan's room with Deidara in arms, his head leaning against my chest and when I looked down to check if he was okay, he wasn't. He was unconscious, bathed in blood, full of cuts, wounds, and bruises. And there was also that fact that I couldn't see the rest since his cloak was in the way! I was convinced though, that with the very little I saw, was nothing compared to what he really had.

I knocked on Konan's door and she took long to open. On top of that, she greeted me in a bad mood for waking her up at these hours but of course, when she saw Deidara unconscious in my arms and bleeding out, she pushed aside her annoyance and pushed me in, hurrying me inside her room while telling me to place him on top of a wooden table. She was the one who recklessly threw everything off said table while I carefully placed Deidara on it. I hated blood! At least, other's blood on me.

"You can wash yourself off there." She pointed towards a door to which I supposed led to her bathroom.

I took long to wash off all the blood on me and when I walked out, Konan already had Deidara half naked with a great part of his body bandaged.

"You can leave." Konan told me. "Thanks for bringing him."

I didn't say anything. I grabbed the knob on the door with the intention of leaving towards my room but before I closed the door, I watched how Konan continued trying to cure those wounds. She found something, once again calling me when I almost had the door closed. I opened the door as I heard her cal me by my last name. Because apparently, everybody here calls me by my last name! Well, except Kisame who thought himself too close too me nowadays.

"Could you go to Deidara's room and look for a bottle of ointment?"

"A bottle?" I asked her. "Deidara doesn't have any ointments." I told her, assuredly.

"He has to have one, I gave him mine yesterday."

"Why does he have yours?" I asked her in curiosity.

"Because yesterday I found him wounded in the hallway." She informed me. "I couldn't carry him to his room so I attended him there and left the bottle for him if he needed it. Can you go get it, please?" She asked me.

"Sure. I'll be right back."

I walked through the dark hallway really thinking how weird it was that Konan gave Deidara her own ointment. Why would Deidara need ointment? Well, now that he needed it, of course he would need it, but before? I had never seen him use that type of medicine, so it was odd.

I arrived at his door and I realized something important- I've never been to his room! I opened the door and turned on the lights to see...a disaster of a bedroom! There was furniture thrown around, unorganized clothes on the floor, open drawers, even the knob on the door was broken but what got me the most was seeing dry blood stains on the floor and the walls painted with insults. What the hell was going on here?

I looked at the bed- the only thing that seemed to be decent and clean! On top of the bed was the bottle of ointment Konan had asked me for. I grabbed it and exited the room leaving it as it was, closing the door behind me and going back to the hallway. Though now, I couldn't take his bedroom out of my head. I couldn't forget Deidara's half-open eyes as I touched the back of his head earlier to discover blood and I couldn't forget how fragile he looked when his head fell against my chest when I carried him in my arms in search of Konan.

I couldn't believe myself that I was thinking of Deidara, the kid I defeated months ago. Ever since they banished me from Konoha I wasn't able to feel a thing, I didn't suffer when I killed people, I hadn't cried since then, and I didn't love since I killed my girlfriend. I became Itachi Uchiha, member of the Akatsuki; the Uchiha without feelings that was capable of tormenting his younger brother who was out for my life. Why was I feeling guilt for this kid now? Why did I feel like I must protect him? He hated me, he even told me openly. He wanted to kill me, looking for my weakness to assassinate me and here I was feeling guilty that he was now on top of a wooden table bleeding out.

I went to enter Konan's room but stopped as I heard voices coming from inside. The door was barely open and I could hear clearly about what they were talking about. It was Pain who was there with Konan and he didn't sound too happy about someone attacking one of the members because in the end, they recruited us for something, not to wound each other and kill each other. Though, Pain should have been used to it because between Kakuzu and Hidan, they have killed lots of members and it pissed me off to think Deidara could be an addition to the list. I didn't even know why I was pissed!

"I'll speak with them immediately." Pein said, annoyed.

"Isn't it better to wait early tomorrow morning? It's too late now." Konan tried to make him understand.

"I don't care, let them wake up. I won't tolerate that every new member that enters gets beat up for simple training." Pein complained.

"Whatever you want." Konan responded. "I'll wake everyone up and gather them in the main living room."

"Will he recover?" Pein asked, looking at Deidara.

"I don't know." Was Konan's response. "I won't lie to you, it's grave. There's a possibility of living if he survives this night but, I don't think he can handle it because of the wounds he has internally, like the ones you're able to see. I wouldn't say this was training." She explained. "This was intentional."

Intentional! It stuck to me. How could they do this to Deidara? He was no threat to anybody in here, he was just a kid with bigger possibilities of becoming someone really strong with the proper training. It worried me what I felt because even though I didn't show it, inside I was scared of the possibility that he wouldn't make it through this one night. I was scared of that possibility he could die, I didn't want him to die. How ironic, I was worried over Deidara, the only one in this damn organization who didn't kiss the floor I walked on, the one who hated me, the only one who hadn't tried to get in my bed, the one who never tried to seduce me, and the one that whenever they saw me, lowered his gaze and would walk the other way as to not pass anywhere near me. And now I was just realizing it, that he reminded me of my younger brother before everything had happened.

I remembered when I defeated him. He looked at me from the floor and I saw my brother in his eyes, the same look of admiration. It could be that he hated me in that moment for having been defeated against me but, he admired me, just like Sasuke did when he begged me to help him train. They had the same look of fascination, they idolized me. Maybe that's why this kid woke my feeling to protect him, just like I had done with Sasuke, saving him from the destruction of my entire clan. Though, Sasuke would no longer look at me with those eyes again, but Deidara... I don't know if he could anymore. His eyes had lost their light; I could barely recognize the kid that made me feel something after all these years.

Feelings. To me, they were dead. Only now was I finally realizing they were still there. I had the feeling to protect Deidara just like I had felt with my brother. Those two were the same, the same personality, the same look, the same eagerness to become stronger, the same hate towards me.

I reached out to knock on the door when Pein opened it, having seen me through it with the ointment in my hands. He looked at me, touching my shoulder and telling me to go in while he woke everone else up. The only thing I heard from him while he walked away through the hallway was to give the medicine to Konan and to unite with the others in the living room.

When I entered, I watched how Konan tried to clean off all the blood with a wet cloth but it wasn't that that had caught my attention. It was the bandages wrapped around his head, his eyes closed, his irregular breathing- he was dying! He was dying slowly and it didn't even look like he even wanted to fight for his life. He was only eighteen years old, two more than my brother! He was too young to be in this situation!

Konan looked at me as I approached her and I gave her the bottle she had asked for. After cleaning the blood, I could see even more wounds than the ones I had seen moments earlier back at the pond, he was full of them. I was paralyzed to see his body so torn up. I hadn't even noticed just how bad he was! Even after I saw what the slightest bump against me did to him- I had to catch him so he wouldn't fall! I knew he was weak, that he was too weak and even then, I left, leaving him alone.

"You can stay with him once Pein is done taking his anger out." Konan commented. "It would do him good to hear someone support him to keep living."

I didn't answer, instead, I walked out. I didn't want to look weak, I didn't want it to look like I was worried over the blond's health although to be honest, I think Konan already knew he had affected me even though I tried to hide it. Maybe I didn't say anything, or said thanks, or complained, but I did decide to stay the night with him for a simple motive; that if he were to die this night, that he wouldn't be alone doing so. Although of course, Konan was wrong about something. I wasn't the voice that was going to help Deidara chose to live; he hated me. How was I going to convince him to live if the only thing he wanted was to see me dead? Plus, me? Speak to someone barely alive? No way! I was supposed to be an Uchiha! Even though I've always had a charitable facet with everyone else, I've feigned being the man without emotions ever since joining the Akatsuki and I had to stay that way, I couldn't let them see me being soft. I had a reputation to maintain! Though... I was dying to stay in that room with Deidara, to urge him to live, to stay with us...

When I arrived at the living room, everyone was there complaining about having woken up at this hour. Pein made the biggest deal that had fallen upon us since... since I arrived- because not once had I seen him as annoyed as he was right now! I skipped his briefing on partnership, the limits to training, and other things. I had a partner, of course I didn't exactly get along with him but he was bearable. I defended him when I had to and that's that. In training, I never injured anyone seriously in the organization- so the problem wasn't mine!

The one who pissed me off the most was Kakuzu and his small laughs. When I find out it hadn't been an accident, the one who was going to be on top of that table bleeding and fighting between life and death was going to be him! The one thing I didn't understand, is why it was bothering me to hear their voices, their laughs. It angered me to sense they had been able to attack him on purpose. I thought about my brother, he reminded me of my brother and because of my brother, I would kill if it was necessary. Maybe that's what was happening to me with Deidara, why I felt like that towards him since that day we fought, since that moment he laid those damn eyes of admiration upon me.


Chapter 7: Life or Death

Itachi Uchiha

Pein asked us to lower the level of training - actually he didn't, he demanded it very loudly! Though all this time I was thinking of Konan's words, when she said she doubted this had been done by training and to be honest, when I met with Deidara, he wasn't even capable of fighting. As hyperactive and stubborn as he was, he was no imbecile. He wouldn't train in a fight he had no chance of winning, especially if he knew how weak he was at the moment, it was impossible.

There was something going on here and I would end up discovering it. Kakuzu looked at me from the other end of the of the room with that stupid smile of his and I looked at him with a hateful glare because if he was ever going to get an emotion out of me, it'd be this one, hateful, angered, and cold. One of the many conditions I set on myself when I entered the Akatsuki was to no longer be the same Itachi known in Konoha. I couldn't be sweet or caring, I couldn't be protective. I had to be the same as them if I didn't want to be the weak link, that would mean I'd have to deal with their impertinences, knowing they could walk all over me and I would never permit that. I could be caring and sweet with whoever I wanted with but I could also be cold and fearsome. Here, between criminals, there was no room to be good of heart. You had to become someone worse than them.

That's what Deidara didn't understand. He had been the disciple of the third Tsuchikage with an eagerness to learn new abilities and even though he became a renegade to steal the secret technique Akatsuki had been looking for, he wasn't a bad kid. He had the curiosity to learn, he wanted to be the best, just like any other ninja. It could be that he was in other insurgent or terrorist groups, but they weren't even as half as cruel as the Akatsuki. He couldn't come here with his nice and friendly attitude because this is what would happen, it would land him on a table debating between life and death.

Kakuzu passed by me with his partner, Hidan, talking about how irresponsible and stubborn Deidara was and it infuriated me.

"It may be that Deidara is impetuous," I told him, "and he might get angry quickly or exaggerate his reactions, but he has always known where his place is and has a great respect for everyone else. He would never get himself in a battle with someone he felt superior than him." I explained in a serious tone.

"He tends to piss off Sasori." Kakuzu commented in a teasing tone though Sasori was there by our side and decided to intervene.

"Yes, he's a loudmouth." He told us. "Even though he argues with me because he doesn't understand my eternal art, he knows I'm much stronger than him and he has never fought against me. What's more, he calls me 'danna'. That means he respects me so in this case, I'm with the Uchiha. He wouldn't enter in any fight he had no chance of winning. Plus, if he had to fight someone, it'd be against Hidan. He hates him; he says he doesn't respect his art and ever since, Deidara doesn't respect him."

I decided to leave before this got worse and Sasori followed me down the hallway on his way to his room. We both walked in silence, our faces cold until he arrived at his bedroom where he dismissed himself and walked inside to sleep. I continued walking after saying goodbye, walking towards the room where Deidara was. I thought about Sasori's words because I hadn't known that Deidara and Hidan couldn't stand each other.

When I arrived, I saw him laying there, sweating and trembling. It scared me to see him like that and although he didn't have his eyes open, it looked like he was suffering. He was probably in great pain now. Konan only observed.

"Can't you give him something for the pain?" I asked her.

"I have nothing to lower the pain. He'd have to bear with it." She told me. "Even so, he won't hold on for long; he's getting worse."

"Would it reduce it if I put him under an illusion?" I asked.

"If it's a good illusion that would make him forget the pain...then perhaps. It's possible." She commented. "So you'll stay with him?"

"Yes." I said. "You can go rest." I told her upon seeing her eye bags for staying up to taking care of him.

"Alright, thanks. If anything happens, you know where my room is. Let me know and I'll come right away."

"I just need something before you leave." I stopped her. "I need you to wake him up."

"But... that would cause twice the damage, he'd feel more pain if he wakes up."

"I know, but he'd have to bear with it for a second."

Konan walked over to a shelf of medicines and inserted a needle in one of them. I guessed she was going to wake him with that. I got on the table and placed myself on top of Deidara, blocking his legs with my weight while I grabbed his wrists with one hand and his face with the other so he would look at me. I supposed the pain would make him move in suddenness and I needed him to look at my eyes if only for a second.

The liquid in the needle entered his arm and we waited a few seconds until he began opening his eyes. He cried from the pain and suddenly moved, screaming.Good thing my body was on top of his otherwise he'd hit me without knowing! I activated the Sharingan while I held his face so he would look at me and I felt his body relax almost immediately. At least within this illusion he'd feel no pain. Once seeing Deidara stop shaking, Konan decided to march off. I was about to get off when his voice stopped me over his body.

"Kill me." I heard him whisper. "Please." He begged me while a single tear rolled off his cheek and something inside me broke.

"I can't." I told him in all honesty, caressing his hair to move it out of his face. He tried to smile.

"You can kill your entire clan but you can't kill me? Come on, Uchiha... kill me. If you don't kill me, it might be me who'd finish you one day."

"You won't finish me off if you're dying on this table." I told him. "So you can't die here, you hear me?"

"Why is it important to you that I live?" He asked me and I didn't know how to answer to that.

"You remind me of someone." I told him- and it wasn't all a lie! He reminded me of my younger brother.

"The man without feelings or emotions... can't kill me." He smiled at me. "I can't believe it, what bad luck I have." He said, beginning to cry.

The thing about the man without feelings or emotions annoyed me because it wasn't true. I had them, only I hid them behind a cold mask. I wasn't able to let myself show my weaknesses here because one day, they could use it against me. That's why I always seemed cold- it was just my mask. I couldn't tell him my weakness to him- he wanted to kill me!

"I won't let you die here." I said, almost threatening him. "You won't die today." Deidara started laughing and I was surprised.

"You also rule over death?" He asked me, turning his head and coughing blood. What had they done to him that even blood spewed from within his body?

"Yes." I told him confidently. "I'm capable of killing death itself if that prevents you from leaving because I'm not letting you die here."

I saw him smile and I didn't know why. Well, he couldn't have any pain with the illusion I had created from him, I was maintaining it how I could despite the tiredness of my eyes but at least he wouldn't suffer for a while. And he called me the man without feelings! I was destroying my eyes for this kid and activating my ability to prevent him some time from suffering. What was happening to me? And on top of that I was smiling? Why the hell was I smiling?

"What are you laughing about?" I asked him coldly.

"Your eyes." He said in a sweet tone that weirded me out and honestly, I almost had to place my face near his just to hear him because his voice was lower each time. He wasn't even capable of talking normally, it was ragged. "Your eyes...are art." He said.

And now it just so happens that after all those times he said my eyes weren't art and getting pissed off at me for using dirty tricks to win him that one time, my eyes were art. Who understands him! I remembered the conversation with Konan, where she asked me to speak with him, to convince him to fight for his life, but at this moment, he was fighting to die.

"The day we went to recruit you," I began, "I didn't care in absolute to win against you. They had told me to bring you to Akatsuki and I never fail a mission."

"Why are you telling me this now?" He asked.

"Shut up and listen." I ordered and he smiled like a child. "You were... unbearable. You talk too much, you were an impetuous kid who thought you'd win against us in a single attack. You weren't scared of anything or anyone and someone had to give you a lesson. Walking like that through life- getting into problems like you used to, it was only a matter of time you'd die young." I told him, annoyed as I recalled that time. "I didn't know why they sent us to recruit you if you weren't going to last. But, when I won and you looked up at the window to look at me, your eyes weren't impetuous. You were speechless and I saw my brother. I saw those eyes of admiration and I liked them." I commented. "It had been a long time since I've seen eyes with that much excitement; like a small kid who had just discovered the perfect being, the role model in which he looked up to to set himself straight. You made me feel important."

"I still don't understand why you're telling me this."

"I'm telling you because I haven't seen that kid in a while. Instead, I see is a sad one who wishes to die and I want to see the other kid again. What happened to you?"

"Akatsuki happened to me." He told me, crying. "You killed me in life, everyday I'm dying only to find out I'm still suffering here. I just need for you to end this pain, please...let me die." He cried even more and I could see his expressions so close to my face; my nose was practically touching his.

I didn't know what happened to me in that moment. Seeing him cry pained me. Him begging to die pained me. But for him to specifically ask me to kill him? That I couldn't stand. Why couldn't I kill him? I've killed hundreds, thousands even. It was a simple task and I never had any regrets doing it. Why was it so hard to kill him? I didn't want to do it, I couldn't. He needed a reason to live! I was going to give him one if that's what he needed.

I ended up closing the small space that separated my lips from his and their texture impacted me. The softness of his lips, his delicate mouth- I was kissing a guy! If my father could see me, the one who'd be dead would be me. I didn't even think when I leaned in to devour his lips, I just thought that if I kissed him and pissed him off, that he'd want to live. That if I did this to him, he'd hate me more and he'd want to kill me with more determination and that for now, he couldn't die.

What surprised me the most was that even though he was crying, he kissed back, letting me do whatever I wanted. Either that or he was too weak to protest! Worst of all, it wasn't disgusting me to kiss him. Something grave was happening to me, I had to be sick for kissing a guy and liking it! But he had soft and delicate lips. His tongue, although weak, tried to play along with mine. He opened his mouth, giving me access to explore and I did. Maybe I overdid myself with the kiss because I tasted everything, I investigated everything I could and more. His taste delighted me and I did everything I wanted to but in the end, he wouldn't remember it. Well, we would, but he'd think it was the illusion so I was safe. I'd go back to my normal life and nothing was happening here- although it was!

"You have to live." I whispered. "Please...fight."

Now I had a big doubt as to why I liked his kiss and I couldn't stop thinking about it because although I had stopped a few times to let him breathe, I ended up reuniting our lips once and once again until he started falling asleep from being tired and the medicines.

I left to my room when Deidara had finally fallen asleep and I laid on my bed to rest. My eyes hurt! They hurt so much and one of them was bleeding, but I couldn't care less. All I needed was to rest for a bit, to think and clear my thoughts because I had just kissed that so called kid.

Chapter 8: Illusion


I opened my eyes and I could feel pain. I couldn't move! My back burned, I couldn't feel the wrist they had broken. I had a slight tingling on it as if I had fallen asleep on it and I remembered those red eyes like Itachi's blood. Now I thought I was going crazy. Itachi Uchiha, with me? My imagination was worse every time! On top of that, I remembered him kissing me. The Uchiha kissing me! Please, just how bad was I? Sooner or later, they'd have to lock me up in a psychiatric ward and not let me out; I was becoming crazy, the things I could dream in my mind.

I tried to incorporate myself although the only thing I gained was complaining over the pain without once moving one bit. I was hungry and that was ever rare nowadays because with what little I had to eat, my stomach had gotten used to not asking for more. I looked around me and tried to sit up once again only to fail but this time, I heard a voice.

"Rest." They told me. "It's not convenient to move yet."

I looked over towards the voice and discovered Sasori. I didn't know what to think of him. That boy confused me because yes, he had violated me, only once though when I first entered Akatsuki. Ever since, he hasn't touched me and I wasn't really sure why. It did make me feel safe though, because after all these months not once has he tried anything with me. Well, except for kisses because he kissed me a lot. I wasn't sure what was up with that! At least he didn't violate me anymore. Kisses were something I could handle and I thought it'd be bad if I went against him besides, what if by complaining about it, he'd want to violate me? It was better to just let him kiss me, and so I did.

It could be that he changed his attitude due to our partnership, because we worked together. We formed a team and not to brag, but we were good. We understood each other through work- him and his eternal art, and me with my ephemeral art. He trapped them with his puppets and his poison while I blew them up. We were a great team!

Anyways, although I found him weird, I couldn't understand why after he had decided to leave me alone after that first time, I could still feel respect for him. He was my master, he taught me and honestly I learned a lot from him. Although, I did mess with his eternal art because even though I did respect him, I still couldn't understand him. Art was supposed to be ephemeral!

"What are you doing here, Sasori-danna?" I asked him.

"I'm your partner, no? I brought you breakfast." He told me. "Although for the time it is, I should've brought you lunch."

"Thank you, Sasori-danna." I said with a smile and it surprised me when he swooped down to kiss me.

"You're welcome." He said, going back to his place.

Seriously, he was weird and I didn't know what to think of him! Sex with him back then was...horrifying. He had something morbid with his puppets and to be honest, it wasn't even him who violated me because even he was a puppet himself. So... how to say it? That part of him was also wood, so would that even be considered violation? He was weird, Sasori as a whole. He was very weird and the only part of him that was real was that circular thing in his chest. How could I even label what he did to me? Even his kisses tasted of wood; his lips were rigid even if they did look real but up close they had a weird texture.

His kiss, compared to the one in my dream with Itachi, was very different. Itachi's was warm, full of feeling. He made me feel protected, made something inside me to ask him to continue. And all this over a dream! I didn't even know if the authentic Itachi kissed like the one I dreamed of. For a moment I went crazy, fantasizing with the Uchiha, with the most hated being in the world. With everything he did to me, I shouldn't even let him touch me. It could be that the others would be delighted to kiss or fuck the Uchiha, but not me. It disgusted me that someone from that damn clan would touch me. Even so I couldn't forget that damn kiss! What the hell did the Uchihas have to be so irresistible? Well, to that I already had the answer: his body, his strength, his determination, his coldness, his eyes...

Though, thinking it through, what the question really was: what don't the Uchiha have? They were perfect; everyone wanted to be like them. Everyone kissed the floor they stepped on, they were strong and with an enormous self-esteem. They even kissed great. Bullshit! How I loathed the Uchiha, everyone loved them, everyone wanted to be with them or at least... with Itachi.

"Did you stay up all night taking care of me?" I asked my partner.

"Not really, no. I came in a while ago. The Uchiha stayed."

That both weirded me and surprised me. The kiss had been a dream, no? If he had stayed the night, could it have been real? I was confused, what was real and what was my imagination anymore? I saw his red eyes, I was sure of that. He had his Sharingan activated so I was surely in an illusion. Why would he create an illusion where he would kiss me? That was too weird but even more weird was thinking that it could have been real. I couldn't imagine the Uchiha kissing someone from this organization and much less... me. He was heterosexual, at least he made it clear he was. After being violated so many times and not once being with a chick, I had no idea what I even liked.

"What are you thinking?" Sasori asked me, looking at me fixedly.

"Why would he stay?" I asked him. "We don't have a relation of any type, we don't even talk to each other when we see each other around the base."

"I think Konan told him you had a lot of pain and he could take it away with his genjutsu."

"How the hell is that guy going to make my pain disappear with an illusion?" I asked more to myself but Sasori heard.

"It's simple." He said. "He puts his chakra in your nervous system therefore controlling your mind and your senses. He could make whatever thing he wants to if he controls you from the inside and that's why the Sharingan is perfect. Also, Itachi is the genius of Gengutsus."

"Thanks... I know the theory." I said. "I mean to say, he's a damn genius."

"He's the best at genjutsu, you already know."

He was right on that, Itachi was the best at genjutsus. He attacked with them, killed with them, and they would never be able to capture him in one, he saw through all of them. How was I supposed to tell what was real or my imagination within that technique? I couldn't compete with Itachi in this field, his eyes would always win against me. His illusions were too strong for me and I couldn't even tell the difference between reality and the illusion. Had he kissed me or not? That was my question.

"Deidara." Sasori called to me and I looked over. "I'm sorry about what happened that time. I suppose it got out of my hands."

I think he spoke of that one and only time we did it. Well, what he did, I had no choice but to let him.

"Leave it, I don't want to remember that." I told him.

"Who was it?" He asked me, very seriously.

"It doesn't matter who it was. If not him, someone else. It doesn't matter who it is, it's always the same."

"I could help you and you know it."

"We both know perfectly well that you can help me... in return for something. What do you want?" I asked him directly.

"You." He said. "Go out with me, in other words. I'll protect you from the others."

The idea of going out with Sasori didn't really convince me, but it was a solution to my problem. Would he take advantage of the circumstance to get what he wants? Yes, but my question was: was it better to let Sasori fuck me rather than leave things as they are? At least it would be one to worry about but, I couldn't stop thinking in two things. One, the Uchiha's kiss, because even though I hated him with my entire soul, I had to admit that I had like it. It made me feel special, protected, it made my heart beat fast and no one had ever done that, ever. When they kissed me I felt only disgust, they would remind me that they would violate me over and over again but with Itachi, it was different. Of course I didn't even know if it was real!

The other thing that I though of was that with going out with Sasori, it would also mean he couldn't always be with me. They could always find me when I'm alone for a moment and they would do it again, so I wouldn't really be protected. Sasori wasn't Itachi, they didn't fear Sasori like they did the Uchiha. If it were the Uchiha who threatened them not to touch me, nobody would touch me. Sasori was different, even Kakuzu who brought me here was stronger than him, so... Who would impede them from violating me even if I went out with Sasori?

Responding to him with a 'no' would probably make Sasori feel bad and maybe, it'd make him feel bad to the point of violating me. I didn't want to tell him either, but I didn't want to give him a 'yes'. I needed a good enough response, one that would let me give me some time to myself.

"Can I think about it?" I asked.

"Sure." He said and again, kissed me. That damn habit of his to kiss me!

Sasori helped me get on my feet and I accompanied him to the table. Everyone was there eating over the large table with their plates almost half empty. My plate wasn't far from intact, as usual, until I arrived at my seat. They had taken almost half of the contents of my plate, taking from it what they wanted to eat or for seconds. In the end, I was left with barely anything. I sat down and saw Itachi on the other corner eating and ignoring the conversations from others.

In that moment he didn't even look at me, nor defended me, saying absolutely nothing because I think he didn't even bother to look up when I entered. I realized then that the kiss was all in my imagination and something inside of me saddened. The other part secured itself in all the hate I already felt towards him, amplifying it. Damn Uchihas!

I ate what little they had left me and the majority of the members marched off as they finished without saying anything. Though, they did look at me like always, with lust as if they waited for the appropriate moment to take me. Kisame was still there in front of the Uchiha who only had half of his plate untouched. I don't know what he waited for to eat it! My stomach growled just when I had finished, meaning I was still hungry.

I began to get up when Itachi got up before me and pushed his plate across the table towards where I sat. Was he giving it to me? Was he really not as bad as I thought? Did he really kiss me then? Was he worried?

"I don't want any more, you can eat the rest." He said while walking away.

Kisame began laughing for what the Uchiha had said and his words had really torn me. Maybe he had or hadn't noticed, but he just treated me like a stray dog who needed an owner to feed him. I could see it clearly now. If I ever thought the Uchiha had feelings, I was wrong. He would never kiss someone like me. To him, I was just that: someone to give scraps to, someone insignificant.

"I hate you!" I shouted at him, annoyed and he stopped, followed by Kisame who turned to look at me. "One day I'll kill you, Uchiha." I said with all the hate I could bring up. "Damned be your clan, damned be your gen and your damned eyes!" I got up however I could, almost falling to the floor before grabbing the plate and walking over to hand it back. When he grabbed it, I looked at him with fury. "You should've let me die, that way you'd save yourself the chore of feeding mutts." I said in a whisper so only he could hear and his eyes widened like plates.

"Deidara." He said but I turned away in a bad mood. "Eat." He ordered me. He still dares order me around! Typical of the Uchihas, to order.

"I don't want your scraps!" I shouted.

"I said eat!" He shouted back at me.

"I don't want anything that comes from an Uchiha. I don't feel inferior to your dam last name. Everyone loves you!" I shouted. "Everyone adores you, they laud you only for your last name. I pity you; you're surrounded by people who want to use you or take your eyes! I want nothing from you, nothing from the Uchiha! Take your scraps!"

I left there pissed off, knowing Sasori was bound to scold me for letting my anger get the best of me and I knew I get mad easily but he had just called me a dog! He had given me his leftovers! He's an authentic asshole! And here I was dreaming about a kiss he may have never give me in the first place, thinking how I had like it. I couldn't like anything from an Uchiha! I refused to like anything from them, I only held hatred in my interior for that damn last name.

When I arrived to my destroyed bedroom, I closed the door with such force from how pissed I was only to notice that the plate of food sat over my bed with a note. When the hell did he come to leave it? Fuck the Uchiha, his illusions, and his speed! I've had enough! I had passed months ignoring him completely to still have him everywhere. I saw him everywhere, I saw him in all the sites I went to and to make matters worse, I had to see him in my dreams! I was going to go crazy!

I sat on the bed, annoyed and ignoring the food, or at least, I tried! My stomach rumbled like crazy. I glanced at the food with the note planted beside it and immediately, I looked away, my stomach letting out another growl. I wasn't even thinking of touching those leftovers! I looked at the plate again. They were his leftovers but they sure looked nice! Once again, I looked away pissed off with myself, I couldn't touch that. But that food had passed by Itachi's lips! My stomach continued to grumble and I ended up sending my thoughts to the trash. Who was I trying to convince? I was hungry, I didn't care if they were the Uchiha's leftovers.

I ate everything in a moment, finishing everything in the plate to read the note. I smiled like a real idiot as I read the note even though it said a simple: 'I said eat, grumpy.' There was nothing special about his words, but I liked his writing so... I saved it as a souvenir.


Chapter 9: Regrets

Itachi Uchiha

I was going to kill Deidara one of these days with those fits he had. He got mad so easily that I didn't even know how to deal with it. If I helped him ease the pain by burdening my eyes, he begged me to kill him instead. If I gave him food so he wouldn't be hungry, he'd get mad at me for giving him my leftovers. Who understood that knuckle head? He was annoying! Only now was I understanding Sasori's complaints over how 'easily angry' he got.

I entered my bedroom and threw myself on my bed with the intent of resting a bit, maybe even try to sleep. Though, I couldn't go to sleep thinking of the blond. What was wrong with me today? I touched my lips with my fingers and remembered the kiss. I had kissed a guy! Please, I was beginning to loose my head. If my father was here- he would've banished me from the clan for sure! An Uchiha without offspring was completely unacceptable and especially if they were homosexual. It wouldn't matter if I was the genius or not. I had fought all my life for them to recognize me, to not ridicule my clan, because that was what my clan was: a secluded society who thought themselves to be superior than the others, a clan where they required the offspring to keep being the best, because failure was not an option. I was happy Sasuke would never go back to that! I had done him a favor to free him from all that harsh training from our father, of having to carry the family burden to not leave them in ridicule, to be the best. If you thought an Uchiha had it hard, then the firstborn of the leader had it worse.

All that time I thought I had to be perfect, that I couldn't fail others, that I had to be the best, the stongest. Of course, all of that paid off because now, that's how everyone saw me- all at the cost of saying I was cold, that I had no feelings but I did. I protected my brother from my father's cruelty. All the expectations my father had, I carried them out, leaving Sasuke with a happy childhood; one I did not have. I always had to dedicate my time to train as to not let our father down. All this time and only now was I feeling like I was letting my father down, liking a boy; that couldn't be. I couldn't pamper him, I couldn't like that damn blond but even so, I couldn't take that kiss out of my head. On top of that, he was a good kisser! It had been soft and sweet, almost reminding me of a kid in search of someone to love him. Deidara had an innocence to him that I think even he didn't know he had. He was only a lost kid in search of love.

I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep only now, the one who kept coming up in my head was my dad and it didn't feel too good thinking back on all the expectations he had from me. I didn't want to think of anything, I only wanted to be free, be me. I never had any friends like Sasuke had. He could go out and play while I trained. My only friend had committed suicide before me because he couldn't keep on carrying the burden of an isolated clan. We had to be perfect and we weren't even though everyone saw us that way.

For the first time, I asked myself: Who was I? Who really was Itachi Uchiha if I erased what my father taught me? I was caring, I adored my mother. I was a happy kid who used to smile a lot, especially around my brother. I was the kid who liked to be strong, not because I was an Uchiha, but because I could defend my loved ones. I wasn't this cold and serious Itachi from the organization, that was what everyone expected to see. I had to ignore the Itachi from Konoha within me, I couldn't let him out, not while I was in the Akatsuki.

I remembered Deidara falling to the floor when Kakuzu pushed him towards me. They knew I wouldn't catch him, that I was going to let him fall and deep inside, it hurt me. I should've caught him! I was dying to catch him in my arms, to protect him, to not let him fall on the floor as to not suffer any more injuries, but I let him fall. What kind of person was I becoming in this damn organization? I wasn't like that- being an ANBU, I used to help all my partners, so why didn't I catch Deidara? Did I have to keep my appearance of being cold to not catch him?

I thought of the kiss I gave him. Why did I kiss him? I didn't know. Was it an impulse or did I really wish to kiss him? How could I wish for someone who hated me so much? I had the entire organization at my feet and I had to go and kiss the only guy who had never tried to get with me, the only one who wished me dead. I tried not to think of my father or what he would say if he knew Deidara was a guy. What did I feel? The truth was that I didn't exactly know what I felt. I did know that I liked his lips a little too much, perhaps even more if I kept kissing him over and over again after he had fallen asleep. How many times did I connect my lips with his? That couldn't have been an impuse- an impulse would've been one kiss, but with the many kisses I gave him, there was no way those could've also been by a damn impulse. Those other kisses? I had wished for them.

Perhaps the first kiss had been an impulse, but not the rest. When I realized what I was doing, my hand had already been over my crotch massaging my member. I surprised myself because I had never thought of a guy to masturbate and much less... in Deidara. The blond had always been unbearable, too much of a talker. It bothered me how he always ended his sentences in that grunt of his and yet... I wanted to kiss his lips again. Was it bad to think that? Was it bad to masturbate with his image in my head? I couldn't help it.

I kept my eyes closed, enjoying the touch while imagining it was his hands that touched me. What's worse, is that it was exciting me more to think of the blond. I could see his innocent smile, his blue eyes looking at me while he touched me and I liked it. I was enjoying all of it when it hit me: why not create a clone of crows and project an illusion with my Sharingan on it to see Deidara? I had never tried it, but I wanted to. At least I wouldn't have to imagine him; I'd be seeing him. I could touch him and he could touch me. I did it! It wouldn't be as good as the original, but whatever, I was set pleasuring myself in my conditions.

I couldn't help but smile when I saw the clone exactly in the image of Deidara. I smiled even more as it walked towards my bed where I was and got on, taking my member in his hands. I shuddered to the touch because even if I was manipulating everything, it wasn't my hands that were doing the work.

The clone straddled my chest, passing his hands over my covered torso until he reached the base of my neck. He wrapped his hands around it and brought my face up to his until we were just centimeters apart. I kissed him and remembered Deidara's kisses. They were just like that: sweet, delicate, and soft. I could kiss him all night and I wouldn't care one bit.

My hand grabbed him by the waist and I could see him smile as he separated his lips from mine. I loved this kid! I knew this was all in my imagination, but I loved his way of behaving, his delicacy, his way of seducing. I sat up a bit, letting Deidara fall a bit between my legs while I kissed him again and I couldn't help but moan at the feeling of him being so close to my member- it being out and ready to receive attention.

Deidara didn't stop kissing me even as his hand lowered to massage my crotch and I moaned even more as I felt the attention. I didn't want him to stop even if it weirded me out to be this excited with a guy. I had never liked guys before! How was it possible that I was enjoying myself with the blond? Oh, but that was just another problem I had: I loved the color of his hair, the color of his eyes. I loved his smile and I guess I could get used to the little grunts of his at the end of every sentence.

His hands left my member for a second to start taking my shirt off to which of course, I let him. He returned a hand to continue what it had been doing before and the other grabbed my neck, holding me as his mouth traveled over my chest. He kissed me and licked me with delicacy. I could only gasp and moan even more when he started nibbling my nipples. I still didn't understand how I could love this so much, how he could excite me this way. I closed my eyes, enjoying each and every one of his touches while he tilted my neck, leaving it free for him to kiss.

His lips were soft and exciting as they drifted over my skin with a calmness I could only get from him. I moaned, my skin forming goosebumps when he bit my neck softly and I smiled as I felt him do the same. I tangled my fingers in his hair to bring him to my lips again, inserting my tongue in his mouth- devouring him once again and becoming the master over his kisses.

My only problem was, that between him sitting practically over my member and with his hand jerking it, I didn't know how long I was going to keep going without cumming. Even though I was enjoying it, what I loved the most was something as simple as kissing, to caress me like he was doing.

I noticed my breathing becoming faster each time. I couldn't help moaning and even more so as I placed my hand over his, helping him jerk it faster. I loved the touch of his hand, it was delicate and I didn't want to let go of it. I kept it there, manipulating the movement; up and down over and over again, each time much faster while he continued kissing me. My last gasp was drowned out in his mouth as I felt the liquid slide over my hand. I was so absorbed in his blue eyes that when someone knocked on the door, I lost concentration, making the clone fade into a bunch of crows.

God, Deidara was going to kill me when he found out I had masturbated thinking of him! I didn't answer the door because I knew it was Kisame. He had spoken with that peculiar voice of his asking if I needed help. That bastard, I didn't even know he was capable of staying behind my door when I was having an intimate moment with myself. I didn't say anything back. I went to wash myself and came back to the bed, determined on sleeping for a bit.


Chapter 10: Just a Game


I stayed in my room all day, playing around making birds out of clay with my hands. I smiled as I watched the tongues of my hands play around and mold the clay, I loved seeing that. I loved the feeling of clay between my fingers, I liked their texture and it was the only good thing in this organization they couldn't take away from me.

The door opened all of a sudden and I found it something normal since they had broken the lock, so I knew I had no privacy even in my own room. It was Kisame- for a change! I had no idea what he would want, looking for me in my room.

"You could've at least called." I told him, grabbing another piece of clay from the bag on the floor and beginning to mold it.

"Look how brave you become when you have that little bag of yours near." He teased.

"And look how cowardly you guys become when I have my little bag of clay near me." I retorted. "What do you want?" I asked annoyingly so he would leave me alone.

Kisame smiled in that habit of his, the smile that gave me chills. I hated his smile, or more of, I hated all of him.

"I came to see how you were today." He commented and I busted out laughing, I couldn't help it.

"Come on now, come up with a better lie," I told him. "because nobody here believes that. If you came here because you want to fuck, I'm in no mood." I told him, taking out a few molded birds from my hands and showing him.

"To be honest with you, it's not me who wants to fuck you," He smiled. "but I'm sure that you'll know soon enough who'll be entering the game."

"Oh yes, tell me who still has to violate me." I asked amusingly. "Konan?" I guessed. "Pein?"

"The Uchiha." He said and I laughed even more. "What are you laughing about?"

"That was actually funny." I replied. "The Uchiha doesn't even seem human. He hasn't had any relationships ever since he killed his girlfriend, he's heterosexual, and I'm absolutely nothing to him. In his marvelous life, I don't exist."

"Well, you'll find out soon enough." He told me. "I've warned you and take into account that he's my partner; I know him well. When it does happen, though, do tell me how he did you. I'm curious to know what he'll do. I'm thinking he'll use his genjutsu to put you in his little word where he tortures his victims for days tied to that cross. Besides, it'll only be a few seconds in the real world, so no one would help you until he felt like it." Kisame laughed.

"He won't do it!" I shouted.

"Torture you? I don't think so, but abuse you for days tied to that cross? It excites even me, the luck you have." He said once again, laughing.

"Leave!" I shouted, throwing him the first thing I could grab while he left my room, closing the door quickly as to not get hit by what I threw.

Damn it! I had to calm down. He wouldn't do it, he won't- he was an Uchiha and I had to get that through my head. Still, the idea Kisame tried to get in my head terrorized me. I didn't want to go anywhere near Itachi, I didn't want him to tie me to that cross and abuse me.

I was ninety-nine percent sure that he wouldn't want to abuse me. This is Itachi Uchiha we're talking about: the genius of his clan, the one who didn't stoop so low as to have sex with guys and much less insignificant ones that came from the street. I didn't have a famous and well-known last name like he had, so there was absolutely nothing I could possibly offer.

Still, that one percent of my doubts was left and I trusted this organization very little. He had brought me food to eat and now that I remember, the last time someone here treated me nice was Sasori before he violated me like he did. Of course, he didn't do it again ever since, but he had done it. What if that's what was going on with the Uchiha? Now I was so confused and I'm pretty sure that's what Kisame tried to do- confuse me- but I couldn't let him do that. The Uchiha wouldn't try nothing with me, I had to convince myself of that.

To be honest, I was a bit scared with the whole thing but I tried to reason. It was Itachi and he wasn't going to do anything bad to me. He hasn't done it all this time and I wasn't going to imagine things I didn't know of because had said it.

I left my room to walk around, mostly because I hated being locked in all day even if it was the healthiest thing for me. My body still hurt, but even still, I needed to stretch my legs a bit. I grabbed my bag of clay and tied it to my waist before going out to the hallway.

I wasn't sure where I was headed, so I walked around until I decided where to go. I walked myself towards the exit of the base, turning to the last hallway and realizing Itachi walked from the front. My eyes fixed themselves on him and I tensed; I didn't want to be all tense but I remembered Kisame's words and I couldn't help it. My body shook and I didn't understand why- I had never feared Itachi, not him.

Perhaps I had imagined myself tied to that cross, I don't know, but I had to continue walking however I could. I wanted to pass by as fast as I could, not even bumping into him if at all possible. I just wanted to get out of there. I felt as if a concrete wall had fallen on me, it was the tension. I could drown only by seeing him but that's how Itachi was; he imposed respect and a little fear.

I couldn't take my eyes off him as he got nearer and just when I almost had him by my side, he looked me in the eyes. He never looked me in the eyes! Every time he passed by me, he would ignore me! I didn't exist to him and that small gesture... made me think more of Kisame's words. What if he was looking into me? What if Kisame was right and he wanted to add himself along with the others? I looked away from his eyes and looked down, speeding up to the exit.

I hurried out through the door without looking back; I didn't want to prove if Kisame had been right or not, I only wanted to get out of there. I went towards the pond and luckily, there was no one around because with how pissed off Pein was yesterday, he had sent Kakuzu and Zetsu out to who knows where. Kisame was nothing to worry about because he had Itachi to control him and well, Sasori had already come to see me this morning, so he was probably busy with his puppets or inventing new weapons or poisons.

When I arrived at the pond, I could still see dry blood near the tree where they had tied me by the night before and it gave me chills to remember the scene. I doubted if it was a good idea or nor, but I felt dirty. And I was! Konan may have cleaned me with a wet cloth, but I wanted to bathe and get the rest of the dry blood off of me.

I took off my clothes after assuring myself at least twenty times that there was no one and I ran towards the water- as if I hadn't looked around well enough and there was anybody left who hadn't seen my wounds! Truth is I looked like an idiot, with all the times I had looked around making sure I was alone.

I washed myself entirely and loosened my hair to wash it because it was sticky and disgusting. When it touched the water, it looked as if all the dirtiness started disappearing and the hair went back to it's soft state. It felt good to feel at least this clean! Because after everything they had done to me, I could wash myself a thousand times and still feel outraged and disgusting.

I was calm inside the water when I heard a noise in the bushes. With the fear it gave me, I hid behind a great rock to see Itachi come to bathe. Damned be my luck! I didn't think it took me this long to wash myself...

I knew Itachi saw me hide behind the rock because he only smiled white he took off his clothes. The first thing I could think of was: the Uchiha could smile? Well, he could, I could see he could even through my shock. I never thought I'd see him smile and he had a pretty smile; I don't know why he didn't do it often.

Aside from being nervous at his presence, he made me even more nervous as he got naked. He got into the water with much calmness, giving me a perfect look at his body that there was not much to leave to the imagination. Well, actually, there was nothing to leave to the imagination! I saw him perfectly and I couldn't avoid blushing; no wonder everyone was crazy for the Uchiha! He was perfect in everything! I could drool only by looking at him.

"You're that embarrassed to be seen naked?" He asked me, smiling.

"Well... to be honest, yes." I told him. "Do you mind turning around while I get out to grab my clothes?" I asked.

"If it's by me, you could get out whenever you want." He said, getting closer towards the rock while I circled around it trying to avoid looking into his eyes.

"Can I know what you're doing?" I asked him because he wouldn't stop trying to get near me and we looked like kids going around the rock.

"I'm trying to get that bug off of you." He said and suddenly I stopped, letting him catch up to me while he took something out of my hair- a bug! "There you go." He said, this time getting away from me as he swam towards the small waterfall.

I was an idiot! How was I supposed to think that the Uchiha could do something weird like that? I watched him swim while I stood there, immobile.

"Weren't you leaving?" He asked me, once again getting near me and I couldn't stop asking myself how he could be so calm talking to me while he was completely nude meanwhile, I was over here trying to cover myself however I could so he wouldn't see me.

"Yes." I said. "When you leave."

"You're that embarrassed to be seen naked? You have nothing that interests me." He told me, smiling. "I'm serious, you have the same thing I have, I've seen it thousands of times."

"The same, you say," I said, looking down at his member and comparing it to mine, "I'd say not the same." I commented.

The Uchiha laughed and I think he understood what I meant exactly because let's face it, I didn't have the same member as he did- I'd like to! But I didn't, well, me and the rest of the organization. Did he have to be perfect in everything?

"I don't care." He told me. "You can get out whenever you want, I won't look, I promise."

"You better not." I said, trusting him and took a step over towards the edge when I remembered something important. "Uchiha." I called out to him, making him turn around to face me. "Thanks, for yesterday. They've told me you stayed up taking care of me."

I watched him swim towards me. I walked a few steps back until I was backed up against the rock, a pained expression taking over my face as the wounds in my back hurt. The Uchiha didn't take long to arrive and he told me to turn around. I had no choice, I would've liked to have an excuse for him not to see them, but nothing came to mind. I had no other remedy but to show them to him.

"Stay still." He told me. "I'll be back in two seconds."

He got out of the water to search through his clothes and came back inside to where I was standing. I couldn't see him since I was facing away but I felt him part my hair out of my back and over my shoulders, complaining when I felt his fingers over my wounds with something cold.

"Sorry." He excused himself for the pain caused by touching my wounds. "I'm a bit clumsy at this."

"The Uchiha is clumsy at something?" I asked him in surprise with a smile.

"You'd be surprised of the things I could be clumsy in." He told me. "I'm not as perfect as people think." He commented oddly serious. "There. Done." He told me, finishing with the cream. "Deidara...what happened?" He asked and my eyes widened. "I don't believe that training story one bit plus, there's blood on the edge and these wounds on your back are not from any normal attack done in training- they're lashes. Can you tell me what's happening?"

"It's a game." I told him, and it was true.

"A game?" He asked me. "They almost kill you and it's a game? I don't understand."

"Leave it, you won't understand."

"Who's leaving you with these wounds?"

"I already told you, Uchiha. It's a game, it's everyone." I told him and he was surprised. "Thanks for the cream, I'll be going to my room."

Our conversation ended there though I didn't believe my answer satisfied Itachi's curiosity, but that's all there was. What did he want me to tell him? That they violated me? For what? So I could feel even more humiliated? I couldn't tell him that, it embarrassed me to talk about it. It embarrassed me for him to know. Just thinking about him knowing disgusted me over myself. How was I going to tell the Uchiha?


Chapter 11: Get Away


I went to get out of the pond when Itachi grabbed my arm and turned me around to face him. I was surprised and got scared a bit, but his eyes were so much more different than the others. They weren't hard, they had a certain feeling to them that made me feel secure.

He was close to me, too close. I knew I had to be as red as a tomato and I had placed my hands up to his chest as if that were a barrier to keep him from getting closer. What a foolish decision, because he even had his forehead upon mine, I don't know if he could get any closer.

"What have they done to you?" He asked me with a softness in his whisper. That tone in his voice almost made me want to cry, but I couldn't cry in front of him.

"What does it matter?" I asked back.

"I want to know. I want to help."

"Why?" I asked. "Why would you want to help me? It's your fault that I'm here, your fault that this happens to me. Why would you help me? You only follow their orders, I'm not important to you."

"Yes, it's my fault." He said to me. "Let me fix it, then. Let me help you now."

"What would you ask me in exchange for your help?" I asked him and he was surprised. "Don't play innocent, Uchiha. Everyone asks something of me when they propose to help me. What do you want?"

"I want you to be alright." He told me. "To go back to being that kid I once knew when I had to recruit you."

"That kid died, this is what's left." I said. "I'm just a toy to this organization."

"What?" He asked without knowing what I meant. "What do you mean a toy?"

"What did you do to me last night?" I asked him, changing the topic to his surprise.

"What did I do?" He doubted.

"Yes, because I saw your eyes and the pain disappeared. I saw you on top of me, I saw you kiss me. Did you kiss me?" I asked him with confidence in myself despite my legs trembling like jelly about to pass out.

He took a few seconds to himself as if doubting while he wouldn't stop looking into my eyes. I don't know if he was searching for an excuse, if he was going to lie to me, to deny it or if he was going to tell me the truth, but I wanted to know if I had imagined it or if it was real. He didn't look like he wanted to answer, so I asked once again.

"Was it real or did I dream it?" I asked.

"I don't know, you tell me." He said very seriously and I was about to reply with an insult to his terse answer when I felt his lips uniting with mine.

Mother of God the Uchiha was kissing me! On top of that, I felt the same thing from that night. It was real! So Kisame was right? Now I was going to be the Uchiha's toy? As always... everyone wanted something in exchange to help me. Nobody wanted to help me out of disinterest, everyone wanted to fuck me in return for giving me protection. Now I was going to become the Uchiha's toy and I didn't want to. I didn't want him to violate me, I didn't want to be in his damn world tied to a cross like Kisame had said. I was scared.

I got away however I could from him, starting to cry and I could see Itachi staring at me.

"Get away from me." I told him. "You're the same as everyone else. What the hell have I done to you so you could do this to me?" I asked. "I thought you were different."

"What?" He asked as if he didn't know what I was talking about. "Deidara..." He called out to me while I started marching towards the shore. "Deidara." He called out again.

"I thought you were heterosexual!" I shouted at him, beginning to dress myself while he got out of the water and walked towards me.

"I don't know what I am." He told me. "What's more, my father would kill me if he knew I've kissed you."

"Thanks for the update; I'm the one who's disgraced the genius Uchiha, I've made him into a homosexual."

"That's not what I wanted to say, you're misinterpreting me. I only said I didn't know what I feel at this moment."

"So you have to fuck me to discover who you are?"

"No... I don't know." He said, confused.

"What the hell do you think I am? Your fucking emotionless toy? The one you can come fuck and then leave knowing what you wanted to know? What about me, Uchiha? I can't take anymore, I can't!"

"You're not a toy." He commented. "I don't know what's happening to me. Ever since I kissed you yesterday, my head's been a mess. I don't even know why I'm even here thinking about this; it should be clear to me that I'm heterosexual, I'm an Uchiha."

"Again with your damn last name!" I shouted. "I am sick of your last name! You can't use everyone how you want and when you want for your own interest, that why I hate you!"

"Deidara...that wasn't my intention, seriously."

"Then what was your intention?" I asked because apparently everyone here had an excuse to do what they did to me. "You wanted to see how it is to fuck for days on that cross? Of course... let's all take Deidara because he's weaker, he couldn't possibly defend himself. Get away from me."

"What's wrong with you? What this about the cross?" He asked me, hugging me from behind trying to stop me and I couldn't avoid being scared, I couldn't avoid crying.

"Don't hurt me, please." I begged him, falling to the floor crying while he kept holding me.

"Why do you think I'd hurt you?"

"Please..." I begged him and I never thought I'd have to beg an Uchiha. This was depressing, begging my own captor, the one who brought me into this hell. "Let me go, please."

Oddly, he let go of his hold and let me walk away. I was still crying when I arrived at base and I was surprised to see Kisame with his back against the wall on the hallway I took to my room.

"I told you." He commented with a smile. "You should be grateful that the Uchiha has looked into you."

"Go to hell." I told him. "You and the Uchiha, you can go together like the good partners you are."

"The one who'd go to hell will be you. The cross awaits you soon." He said, smiling while he walked away. If I didn't believe him before, then now I was taking his words seriously.

I ignored his words and continued walking towards my room. When I heard footsteps behind me, fear ran through my body and I quickened my pace. As if there was any place safe from them! Instinctively, I shoved my hands inside my bag of clay and I let the mouths of my hands get as much as they could as they began to mold something. I didn't even know what to mold, I was nervous, but I had somewhat of an idea.

I focused on filling my hands to the maximum, becase the first thing they'd do when they catch me, is take the clay away to avoid being attacked. Why go to my room? That's what I thought, because it didn't matter anymore where they'd do it. I knew they would violate me again, that they would hurt me and it didn't matter to them where. There was no salvation for me and I also knew that no matter how much I fill my hands, I couldn't confront them. I could almost die tonight; I was destroyed and could barely move. Should I surrender? Maybe if I just let them do what they wanted and please them, then maybe they wouldn't hurt me as much more than I was today.

When I came to, I realized I was in front of my door but I didn't enter, it didn't matter anymore. Hidan was the first to appear in my field of vision. Perfect! On top of not being able to confront him, he was also immortal. How the hell was I going to defeat him? Behind him was Kakuzu, to make things even more depressing, so now I could only blow one to bits while the other strings him back together. Was this even a fair battle? Obviously not, but what else to do?

The one I did not expect to see was Kisame and he really surprised me. Three in perfect shape against me and on top of that, I was wounded. My biggest question was: when had those come back from their mission? They looked as if they came back annoyed.

"Grab him." I heard Kakuzu say towards Hidan who neared me with that sadistic smile of his.

I molded diminutive spiders and threw them towards him. He couldn't avoid having them enter his body and at my signal, they exploded. All of Hidan blew to bits! However, just like I supposed, Kakuzu brought him back together. I knew it was ideal to attack Kakuzu, but even he knew that and therefore maintained his distance, covering himself behind Hidan. Now they looked even more annoyed and it really didn't matter what I did, they had more combat experience that I did. Well, not Hidan, but as long as his partner was there he would always have an advantage! I didn't have a partner at this moment to cover my back.

What's more, my partner had offered me his help and protection in exchange of fucking me, so I was very alone and lost. I lost the count of how many times I blew Hidan up and every time he exploded, he looked even more annoyed. Though, he didn't loose that macabre smile and I knew... I would suffer the consequences when I could no longer maintain his distance away from me and that's just how it was.

While I entertained myself with Hidan, it was Kisame who had unsheathed and was behind me. I saw his sword come towards me and I brought my arm up instinctively to protect myself. What I didn't count on was that his sword cut deep into my arm and while it stayed there, it started draining my chakra. If I had very little before, then now I had less each time and them more.

My legs failed me, falling to the floor and soon a bubble of water engulfed me, drowning me. I couldn't breathe but it wasn't like I could get out either, I was at the expense of what Kisame wanted to do to me. I felt ropes wrap themselves around my body, tightening my arms to him to then pull me out of the water with a strong pull. I complained about the pain as I hurt myself against the floor but they didn't even let me recover from the intense pain as they started with their lustful caresses, with their kisses, their bites. I knew it was Hidan who injected something into my neck because I was starting to loose consciousness. Even so, when everything was lost and I could only let them do what they wanted with me, I began to close my eyes. Suddenly I heard a punch and a scream of terror come from Kakuzu before he fell in front of me with his eyes wide open but unable to respond. What had happened to him? Was he dead? He looked like it, but I realized he was still breathing.

It surprised me to see a figure before me holding Hidan up against the wall, forcing him to look him in the eye. Hidan only laughed and reminded him he couldn't die, but it was insanity to ever mess with the Uchiha, at least, that's what I thought.

"There are things much worse than death." The Uchiha told him, activating his eyes.

I had never heard Hidan scream and much less like this. Itachi threw him with brutality next to his partner and turned around to face Kisame, who raised his arms as if surrendering before having to confront his partner. Itachi passed by him and neared me, grabbing me. The last thing I remember out of all that, was that he had me in his arms as he walked through the hallway because I fell asleep the moment my head rested against his chest. Why was it always him that humiliated me? Two days... two times in which he had to carry me as if I was a damsel in distress. And I was! I felt that stupid and weak.


Chapter 12: Discovered

Sasuke Uchiha

I woke up in my dim room illuminated by a pair of torches and I looked at the walls; they were empty as always. The only thing that kept me going was the image of my brother over the table, it kept me going because I was going to kill him. I was going to do the same thing he did to me: take everything that was important to him. My only problem was that nothing mattered to my brother ever since joining that organization.

We had found his hideout and every once in a while, I neared him to check if there was something that demonstrated the least bit of feeling from him, but nothing. He was always cold, he never demonstrated absolutely anything, his look was empty.

I felt as if this was a waste of time, having to spy on him, because I always came back with nothing. It'd be unwise to attack him there, what with everyone in the organization moving around, it'd be suicide. I'd have to get him far from them if I wanted to finish him, but how? I didn't know yet, but I still thought of a plan.

The door opened and I found it odd that anyone of my team would dare disturb me. It had to be either Karin or Suigetsu and judging by the time, I'd say it was Karin. She always bothered me around this time while everyone slept and only to insist with that damn idea of going out with her- I didn't want to! Karin was... for a while, what's more, I didn't even touch her. I only let her do a few things to me and when I was relieved, I took her out of my room. She would always come back despite how bad I treated her. I was beginning to think she was a masochist.

I watched as the door opened and jut then... a red curtain of hair appeared. Karin! As I said, she came back to convince me. I think she thought that if she came back every morning to put my member in her mouth until I came, then that was sufficient enough to convince me to go out with her. That's not how it was! I didn't think of telling her though because... of what I had every morning.

"Are you awake, Sasuke-kun~?" She asked with that little voice of hers and I replied with one of my grunts as a sign that I was awake.

She entered the room with that dumb little girl smile, getting all happy over a simple grunt. Just what I needed to see! I knew this girl was a masochist because I didn't even pay her any damn attention and even so, she came over every morning for the same thing. She didn't even ask me, parting the covers and placing herself between my legs to lower a bit of my pants and begin licking my member.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it. I liked it, but that didn't mean I was going to go out with the owner of the mouth. To me, Karin was not appealing the least bit. She was as attractive to me as fair monkey, I didn't care if she wanted to dress provocative to grab my attention or if she followed me everywhere I went with that little smile of hers, I didn't like her. I did like, however, how she came by every morning to put my member in her mouth.

The truth was, she did it great. I think she had been doing this for such a long time that I was starting to ease up to her. At this pace, she'd become an expert. Even so and as much as she strived, she was the only one I had ever tried sex with and to be honest, I had no where to compare, so I had to make do with what I had.

I closed my eyes, letting myself go with the pleasure she gave me. I panted slightly a few times, encouraging Karin to continue and she did. Even as I had my head laid back on the pillow, whenever I glanced a bit, I could see her red hair bounce up and down calmly.

To be honest, I liked it when it was calm. Mostly because I liked how later she would pick up speed but Karin tended to take her time. In the end, I ended up getting up and grabbing her by the hair, letting her sit on the bed with her head against the wall while I inserted my member in her mouth, moving in and out to the rhythm of the movements of my hips

A few times I heard a noise as if she was suffocating, almost a choke from how deep she was taking it, but still, when I took it out to let her breathe, she would quickly search for it and introduce it back in her mouth. I supposed I felt better this way, being an Uchiha. I dominated, marking my own rhythm, subjecting her to my tastes, but as always, once I came, I let go of her to shower.

"Sasuke?" She asked me and I didn't turn to look at her. I headed directly towards the shower.

To me, this was all Karin ever was, the bitch that warmed my bed voluntarily because we didn't have any relationship nor will we ever. She didn't interest me at all aside from being a part of my team and entertainment in bed.

I stayed in the shower for a bit, waiting for Karin to leave. I didn't need to go back to her squeaky voice shouting 'Sasuke-kun' and trying to convince me to go out with her. I only wanted to clean myself after having been relieved and go back to spying on my brother because that's what I lived for: to destroy my brother. I wanted absolutely nothing from him, only to take his dreams away, his hopes, take everything like he took from me when he murdered our clan.

I walked out, wrapping a towel around my waist while I dried my hair with the other, leaving it jumbled than it already was. When I walked back into my room, Suigetsu was there waiting for me on the bed. He smiled as he saw me and with two of his fingers, lifted my sleeping pants.

"A nice awakening?" He asked with a smile and I smiled back.

"You already know." I told him.

"Karin again?" He asked.

"Who if not?"

"I don't know, she's not the only one in this base."

"She's the only woman."

"Oh, of course. I forgot that women are the only thing that excites the great Uchiha." I smiled because Suigetsu tended to be very direct and although he always insinuated, he never passed anything by me. He was my best friend in the group. "I could always do you more than one favor if you asked me."

"Thanks for the offer, but I'll pass." I said, smiling as I grabbed my pants from his hands while I headed towards a chair to grab my clothes. "Are you going to stay while I change or what?" I asked.

"I can deal with not being able to touch you, but you won't let me see?" He asked entertainingly.

"Do what you want." I ended up saying, either way, eh always did whatever he felt like doing.

I took off the towel, seeing how Suigetsu looked shamelessly over to my ass. Seriously, I had no idea what he could see in me! He was supposed to be a guy, he had to like girls, but here he was, looking at me and practically drooling on the floor satisfied with what he saw. I had to admit that I didn't understand, but part of me liked feeling wanted, it was normal... I was an Uchiha.

"You're seriously not going to let me taste it?" He asked me. "Not even touch it a little?"

"No." I told him. "I don't go for that stuff."

"Sasuke, one day you will learn, that we are men. It does not matter where we put it as long as we put it in." He said, very confident as he leaned back on the sofa.

"Suigetsu, one day you will learn, that I'm an Uchiha. I only look for descendants and to bring back my clan and a man... can't give me that." I told him very assuredly.

"You and your Uchiha values, always the same." He said, smiling. "You could procreate with all the women you want and have fifty kids but with me, it would only be for fun. You wouldn't have to worry about anything, that's what we offer you."

I never thought about it that way. Even so, the idea of another man touching me didn't quite click. I suppose because my father had brought me up that way. How would it feel to be sucked by someone of the same sex? I didn't know, but I wanted to joke around with Suigetsu.

"Here." I said, getting closer to him and making the move to lower my pants and he lit up. His eyes went crazy and he got closer, of course, when he was too close to it, I pulled my pants back on. "It was a joke."

"You're an asshole." He said, smiling.

"I am. Come on, I want to see what my brother is doing today."

"The same thing as always." He informed me. "It's very boring to follow your brother around."

We both walked out of the room and went over to our hidden place where we tended to spy on Akatsuki. It was very calm today and I didn't know what the motive was, but I knew my brother had the habit of visiting this pond frequently to bathe. I didn't see him, but I did see that blond guy from the organization, the young one. I also think he was the smallest one out of all his partners.

He took off his clothes and entered the pond to bathe. Truth is he was covered in wounds and cuts, which surprised me. I thought they got along with each other, though he could've also gotten them from some mission, but I doubted that.

What surprised me the most was when my brother arrived and got in after taking off his clothes. The only thing I couldn't stand about this site was having to deal with Suigetsu at my side drooling over my brother's body. Seriously, what was going on with this guy? He was like a cat in heat: he saw a good body and immediately ran towards it.

"Don't even dream about it." I told him. "My brother's heterosexual." I commented.

"I know, like every other Uchiha." Suigetsu told me, emphasis on that fact because I didn't let him touch me and there were only two of us left in the Uchiha clan.

He had only finished saying that when I could see my brother get out of the pond for something, by the looks of it, a bottle of medicine, because he helped his partner heal his back. It wasn't that that I thought I was hallucinating, but when he kissed the blond. What the hell was my brother doing? He was an Uchiha. Why was he kissing a guy? I couldn't believe it.

"Fuck, I'm seducing the wrong Uchiha." Suigetsu told me in between laughs.

"Shut up. Let's go." I ordered him.

Out of all this there was only one thing clear: that blond must've meant something to him and now, I had a way to sue him in onw way or another.

"You don't like the blond?" I asked Suigetsu.

"He's not that bad, why?"

"I think we have someone to attract my brother."



Chapter 13: New Room


When I woke up, all I could see was darkness and a faint light coming from a window. It was still nighttime and I could see the stars in the sky. I kept looking out the window for a second before looking around to find anything familiar in the room; I didn't know where I was! I think I've ever been in this room in particular because if I did, I would remember it. There was practically nothing; a bed, a cabinet with a few books, some parchment over a table, and kunais- lots and lots of kunais and shuriken in a bag all the way in the back. Where was I?

My head hurt and I was disoriented. I could remember Hidan on top of me, injecting something and I think... I saw him fall to the floor. Red eyes! I remember the Uchiha; he was there and he had defeated two before turning to see me on the floor. Shit! I got up in shock as I realized where I was, it was the Uchiha's room- but where was he?

I looked around the room until I came upon a bump on the floor. Had he slept on the floor? I would've never imagined that. I smiled. I think the Uchiha had more of a heart than he let on; anyone would've taken advantage of me while I was drugged but he... he just went to sleep on the floor. I was looking at him when I heard his hoarse voice.

"Go to sleep." He told me and I found it odd that he knew I was awake. "It's still nighttime."

"I can't sleep." I commented.

"Why not?" He asked coldly.

"Because I can't stand seeing you on the floor while I'm on the bed."

"I've slept many times on the floor, shut up and go to sleep, go on."

"I know we sleep on the floor during missions, but there's no need sleeping there when you have a bed."

"Are you telling me to get in bed with you?" He asked me and I hesitated for a second.

"No, I'm saying that this is your room. You should be on the bed and I on the floor."

"You're the sick one." He told me. "If that was all you were worried about, I'm fine here. Go to sleep."

I got up to get closer and see him because throughout the entire conversation, not once had he turned to look at me and I couldn't understand why I had to speak to his back. So, I neared him, making him bring the covers up to cover himself entirely.

"Uchiha?" I asked him.

"Do you want to go to sleep for once?"

"What's wrong?" I asked, now worried and when I lowered the sheets off him, I noticed his eyes were crying blood. "Fuck." I said. "Where do you keep your kit?"

"Deidara, go to sleep, okay? I'm fine."

"No, you're not fine. You're bleeding and it's because of me! I made you activate your eyes, it's my fault."

I got up from the floor to look for the light switch and headed towards the bathroom in search for something. He didn't have much to heal himself with, so I ended up grabbing a bowl of water and a towel to clean the blood while I looked around for bandages. He didn't have any bandages either! When I got back, I think he gave up because he had sat up with his back against the bed. It hurt to see him like that, with his eyes closed, not seeing anything. I felt like it was my fault, he was like that because I forced him to activate his mangekyou sharingan.

I kneeled in front of him between his legs and moistened the towel with water to begin cleaning the blood that trailed from his eyes down to his cheeks. He complained when I touched delicately near his eyes.

"Sorry." I told him.

"It's nothing, you're not hurting me." He told me. "It's just that I'm not used to being touched near the eyes."

A tense silence fell over us after that while I continued cleaning the blood with care. That's when I noticed that we were too close to each other, that my lips were almost paired with his, and that while I cleaned the blood off, I couldn't stop looking at them.

"Don't do this to me." He told me. "Please."

I didn't know what exactly he referred to. To not clean off the blood? To not look at his lips? To what? He couldn't possibly know if I was staring at him or not; his eyes were closed. I didn't know what he meant by that, but I did notice, that his tone was sweet, that he had asked me with 'please' and that he didn't look like the same Uchiha that walked out that door.

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"Don't look at me like that." He told me. "It excites me a lot and I don't want to do anything with you." He clarified.

"How do you know I'm looking at you?"

"Your hand's stopping." He smiled. "You're distracted by something and I'm sure that it's because you were looking at me."

I thought over his answer. How could he be irredeemably intelligent? He noticed everything, he knew everything, it was incredible and even more so when I remembered he was only twenty-one. If he had not murdered his entire clan and stayed in Konoha, he could've been whatever he wanted, he would've been the best in his village. He was even the most feared within the Akatsuki, and everyone here was an assassin. So young and strong, so focused; it was impressing.

"Don't be so egocentric, not everything revolves around you." I told him annoyingly but he smiled.

"I like your hands." He commented with a smile. "They're delicate and not as clumsy as mine when they're cleaning wounds." He said, referring back to the pond.

"Why did you do it?" I asked.

"Save you?" He questioned. "I don't know, I just saw you on the floor and I guess I didn't like the scene."

"Are they okay?" I asked.

"They will be." He said with a smile. "But at least... I don't think they'd want to mess with you anymore."

"I don't understand... you hate me." I told him.

"No, it's you who hates me." He clarified. "I've never said that. What I did say, when I met you, was that you were unbearable." He smiled at me.

"What are you going to want, Uchiha?" I asked and he doubted for a second, but I think he knew what I referred to after thinking about it.

"Are you okay?" He asked and I hesitated.

"Yes." I said.

"Then your debt is paid off. I want nothing more."


"I know, everyone here offers to protect you in return to let them fuck you, no?" He asked quite bluntly. "I'm not going to do that, you can do what you want. I saved you because I wanted to, nothing more. You owe me nothing."

"But... you said I excited you earlier."

"Yes, but I'm not going to abuse you because of that." He smiled. "I want you on your own accord and because you wish for it, not because you owe me something or I force you. I doubt you'd want to do anything, with what you've been through, much less with the pain you have from the wounds. That being said, I'm not going to do anything to you." He clarified. "You need to rest, go to sleep." He told me this time without demanding like that habit of his. "Can you pass me my headband?" He asked me and I looked around to find it. When I found it, I gave it to him and watched as he covered his eyes with it to not force his sight.

I looked at him again and this time, I noticed what he meant when he said I stopped my hand. It was true, I had stopped over his cheek with the wet cloth. My free right hand ended up softly caressing his lips and it's just that I couldn't avoid looking at them, I couldn't avoid being attracted to them. I slowly neared his lips with mine and I didn't hear him complain, either way he couldn't see me with the headband over his eyes. I adjusted myself better, leaving his legs stretched out under me while I crawled on my knees to easily get near his lips.

My hand then went from touching his lips to his neck, pulling him closer to me. It excited me with only grazing his lips with mine. A current invaded through me when I deepened the kiss and his way of grabbing me lightly around the waist to keep me from pulling back without hurting me captivated me. He didn't force me, I had done it because I wanted to. I think this was the first time I've kissed someone because I wanted to.

It was soft and delicate; I played with his tongue and closed my eyes, letting myself go with what I felt because I felt a passion travel through my veins. I felt excitement, I felt I could fall in love with this sweet Itachi- if I ever told someone that Itachi could be sweet, no one would believe me! Yet here he was, an Itachi Uchiha I didn't know of: sweet, delicate, protective- a guy who kissed deathly good because with how he was kissing me, I was sure I could faint.

Who would've told me that I'd end up sticking my tongue deep inside the mouth of the man who took away my liberty? Because this was Itachi Uchiha, the one who had taken everything away from me, the one who had caged me in this hell, the one who gained all my hate and the one who stole my heart. How could I hate and love him so much at the same time? I couldn't explain it.

When I slowly separated from him, I continued to desire more of him. In reality, I think I wished for more than when I initiated the kiss. He still couldn't see me but even so, he felt me shake over him and I supposed that's what made him worry.

"Calm down." He told me. "I'm sorry, alright? I shouldn't have let you do this; it would've brought back bad memories."

"It's not that." I told him. "Sometimes I wake up thinking they're in my room. I have nightmares in which they abuse me over and over, but to be sincere... although I thought of it at first, your kiss is different than all of theirs. It scared me at first- I thought that if you kissed me, I wouldn't stop you, that you'd want to continue and it scared me, but you're not like the others."

"I won't do anything you don't want to do, Deidara. Which brings back that about the cross." He told me, smiling and I closed my eyes thinking back to it. "Who got the idea into your head that I would abuse you on the cross?" He asked entertainingly. "I'm serious, when you told me, I had no idea what you were talking about but when I saw what they were doing to you... everything fit. Seriously, who was it?"

"Kisame." I told him.

"Of course." He said, smiling. "Deidara, I'm not going to violate nor torture you on the cross." He said most assuredly, although I think the thought of it amused him. "Unless you ask, that is."

"You're an idiot." I said, punching his shoulder while he laughed and so did I.

I couldn't believe I was falling in love with Itachi Uchiha.


Chapter 14: Rancor

Akasuna no Sasori

I was walking through the base when I came upon some of the members of the organization sitting in one of the living rooms talking about something. I didn't want to interrupt them, so I simply grabbed one of the scrolls from the closet and continued walking towards the exit of the base. Today I felt like reading something and what's best than reading about new techniques? So I headed towards my favorite place- a great rock at the top of the hill where you could practically see the entire territory that the Akatsuki controlled.

I liked this place precisely because of this: I could see everything and I liked having everything under control. When I arrived, I sat down and began to read, every once in a while diverting my eyes as the horizon caught my attention over the beautiful scenery. In one of the many times that I looked over, my eyes found themselves on Deidara's figure far away in a pond- and I could not believe that he'd be there bathing in the nude!

I smiled because I remembered the first time he entered the Akatsuki and was appointed as my partner. Everybody soon started abusing him; he was too young and his combat experience in comparison to ours wasn't sufficient enough. I'd be lying if I said that guy with the blond hair and blue eyes didn't attract me. He was handsome! He was very talkative and very stupid as he confronted opponents he couldn't possibly defeat, like the Uchiha. He'd die young! Still, even with those defects of his, his eyes were hypnotizing and I liked their ability. When we started working together, I noticed almost immediately that he had a great respect for me but at the same time, he loved to joke and mess with my art. If my art was eternal and lasting, his were explosions- ephemeral- and I did not consider that an art. He was just a brat that liked to blow up things!

The first time I was with him, he had been beaten by the others of Akatsuki and I think... they had violated him. When he saw me, I think he thought he was safe and he was, more or less, because even I was dying to make him mine. I wanted to have and possess that blond. I think it was the only time that I regretted ever having employed my art onto myself because being made of wood, I didn't have the luxury, but I still enjoyed it. Perhaps it was in that moment that I began to fall for him, but it was too late, I had abused him and he had feared me.

He feared me for a few months, then things calmed down as I began to prove that I wouldn't do it again although, I did try to seduce him. I tried to get him to look at me as more than his 'Danna,' I wanted him to fall for me, to always be mine, but as much as I tried, he never looked at me like that. Even so, I kept trying.

I looked at him in the pond and if not for all those wounds, he would've had a precious body. When he let his hair down to wash it, I couldn't help thinking that it suited him better that way because tied up, it made him look more feminine, much more innocent. Although, it was also sensual, I liked his hair tied up, especially when they left the neck exposed because it made it seem easier to kiss.

I loved watching him. I wasn't even focusing on the scroll anymore; I couldn't stop looking at how he passed his hands over his body, taking away the dirtiness he harbored over the last attack, they almost killed him. Beasts! If I had been there, I would've protected him, but I wasn't and that hurt me.

How I loved Deidara, he didn't have the slightest idea as to how much I desired him; that guy had to be mine one way or another. I loved his smile, I could still remember it. It had been months that I hadn't seen him smile. I remembered those first days when he joked with me, he was a happy guy and I liked his vitality. I loved his innocence- that which he lost and I wished he would get it back.

What I did not expect to see, was the Uchiha taking his clothes off and entering. That annoyed me, it made me mad! How was my wooden body supposed to compete with his body of meat and bones that the entire organization desired? I expected my blond to not pay him any attention, I mean, he hated him. What the hell was I worrying over? Itachi and Deidara were like water and oil- completely incompatible. The Uchiha didn't pay attention to him ever since he entered and Deidara hated him like never before. It was impossible and even so, I was jealous that the Uchiha was there, in the nude and nearing my blond.

I couldn't take my eyes off them. The Uchiha would get too close to Deidara and play around with him- taking something out of his hair, swimming away and back, smearing cream on his back. I just wanted to scream at him to not touch my boy, to take his hands off him and I knew that in that moment, Itachi wanted something with him because I had never seen him smile and that's just what he was doing.

When I noticed, I had been gripping the scroll so hard, moved by my fury and jealousy, that it was completely wrinkled and about to break. I didn't want to move from there, but I was happy when Deidara seemed to get mad and walk towards the edge of the pond to get out. That's my boy, the one that gets angry instantly! I liked that he did, especially if it was because of the Uchiha. What I did not expect was that he would turn to Itachi again and that he would get close again to my man with the golden hair. He got so close, that I even broke the scroll as I saw how they kissed. Itachi Uchiha, the man without emotions kissing Deidara! I could not believe what I was seeing, but this was not going to stay like this. Nobody was going to take the love of my life and if I had to confront the Uchiha, I'd do it even though it was suicide.

I returned to the base and passed by Kisame, precisely the man I wanted to see since he was interested in the Uchiha and I in Deidara. Perhaps... we could help each other out. At least I would have the best part of it; Deidara was relatively 'easy' because to try and seduce the Uchiha... that was an impossible mission. Though, I still don't know how Deidara was able to get him to kiss him; I did acknowledge that my blond had a unique sweetness and innocence to him.

"Can I talk to you for a moment, Kisame?" I asked him and he separated from the rest to talk to me.

"What's up?" He asked with that smile of his.

"What do you know about Itachi and Deidara?"

"Not much... he stayed the night looking over him the other day, orders from Konan and Pein."

"I just saw them kiss."

"Seriously"? He asked me, smiling. "This is going better than I was expecting."

"What are you talking about? I thought you liked the Uchiha. I want to keep Deidara for me."

"Then calm down, everything's okay. I installed a little fear in Deidara this morning with Itachi. Right now, he must be very scared of him. What's more, I'll go scare him a bit more." He commented. "Think you can go gather the others and tell them... that it's our turn to go for Deidara?" Kisame smiled at me and I smiled back. I went to plan with Hidan and Kakuzu as they got back from their mission- the plan against Deidara.

Everything was practically planned by them because I decided not to participate. The last thing I needed was to loose Deidara's trust and that, I could not permit to happen, so I went to my room. Either way, I think their plan didn't go as well because I could hear a great fuss from one of the hallways near my room. Kisame had ran over, scared, saying how the Uchiha had seen through everything and that he'd beaten Kakuzu and Hidan for having touched my blond.

They were all a disaster, not a single plan of theirs were ever a success. All this time they've been hiding what they did to Deidara from the eyes of those who didn't participate and only now they let themselves get caught. Idiots, every one of them! What was I going to do to avoid having those two spend more time together? Because, I think... that if I left them alone for a long time, they'd end up declaring their feelings and I was not going to let that happen under any circumstance.

Maybe if I forced Deidara to go out with me- but how? How was I to steal Deidara from the Uchiha? I had to think of something and if possible, quick; time was running out. I couldn't stop thinking about how they messed up, because they were supposed to scare Deidara so he would come running to my arms asking for protection and now... he was in Itachi's room! Who was brave enough to go molest the blond now? I guess if you want things done the way you want them, then you'd have to go do them yourself.

That same morning when I got up and went to eat breakfast, the Uchiha was there grabbing food and I supposed that he was taking some for Deidara seeing as he was taking a lot. Did Deidara have no intention of coming out of his room? Had they spent the night together? I wasn't sure but I decided to go before the Uchiha returned to his room. I knocked on the door and my blond answered, surprised to see me there. Even so, he smiled and walked out to the hallway to talk to me, he was my partner, he owed me the respect.

"Have you thought about what I told you?" I asked him.

"I was thinking about it but..." I didn't let him finish the sentence.

"I would hope that you accept, Deidara." I tried to play with his guilt, he was sensitive after all. "You'd make me the happiest man here and I wouldn't let anyone hurt you."

"You see, Danna," He started. "I can't be with you." He told me. "I'm sorry, really, you're a great guy and I appreciate what you'd do for me, but-"

"But the Uchiha excites you." I bluntly stated and he was surprised. "That's it, no? Of course, how am I, a simple puppet, going to compete against the Uchiha? And here I thought you hated him for having brought you here."

"I don't know what I feel about him." Deidara said. "I'm confused."

"Then let me clear your doubts." I said, kissing him while pushing him back against the wall.

I got the feeling he didn't want to kiss back, especially from the way he tried getting away from me, but I grabbed his wrists, blocking his way while I kept kissing him. This boy was going to be mine one way or another. Though to be honest, I didn't see the punch coming; it threw me to the floor, breaking the wood on my cheek. Once turning around, I found the Uchiha's eyes glued to me.

"Don't ever touch him without his permission." He growled and I smiled.

"Stay out of this, Uchiha, he's mine- he's going out with me."

"You're going out with him?" The Uchiha asked Deidara, clearly in an attack of jealousy.

"No." Deidara told him. "Sasori came looking for an answer and I told him no." He answered.

"You heard him." The Uchiha said, annoyed. "Don't ever come near him."

The Uchiha advised Deidara to go inside his room and after looking at me a few times with hesitation in his eyes, he paid attention to him and disappeared from my sight. I got up off the floor and was already marching away when I felt the Uchiha's hand grip my shoulder with force.

"Don't ever come near my man, got it?" He asked me.

"Since when is he your man? Weren't you heterosexual?" I asked him with a smile. "It's you who shouldn't near my man." I told him, clearly winning hate from his part.

"He's nothing to you."

"Neither yours." I told him. "You've only gained kissing him. He hates you too much, Uchiha. You can't change that and soon, he'll come to me whether you like it or not."

Chapter 15: Fear

Itachi Uchiha

It's just what I needed to see today- Sasori trying to steal the same guy I was trying to seduce. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't the least bit jealous when I saw him close to him and even more when I saw him kiss him. Although, Deidara did try to push away without hurting him. Perhaps it's because Deidara didn't want to get in any problems, but I didn't care. I could step in wherever I wanted because no one would dare go against me, so no one would even try to touch my blond so long as I'm around. It was dangerous to leave my blond alone! Everyone went after him. I didn't know whether to buy him a leash or have him tied or if simply never leaving his side was sufficient...

Truth is, I could've parted Sasori a better way, but I didn't want to. I preferred to hit him to make it clear that no one could touch what was mine and Deidara... was mine. Well, not yet, but he would be! On top of that, that walking piece of wood dared challenge me. Me! It seemed he had yet to learn how it wasn't convenient to mess with an Uchiha and much less, with the genius of the Uchiha. What the hell was he thinking, touching what was mine? It was then and there that I decided that if I were ever to have sex with Deidara, I would assure that he would moan very loud to demonstrate to that puppet what exactly an Uchiha was. I don't even know if he would get anything out of Deidara with that cold and inert body of his he designed.

How could he not notice? Deidara didn't need to sleep with a doll, he needed to sleep with someone of meat and bones, someone who'd protect him, to give him warmth when he was cold. Someone he'd feel cared for when hugged, that's what Deidara needed; affection and kindness, not a slab of cold wood.

I entered my room and saw Deidara sitting criss-cross on my bed, worried. I think he was scared, not of me or the situation, but of what they would do to him after all this that was happening. I left the tray with our breakfasts on a corner of the bed and I sat in front of him, grabbing his chin and lifting his head up.

"Hey, everything alright?" I asked him.

"Yeah." He replied, not convinced.

"Come here." I said, hugging him. "I won't let them do anything to you, okay?"


I broke apart from the hug to look directly in his eyes and pass my fingers delicately over them, causing him to close them and open them again upon noticing my touch gone.

"I love your eyes." I told him, smiling. "They're precious."

"Not like yours."

"No, yours are beautiful- they're blue, sweet, and innocent... mine give off fear." I smiled. "They're red like blood or black like carbon when the Sharingan is gone and the only thing everyone knows about them, is that they're dangerous."

"That's not true." He told me. "Your eyes aren't fearful; your eyes make me feel protected and at the same time, they have a sweetness to them although you barely show it."

I kissed him, I couldn't help it. He was so innocent, so perfect. He had so much sweetness inside him that it drove me crazy, I loved his way of being. I couldn't understand how I hadn't been interested in him after all these months. His lips were fine, warm, simply delicious and appetizing. I could stay here kissing him all day and need nothing more, only his lips. I noticed how his body trembled slightly and I separated from him. Ever since that night, I noticed that every time he felt scared or remembered what they had done to him, his body would shake. I preferred to give him a bit of space whenever this happened; the last thing I wanted was for him to think that I was like the rest: that I only wanted him for sex and that's not how it was.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't want sex with him, of course I wanted to. I wanted to make it clear to the entire organization that he was my man, that whoever dared touch him would see to it with me, but the other part of me shouted to be patient. I didn't know how many times they had abused him or how they had done it but taking into account the personalities of each member in this organization, it probably wasn't the best of experiences so I had to keep repeating it to myself over and over: 'be calm and patient.'

"Here." I said to him, grabbing a breakfast bowl and offering it. "Eat something, you're probably hungry."

"Only a little." He said with a smile.

"I'll go take a shower while you eat." I commented while I got up towards the bathroom.

I was at the bathroom's door when I turned around to see Deidara now eating over my bed and I smiled. I loved seeing him so relaxed, safe. Once I laid eyes on those cretins, I was going to tell them everything on my mind. I walked in to the bathroom and closed the door behind me, turning on the water. I took my clothes off while I waited for the water to run warm and once it did, I got in under the showerhead.

Water falling over me was one of the many sensations that I loved the most. I stayed there for a while after having washed myself. It left me so relaxed, so much so, that I didn't even notice Deidara coming in. When I did notice, he was right behind me covered with a towel. I was surprised, not because of how silent he had been, but because he had taken his clothes off and this towel was the only thing that covered him.

"Mind if i joined you?" He asked me and I think the answer was obvious because his question came with other intentions. I made space and let him enter, taking his towel off while he covered his member with his hands.

I couldn't avoid laughing. He was so embarrassed that it attracted me even more. I kissed him sweetly without overwhelming him much- a simple kiss only so he could realize that I didn't care if his body was full of wounds or if his member was more or less big, I didn't care about anything. I only wanted him, just as he was, even with his embarrassment.

I left him on the side of the wall while I pressed him back with my body, my hands lowering themselves to his hands, separating them slowly and intimately- giving him the assurance that he didn't need to be embarrassed. I placed his hands on my waist, feeling that as if I were to let them go, he would be too shy to not know what to do. So, I indicated where he could place them while I continued kissing him.

With my fingertips, I touched his shoulder softly, lowering them down his arms and he gasped slightly. He was a sensitive guy; he liked to be caressed and his body reacted to every touch. He was so easily stimulated and that... also excited me more.

I focused on his body and while I didn't notice any trembling, I think everything was going great. Either way, I had to remember and repeat to myself a thousand times that I had to move slow. I didn't want to force him but at the same time, it was really difficult to go slow with him because I was dying to make him mine. I just didn't want to scare him or make him feel bad as he remembered what they did to him.

I lowered my hands down his waist slowly, caressing the soft skin that was now full of wounds and marks that had yet to heal. I didn't want to hurt him, so I touched them with as much delicacy as I could. Truthfully, this moment was everything I could wish for: Deidara at my side corresponding with my kisses, gasping with my caresses while he closed his eyes and water fell over us.

I broke off from his lips to kiss his neck, finding myself with those horrible marks they had left on him; I could swear they were bites. I kissed over them cautiously, intending to replace his bad experience with a better one. I loved hearing his breathing accelerate as he started letting himself enjoy it. I loved how his muscles tensed with pleasure every time I kissed his skin, every time my hands caressed any other part.

I lowered my hands towards his member and noticed how he slightly shook. I didn't know whether to continue or not, so I waited a few seconds until he relaxed and I started moving my hand slowly so he could get used to my touch, so he would know, that I wasn't going to hurt him. He began to pant a bit more as he felt my hands caressing his member, slow but without pause while I devoured his lips again, sticking my tongue in to play with his.

I was so focused on making him enjoy it, that I didn't notice when his hands started running through my hair; they slowly went from my neck up towards my head. At least now he was reacting and although I knew he was still afraid, I tried putting it aside. So, when I kissed his nipples while caressing his abdomen with my hand, he tensed and stopped me. I think I went overboard!

"Hey." I called out to him with a smile. "I understand." I commented. "Slow."

"It's not that." He told me. "It's just..."

'I'm not going to enter you." I told him. "Is that it?"

I think I got to the center of his fear, but really, I wasn't thinking of entering him, at least, not today. I was only fighting with his fear; this would have to go little by little, it wasn't something he could get over in a day, it was impossible. What's more, with all the times they had violated him, they probably tore him so until he was healed, I wasn't going to make him completely mine.

"Enjoy it, okay? I promise I won't enter you." I told him and he seemed to relax, focusing once again on my hand over his member.

Once again, I moved my hand but this time, rapidly with each time and when I started to hear his moans, i kissed him with a little more passion but without forcing him. I didn't want him to stop me again because I went overboard with strength. I played with his tongue and had to pass my arm over his waist to hold him because his moans were continuous and less avoidable each time, his knees shook from pleasure and if I didn't hold him, it was possible that he fell then and there.

I felt his liquid splatter and slide down my hand so I started moving my hand slower to get the last drops out of him and let him rest. I didn't separate from his mouth, however, because his lips were mine. His kisses belonged to me and his moans were my possession; everything was mine.

"Are you okay?" I asked him, still holding him by the waist while my hand was cleaned by the water that fell over us.

"Yes." he said, opening his eyes. "I'm great."

"I know." I said to him, smiling. "Some other day, okay? Let's not force it today."

"Okay." He told me a bit disappointed. I supposed he wanted to continue, but we couldn't. Between his wounds and the trauma he had, it was impossible to continue without him stopping me halfway. I preferred to do it later on when he recuperated, when he had more trust in me.

"Eat with me?" I asked.

"I already ate." He told me.

"Yeah, but I haven't." I said, kissing him again. "Come, accompany me and I promise... I'll do whatever you want later."

"Whatever I want?" he asked. "I can ask anything?"

"Sure." I told him.

"I want to be with you." He said. "I want you to hug me and not let me go. I want you to kiss me." I smiled.

"And on top of that, I'll caress you." I added, winking before kissing him one last time before getting out of the shower. "But, you have to do something for me." I told him and he tensed as if he always had to give something just to be okay. "Stop calling me Uchiha." I said. "They gave me a name, you know." Deidara started laughing. "Call me Itachi, please. Uchiha sounds more like my father." I told him, remembering the expectations my father had over me.

Chapter 16: Hating you

Itachi Uchiha

That afternoon, I stayed in bed hugging and caressing Deidara. I felt calm being with him and that was rare for me because ever since that of my clan, I hadn't had these types of feelings. The truth was that Deidara mattered more to me than I thought, much more. I couldn't imagine anyone else wanting to touch him or doing something to him; I'd kill anyone who touched my blond without his consent. He was mine and only mine. I was even thinking of hanging a little poster on him that read: 'Property of Uchiha- don't touch.'

I think Deidara only felt my soft touches at first because he fell asleep right after like a small child between my arms. I think this is the first time he's slept without worrying - without being scared that someone would enter his room to do something to him. I didn't want to wake him. I also didn't want to wake him to send him to his room, I wanted him to stay here next to me. I wanted him to sleep with me just like this: hugging my waist with his head against my chest.

Just like we were, I ended up falling asleep as well, with my arms strongly holding on to Deidara for fear that something would happen to him, that he'd leave me and I couldn't let him do that. I woke up to the touch of Deidara's fingertips over my chest, grazing my abdomen and tickling me. I liked what he was doing! He had a very soft touch and a delicacy I could only remember my mother having. Deidara had that innate gentleness.

"Awake already?" I asked him.

"Yeah." He said. "I can't sleep with you at my side."

"Why not?"

"Because then I'd want to spend all day looking at you. I'd want to be next to you all day."

"You could." I told him. "I like your company."

"Itachi..." He said my name out loud for the first time and it surprised me, he had listened to me. I couldn't help smiling. "Can I ask you something important?"

"Of course. What is it?"

"I want... to have sex with you."

I was amazed for a second, but I knew it wasn't convenient seeing how he was. Still, how to tell him no when even I was dying to make him mine? It was bound to happen sooner or later if we kept like this. I also didn't expect him to ask me, I thought I had to take the fear away little by little and I knew he was still scared despite asking me to do it.

"It's not convenient. You need to heal and for that, you need rest."

"Please." He begged. "Do it slowly, I can take it."

"Deidara... you can't. Believe me, when I start, you'll want me to stop. You'll remember bad things and honestly, I prefer to wait until your wounds have healed completely."

"I need you to do it." He told me, about to cry. "I need you to take away these marks they left me with, I don't want to have anything from them on my body. I want you to show me that I can enjoy sex because up until now, I only feel pain. Does it always hurt?" He asked me.

"Yes." I said. "Always, sometimes more or less, but it always hurts."

He seemed to be let down with that clarification and I felt bad that he thought like that, but it was true that it hurt. It was also true that it was enjoyable, that there was pleasure in it, not only in the penetration, but in the touching, the kisses, everything counted.

"It always hurts," I said. "but it's enjoyable. What those cretins did to you was not only violate you, Deidara, they've sunk you, they've tortured you, that's not sex. I can make you enjoy it, but I can't lie to you and tell you it won't hurt you because it's most likely that it would hurt you at first when I enter."

"Please." He begged me again.

"Fine," I said. "but if you want me to stop, tell me, okay? I don't want to hurt you."


"Come here." I said, smiling while I grabbed him by the waist and moved him under my body to be on top of him. "Would you prefer top?" I asked in case of any doubts.

"It's fine like this."

"Are you sure? I think it'd be better for you to be on top, that way you can control the movement however you want. If you're on the bottom, it'd be me and I don't want you getting hurt."

"I trust you." Was his only response. "I prefer bottom. I feel more protected under your body."

"Alright." I said, starting to kiss him.

I calmly invaded his mouth with my tongue, I didn't want to pressure him and truth is, I was nervous. It was the first time I was going to do it with a guy and on top of that, with an unstable one who had been violated and might probably stop me any moment if his bad memories came back- and they would! I was completely sure they would. I was still thinking on how to evade that problem when it came up, because I don't know if I would be able to calm Deidara down when he started to remember. So for the meantime, I went along with much caution.

Deidara had stayed very much paralyzed- he kissed back and had his hands on my waist but it was like as if he was ashamed or scared to touch me. I noticed his hands shook and I knew he wasn't prepared for this, I didn't know why he wanted to force himself. I didn't want to contradict him for fear that he would get angry with me and that was my worst fear at the moment: to lose him. Ironic for the man without emotions!

I snuck my hands inside his shirt and caressed his abdomen, going up towards his pectorals and although I felt him tremble, he moaned softly. One of the best things about Deidara, was when he closed his eyes to enjoy the moment, letting himself go, completely trusting me. I took off his shirt with care, kissing him and licking every centimeter of skin exposed to me starting from his bellybutton, to his abdomen, kissing and nibbling his nipples on my way towards the neck, kissing and sucking on it while he moaned.

I grabbed his waist with force while my mouth devoured his neck tenderly. I swear he liked it when I touched his neck because there were a couple times when he arched his back- not a lot, but I noticed! When I started going down and arrived just above his pants, I noticed that things weren't going smoothly. He had tensed and a single tear rolled down his cheek. I wanted to stop at that moment, but Deidara didn't let me. He told me to continue and I didn't want to if he was going to be like this.

I looked at him and forced him to look into my eyes. He did it without flinching and I liked that about him. I focused on his blue eyes, now looking glossy about to cry and his breathing had gotten faster.

"It's me, okay?" I commented. "You're not with them, you're with me. I'm not going to hurt you. Relax and let's continue when you're better." I told him as I kissed him and distracted him for a good bit until he finally relaxed.

Once again gaining the first step, I tried to go back down to his member. Although he trembled again, it was less than last time and at least, he didn't cry. I lowered his pants and left his member out in the open to start massaging it, sucking it slowly and with care as to not scare him again.

He was tense at first, as if he didn't want me to go down but later on, he had relaxed and started enjoying the attention I gave him. I don't think he had ever gotten much attention, more like everyone had dedicated themselves to hurt him only to satisfy themselves, not once thinking about the blond. I did, however, and if I had to put his member in my mouth, I'd do it - anything for him. At least my father wasn't here to see me do this!

I took his member out, realizing that if I continued like this, he would cum and I didn't want him to do that so quickly - I wanted him to enjoy himself more. I still had to lubricate him and honestly, I had no idea what the hell they had done to him for him to be this tattered. Every time I saw his wounded body, a fury started within me that I did not know what to do with it. I kissed him again after lubricating him all I could and then I licked my fingers to begin dilating him little by little. He complained about the pain and I wanted to stop again, but he impeded me from doing so once again.

"Deidara, we could do it another day, seriously."

"No," he told me. "we've gotten this far, please. We only need the last step."

"Are you sure of this?"


I continued dilating him all I could, moving my fingers inside him. I kept asking him if he wanted to switch positions so it would be him who'd enter me so I wouldn't hurt him more, but he was fixated on this. I don't know if he was trying to demonstrate something or if he was trying to overcome his fear using me, because it was me whom he trusted.

When I was ready, I decided to position myself to enter, because although I asked him once again if he wanted to be on top, he ended up letting me do it. I entered slowly, as slow as I could and I could hear him complain. He tried to bite his lip as to not scream, but even so his facial expression was that of pain. I entered all the way and waited a few seconds before moving out slowly and once again moving back in.

To each movement, I started accelerating bit by bit until I noted how he dilated entirely, letting me enter smoothly. I also saw how he had stopped biting his lips to moan and I took advantage to touch his member again, this time to get him to cum.

He ended up cumming before me and as he moaned like he did, I ended up cumming inside him,filling him with my being and although he was tired, I asked if he was okay. He had a tear rolling down his cheek, but he said he was fine. I laid by his side, after handing him a tissue and hugged him as we fell asleep.

"Itachi." He called me and I opened my eyes to find his eyes, always so blue, looking into mine. "I hate you." He said with a smile and I smiled back because perhaps he couldn't bring himself to say he loved me, but he could say he hated me. I understood, and honestly, I wanted to say the latter.

"I also hate you." I said, smiling and he smiled with me before falling asleep between my arms.

Chapter 17: Sweet Dreams

Akasuna no Sasori

That damn Uchiha was going to pay for everything. He wasn't going to take my man; Deidara would be mine for better of for worse. That means I'd have to design something that could block Itachi and at the same time, for him not to notice. The most complicated part was getting Itachi not to notice what we were up to, so the most convenient thing, would be for Deidara to give it to him. He trusts him and the poor idiot wouldn't even notice what Deidara was really giving the Uchiha.

I went to work on it immediately. Luckily, I was accustomed to working with poisons. I didn't want to kill him and that was a problem for me since my poisons tended to be lethal. I decided not to kill him- I wanted to see the Uchiha fall. I wanted to see him sunk and destroyed when he realizes everything that happened to Deidara. to realize he couldn't be there to help him and for that, I couldn't kill him.

I worked day and night on my newest project. I wanted something useful that could barely be noticed and especially to the sense of taste. Something that could pass as invisible on anything and after two days of non-stop working, I did it, my masterpiece. This would knock out the Uchiha during the sufficient time to release my brilliant plan on Deidara, although of course, I would need to convince the rest and I didn't know if it was possible after the beating they got from the Uchiha. Everyone was scared of him.

I suppose it was normal to fear him, he was the strongest here, and to be quite honest, between him and Pain, I don't know who would win. Still, no one would ever mess with them, they were the best. Ever since Itachi saw them hurting the blond, he hadn't separated from him for at least a second. He protected him and continuously watched out for him. Nobody would dare go up to Deidara knowing the Uchiha was behind him. I still don't know how I would separate them, but at the given moment, he would. I just had to think of a plan.

I walked out of my room after days without them seeing me and I directly headed in search for Kisame to share my brilliant plan with him. I found him eating a delicious steak. It didn't strike me odd seeing him alone since his partner was busy in his own room with my blond while Kakuzu and Hidan were still in the infirmary thanks to the Uchiha. Two days and they still hadn't woken up! They had pissed off the Uchiha more than necessary and that could only have one conclusion: Itachi cared more about Deidara than we all thought. If he hadn't cared, those two wouldn't be in the infirmary and I would be the one in my room with the blond and not him.

I couldn't stand imagining them together. I clenched my fists before speaking to Kisame. What was very clear to me, was that I had to separate those two, one way or another- even if I had to use the lowest techniques to get it.

I neared Kisame and sat at his side, observing how he ate his steak with a face of absolute happiness until he noticed my presence and turned to look at me.

"What's up, Sasori?" He asked.

"I want you to help me with a new plan." I said.

"Is that why we haven't seen you these last few days?"

"Yeah, I was designing something new." I explained.

"What's it about, this brilliant plan of yours?" He asked.

"I want Deidara." Kisame started laughing. "What are you laughing about?" I asked him with the very little patience I had. I wasn't in the mood for his foolishness!

"He's with the Uchiha. It's impossible to get near him." Kisame told me. "It's suicide messing with him, you've seen Kakuzu and Hidan." He commented. "And believe me when I tell you that it's scary when Hidan screams. He's supposed to be immortal, he's a sadist and fears nothing. I don't even want to think what the Uchiha did to him to make him scream that way."

"I have a plan so that the Uchiha won't interfere. Does it interest you or not?" I asked him, over the top with his explanations because if it's something I didn't have, it was patience.

"Tell me." He said with a malicious smile.

"We're going to make him go to sleep so he won't come to help Deidara."

"Bad idea. When he wakes up and finds out, he'll give us all a beating of a life time. An what would we have gained? Just one night of sex?"

"He doesn't have to find out it was us." I told him.

"Deidara will tell him because he trusts in him."

"He won't if we break that trust."

"And how will we do that?" He asked me.

"We'll make it so that it's Itachi who abuses him, that way we'll be breaking all his bonds to the Uchiha."

"Forget it, Itachi would never do it."

"It won't be Itachi, he would be asleep. Someone else will have to pass as him."

"The same problem still lingers: when Itachi finds out, he'll kill all of us."

"We'll blame his brother." I told him. "I've been able to sense his presence nearby these days. He's sticks out like an elephant in a china shop."

"Let's do it. We'll just have to wait until those two wake up." Kisame smiled.

"Then... let's wake them up." I said, taking out a small jar from my pocket. "You go wake them up and I'll begin preparing the sleeping pill for Itachi."

"Don't put it on the steak." Kisame told me. "He doesn't like it."

"What does the Uchiha like?" I asked.

"Rice balls make him crazy." Kisame said. "And when he used to live in Konoha, he liked to frequently visit tea houses, so he likes that, too." He commented.

Kisame left after giving me such information and I began preparing things. To my luck, Deidara came out to eat, but of course, accompanied by the Uchiha. It didn't matter. Well, it did put me in a bad mood to look at them together! All I had to think was of my plan and soon, I was happy.

They had everything in their bowls, ready to leave when I called out to them to sit by me. Although the Uchiha hesitated, since Deidara was my partner, they didn't have much choice. Since then, Itachi hated seating at the table but he did so only to not let Deidara out of his sight; or he was jealous! I wasn't sure of the motive, but I did know that that glow in his eyes, was because something between them had happened.

"I'm sorry about what I did the other day." I apologized although the Uchiha made a sound with his mouth that meant he didn't believe in what I meant and Deidara told me it was nothing. "Can I do something so you could forgive me?" I asked towards Deidara.

"You're forgiven, you don't have to do anything." The blond commented.

"I know." I said as if I had just come up with a great idea. "Here." I passed him my tray of food. "I'll go for another."

"Oh, no, you don't have to, seriously." The blond said.

"I insist." I said, getting up to go grab another tray for myself. I heard Itachi tell him to keep the steak, since he didn't like them while Deidara complained about why he didn't like it.

"What are you? A pacifist for the animals?" Deidara asked him teasingly.

"Something like that." Itachi answered him with a smile.

The plan was working, Itachi was going to eat those rice balls, just like Kisame had said. Itachi Uchiha didn't like steak, but those rice balls, he definitely would.

During the meal, both were laughing and enjoying their own company. They were almost glued to each other and I hated that. It made me sick seeing how well the got along. He was my blond, I didn't want him to be with Itachi, Deidara had to be only mine.

Pein entered, accompanied by Konan, and I didn't want to be there any longer. I ate fast while watching how Itachi stopped being too close to Deidara, as if not wanting to annoy Pein. I supposed that they didn't want to demonstrate affection while our boss was near, so they acted normal. That calmed me a bit, because I didn't need to see how he touched or played with my blond.

As soon as I finished eating, I grabbed my things and left to my room. I wanted to be alone for a while, planning a few things because honestly, it wouldn't take long for Itachi to fall asleep like a log. There'd be no way to wake him up. It would then be our best opportunity to take advantage of Deidara and if we could blame it on Sasuke on top of all this, even better. It was known by everyone around here that only an Uchiha can defeat another Uchiha, so perhaps we could see a fight between brothers and I would like that very much- I could compare the terrorific abilities of two opposing Uchiha.

The only problem that could arise, was that they find out they have nothing to fight about and form an alliance against us, because if one Uchiha was fearful, I can't even imagine two. I hoped the hate they harbored was too intense, that they wouldn't believe each other's words. that way creating conflict between the two.

That afternoon, I passed time preparing and cleaning my puppets because apart from loving Deidara, I also loved my puppets. They were my masterpieces, my most spoiled treasures. They were my weapons, my loyal friends, I even had my parents. It was the only way they wouldn't leave my side. The puppets were genius, and one day, Deidara would end up being one as well. That way, he'd never leave my side- we'd be together for eternity.

Chapter 18: Not you


I ate with Itachi and I could say with assurance, that I just loved his smile. It was simply spectacular- I could watch him like an idiot wishing for his rare smiles. True, they were limited, but I also knew that he smiled more often and most of them, if not all, were for me.

Once we finished eating, we excused ourselves to the bedroom since Itachi didn't like being around the others, even if two of them hadn't been back from the infirmary. That helped me remain calm a bit.

Once in the room, Itachi threw himself on the bed and began to fall asleep. Was it because he hadn't slept? Because he slept well, he didn't have nightmares like I did, so it was impossible that he was sleepy, although, it looked like it. I laid down by his side a bit and ran my fingers through his hair until he fell asleep.

I thought back on how Sasori was being nice and, I don't know, wasn't there something strange? Strange because the last time he was nice to me, was when he healed my wounds, take me into his bedroom, and abuse me, so I didn't know what to think of his kindness. I thought about it until I fell asleep caressing Itachi. When I woke up, I was still hugging my sleepy Uchiha.

I noticed a small detail when I neared him to gently kiss his neck. It was his aroma. It captivated me; he smelled natural, just as he was because I've never seen him put something on. He always showered, cleaned himself, and came back out as he was. Even so, he smelled clean, like himself, and I liked it. It made me feel secure and protected- he simply smelled like a man! Like how he was because to be sincere, I sometimes felt like a child at his side. He was strong, masculine, serious; he was a man as good as they come even if he was twenty-one years old. Meanwhile, I continued to have this child mentality, more innocent, more curiosity like a kid rather than a man and that scared me a bit because sometimes I thought: I could never be at his level. Who would ever be at the level of an Uchiha?

It was weird at the same time: to feel protected by someone. Itachi gave off a feeling of security in himself, he radiated trust and strength; he was the terror of Akatsuki and I think, that even in their best moments, nobody would ever be able to defeat him. He had even once blocked Kisame's sword with a kunai! He was that incredible. How does one not feel protected with a guy like that? It was hypnotic to watch him fight because his genjutsu was worthy of seeing; it fooled anybody and he never lost his calm. It was true though, he never liked to fight much since he tried avoiding them, but when he had to, he did so without flinching. He tried to end the fights as quick as possible; he was everything opposite of Hidan, who loved to extend the battles to torture his victims.

I looked over to Itachi, noting that he was still asleep. He looked like a bear in hibernation, there was no way of waking him up. I tried many things, but nothing. He didn't respond and I was getting hungry, I would've liked to go grab something to eat.

I waited a bit more and I thought on whether I should wake him or not because honestly, I was dying of hunger. In the end, I decided that yes, I was going to try to wake him up again and although I tried thousands of ways, there was none to wake him up. Well, in that case, I'll give him a surprise. I'll go out for something to eat and bring it back here for the both of us. Not even an earthquake could wake this guy up! He slept like a log, he wasn't even fazed when I got up and closed the door behind me to bring some food.

There was no one in the kitchen, but then again, it was late, very late. I looked for some things that I could take back to the room and especially looked for those rice balls that Itachi liked. I still didn't understand how he didn't like steak! But anyways, he liked rice, he was a lost cause, I smiled as I remembered. Me, on the other hand, was practically looking for a rhinoceros or a buffalo to eat because I was hungry. Of course, there was none of that so I had to make do with what had been prepared, which was basically, some meat and rice.

I grabbed the tray of food for the both of us and began walking out towards the room once again when I saw a shadow appear from the hallway in direction of the kitchen. I tensed, more because I didn't want to cross anyone. My nerves raised and I had stayed paralyzed where I stood with the tray in hand until the shadow came towards the light and I discovered it was Itachi in front of me. I relaxed.

"You scared me." I said with a smile.

"Sorry." He said. "That wasn't my intention."

"I was going to bring some food to the room." I commented, walking over to his side but he grabbed my arm.

"Why don't we eat here?" He asked me strangely before devouring my lips with force and suddenly I felt scared. So much so, that I tried to separate him from me.

In the end, I had to do what I didn't want to do: place a clay bird between us and blow it up. Seeing it, Itachi was able to react and step back as to not get hurt by the small explosion.

"What's wrong?" I asked him, still scared.

"Isn't this what you wanted, Deidara?" He asked me. "Sleep with an Uchiha. Well, I crave you at this moment."

"Yeah, but not me." I said, getting annoyed. "You're being weird." I told him.

"No, I'm an Uchiha, Deidara. When are you going to get it through your head that I get what I want and you know what I want. It cost me a lot being nice to you these past few days, so I want my reward and I want it now." He demanded as he got closer to me and grabbed me again.

"Let go of me." I said. "You're all the same, you're just like Sasori. You only try to be nice to get what you want."

"Yes, Deidara. What did you think? That an Uchiha was going to stoop so low to fall in love with a bitch like you?" He asked me as he smiled. "Relax and this will be over quick." He said.

At first I thought there was something weird about him, as if this wasn't Itachi or as if my eyes were lying to me. He placed his hands on my ass, placing me on top of one of the tables and getting on top of me to block my movements. At that moment, he kissed me forcefully and I hurt him by biting him. That's when I discovered that it was him because he activated his Sharingan as he got annoyed and I instinctively closed my eyes to avoid their effect. Closing my eyes would seem to maintain myself safe from him, but in reality, it weakened me even more because I couldn't see him. I could only feel his touch and I didn't want to open my eyes for fear of finding myself on that cross Kisame told me about.

One of his hands grabbed at my wrists while the other touched my entire body and I felt panicked. This was not Itachi from that other time, he wasn't sweet and nice, he was simply like any other member from the organization that had very clear what they wanted: to enjoy themselves without caring about what I felt.

How could I have confided in Itachi Uchiha? It was the only thing that came to my head. I thought he was different. I had trusted him and now it was very clear that I should have trusted nobody, not even him. I let myself get fooled like an idiot once again and now it wasn't my body he was hurting, but my heart. It bled, it tore itself with every lustful touch from Itachi. It cracked with every possessive kiss of his, it tore to pieces with every dirty word or insult he said to me. How could I have switched from hate to love so fast? I would never forgive myself for that and I assured myself I would never commit the same error. He should have killed me when I asked him to though, now I knew why he didn't do it: it was for this day, to do what he was doing to me.

I felt how he lowered my pants and to be frank, I didn't care anymore. If at first I felt like fighting him, now I didn't feel that necessity. Besides, if I did anything, he would hurt me even more. So I simply laid there, keeping still like a lifeless doll because with every gesture he did over my body, he took a bit of my life. It didn't matter to me anymore, I preferred to let him be, to do what he wanted with me and if possible, to have him kill me when he was done.

I was so scared, very scared and when he entered inside me, it hurt as if they were ripping me in two. I tried not to scream but it was impossible; it hurt too much not to. Tears rolled out of my eyes, sliding down my cheeks without notice. I didn't want to cry, but I couldn't impede them from escaping. And I knew it was my fault- I was here because I should've never trusted anyone. I was here because he had brought me here, and I was here because I fell in love with that emotionless bastard. To me, there was only to wait and pay for my errors, but I wouldn't commit them ever again. I swore to myself over and over again with every penetration from Itachi, that I would never fall in love and especially, with an Uchiha. I hated their clan, I hated all of the Uchiha. I'll never pass through here again; I'll never let an Uchiha play with my feelings.

My body began to relax when I felt him speed up inside me. I knew I was bleeding, he was destroying me with every movement and I couldn't avoid the pain. It didn't matter if I was tense or relaxed, I simply wanted to faint then and there. I thought of anything, but the only thing that came to me was Itachi's smile, it was the only thing that calmed me and gave me happiness. It was ironic how the person that could give me peace and calmness was violating me at this very moment! I didn't want to open my eyes in any moment and when he came, he pulled out of me and left me there telling me how I could return to his room whenever I wanted. As if I would do that! I didn't want to go back to any other room, I didn't want to be in Akatsuki. I just wanted to leave this damn organization and as I laid there on that table under the obscure room, that's all I thought about. I wanted to escape!

Chapter 19: Escaping


I stayed in the darkness, violated and torn- because I never imagined this of Itachi. What was I going to do now? I couldn't stop crying in silence, the tears fell without me trying to stop them even though I couldn't force myself to. I simply let them fall until I stopped crying. I didn't even have the strength to get up, not even to get dressed. I couldn't care less anymore; wherever it be or do whatever I do, this would continue to happen.There was no other exit for me except to die because I started thinking that only death could free me from all this suffering.

I shouldn't have fallen for the Uchiha. I didn't even know how it happened; it simply did. I hated him, I hated him with all my strength and now, even more. I couldn't anymore; all of his last name was despicable, all of his damn clan was. I even thought he did a good thing to annihilate them all because with the two remaining Uchiha, it was sufficient enough. The ninja world didn't need the Uchiha, they were just the same as the others: they took advantage, they humiliated, and they seduced until you fell for them completely only to end up like this- leaving you half naked over a table and violated. I simply hated him! I didn't want an Uchiha to touch me ever again, I felt revolted that they could even come close to touching me.

In all honesty, I think it didn't matter if it was an Uchiha or anyone else; I didn't want anyone to touch me. What did I have to do here? That's what I thought for now because I saw nothing here that was important enough for me to stay. Before, I had thought of it because of Itachi, but at this moment, I didn't have him anymore. He only wanted the same as the rest: to pass time. I was only a toy in their hands, a doll they had molded and controlled however they liked to get what they wanted out of me.

I got up however I could and finished dressing myself before drying my tears. I felt my heart break with every gesture he did, with every memory of Itachi because I remembered the last days with him and it had been perfect. Why had he changed his mind about me? I was confused. Was I only a toy? If that's how it was, then I hoped he had fun making me believe that I was safe to lower my defenses.

I walked over towards the door, my body hurting as if they had given me a major beating. I supposed I felt the same after Itachi's betrayal. I didn't even want to go back to the room to grab my things, it couldn't be that perhaps he'd want another round so I'd have to do with the accumulated clay in my hands. It'd have to do until I prepared more because me? I was getting out of here.

I opened the back door and started walking until my legs couldn't anymore. I was torn, very much physically like morally. I had to get strength from where I didn't have it to continue and finally, when I made it to the bottom of a cliff of a mountain, I created a great bird of clay and got on it to leave. I didn't want to be here anymore, I didn't even look back. I didn't care about nothing or anybody of who I was leaving behind.

The breeze on my face was nice and the truth is, it relaxed me to be able to fly, to be meters away from the ground; it was the best. I felt as if I could escape all of my misfortunes than when I was on the ground, as if they couldn't reach me being up here. The sky was my domain and I liked it, although I didn't know how much time I could maintain myself up here.

I flew on the clay bird, distancing myself from Akatsuki, from the base, the suffering, Itachi. Even with what he had done to me and the hatred I had for him, his memory kept hurting me and I couldn't help loving him. How strange it was to feel like this! Hating and loving a person at the same time.

As I got further away, I felt two things: one, is that I was getting away from all that torment and the second, that I was leaving behind the love of my life. But I was sure of one thing: I didn't want them to touch me, not him or anyone. I only had to escape and I knew I was playing myself because when they found out about my betrayal to the organization, they'd come after me and it would be worse. I had lived it once, but even so, I had to try and even if they caught me, I didn't care. As long as they killed me, everything would be alright.

I stopped to rest in a small forest in the outside, a few kilometres from the base because I had already gone a great distance to avoid them. Still, I knew Zetsu. He was capable of finding me wherever I was. He was even capable of getting to me faster that I could escape. He'd tell everyone where I was and I wouldn't be able to avoid that.

I was so tired, that I fell asleep against a tree but even still, everything hurt. It was impossible to move much in these moments. I could hear nocturnal birds in search of food, even the trees' limbs sway with the soft wind and all of it relaxed me until I heard a flock of birds fly out and I knew something was wrong. When I opened my eyes, I already had them standing over me.

I only saw Kakuzu before he covered my face with a sack but with the hands that were touching me lustfully, I knew it wasn't only Kakuzu. I struggled a bit, but it wasn't like I could do much after what Itachi had done to me, so in the end, I ended up limiting myself to let them do what they wanted. I only wanted them to finish fast and if possible, to kill me there rather than returning to the organization.

From a laugh I heard, I identified Hidan. As I screamed from pain, I had no doubts it was him because only he liked to cut me; he was a damn sadist. I think there was no part on my body that was free of his touches or rather... I felt eight hands, so I knew there were four people here. Two of them I had clearly identified and the other two, I was doubting between Itachi, Zetsu, Sasori, or Kisame. I couldn't say exactly who they were.

The only thing I could do was scream when Kakuzu and Hidan hurt me, because I felt cuts, I felt their punches, their bites, and that was something typical of them. Zetsu or Kisame only violated me without hurting me and on the other hand, if it was Sasori who was here, then no doubt he had united with Kakuzu and Hidan. He liked to test out his new weapons on his puppets with someone and that someone...was me.

I could only cry and I was thankful that they had covered my face, that way no one would see me doing it; I couldn't give them the pleasure of seeing me cry. It's not like I could avoid it, it hurt a lot. I knew they were kicking me and they almost tore my stomach from one. The only thing they seemed to respect was my head, but it didn't last for long because there was a punch directly to my face. I noticed the taste of blood, surely because the punch had bust my lip.

I stayed immobile, trying not to scream as I made myself play dead while they took off my pants again and violated me one after the other without preparing me whatsoever. Either way, I didn't stop feeling their touches at any moment because while one entertained himself, the others continued touching me. I didn't complain, instead, I tried thinking of something else, something to take me far away from what was happening and only the Uchiha's smile came to mind. I supposed that's the last thing I'll see or in my case, what I would remember. I couldn't deal with it anymore, my eyes felt too heavy to maintain them open, my body wasn't responding to any stimulation, and I knew I was going to faint from the pain at any moment now. The good thing about the others entering me was that it didn't hurt anymore. They had already torn me that I couldn't care about the others. I didn't even notice when they changed to take turns or if someone was repeating or not, I didn't know. I imagined that they weren't repeating, but I couldn't be too sure.

I closed my eyes, letting myself go while I felt something underneath my hand- something liquid. I imagined it was my own blood from the wounds they had given me. It had hurt to know they had destroyed my body to it's limit. I wouldn't make it out of this! That was one thing I had clear; I couldn't even breathe properly and I supposed it was from one of the kicks or from a wound caused by Hidan because he kept nailing his weapon in the organs making me bleed from the inside. I knew he had done it because I had felt the kicks, as if they were nailing a katana over and over again in different parts.

They talked about something when they finished and I think they thought they had killed me because they decided to take the sack that obscured my face and left me there abandoned how I was. They didn't even bother to dress me.

I opened my eyes when I stopped feeling their presence and I waited for death. From the wounds that I had, I didn't have to wait much. I didn't know how much time had passed, but I felt a presence come towards me. What scared me the most, was seeing under the hood of that individual a pair of eyes like blood and I knew at that moment that it was the Uchiha. However, when he took off the hood, it wasn't Itachi, but his younger brother with his team behind him. He looked down at me from his height with superiority.

He was only two years younger than I was and he was already like his brother. He had that same look of the Uchiha, that demeanor as if they were the best. And they were! But besides believing it themselves, they demonstrated it with every gesture, every look, every word.

"He's half-dead." Suigetsu said. "To be sincere, it'd be a great gesture to kill him and end his suffering." He commented towards the Uchiha and I was thankful for his words because that's just what I wanted, to stop feeling pain.

"We're taking him." Sasuke said.

"Sasuke, we can't move him in his state." Suigetsu said once again. "Look at him, he wouldn't last a trip."

"Then heal him with the basics to move him because we're taking him." The Uchiha repeated.

That's just what I needed. Why could none of those damn Uchihas kill me and end it? To end my suffering, was it that hard? He only had to unsheathe his Katana and plunge it into my heart or do whatever other thing to kill me quick and without pain. With the look the Uchiha had over me, I fainted. I didn't feel anything, I didn't know if I was alive or dead, I didn't know if they were taking me with them. Or perhaps, to bluntly put it, I was dying and they couldn't save me. I didn't know what happened after closing my eyes.

Chapter 20: Captured

Sasuke Uchiha

That morning, I woke up like any other: with the company of Karin. However, just like any other morning, as soon as she finished her job, I headed towards the shower and waited there until she marched away, generally pissed off when Suigetsu entered to mess with her, something I was thankful for. Not bad, that Suigetsu helped me with her! Oddly enough today, while I was in the shower, I don't know why but I thought of my old team mate. Perhaps seeing my brother with a blond guy had made my mind look back on the other blond, because I really didn't understand.

It's not like I was thinking of Naruto, more like I was thinking of how it had been long since I've heard his annoying shouting, begging me to return to the village. I smiled because honestly, that guy was persistent. He had been after me for years, following my tracks- and all for what? To fulfill a promise he made to Sakura, but I wasn't going to return.

That village hindered my development and I wanted to kill my brother. To me, it was my only wish. I hadn't come this far to lose it all now, I was going to keep at it till the end, at whatever it cost. I only hoped Naruto wouldn't get in my way like he used to because in this moment, nothing or no one would impede me from getting my vengeance.

It struck me as odd to not see my brother anywhere, the base was too quiet today. I hadn't seen the usual people from the organization move about and Suigetsu was getting bored of spying on a deserted scene.

"I think something happened." Suigetsu told me, laying against a tree under its shade.

"Yeah, I'm beginning to think that as well." I commented. "It's way too calm."

"I think we should take a look around, perhaps they've moved."

"Yeah, let's go." I said. "Let's look for Karin first, she'll detect any chakra faster."

"Alright, let's head back to base to look for her, then." Suigetsu smiled at me.

We returned to base and found Juugo playing with a few birds but Karin was nowhere around. We looked for her in all the different rooms of the cave where we hid and finally, we found her outside, close to a fountain in the forest.

"Sasuke-kun~" I heard Karin say when she saw me and like always, made that face that annoyed me to the last nerve.

"Stop calling me like that." I said in a serious tone. "I hate when they call me in that way."

"Sorry." Karin apologized.

"I need you to search for my brother." I indicated. "Since you have a better advantage to locate people."

"I'll look for him." She said, beginning to walk towards the north, as if returning to the Akatsuki base.

We headed towards the base and once sufficiently close, Karin informed us that Itachi was in there, but there were very little people in there and the majority had gone out.

"What about the blond?" Suigetsu asked.

"He's not in there." She commented.

"Search and locate him, we'll need him."

Karin looked for him for a long while and it cost her to finally localize him. We looked for him by foot but in reality, the best at search was Karin, so we waited for her to localize him and inform us where to find the guy.

In the end, she got it, but it was a distance away from where we found ourselves. We sped up our pace, jumping from tree to tree and even so, it seemed to me to be an eternal distance because it felt like we made no advancement.

"How much until we reach our objective?" Suigetsu asked, tired of not localizing him.

"At this pace, fifteen more minutes." Karin commented. "Though, he's not alone." She told us. "There are at least four other people and I don't think you'd like what I'm feeling."

"What are you feeling?" Suigetsu asked curiously.

"He's dying." She told us and before my surprise, I sped up even more, separating myself from the rest.

I couldn't let that guy die, he was my ticket towards my brother. I only wished to kill Itachi and this blond was important to him, I needed him to attract Itachi towards me. What I didn't understand is why the same members of the organization would want to hurt one of them, it didn't make sense. I wouldn't even think of hurting those in my team, I needed them.

It could be that maybe I didn't understand, but I needed to hurry before they killed him. I couldn't permit myself to lose the only way to attract my brother; I needed him alive and if I had to kill half the organization of Akatsuki to get my objective, then so be it.

When I arrived, I only had time to watch from a tree branch how the other four walked away between conversations and laughs, I don't think they even noticed I was there. The blond was underneath me. He had so much blood over him that I couldn't see nothing of him, I almost couldn't identify him if not for his blond hair. I understood nothing. Why beat him like this? They were supposed to be team mates, they shouldn't be treating him like this. He was torn.

I jumped off the tree branch once my teammates arrived at the same branch I was on seconds before and neared the blond. I think he saw and recognized me but even so, he did not move. He couldn't move as he was even if he tried.

"He's half-dead." Suigetsu said. "To be sincere, it'd be a great gesture to kill him and end his suffering."

"We're taking him." I commented.

"Sasuke, we can't move him in this state." Suigetsu said once again. "Look at him, he wouldn't last a trip."

"Then heal him with the basics to move him because we're taking him." I repeated.

He was torn, and I could only imagine what they had done to him. He stayed unconscious at the moment while Karin began to heal his wounds, though I knew he was too damaged to recuperate instantly. So long as she maintained him alive and we could take him, that was enough for me.

I neared him, parting his hair from his face now full of marks and bruises. I looked at his busted lip where blood still trickled. They had really given this guy a beating.

"Your brother is going to kill us all." Suigetsu complained. "And maybe you could stand against an Uchiha, but the rest of us wouldn't even last." He commented.

"I'll take care of Itachi myself. I only need this guy to keep breathing, my brother will come for him." I commented. "How is he, can we take him?"

"It's not convenient to move him, Sasuke." Karin said.

"We have to. We're taking him to base."

Juugo was the one who carried him on his back as we returned to the tall trees, jumping in direction of our base, well, our cave. The rest of them were up ahead while I stayed behind him, unable to stop looking at the blond.

What did this guy have to make my brother fall for him? He was supposed to be heterosexual, but I saw him kissing this guy. Suigetsu neared me for curiosity as to why I kept looking at the guy more than anything.

"You like him that much?" He asked, smiling.

"No." I said, serious. "Just asking myself... what does my brother see in him?"

"He's very feminine." Suigetsu told me. "Unusually blond hair, perhaps his way of being, I don't know, I don't know him. However, physically, he attracts me, so it's probable that your brother likes both things: his personality and his physical body. Are you sure he doesn't attract you the least bit?" He asked me.

"Not in the least." I told him.

"So that means I can keep him?"

"When I don't need him and I've finished with my brother, then he's all yours."


Chapter 21: Prisoner


I woke up and damned myself for doing so. I wanted to die, what the hell was I doing waking up? Damn Uchihas! How much more did I need to suffer because of them? Both had left me to live and I couldn't stand it anymore; I was being passed around from one to another like a damn toy. They entertained themselves with me and all because they could. They were strong, they were superior than I and their fucking last name permitted them to do whatever they wanted.

I looked around the room and I knew there was a girl present. Although it was very dark, only two torches on the wall illuminated the space, I supposed we were underground at some site. What else could happen to me?

I looked around the room for something I could hurt myself with because I needed to die and although my body hurt and I didn't know if I could even stand up, I had to try before falling into the hands of an Uchiha. I was fixated on it.

The girl with unusually red hair mixed a few substances in a bowl, I think she was a medic, but I wasn't sure. Either way, I didn't sense a strong chakra from her, so if I had to, I should be able to go against her. I think that if I was able to move sufficiently fast enough and grab something, she wouldn't be capable of stopping me from killing myself.

I looked over into the distance and found a scalpel on top of a piece of furniture not far from where the girl was. I tried getting up, everything hurt so much, but I could do it- I had to do it, just one movement, just one last time. I got up fast and grabbed the scalpel in my hands. To both the girl and my surprise, the door had opened, letting me see the Uchiha followed by another guy.

I moved the scalpel towards me as to stab myself but the Uchiha was much faster and threw me towards the floor, distancing the scalpel away from me. I watched it slide across the floor while the Uchiha held me back. I tried to move, to resist his grasp and try to grab the scalpel despite it being far from me however, I couldn't do anything about the Uchiha.

To my side under the bed, I saw my little bags of clay and I stretched my arm to grab at them. I needed to get them, I could blow myself up with the clay, but Sasuke saw my intention and I heard as he shouted towards Karin and Suigetsu to grab the bags. I saw them take them from me and I shouted for them to give them back.

I was so nervous that I didn't even feel when Karin injected me with something on my neck and I began to relax. Between loosing strength, I noticed that I was face up with Sasuke over me grabbing a hold of my arms. He was sitting over my legs, preventing me from moving. His face was very close to mine and although he said nothing or had the sharingan activated, he scared me, much like his brother.

I don't know why he was looking at me, but he did so as if trying to look deep into me, as if he tried to comprehend me, but nobody ever could. I shouted at him, saying I hated him and he smiled at me with superiority. I continued to tell him that I hated him over and over again, each time my voice lowering itself in volume until I noticed how I was almost falling asleep. He kept his hold on me, determined to stay there until I gave up completely, until I stopped fighting against him, until I fell asleep.

"Kill me, please." I asked of him without avoiding crying. "Kill me." I repeated when I saw him open his eyes.

"No." Was his only response and I was surprised by it. Damn these Uchihas that couldn't kill me! Why the hell could none of them do it?

"I hate you." I repeated just as I fell asleep.

I dreamt of Itachi, remembering the good moments we had together although they were barely of a few days. I remembered his soft and tender touches, his sweet and addictive kisses, his words of encouragement. Everything faded, however, when I remembered how he threw me over the table, when I saw him smile with malice, when I felt his lustful touches traveling throughout my body and he wouldn't stop even if I shouted at him to do so. I remembered his red eyes that I now grew scared of.

I woke up startled, noticing how I was still in the same place laying over the same bed in that dim-lit room with two torches that never seemed to end in flames. Only now, there was no one, nothing over the tables. They had cleaned everything of whatever element in which I could use to hurt myself.

I cried, even when Sasuke entered, I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't stand being here, I couldn't stand being alive and I couldn't stand the Uchiha, much less after Itachi's betrayal. It hurt a lot, I could almost say that my heart ached more than my body. Either way, I didn't know how much time I had been asleep. Surely they had kept me asleep for days like this because my body barely ached anymore. I think they had been healing my wounds during that time.

I got up out of bed and looked for something in the drawers and countertops, I wanted something to defend myself, but they had cleaned everything out of this room. I was in plain search of anything to use as escape when the door opened, letting me see Sasuke closely followed by Suigetsu. Both looked at me carefully and closed the door behind them.

I looked at them and once again felt that great hatred towards the Uchihas. I couldn't stand seeing Sasuke just like I couldn't stand seeing his brother. I hated them, hated all of their clan. I hated their eyes, I hated their superior attitude.

"Where is my brother?" Sasuke asked me.

"How would I know? I suppose he's at base." I said.

"Suppose? Give me concrete facts."

"I don't have concrete facts. I was too busy trying to escape when you captured me." I said. "Last time I saw your brother, it was back at base."

"What were you escaping from?" He asked me and I smiled.

"I was escaping to avoid getting killed."

"Then you didn't get far."

"I'm still alive, no?" I asked. "Why did you bring me here?"

"To attract my brother."

"Your brother wouldn't come for me even if he was dead." I said. "You've made a mistake in capturing me."

"I don't think so. I saw you kissing him back at the pond."

"Yeah, perhaps you did. But I was only his toy, his charity piece. He helped me for some time to later on stab me in the back, like everyone. Your brother is an asshole." I said, annoying him because he grabbed me by the throat, pushing me against the wall.

"Don't talk about my brother like that." I smiled.

"I'll talk however I want." I told him. "You're all the same. You think you can do whatever you want because of your last name but that's not true, you're only a bunch of poor imbeciles."

Sasuke's face was very close to mine, his sharingan activated. It scared me a lot, but even so, I couldn't help that my mouth was faster than my brain.

"Don't you dare ever insult an Uchiha."

"You only know how to take things by force." I told him. "You're not disciplined or have good behavior, just look at the two of you: following each other to kill each other like two cavemen instead of fixing things like civilized people, you're all garbage."

"We take things by force?" He asked me, smiling. "You didn't seem to complain when my brother stuck his tongue in you." He told me. "Either way, I'll pass on you. I don't like guys, so you can be calm, I wont take you by force, or at least, not me." He said, looking over towards Suigetsu while he let go of me and walked towards the door.

"I prefer him more than you."

I think that hurt his Uchiha pride, because he just couldn't get it through his head how someone could prefer anybody else rather than him. Suigetsu whistled as if trying to tell me I had just made him mad, but my mouth was still much faster than my brain was telling me to stop. I was angry and when I was angry, I let everything out.

"You prefer him?" He asked me, annoyed with the Sharingan activated and looking at me fixedly.

"Yeah." I said. "It disgusts me that an Uchiha could ever touch me. You disgust me, the both of you, as much as your brother. I hope you two kill each other and your damn last name goes extinct in the fight, because you give me absolute disgust."

"Suigetsu... get out." Sasuke said and his partner found himself surprised.

"Sasuke?" He asked, both surprised and hesitating.

"I said to get out!" Sasuke shouted.

"You're not going to...?"

"Don't make me repeat myself. Get out of here, close the door, and don't let anybody in."

I then knew that I had gone too far. It wasn't wise to mess with an Uchiha and I didn't care if it was Itachi or Sasuke, both were to be feared when they were angry and Sasuke was just that. He was angry at my words, angry because I only felt disgust for him.

Suigetsu got out of the room and closed the door behind him but I couldn't take my eyes away from Sasuke. He began nearing me and I was so scared, that my legs began stepping back. I began walking back to place a distance between us, although I ended up against the wall while Sasuke continued to come after me slowly, like a predator nearing it's prey.

"Repeat it to me now." He challenged with his serious tone. "I disgust you?"

"Yes." I said. "I don't want you to touch me unless if it's to kill me."

"Then sorry for you, but I need you until my brother appears. So you'll continue living and if I disgust you so much, I'll solve your problem."

He didn't give me much time to react as he threw me to the floor, placing himself over my legs while he fought me to tear at my clothing. I tried separating him from me, but he grabbed my hands and placing them both at the side of my head. At least if he kept them there, he wouldn't touch me! Or that's what I thought, until I felt something soft and slippery grip tightly around my wrists, keeping my hands on the ground. I didn't want to look, but I think they were snakes and I remembered that Sasuke could summon them.

Snakes revolted me, they were one of the few animals in which I couldn't stand. I closed my eyes and stayed still with fear of them, they were gross and they scared me. Sasuke noticed and smiled.

"They won't do anything to you." He said. "But I think this is the only way you'll keep still."

"Make them go away." I begged. "Please."

"No." He made it very clear. "If I make them disappear, you'll try resisting against me."

"Leave me, please. I want nothing more."

"You're the one who provoked me." He said and it was true. "I can't let anyone in my team think they're better than me just because some kid like you said it. This lesson is for you to learn."

His hands entered underneath my clothes, and at least, his touch was soft and delicate. It wasn't like in Akatsuki, he didn't hurt me, he didn't wound me. No bruises, no punches, and no bites. Still, it didn't look like he was the least bit interested in me. He didn't even kiss me, he only touched me and I think it was because he had never considered that being with a guy was something for him. I think he did this because it was my fault, because I had planted evidence before his team and he couldn't let that happen. He had to demonstrate to them that no one could mess with him without having to pay the prize.

I cried because I didn't want to feel an Uchiha with me ever again, I didn't want them to touch me, nor that they could do anything to me and much less Sasuke, because I hated the Uchihas. Deep inside me, I still loved his brother, Sasuke couldn't do this to me, he couldn't do this to his own brother, as much as they hated each other. What was I to the Uchihas? A toy that they passed around? On top of that, the snakes continued to move about, grabbing at my wrists and I couldn't take it anymore. I hated their touch, I hated feeling scared of these creatures, and I hated how they imprisoned me, giving liberty to the hands of their owner.

Sasuke didn't have the delicacy to take off my clothes, he tugged at them and tore them apart; he didn't have the patience to take it off, but at least he was delicate to the touch. He wasn't hurting me and that was at least important to me. I think he didn't want to kiss me because he wouldn't dare to admit he could kiss a guy. He dedicated himself to preparing me while I could do nothing else but cry on the floor, scared over the Uchiha and the snakes.

"You're just like your brother." I said to him and he was surprised but he still didn't take his fingers out of my interior.

"Don't ever say that again; I'm nothing like him." He said, annoyed.

"You are." I tried smiling at him although I couldn't stop crying. "You're both the same, using everyone, taking advantage of the weak. You're going to do the same thing he did to me."

"You slept with him?" He asked and I smiled, but it didn't seem to sit right with him. "Then I'll show you how better I am than he is." He said, very sure of himself as he entered me.

I screamed as I felt him inside and although it hurt, at least I knew he wouldn't hurt me like the others. He wasn't going to kiss me, or bite me. He wasn't going to hurt me; he only needed to feel superior than his brother. He moved inside me and I think he was even enjoying it, he tried to hide it, but his breathing had sped up and I think it was because of all the time he had been alone.

He came inside me and it made me sick becase I didn't want to feel anything from an Uchiha inside me. I think Sasuke didn't like the look of disgust on my face because suddenly, he pounced on my face, kissing me and although I tried to separate him from me, I didn't succeed. I let him insert his tongue in my mouth roughly and when he separated, I saw him smile.

"Don't make that face, it's an honor to do it with an Uchiha." He told me, smiling in that superior way of his.

"You're an asshole." I said. "You still disgust me, you and your damn clan. Don't touch me."

"Bad luck, then, because I think you and I, are going to have so much fun."


22. Waking Up

Itachi Uchiha

I moved my arm across the bed to discover that Deidara's body wasn't next to mine and I sat up in shock- where could he be? I told him not to walk out of here. I got nervous, even more so when I discovered it was daytime and I remembered laying down after eating, so that had to mean I was asleep all afternoon and throughout the night. That was impossible for me; I never slept that much. Or more like, I never slept after eating. I felt a faint headache, it wasn't strong, but I was also a bit disoriented or dizzy.

I got up and looked in the bathroom just in case Deidara was there, but nothing. Why would he go out when I told him he couldn't unless I was with him? Surely the reason was because I had slept through dinner and he might've been hungry, but that didn't explain why he didn't come back to the room after eating. It was clear that something was going on here- that, or he had gone on a mission, something I doubted.

I didn't even want to shower; I had to locate Deidara first. I got out into the hallway to find an extremely quiet and empty base. I was hating this more each time. Something had happened here, that much was clear.

I searched throughout the entire base, but I only found Konan, who was reading a book in one of the living rooms. I asked her where everyone had gone, to which her answer was that of she had no idea. She informed that when she had gotten up, everything was as it was to this moment.

I got out of the living room where Konan was to find and directly ask Pein, but this guy hadn't even noticed that there were people missing. So now, it was two of us looking around and I was sure he was going to make a big deal out of this for going out without giving notice.

In my search, I came upon the pond, since it was practically our place, or at least, I felt that way. It was a special place for me- I had been with Deidara here two times, only because I always found him here, so I had hoped he had been here, but nothing. It was as if the earth had devoured him.

I continued my route around the base until I found Sasori drawing the scenery in his journal. He bothered me to no end ever since he kissed my man. I knew he had something to do in all of this, especially because I fell asleep after eating from that tray he had offered us.

"Where is he?" I asked him.

"Who?" He asked back.

"Deidara." I answered.

"You've lost your blond?" He asked me with a grin. "Well, I don't know where he is. Last time I saw him, he was in your room."

"Don't play dumb. You're his partner, you have to know where he is."

"I don't know. I don't always have to know where he goes all the time, just like you don't know where Kisame goes."

"Kisame knows how to take care of himself." I told him.

"So does Deidara." He commented, and I smiled.

"Yeah, he knows how to take care of himself so much, that you even offered to protect him in exchange to go out with you. You're an asshole. Where is he?"

"I don't know, the last time I saw him, you two were eating at the lunch table." He said.

I grabbed him by the neck and held him up against a few rocks behind him, activating my sharingan out of annoyance. He was toying with my patience and I was dying to know where Deidara was. I needed to assure myself that he was alright.

"Where is he?" I asked once again.

"I don't know." He answered. "He came out to grab something to eat and that's all I know. Ask the rest." He said and I let go off him harshly.

"If I find out that something happened to him, I'll destroy you all. Do you understand?"

"Sure." He said. "But I still don't know where he is."

I walked back to the base and entered the infirmary to find that neither Hidan or Kakuzu were there and that was even more alerting- they should still be here. That wasn't just some illusion I had put them under. I rushed out of there, pissed as I slammed the door shut and walked through the hallway until I reached the main entrance. I waited there, sitting on the steps and looking over at the small road.

I waited almost half an hour until I saw Kisame, Kakuzu, Hidan, and Zetsu walk over. They all appeared to be laughing and talking about something. Obviously, once they saw me, they immediately silenced and played dumb.

"A nice conversation?" I asked them and Kisame was the one who answered.

"Yeah, something like that." He told me.

"And Deidara?" I asked them directly.

"I don't know what you're talking about. He should be with you, you took him. Have you lost him?"

"I haven't lost him." I told them. "But what have you done to him?"

"Us? Nothing." Kakuzu told me. "We haven't seen him, but your little brother Sasuke was around here, so I don't know. Ask him if you see him around." They told me.

"You can't think of another story rather than involve my little brother in this?" I asked them with a grin.

"We're not lying." Hidan said this time. "You can sense your little brother's chakra, or is it that you're losing your abilities?"

"I'm not losing abilities. I know my brother spies on me, but he has never stepped near the base so don't come here making up weird stories. Why would my brother take Deidara?"

"Well, we don't know." Zetsu said. "That's something you'd have to find out on your own."

"Either way, I heard a few explosions a few kilometers from here." Kisame told me. "I thought he was training. If you want to go see, it was in that direction." He informed me. "But if he crossed your brother, then that kid... might already be dead."

"You're coming with me." I told Kisame as I began walking over where they had last seen Deidara.

"Itachi, I think it's safe to assume that your brother has finished him off."

"Shut up and start walking." I threatened, activating my sharingan and silently, he began walking ahead of me.

I kept silent, never losing Kisame from sight. If they did something to him, I would kill them there without even once contemplating. We took almost half a day to get there and when we arrived, Deidara wasn't there. Instead, there was blood, too much blood. In fact, Kisame's face caught my attention because it wasn't his usual normal face or one of worry- it was one of surprise, as if he had expected to find something here but instead found nothing. I supposed he imagined Deidara's body to be laying there, dead, but there was nothing.

"Where is he?" I asked him.

"I don't know." He answered. "He should be here."

"What do you mean he should be here?"

Kisame was surprised even more at my question and tried to come up with something else. I knew this because of the way he looked at me. He was trying to lie to me.

"When we saw Sasuke, Deidara was here."

"When you saw Sasuke? But you told me you heard explosions in the distance. What do you mean you saw Sasuke?"

"We saw him because he attacked the base." He commented. "I thought Deidara was with you until I heard the explosions."

"And instead of heading over to help him, all of you returned to base. Why is that? See, these are things I don't understand."

"I'm sorry, Itachi, I didn't give it much importance. I didn't even know if it was Deidara, he was supposed to be with you in your room. I wasn't going to confront your brother, that's suicide." He told me.

"Of course, and it was best to leave Deidara alone with my brother?"

"No, I suppose not." He said.

"Get out of my sight because I'm sure if you stay here any longer, I'll tear you to pieces."

Kisame fled in the base's direction and I knew they knew more than what they led on but I didn't have proof to accuse them. I didn't even know what had happened here. All I knew was that there was too much blood on the ground and that there was some clay. It was obvious Deidara had been left upon the grass and I could feel the faint presence of my brother, meaning he had been here.

I was going to look for my brother. In fact, I started following his tracks because if he dared to touch what was mine, he was going to find out just how fearsome his older brother could be; even more so if he had killed him. Deidara was mine and although they had taken everything and separated me from what I loved the most- my clan, my family, my village- I had done that just to clear a stupid mission and this time, I was done with it. For once in my life, they weren't going to take away the only thing that mattered over everything.

I suppose I was always the one who murdered his own clan, but not all of that was true, it was for the uprising. They had asked me to do it as an ANBU and I carried out the mission. Funny thing was, that instead of congratulating me, they had pushed all the blame onto me and I had to abandon the village as a rouge. On top of saving the village from the massacre my clan would have carried out, it was I who had to flee as a wanted nin and I was done with doing things right just so they could treat me like a criminal. I was tired of loosing everything that mattered to me and this time, it wasn't going to happen. Deidara was important to me and I was going to get him back no matter what.


23. Room

Sasuke Uchiha

I exited the room where Deidara was and passed by Suigetsu as I did. He had been waiting for me with his back leaning against the wall. He was smiling although he kept his head down as if he was going to make a claim and I was sure of what it was going to be about.

"Didn't you say that you didn't like to do it with guys?" He asked me.

"And I don't." I said. "You heard him, he was discrediting me and I can't permit that. I'm an Uchiha and as such, I have demonstrated it to him."

"No, you've only demonstrated that you can violate him because you have him captive. You haven't demonstrated anything else. He keeps thinking the same thing about you or worse than what he thought before." He told me. "He hates the Uchiha and with your actions, that hate has augmented."

"And why didn't you tell me?"

"I tried, but you threw me out telling me to shut it." He told me, almost annoyed.

"You could have said it." I told him although I didn't even believe that myself.

"And go against your authority? I'll pass, I know you well enough to how you get back at people." He told me as he smiled.

"When have you not gone against my authority?"

"In reality, in front of people, never."

"Yeah, but when we're alone, you pass over every single one of them." I told him, forcing a side smile and making him smile.

"They can't see me go against you when we're alone, so I have no problem with you getting back at me." Suigetsu placed a smile on his face and I knew what he was going to ask next. "Well, changing the topic... how was it? Did you like the experience?"

"Shut up." I ordered him, beginning to walk down the hallway.

"Is that a yes or a no?" He asked me once again and with the intimidating side glance I threw at him, he shut up.

I encountered Karin as she headed towards my room and to Suigetsu's surprise, I asked her to finish healing Deidara and once recuperated, to bring him to my room. Karin tried to complain and Suigetsu smiled as if he had gained the answer to his question. In all honesty though, what I was thinking was that I had a new toy and that I was already bored and tired of Karin entering my room every morning. I wanted to change, try something new and Deidara seemed to be perfect. On top of that, it would anger my brother and it doubled my liking.

It wasn't like I couldn't say I didn't like it. He was a guy and it had thrown me off a little because I had never touched one. Though to be honest, it wasn't that bad. It was just like Suigetsu had said: he couldn't get pregnant and for now, it was just for fun. It didn't matter when I could vent, he was my prisoner so he couldn't complain... it was all perfect.

The best thing was, is that it freed me from Karin and the nightmare of having to deal with her every morning asking for something serious. I wanted nothing serious with her and hearing her little sing-song voice every day was getting on my nerves. Deidara was the best way to separate her from me definitively and I would still have something to wake up to every morning.

"Sasuke-kun~" I heard Karin say. "But if Deidara stays in your room, I won't be able to go in and wake you up."

"Who asked you to enter in the first place?" I asked her and Suigetsu could only give half a smile to cover up the laughter as he bowed his head to hide it.


"No buts. From this moment on, Deidara will stay in my room. Is that clear to you all?" I asked them and they nodded. "Suigetsu, go with Karin and once he 's completely healed, bring him to my room."

"Alright." Suigetsu said, knowing perfectly well I was skeptic about Karin harming him for what had just happened. Basically, Suigetsu was going to take control over the situation.

I entered my room and laid down a bit. I couldn't ignore what I had just done, because I didn't like guys. And yet, all my damn life, I've ended up with a guy, starting with kissing that dumbass, Naruto, back at the academy. At that time, I feigned hating it; I tried spitting it out but it wasn't something that I could say I disliked.

I suppose I didn't want do anything to Deidara, but what he did, discrediting me, I couldn't stand it, much less comparing me to my brother. My brother was an assassin, he murdered my entire clan and I was no where near like him. I believed to be demonstrating it to him because I could've killed him, but I didn't. He was here and alive, healing him knowing he was a friend of my brother's. I think I was being a bit soft although I tried looking like I wasn't.

I ended up sleeping on my bed and had nightmares about my clan again. I saw my brother and his red eyes killing my parents, feeling terrorized when he followed me to tell me to hate him and when I had the same eyes as him, to come for him. Well, I had them, and I was stronger than him; I was going to demonstrate it. I was going to finish him off.

I woke up in a bit of surprise when I heard a noise behind the door. I let them in and saw Suigetsu bringing Deidara over, pushing him in softly inside my bedroom.

"Here he is. Karin said he's okay now, at least good enough to move on his own."

"Thanks, Suigetsu. You can go rest."

"Sure thing. Later."

Suigetsu closed the door, marching off. I looked at Deidara, standing by the door without moving. He was scared of me, not knowing what to do.

"Come closer." I said.

"No thanks, I'm good here."

"Come closer." I ordered this time and he moved a bit. "More." I told him until I had him more or less in front of me.

I don't know if he was challenging me or if he was too scared to get closer. In the end, I got tired of ordering him around, so I grabbed him by the wrists and forced him to sit on the bed where I laid back. He looked at me with fear but I said nothing to him. I looked at his red eyes and his body still covered in some wounds, though they weren't anything serious.

"You should lay down a bit." I told him. "You need to rest."

"You're not going to...?"

"I'm not going to what?"

"Rape me." He told me and I smiled.

"No, and I wouldn't have done it if you hadn't provoked me like you did. You should learn to keep things unsaid."

"Yeah, I suppose." He said. "But even if you hadn't done anything, I still hate you Uchihas."

"Why?" I asked him.

"Because your brother is the reason I ended up in Akatsuki, where I was abused and humiliated by everyone. Because he is the one responsible for making me fall in love with him to only violate me over a table like everyone else had."

I was a bit surprised to how clear and sincere he was. I couldn't imagine a guy like him, with much character to go against me and talk about this, to openly claim his hate for the Uchiha.

"My brother is not the type to rape someone and much less when it's within his power. For what? It'd be absurd." I told him and he seemed to be annoyed a bit more.

"I know what I saw, it was him, he had the Sharingan activated."

"I'm not arguing about what you saw, but I don't understand. It's like as if you would sleep with me voluntarily. Why would I violate you if I already have you?"

Deidara seemed to be thinking about it for a second. I think he doubted of what he had seen, but didn't have any doubts that he had seen red eyes. I think... it had all been some illusion or some clone, perhaps an ability of someone from the organization because my brother, although I hated him... I knew he was incapable of doing something like this. Especially after seeing how sweetly he had kissed him back at the pond.

"I'll go get you something to eat." I told him. "You're probably hungry."

"A bit." He said, although his stomach had been growling for a while now.

"Hn." I grunted without much interest.

When I got up from the bed to go grab something to eat, Deidara had asked me if I was going to return him to Akatsuki. Judging from the look of fear in his eyes, it looked like he didn't want to return. And if it was true, what he told me, than I won a bit more because now, there was a way to keep him by my side without keeping him captive.

"Let's make a deal." I told him. "I won't return you to Akatsuki under two conditions." Deidara looked at me a bit confused. "The first it that you not try to kill me while I sleep." I said.

"Can I try when you're awake?" He asked me and I smiled.

"You can try it if I'm awake, but I doubt you'd gain anything with the exception of a humiliating defeat. I promise not to hit you or violate you, or do anything you don't want to, but you won't be able to get out of my base. You'll be in my team."

"Okay, and the second condition?" I smiled at him. "Sex?"

"If you do it voluntarily with me when I ask you, I promise I'll let you ask me to behave when you say so. I won't get mad at you or violate you even if you're screaming at the four winds how much you hate me. I think it's a great deal. Nobody will touch you except for me, you won't return to suffering at the Akatsuki, and I won't let anyone hurt you. They're just two conditions; don't try to kill me and have sex with me voluntarily when I ask you for it."

"Okay." He said.

"Are you sure you accept? Because I like to wake up in a good mood in the mornings." I told him with a grin and he understood what I referred to. "Do you accept? I let my stress out every morning without fail."

"Fine, but you can't violate me or force me. Or hit me."

"I promise."

"Or take me back to Akatsuki."

"Yeah, I won't let them take you again."

"Then I accept."

"Great, I'll go get you something to eat." I said, exiting my room to go search for some food.

When I returned with food, he had laid down and slept on my bed. Honestly, he really looked like a guy with a personality that really didn't suit the Akatsuki. He was scared of going back to them and when I sat on the edge of the bed to take a strand of hair out of his face, I noticed, that perhaps I felt nothing towards him, but the deal wasn't all that bad. I gained a lover and he gained my complete protection against anyone.


24: Showers

Sasuke Uchiha

When I arrived at my room, Deidara was asleep. I left the tray with food on one of the small tables and woke him up so he could eat something. He now appeared to be more calm, now seeming to be less scared from the look on his face and he immediately got up to grab the food. He ate fast and it was because he was probably very hungry.

I smiled as I watched him eat almost with anxiety and I found it odd when he thanked me for the food. I supposed the deal we had made had calmed things down a bit and truthfully, he had little to no reason to fear me. I had already told him that I wasn't going to touch him so long as he didn't try to kill me.

"Why are you doing this for me?" He asked me.

"Why not?" I asked back. "I have nothing against you. I only look for my brother."

"You two really are weird. I don't understand that fixation you have to kill each other." He told me. "But oh well, it matters nothing to me. It's something between you two, less Uchiha in the world."

"You really do hate us, no?"

"You're despicable. You have too much pride, you think yourself superior to others; causing terror wherever you go and everyone always has to do whatever you say."

"But in reality, I let you chose to deal with me." I told him with a smile.

"Yeah, but you let me chose because you had power. You could have done it; you're more powerful than I am and you knew you could have me chose from two options. You didn't give me the option to let me leave without something happening."

"It's more fun when something happens." I commented. "I had to benefit from something." I smiled.

Deidara finished eating everything I brought him and he looked around the room, trying to decipher where he was going to sleep. I couldn't help but smile because in my room, there was only one bed and to be honest, knowing Deidara and his anger issues, I wasn't sure if I was really safe with him. He was capable of trying to assassinate me while I slept, although, it wasn't like I slept much so I would know of his movements and could react almost immediately. Even so, I wanted to sleep calmly without having to worry about him.

"Where am I going to sleep?"

"Depends." I told him. "If you behave, I can let you sleep on the bed."

"With you?" He asked me worriedly.

"I did promise not to touch you." I smiled as I said to him. "I always carry out my promises. I wont touch you if you don't want me to, and... if you're in my room, it'd be easy for you to do your job in the morning like you promised."

"I know." He said assuredly. "Then I'll go to sleep, but don't you dare touch me until tomorrow."

Deidara was like a small child, a bit more as he went as far as to divide the bed with a line down the middle so I wouldn't even brush against him. I couldn't help to grin because he had no idea and in a way, I began having a slight understanding of why my brother had come to set his eyes upon him. He was attractive, fun, and he got angry easily. What's more, he hated us and that- at least to me- attracted me even more because I was tired of having to avoid people, of escaping from everyone but with him it was different. He didn't follow me, he hated me and wanted nothing with me. That made me want something with him, I wanted to demonstrate how no one could escape from an Uchiha, that we were the best.

Deidara laid down on my bed and turned his back on me while I also laid down and did the same, laughing on the inside because it was a funny situation. It had been a long time since I had fun with someone.

The blond fell asleep immediately and since then, I knew he wasn't going to try to kill me or anything. I moved my head and turned to see his back- he was completely asleep! There was no way to wake him even if there was a tsunami.

I fell asleep just as fast and if I'm sincere, I think I dreamt of Naruto. With that blond hair of his, those blue eyes, that smile of his and that damned will to get everything he wanted.

I woke up a bit surprised when I felt someone touching me and I looked over to see how the blond's back had clashed with mine. He was cuddling up against me and I think he was cold. He really was like a small child: he put limits on me and then it was him who broke them to look for my warmth.

I sat up a bit to check if he was still asleep or if he was awake and as I heard him ask rudely if something was wrong, I couldn't help but smile.

"Are you okay?" I asked him.

"Yes." He said dryly.

"Are you sure?"

"I said yes."

"Then why are you shaking?"

"From the hate I have for you."

"And is that why you're getting closer to me?" I asked him, smiling. "Come on, stop lying. Are you cold?"

Deidara then turned a bit to look at me and nodded. It was normal that he'd be cold; it tended to be cold in this cave and I supposed my team and I had gotten used to it but he, he was a separate case. I got up to grab a cover and threw it over him before laying back down. It surprised me to hear a 'thank you' from his part.

"You're not as bad as you look." I heard Deidara say.

"Don't talk out loud." I commented. "I don't want the others to know I'm soft."

"Right. Typical of the Uchiha: putting on a mask of coldness to not show your emotions."

"Something like that." I told him, facing away from him to go back to sleep.

It didn't take long to fall back asleep, but throughout the night, I felt Deidara's back against mine. He had stopped trembling between my body heat and the covers I had given him. When I woke up the next time, there was a bit of light coming in from the small ventilation holes but what surprised me the most, was finding myself with Deidara in front of me with eyes open and watching me.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked him.

He didn't give me much time to react, because he got on top of me, sitting astride me as he looked at me. I didn't know if he wanted to kill me or do something much more exciting, mostly because that was our deal.

He hesitated for a few seconds. I knew he doubted if he wanted to do this and even more if it was with me because we didn't know each other. We knew nothing of each other and of course, I kept thinking about that kiss he had with my brother. I knew for a fact that it didn't matter how much he yelled to the winds how much he hated my brother, deep down, I knew he was in love with him and I knew I was being evil to take advantage of the situation, but it wasn't something that mattered much to me. I wanted to hurt my brother and the blond was perfect to obtain my objective.

I sat up as much as I could and passed my hand behind his head to bring him closer and kiss him. He shook a bit and it was a bit strange as to why he did. I didn't think he was the type of guy to get scared over a simple kiss, but then I remembered his words about the Akatsuki and I think I knew what was happening.

"Do you prefer not to be kissed?" I asked him and he looked at me a bit surprised.

"No." He told me. "It's not that. I just have to get used to it. You don't want to hurt me, right?"

"I promised you. I won't hurt you; I just want sex and I'll do it carefully."

"Why do you want to have sex with me? You don't even like guys."

"For my brother." I told him. "I'm going to get revenge on my brother."

"So I'm only a tool for you vengeance?" He hesitated to ask.

"I know it sounds bad," I told him, "I'm sorry, but I don't have any feelings towards you. Everything I do, I do it thinking of my brother." I commented. "I want him to suffer, I want to hurt him just like he hurt me. Don't you hate him?"

"Yeah, I hate him."

"Then what prevents you from doing it with me?"

"I still love him." He said, about to break out in tears. "After everything he did to me, I still love him. I'm an imbecil; I was only a toy in his hands. He took advantage of me like everyone else did."

"Hey, I'm not going to take advantage of you. It's a deal, I promised you that I'd protect you from everyone."

"I know."

"Let's do something... I just need to release, so do whatever you want, whatever you're calm with."


I laid back down and I felt his hands shaking while they lowered towards my pants. He doubted if he should take them off or not, even doubting if he should just stick his hands in or not and in the end he did it. I liked the feel of his hands on my member, overall because I had not realized until I felt it, but the mouths of his hands given me more pleasure than Karin ever could the last few times. Perhaps Suigetsu was right and that trying it with someone else was just what I needed.

I focused on enjoying it and Deidara focused on his job, looking more confident in himself. He started to enjoy himself in the moment when he realized that I was carrying out my promise to not hurt him.

I stopped him before I could cum since I didn't want to do it there. Deidara was still a bit bloodied and it was dry but he was still dirty. What they had cleaned off of him wasn't enough.

"Come with me to the shower." I told him and he hesitated. "You need to wash yourself, you're dirty."

"Thanks." He said dryly towards my insult.

"Don't take it in a bad way. It's just... what Karin washed off of you seems like she washed nothing off."

I ended up bathing while he took a quick shower to rid himself off the blood. I preferred to relax on the bath tub filled to the top with bubbles. Deidara didn't take long to finish cleaning himself and I told him that before he head back to the room, to get in the tub with me and he did.

He sat in front of me and we both stared at each other fixedly. It was clear that Deidara wanted nothing with me but I surely wanted something with him. I neared him, kissing him and he backed away reminding me I couldn't touch him without his permission. A deal was a deal! Not to touch him without his permission, but that didn't mean he didn't give me permission.

"I'll give you what you want if you do it with me right now, voluntarily." I said to him, smiling.

"Anything I want?" He asked me.

"How about... I offer to accept any order from you at any time, place, or day you want. But only one."

Deidara smiled as he thought it over but I knew I wasn't precisely the type to receive orders. I was the one who always gave them, so I knew perfectly that it was going to cost me to offer that to him; to give him power for once.

"Okay." He said, getting on top of me and kissing me.

Since then, it was easy to convince Deidara in that aspect; I didn't need to use force against him. Being subtle, smart, and treating him well had it's advantages. I enjoyed it more this way than having to violate him while he reminded me over and over again how much he hated me. Confusing a person that hated you was better, that way you could make them think how great you are, take away their hate, have them do whatever thing you want with you voluntarily and that... would definitely hurt my brother.

His hands touched my torso and I placed my hands on his waist, lowering them until I grabbed his member to make him moan. Within the water, his sweet hands touched every centimeter of my skin and the heat from before returned to me when Deidara placed himself over me and took my member deep inside him. It sent shivers down my spine; he was dilated and warm, although I knew it had pained him from the painful look he had on his face. I had to wait a bit before he relaxed, but he ended up moving on top of me while I helped him. At first it was very slow, but each time it got faster, making me moan like he was. This was going to be a great vengeance for my brother. I could only wait for him to arrive and see how his lover did it with me on his own free will.


25: Falling in Love

Sasuke Uchiha

One of my goals was to see my brother destroyed, to see his pride diminish, to acknowledge me as the strongest and I suppose that's why I had taken Deidara. However, when I captured him, I didn't expect to feel this, because now... I liked his company. I liked seeing him eat in my room, I liked to touch him, to have him touch me. I liked having sexual relations with him and even when we slept; everything about him attracted me.

I would have lied if said I had gotten him to only destroy my brother because while it could be that that was my inicial wish, right now, if I killed Itachi, I wasn't so sure if I could hand over my precious trophy over to Suigetsu. I wanted him for myself, although at night, I had begun to dream more about Naruto and that was definitely very weird because it had been a long time since I even thought about him. He belonged to Konoha, I fled from them. He wanted to be Hokage, and I was a simple criminal without dreams or hopes, only harboring a vengeance to carry out.

I woke up in front of Deidara and I could almost be sure that I felt something for him. Perhaps it wasn't love because I couldn't stop thinking about Naruto. I didn't know why; I had never even looked at my old team mate that way and somehow... Deidara and Naruto were nothing alike. Well, the two were strangely blond with blue eyes, but nothing else.

I parted a strand of hair from Deidara's face, and it's that whenever he slept and stopped complaining or insulting me, he looked like an angel. On the other hand, when he began to open his mouth, I found that only insults towards the Uchihas, Akatsuki, and other people he hated were what he raged about- and they weren't just a few! Even that damn grunt he had at the end of his sentences, although I had to admit, a part of me found it funny to hear it. I suppose he was a great guy for my brother, if only he stopped messing with the Uchihas, but he really could be. He could be sweet and caring, I had proved that when we had sex the other day, but he could be like that. Perhaps that's what my brother liked about him because I doubted it was for his surly attitude or his way of getting angry instantly.

He opened his eyes slowly while I caressed his hair and he was surprised to see me. I believe he was surprised that I was doing something much affectionate than the previous days because I often had to resort to blackmail him to have him.

"Sorry." Deidara said immediately. "I'll do my job now."

"Hey, calm down." I told him. "There's no need to today, okay? Rest." I said.

"Are you okay?" He asked me. "You said I had to do it every morning."

"I'll let it slide today, but only because I'm at peace watching you sleep. I'm fine laying with you like this."

"You woke up very weird today." I smiled at his words.

"It's possible." I said just before giving him a soft, sweet kiss.

I stayed there for a while, hugging the blond and that really was all I felt like doing- to be calm for a while with someone, I needed nothing more.

"Do you miss your family?" The blond asked me.

"Yeah." I told him. "Well, my mother. My dad was very demanding and never really paid attention to me. He only had eyes for my brother but even so, I miss him, too. I would've liked for him to acknowledge my strength but instead of that, all he told me after years of admiring my brother, was to not become like him. I would've liked to understand what he referred to with that." I confessed.

"I don't know. Your brother didn't talk about the topic much."

"Let's stop talking about my brother." I told him. "I don't like talking about him."

"Then what do you want to talk about?"

"Right now... I don't want to talk." I told him, kissing him and rolling over him to caress his face.

His torso still had a few wounds but I passed my hands slowly over them, caressing each centimeter of his skin trying not to hurt him. I focused on his nipples, pinching them softly, tickling them with the tips of my fingers until finally, I ended up lifting his shirt to get to them with my mouth, licking them and nibbling on them until they hardened for me. Deidara moaned and ended up taking his shirt off while he entangled his fingers in my hair, pressing my head down towards his nipples. I heard his moans and they excited me. It excited me to know that he liked it because the first day he was terribly scared and now, he was relaxed. I liked to think it was because he knew I wasn't going to hurt him.

I grinned at every moan he gave, at every shudder of pleasure and even if he told me right now that he hated me, I wouldn't believe it. He could hate me all he wanted, but there was no doubt he enjoyed himself with me like I did with him. Surely, there was no love in this, only sex, but my mentality was starting to change. I didn't think of him as an object to use only to anger and attract my brother, but now I, too, desired him. He was my toy and he didn't seem to mind so long as I didn't hurt him. I should be grateful to those at the Akatsuki for all the damage they had done to him because of that, it made things much easier to manipulate him to my liking.

I lifted my head to look at him directly and kissed him passionately. I wasn't even careful when I stuck my tongue inside him and I remembered when I kissed Naruto for the first time; it disgusted me. But look at me now, sticking my tongue inside another guy's mouth without holding back, exploring his mouth and making myself the owner of this blond because he was mine. He was my toy, my lover, he was mine and I was going to demonstrate it to him.

I felt like now I could care less about being embarrassed about doing it with a guy; I had thrown all my father's expectations out the window because I wanted to, because I wanted to be myself, I didn't want anybody to control me again, I wanted to do whatever I wanted and at this moment, I wanted to fuck Deidara until he himself screamed that he was mine.

I softly touched his nipples once again when my hands began to lower and Deidara gave a muffled moan into my mouth. I liked that he did that. I felt my member begin to harden as it rubbed between his legs, as he kissed me, and as he moaned. Deidara managed to escape from my mouth and grabbed my neck, kissing it and sucking gently at it. I would honestly feel bad for my brother if he saw him like this, pleasuring me.

I was surprised when he turned me over, placing himself on top and kissing me. Who would've thought that this was the same shy guy with fear I found barely a few days ago? He did whatever he could so I wouldn't return him to Akatsuki, though I felt like he wasn't having a bad time. What worried me the most was that he was thinking of my brother more than he was of me, but that was something I couldn't change.

He stuck his hands inside my pants and I moaned as I felt him massage my member. He had soft, delicate hands but the worst of all, were those mouths he had because they doubled the pleasure when they licked and sucked on my member. Even so, he himself lowered his head and took my member into his mouth, making me arch my back as he told me to enjoy it. Of course I was going to enjoy it! Because if he was capable of putting aside his fear to do this for me, then I was almost obligated to show him that sex could be enjoyed.

I had to stop him so I wouldn't release in his mouth because even then, Karin never managed to excite me as much as he did. When he got back on top of me, I turned him around and had him on all fours over the bed and stuck a finger inside him after lubricating him with my saliva. He complained a bit, but it was normal. I didn't want to continue adding more fingers until I was sure the first one stopped hurting. When I had three fingers inside, he was moaning and when I slowly entered the tip of my member, after the first five seconds of pain, he began to moan in desperation with my every movement.

I knew I had found his most sensible spot when he let out a great moan with one of my thrusts what went in deep. Finding his spot had made it more easy because now I knew where to thrust so he could feel twice the pleasure.

"Masturbate for me." I whispered into his ear and he grabbed his member with one of his hands and began to massage it, moaning even more, if possible, and thus exciting me to see him pleasuring himself while I kept penetrating him.

I didn't take long for me to release and neither did Deidara. I kissed his back before pulling out and told him to come with me to the shower to clean ourselves off. We showered together although I didn't touch him again. When we dried ourselves off and got ready, Deidara almost begged me to let him out of my room. In the end, as I looked into those eyes I couldn't say no to, I gave him a smile and said he could accompany me to the kitchen to eat something instead of having me bring it.

In the kitchen, Karin looked at us badly, well... to Deidara and I guessed she must've heard the moans because they were probably heard all over the base. To me, what Karin thought didn't matter but it was noticeable that she was jealous of the blond. Sincerely, Deidara gave me much pleasure than she ever could and I wasn't going to change that.

"Didn't you hate the Uchihas?" Karin asked towards Deidara, annoyed as we sat down at the table.

"I hate them." Deidara told her.

"Well, you moaned like a cat in heat while an Uchiha fucked you." Karin stated with a malicious smile.

"You can't avoid moaning with an Uchiha." Deidara said with a feeling of superiority around him and we all laughed discreetly. "I suppose you don't know because you've never tried it."

"You're an asshole." Karin said, trying to reach across the table to hit him but Suigetsu grabbed her quickly as I put myself in between to defend Deidara.

"Karin!" I shouted her name. "You're dismissed from the table."

"But... Sasuke-kun..." I heard her say.

"I said you're dismissed. Grab your food and get out." I ordered.

Deidara looked at me weird, as if he couldn't believe that I had defended him in front of another member of my team, but I had already told him: nobody would touch him while he was with me. That was the deal and deals... I carried them out word for word. He had done his part; he had given me voluntary sex and I wasn't going to break our agreement.

"Thanks." I heard Deidara say.

"I already told you, nobody will touch while you're with me." I reminded him.

"So you're not going to return me to Akatsuki?" He asked me worriedly.

"If they come for you, I'll kill everyone if necessary, but you won't go with them."

Although I said that, it wasn't the Akatsuki I was worried about, not even my brother. It was Karin because with her jealousy, I'd have to control her constantly. But that was it, I'd have to take care of making sure to make Deidara moan very loudly so they could all hear us clearly. I was tired of having Karin thinking she had rights over me and I was set on showing her- that even Deidara excited me twice than she did.


26: Trapped


These past few days in Sasuke's base had been... calm. It could be that I had a deal with Sasuke that obligated me to have relations with him, but it wasn't all that bad because at least he treated me nicely and I enjoyed it- something very strange even for me! Because the only time I had ever truly enjoyed sex was with his brother. Was it something that had to do with the Uchihas? Because I was starting to doubt myself. Only with them had I been able to enjoy it and not feel that excruciating pain I had felt with the rest of the Akatsuki.

In all honesty, although I had been here for a few days, I still kept dreaming of Itachi every night, sometimes having nightmares of him. More specifically: the day he violated me. I didn't want to tell Sasuke about it, but I felt that he knew something was up because often times I woke up drenched in sweat and shouting to stop.

Perhaps Sasuke didn't know that the nightmares were about his brother, but he had an idea of what I was dreaming about. If I had to choose right now between the Akatsuki and staying here in Sasuke's base having relations with him, then I preferred to stay here because while I could keep loving Itachi despite what he did, I didn't want to suffer again and Sasuke protected me from everything.

As it was a habit now, I had sex with Sasuke before accompanying him to the breakfast table to eat. I was hungry and the only thing that had me nervous to come out of Sasuke's room was the thought of having to deal with Karin, her jealousy and her insults. Although in the end, Sasuke ended up dismissing her from the table, it was almost a habit now. It didn't bother me much. Sure, I was gaining her hate but she wouldn't dare touch me because that would only cause her to have serious problems with Sasuke and I didn't think she wanted those problems, so in the end, she was mostly all talk.

Truthfully, maybe that's why I also enjoyed coming out of the room; because I knew she got annoyed almost instantly and she couldn't do anything to me as Sasuke prohibited her from doing so. Taking into account that he took favor over me, I felt much more safe and confident.

As always, I sat next to Sasuke and I had to acknowledge that he had an odor similar to his brother. That made me remember Itachi even more and I only wanted to forget about him. If it was up to me, I wouldn't want to see him ever again but the other part of me, remembered the good moments and I loved those moments with him. Hating him and loving him... how was this possible?

Karin, as always, insulted me although this time, Sasuke didn't bother to say anything as it was Suigetsu who spoke, sending a shameless wink my way. From the small grunt I heard after that, I guessed Sasuke had given him a good kick under the table. I looked over to Sasuke to check if he had that serious and quiet face of his, finding that only when we were alone in his room did he smile a bit. I think he didn't favor looking like he had emotions when he was with the rest. Just like his brother! Although both would get mad if I pointed it out.

When we returned to the room, Sasuke was being weird but I didn't want to ask if he was feeling bad. In the end, between him and I, absolutely nothing happened. We weren't in a relationship, it was just sex. We both enjoyed it; I did my part of the deal and he did his and nothing more. This oral contract between us was the only thing that united us as we kept it a secret from everybody else.

"Would you like to go out for a walk?" He asked me and I didn't know how to respond.

"Outside?" I ended up asking because it had been days since I've been out of this cave.

"Of course outside. It wouldn't be fun if it were around the cave." He smiled at me.

"Where will we go?" I asked.

"Are you scared of finding yourself with Akatsuki or what?" He asked me.

"A bit."

"I already told you that I wouldn't let them take you with them. I'm going to protect you, besides, we're just going out for a bit. We can go wherever you want."

"I'm not familiar with the terrain here."

"Not far from here is a mountain where it's always snowing, does that interest you?"

"Okay." I said.

Sasuke grabbed whatever was necessary and gave me a bag with my things. I guessed that it was full of food or things like that, and it could be that it even carried weapons because from Sasuke, I could expect anything. We left alone although the others complained, but Sasuke, with one simple gesture, made them all shut up and in the end, they ended up following his orders. As always!

We took a while to arrive. The advantage was, that from the bottom to the top of the mountain, it was the easy part because I tended to fly. I created a large bird of clay and we flew to the top. Of course, Sasuke doubted at first on whether he should return my clay or not and I think he couldn't stop thinking that I was going to kill him but I had it very clear that I wasn't going to; he had treated me nicely, why would I?

When we arrived at the top, I found that I enjoyed the view and overall, the snow. It was cold, soft, and I liked it. It had been a very long time since I've seen it. I was entertained with playing with the snow and seeing Sasuke smile at me as if he were watching a small kid when Sasuke himself neared me and kissed me, sticking his tongue in my mouth passionately. Though, when I opened my eyes, I found a pair of red eyes behind Sasuke's back. Itachi!

I panicked and threw myself back until Sasuke noticed and he turned to face his brother while protecting me behind his back. I think I just found myself between a family conflict.

"Distance yourself from me." I heard Sasuke say to me.

"You get away from him." Itachi said towards his brother. "And don't ever kiss him again."

"What's wrong, Itachi? You miss him that much? I'll kiss him as many times as I want."

"I'm not going to repeat myself." Itachi said in annoyance.

"Don't order me around." Itachi seemed to grin.

"You never learned to listen to your older brother; I don't care if I have to kill you to take him with me."

"You're not going to take him. I promised him."

"You promised him?" Itachi asked. "Don't play with me, Sasuke. Give him back to me."

"He's not your man." Sasuke complained. "If you insist on taking him back to Akatsuki, I'll have to kill you."

"You'd do it regardless of what I do; you only live to kill me. I assure you that I'll destroy you if you don't return him to me."

"Then do it, because he's staying with me."

I didn't know what exactly was happening here because I saw them start fighting and I got scared every time each other's katanas plunged into each other's bodies. Of course they were illusions, they were playing with their genjutsu and I couldn't differentiate what was real or not. I supposed they fought well with their eyes, although I got extremely scared upon seeing Itachi activate his Amaterasu.

That was something impossible to stop, they couldn't even hear me so... how was I going to stop this battle? I really didn't want them to kill each other- they were brothers for god's sake! I was thinking about it when one of the two kunais they threw at each other bounced off the other and made a detour towards me. I tried to dodge it when I felt the weight of someone else pushing me away. I was scared to open my eyes to see which one of the two it was, but when I did, it was Itachi. Of course, I didn't last long in his arms since Sasuke approached more pissed off than ever, so he had to let go of me to block his brother.

"I said you're not taking him!"

"Why won't I take him?!" Itachi asked Sasuke.

"I already told you; I promised him that he won't return to Akatsuki."

"And why won't he return?!"

"I don't want to return!" I shouted and both stopped for a second. Although, between their fight and my shout, something was wrong- I heard a thunderous noise coming towards us.

"Run!" Was all I heard Itachi say before someone else grabbed me, Sasuke, I think.

We ran towards one of the caves Itachi indicated towards and my curiosity made me look behind us to see an avalanche of snow following us. I got scared but continued running behind them. Itachi entered the cave first, running deeper into it while Sasuke pushed me ahead of him to enter. I saw him come running behind me as the snow impacted against a large rock, stopping the snow although a great part of it made it towards where we were, or at least towards our feet.

We walked a few meters back over our tracks to find that the entrance was blocked by the snow. We were trapped, and while that could be something good for the crazy Uchiha fanatics that lived back in Konoha, for me, this was a disaster; a calamity because they would try to kill each other and here they were, trapped together in a cave. I don't know if I'll be capable of keeping them from killing each other.


Chapter 27: Conversations


I didn't know what the hell was going on here, but both brothers seemed to want to kill themselves without having an even bigger problem right now as he had seen Sasuke kiss me. Either way, Itachi was willing to take me back to Akatsuki but I didn't want to go back and somehow I knew that Sasuke would never allow him.

Moreover, not only did I have to support the two of them with their arrogance and their ways of behaving, but on top of that, I was trapped with them under a pile of accumulated snow.

"Let's look for another exit." Sasuke commented, walking deeper into the cave.

"Don't you order me around." The other said.

"Can the both of you stop it?" I got angry. "You're like two little kids and honestly, I don't want to be stuck here until I die, so we're going to look for an exit."

We began walking, although the two of them looked at each other almost fatally. It's as if they were going to kill each other as soon as I looked away and on top of that, we had a grave problem: I was scared of Itachi ever since he violated me. I hadn't exactly told Sasuke in specifics as to how it occurred, but he knew that Itachi had taken advantage of me. He walked ahead of me, opening the way and I couldn't stop looking at him because I was scared and attracted at the same time. How was this possible?!

I shook only by seeing his back, by sensing his presence in front of me. I shook for what Itachi stood for, and that was: an Uchiha. Someone strong who could do whatever he wanted, I was no rival for him. And if he violated me again? Who was going to stop him? He was much stronger than I was. I thought about that when I felt someone grab my hand and I turned around to face Sasuke behind me, smiling as he tried to calm me down.

It calmed me down a bit, because according to so called legends, only an Uchiha could take out another Uchiha. Perhaps that's why Itachi took out his entire clan- because only an Uchiha was capable of stopping him.

We walked for over an hour in that grotto until we arrived at a much wider place with water. We could even see drops of water fall from a stalactite to a pond that had formed under it. Surely because the accumulation of snow over us filtrated all the way down here.

Itachi stopped and observed the place before climbing down from our obscure hallway to the open space. I saw him stop by the shore and touch the water with his hand, making a face I interpreted as 'It's freezing!

"We'll rest here and continue looking later." He told us with his voice serious and firm.

"I'm not tired." Sasuke said, going against him.

"Well, I am." Itachi said back, also going against him, doubting he was tired.

The thing between these two, was they fought over everything. In all honesty they were just like kids. They hadn't seen each other in years and from what I know of the news that reached Akatsuki, the last time Itachi saw him, without saying much to his brother, he had broken the boy's wrist before putting him under an illusion that left him in a coma for days.

I sat on one of the rocks to rest and saw how the brothers sat a great distance away from each other although they wouldn't stop looking at each other with their Sharingan on. They were a case. Were they ever going to stop? By the looks of it, no.

"Weren't you going to kill me when you had the same eyes as me?" Itachi asked teasingly.

"I will." Sasuke said, smiling.

"Are you waiting for me to go to sleep or what? That's just like you; a coward."

"I prefer to be a coward than a traitor." Sasuke said very hatefully. "You killed your family, the entire clan. You're insignificant."

"You talk to much for someone who doesn't know anything. How much can your eyes see, Sasuke?" Itachi asked him.

"They see what I want to see: your death."

I don't remember well what happened after that because they went into combat. I only saw copies after copies, each time the katana went through Itachi, crows and more crows faded from his clone. I didn't know when these two would finalize the battle because I only saw genjutsus. I got scared a bit when I saw Sasuke use his chidori but Itachi blocked it although he couldn't avoid going through the katana.

I thought it was the original, seeing as he fell to the floor looking at Sasuke but when he moved his fingers indicating towards the right, I realized that Itachi was still on his feet and the clone on the ground began disappearing into a crows. How to defeat an Uchiha?! I couldn't even tell which was real or which was the copy. Sasuke also stood up and looked at him.

When I looked closely, the Itachi that was on his feet had been attacked from the back with a katana while the Sasuke that I thought was real, faded into a bunch of white snakes. What the hell was up with these two and all these genjutsus? They were driving me crazy because not even the two of them were the original ones!

"That's enough!" I shouted. "Gods, stop this! I'm tired of your damn illusions! It's a dirty trick and creepy to those of us who can't follow!"

The two of them stopped and when they looked at me. I noticed that they hadn't moved an inch from where they sat on the rocks since the beginning. It had all been an illusion? They had been fighting with clones all this time and not once had they moved- this was insane!

"You owe me an order, Sasuke." I told him and I could see Itachi blink in surprise. "I want you to stop and to talk things over, I'm tired of all this fighting. Why not talk it out like civilized people?! Fix this without fighting and this is an order, Sasuke." I told him, reminding him of what he told me in the bath.

"Fine." He said, clicking his tongue in annoyance as if he liked none of this. "I did promise you. I won't kill him until we fix this in a civilized manner." He said, trying to turn my order around and I didn't complain so long as they were going to try to talk it out instead of using their genjutsu to kill one another.

"What do you want to know, Sasuke?" Itachi asked in a civilized manner.

"Who helped you with the massacre of our clan?" He asked. "You said on that day that there was someone else and you couldn't possibly kill everyone on your own, so there had to be someone else. Who was the other Uchiha who helped you?" Itachi smiled.

"How perceptive. Uchiha Madara, although if you want to kill him like me, you won't be able to. You thought he was dead just like you thought I was an affectionate older brother to you. Everything was an illusion, Sasuke." Itachi said. "We're experts in illusions, you should know that."

"That's not true." I told him when I saw Sasuke get nervous and his brother looked at me directly. "You loved him; you protected your brother. Why else would you let him live if you didn't care about him?"

"To measure his abilities." Itachi said and I smiled.

"You're a bad liar, Itachi. You let him live... because you couldn't kill your own brother."

"That could be true," he told me, "but that doesn't stop me from killing him now because you're coming with me and I don't care if I have to kill him now to get you."

"You're not taking him."

"Why did you kill them?" I asked him.

"To test my strength." Itachi simplified his answer and although I didn't see his lie, Sasuke did.

"That's not true. Why did you do it?" Sasuke asked. "My eyes aren't what they used to be. I can see through your lies."

"You're as smug as always, Sasuke." His brother criticized but he smiled and I think, it was caring. "I killed them all because they were going to rebel. It was an order from the ANBU and only an Uchiha can kill another Uchiha. I let you live because I made a deal with them to keep you safe. I took the blame for it all to avoid gossip that could dishonor our Uchiha clan's name. It was avoided so that you could continue to be smug with your last name just like you are now... Sasuke." He said to his brother and to me, it sounded like the truth.

"They used you?"

"I did it on my own accord so you wouldn't have to deal with dad's expectations. So you wouldn't have been involved in the massacre that our clan was going to do to the village, so yes, I killed everyone except for you. I couldn't kill you, you're my brother. I suppose it doesn't matter now how much I tried to save you, since you left the village."

"Why didn't you tell me this before?"

"I was never going to tell you." Itachi told him. "I guess I am getting a bit soft. But I assure you of one thing- you're not taking Deidara from me. I lost my clan, my family, my village, my position in ANBU, and I was tagged as a traitor. I could lose everything but I won't permit that anyone take Deidara from me, not you, not anybody."

"He doesn't want to go back with you after what you did to him."

"Of what I did to him? What did I do?" Itachi asked as if doubting and his eyes passed from Sasuke towards me. "What did I do to you?" He asked me directly and I choked; the words wouldn't come out.

"You abused him." Sasuke bluntly stated.

"I abused you? We only did it once and it was you who begged me when we were on the bed. I told you that it wasn't necessary, that you needed to heal yourself first."

"It was on the table." I told him.

"On the table? I think you're mistaken because I have done nothing to you on any table."

That surprised me, but I had seen it. He had had those red eyes of his and although I closed them to not fall into his genjutsu, it was him. I saw him there by the door, it was his voice that had spoken to me.

"Are you sure it wasn't you?" Sasuke asked him.

"When I woke up, it was day and Deidara wasn't there. They told me that you had attacked him." Itachi told Sasuke.

"Wait, wait," Sasuke said. "they told you that I attacked him? I found him on the floor half-dead and I took him to my base to heal him. Plus, I only wanted him to attract you and kill you." Sasuke confirmed.

"If you didn't attack him and I didn't abuse him..." Itachi started and just like Itachi, Sasuke realized. "Akatsuki."

"I'm going to kill them all." Sasuke said, They've been playing with us."

"It's your fault." Itachi said. "They used your hatred against me to do it."

"My hate? And what about yours? You wanted to kill me to take him!"

"You wanted to kill me because I carried out a mission from the village to protect it!"

"Enough, both of you!" I interfered. "They've been playing with all of us." I commented to them. "What are we going to do?"

"Kill them all." Sasuke said and I saw Itachi grin.

"We won't et anybody live." Itachi added.

"Together?" Sasuke asked towards his brother as if trying to make peace with him.

"Together." Itachi confirmed. "Let's get out of here, we have much to do."


Chapter 28: Vengeance


Sasuke decided to go on ahead to check if there was any exit and he left me alone with Itachi. Truth is, I still didn't know what to think of all this. It could be that they had made peace between them and I liked to see them united because they were good guys, but I was still in a bit of fear.

"So all this time, you were shaking because of me." Itachi stated more than asked as he smiled.

"How am I sure you're telling the truth?"

"Because my brother's eyes see through illusions and lies. He knows that I'm telling the truth. You don't trust him?"

"Should I trust any Uchiha?"

"That's right, I forgot about your eternal hate for the Uchiha." He smiled at me. "Alright, answer me this: if I wanted to violate you, why bother making you fall in love with me? What's more, we already had relations, if I could already do it with you voluntarily, why would I violate you when you already wanted to sleep with me on your own free will?"

"I don't know. Perhaps you're morbid like that." I answered.

"Deidara... I don't want to violate you." He told me. "Every time you told me to stop, I did. Even at the pond when you told me to let go, I did. I don't want to hurt you, I love you. I want you to be with me and nothing more. Will you let me get close?" He asked me, smiling.

I nodded and he sat closer to me, giving me a hug although he too, hesitated whether or not to hug me since he saw me tremble. But it was just so difficult taking those memories out of my head. I've had enough nightmares about him. Finally, when he hugged me, I thought it'd be worse, but I felt warmness, I felt his care, his affection, and I had missed it so much; I didn't know how much I missed him until he hugged me.

"Don't scare me again, okay?" He asked me.

"I'm sorry." I told him. "I thought it was you."

"Then don't ever doubt me, please. I wouldn't do anything you don't want me to." He hugged me even more and I didn't want to say anything, although he wasn't really hurting me. "Don't ever disappear like that, I thought something had happened to you."

"It was them." I told him. "When I escaped, I sensed Hidan and Kakuzu, but there were two more."

"Kisame and Zetsu." Itachi told me. "I saw the four of them when they came back. It was them who told me that it was my brother that had attacked you. I thought he had killed you."

"No, Sasuke was good to me." I clarified. "He took care of me and promised not to take me back to Akatsuki. He's been protecting me."

"I'm glad." He told me. "But don't ever let him touch you." He almost threatened. "I can't stand them touching you, even if it's my brother." I smiled.

"And here I thought between brothers, you'd share everything." I said teasingly.

"Don't even say it." He said with a smile. "You're mine only."

I separated his face from my shoulder and kissed him softly. Itachi didn't say anything, he closed his eyes and continued my kiss with delicacy, grabbing my head with his hand to bring me closer to him. Now that I thought about it, this wasn't the same touch I had felt that other time they had violated me. I believe I was starting to understand what had really happened; it wasn't Itachi, someone had pretended to be him. His odor, his way of touching me, everything was different.

A cough behind me had us separate and I could see Itachi smile. Behind him was Sasuke with a smile as he looked at us. I looked at him confused, but I noticed something important in the little one's eyes. He wasn't interested in me, at least he wasn't in love with me because he wasn't angry or jealous, he only looked at us with a smile. I believe, that deep down, reconciling with his brother had made Sasuke feel better and he didn't want to take away Itachi's chance to be happy.

"There's an exit a little bit ahead." Sasuke told us. "It's best we start moving."

"Sure, let's go." Itachi told me, helping me up on my feet.

I followed Sasuke through the tunnel towards the exit on the other side of the mountain. Itachi jumped after me and we looked out at the scenery to check where exactly we found ourselves at.

"We're almost a day away from Akatsuki." Itachi said, serious.

"How will we enter?" Sasuke asked.

"Obviously through the door." Itachi said. "Where did you want to enter from?" He smiled. "Come on, Sasuke... you're an Uchiha. You're not scared of a few uncles from Akatsuki, no?"

"Go to hell." Sasuke said with a smile on his face.

"I didn't think I would have to ally myself with you to take down the Akatsuki." Itachi commented towards him.

"This is only a temporary alliance, brother." Sasuke informed him.

"And then what? You'll try to kill me again?"

"No." He said seriously. "I don't know what I'll do once we're done with those guys." He said in sincerity. "I'll think of something."

We began walking and now I was feeling much secure. I didn't think I'd ever go back to Akatsuki, it wasn't my absolute intention, but they wanted vengeance and so I followed them, what else could I do? Plus, I wasn't only going back with one Uchiha, but two. What could possibly happen?

"You're not going to call your team?" Itachi asked.

"To finish those guys off, there's no need." He commented. "Anyone of us could do it, but if we collaborate... we'd finish much faster. Should I leave someone to you specifically?" Sasuke asked with a grin.

"Given the choice... Kakuzu." Itachi said. "I believe he's the one who hurt you the most, no?" He asked me.

"Yeah." I answered.

"Then I'll take him." Itachi smiled and winked over at me.

We rested a bit once we were able to see the Akatsuki base from atop the hill. I think they wanted to get as much rest as possible before heading in. Although that night, someone who sensed our presence came- Pein.

I was scared at first to see him there but just like Itachi, Sasuke got up and the two stared fixedly at Pein and waited for him to speak. Pein neared them, looking at me this time, although he said nothing.

"I guessed it was you." Pein said towards Itachi. "You've been out for a few days and you know that's not allowed without telling me."

"I know." Itachi said. "But I had to go after Deidara." He commented and Pein once again looked at me.

"Somebody want to tell me what's going on?" Pein asked, keeping his sight on me.

"It's easy to explain: you have a gang of assholes in your organization." Sasuke said to him directly. "And I think they're pulling your leg because in my team, there is no insubordination." Sasuke smirked.

"So this is your brother." Pein said, looking at Itachi,

"There's no cure for him; he's been smug like that ever since he was born." Itachi informed him. "But he's right about one thing: I'm going to kill the majority of the organization." He told him.

"Give me a motive so I can accept this, Itachi." Pein commented.

"They've tortured and violated Deidara however they liked and as much as they've wanted. I'm going to finish them all, they don't deserve to live. They put me against my brother to kill him and I can't forgive them for that. I'm going in in the morning, you'll have to chose a side." Itachi said.

"I'd pay attention to him and chose our side." Sasuke commented, smiling. "Because nobody wants to mess with an Uchiha, much less if they're two and very pissed."

After looking me in the eyes for a few seconds that seemed eternal, Pein finally chose and told us that we weren't going to enter together as it was much more easier to surround them if we entered from different doors. He told us that he would gather them all in the living room in the morning as if to assign missions.

As morning came, I left with Itachi while Sasuke left by himself towards the backdoor. When we entered, I was very nervous because I didn't want to be here and although I was with Itachi, I was still scared to enter and see their faces again. I could hear Pein on the other side and finally, when we entered, everyone looked at us both shocked and surprised.

"Who was it?" Itachi asked as he looked at the rest of the Akatsuki while Pein watched in silence. "Who pretended to be me?" He asked more directly this time but nobody responded, I stayed behind his back.

Although they didn't answer, Itachi had his sharingan activated and was currently inspecting everyone who was there.

"You? Seriously?" Itachi asked towards Kisame and although this guy shook when he looked at Itachi, he fell to the floor while he screamed. I think Itachi was doing something to him, one of his tortures.

I watched how he was dying and although the rest ran towards Itachi in retaliation, I grabbed the clay between my hands and created various animals that exploded in front of Itachi to drive them away from him. Hidan ran towards the back, crossing Sasuke on the way as he had opened the door at that exact moment.

"Wow," Sasuke said to him up front. "I get the most fun one out of all." He smiled. "You're the one that can't die, right? I'll just have to rip you to pieces."

'"Kakuzu will sow me back together." Hidan challenged, smiling.

"Kakuzu will be dead in a few seconds. My brother is a worse opponent than I am at these things." He smiled at him while he began his fight against Hidan.

I helped Itachi in whatever way I could, but he told me to stay back as he confronted Kakuzu. To my surprise, even Pein entered the battle, of course, he and his five other bodies- each one of them with a different ability. Konan, on the other hand, maintained herself at the side, staying behind Pein's back to cover him in case he needed it.

I stayed there, helping with my explosions in what ever way I could and watched the battle as it came to an end and when it was over, Sasuke, although tired, was alright. Hidan was in pieces throughout the floor and even so, he maintained his mouth closed. Sasori fell in a coma from something Itachi had done to him and Kisame and Kakuzu were on the floor immobile, I believed they were dead as they fought between Itachi and Pein.

"I think you're going to have to look for new members." Sasuke said with a smug grin as he sat down on one of the chairs, resting a bit after a job well done.

"Does it interest you or your team?" Pein asked, smiling towards Sasuke.

"Pass." He answered. "We're fine with our own freedom."

"The village of Konoha Is after you. How much longer can you keep running?"

"I don't know, let's see." Sasuke grinned.

"We're leaving as well." Itachi said out of nowhere. "Deidara and I are leaving the organization."

"Seriously?" Pein asked.

"Yeah." Itachi answered, "I don't tend to joke around."

"Alright." Pein commented. "You can leave, but I'd really like for you two to stay. You could be team mates." He tried to convince Itachi but I shook my head. I wanted to leave.

"I appreciate it, Pein, but... I condemned Deidara to this place and I think it's time I give him his freedom back. We're leaving."


Chapter 29: New Beginning

Itachi Uchiha

In reality, Pein tried to convince me a couple of more times but with all this mess that had been put on Deidara, he didn't impose much on more letting us leave. He told me he would look for new members although, he didn't want to lose me. But oh well, it was my decision and in something, Deidara was right: I was Itachi Uchiha, no one stopped me and if I didn't want to stay, then I didn't stay and much less after all that had happened.

We accompanied Sasuke back to his base and when Deidara couldn't hear us, I threatened him about staying away from Deidara if we ever saw each other again because I was capable of cutting his hands and something else if he ever dared lay a single finger on him, be it voluntarily, from deals, agreements, or forced.

My brother smiled and promised not to touch or insinuate on him, although I didn't know if I could completely trust him. I found myself a bit jealous that he had had relations with Deidara because he was my brother and younger; it was all strange to me, or at least I had felt that way. I didn't even want to ask Deidara which of the two of us was better because I didn't want to have the possibility that he tell me he preferred my brother. Although, one thing was very clear: he loved me, because he chose to come with me.

We walked for days after leaving my brother with his team. We weren't in any hurry, we were traitors in every village, after all. We were S-class criminals, wanted just so they could kill us so we had no place to go. We only walked, passing by a few small villages and we only stayed for a few days. We would eventually find somewhere to start over, where nobody would recognize us but at the moment, we had to stay away from everything.

Deidara seemed to be doing well with each passing day, although it cost me to have him trust me again. I barely touched him for a few days, kissed him from time to time and like always, we slept in each other's arms- sleeping and nothing else only because I wouldn't dare do anything else with him. I didn't want to force him into doing things he didn't want to do and with all that he had gone through, including that lie about me being the one who violated him, I didn't want to risk loosing him over something stupid. He now seemed to be recuperating because sometimes, it was him who would come looking for my touch. In occasions, it was a simple touch of the hands, in others, he even dared to kiss me and when he dared do everything else, he hugged me at night and caressed my abdomen or my chest.

In part of it, I liked his delicacy, his tenderness and when I watched him sleep, I knew perfectly well that he was the perfect one for me. It could be that he needed more strength, but he would soon gain that. I myself offered to train with him to help him improve and I knew that with good training, he could definitely be better.

In the end, we ended up in the outskirts of a small village very distanced from Konoha. The more farther away the better! At least, that's what I thought because I didn't want any problems with the village now that everything had been revealed. It could be that after knowing the reason behind the massacre of my clan, they would consider me a hero, but I didn't want that. I only wanted to live in peace with Deidara, knowing that my little brother was safe and sound. Although I had my doubts, because he was also a traitor like I was and that had me nervous. It made me think if he really was safe or not.

In the last few weeks, we had been building a small wooden house deep in the forest, hidden from those in the village nearby and only going for supplies whenever we needed them. We still didn't know how we were going to get money or what we would work on, I supposed we could always grab a few paid missions and do them with Deidara, but we'll see.

At least we could live calmly in the house. It wasn't something luxurious, to be sincere it was a bit basic, but it was comfortable- especially because I was with Deidara, who was more important than the house. Now, it even scared me a bit to lose sight of him in case someone came to steal him. I smiled at the stupid things I could come to think, and as I saw him there fixing a few taps on the dripping water, I knew perfectly well he was the best thing that had ever happened in my life.

From inside, the house at least had it's necessities. Between Deidara and I, we had built furniture. I was in the kitchen, laying under the sink fixing the tubes when I felt someone grab my ankles and pull me out from under. I saw Deidara smile at me and I smiled back. What's with him today? He sat on top of me and kissed me passionately.

I had the feeling Deidara was ready to have relations with me; it had cost him to recuperate from that impression. I suppose it wasn't that easy to think that I wasn't the one who had violated him and although he sometimes had nightmares, he was now in much better state than when I found him. I separated myself a bit so he would let me speak.

"Are you sure of this, Dei?" I asked him.

"Yeah." He said with a grin. "I want to be with you, I love you." He commented.

I passed my hand behind his head and brought him down to me, kissing him with more force while my other hand situated itself on his waist, caressing over the thin shirt he had on. I wasn't sure if he was completely okay, but I had already been dying to make him mine again. I felt that way: me and him, together forever. I would go anywhere, I would protect him from anything, I only wanted him by my side, not wanting to leave him for even a second.

"How about we test that bed you built?" Deidara asked me with a teasing grin.

"Sounds like a good idea." I said, smiling.

I sat up and before he could get off of me, I grabbed him by the waist and I got up carrying him. I saw him laugh and I loved hearing him laugh. I knew he didn't like to be carried, but I liked to do it. I walked with him in my arms towards the bed and kissed him throughout the entire way.

I laid him down on the bed softly and laid over him without letting go of his lips- it's just that I loved them. I had missed his kisses so much when he had disappeared. And honestly, everything about him excited me, although I found myself with a changed Deidara ever since he came back from Sasuke's base. I had never expected him to put his hand on my chest, wrap his legs around my waist and have me sit under him so he could sit on me. I smiled because generally, it was me who dominated, but oh well, for today, I guess I could let him; it wouldn't be the same tomorrow anyways.

He kissed me with force, adding to the force I had used and I let him. I took advantage to put my tongue inside his mouth, exploring it completely, playing with his tongue, both of us fighting for control over the other. I loved Deidara; he seemed so innocent and sweet sometimes and others he would be very possessive like today. I loved not knowing which days he was sweet and which days he was possessive because he always surprised me.

His hands began to lift up my shirt as he caressed my torso. He lowered down to my belly button and he began kissing me entirely, not leaving a single centimeter of skin without kissing it until he reached my chest and kissed it, licking and sucking on my nipples to make me moan.

I entangled my fingers in his hair and grabbed him, making him look at me with a smile before kissing him and putting him back under my body because this whole thing about letting myself be touched wasn't convincing me. I liked to dominate and he knew that as well as I did. I didn't have the patience to take his shirt off, I ripped it off instead- I'd buy another one if he needed it! But at this moment, it was on my way.

"Hey!" He complained over his shirt and I found myself loving his annoyed face.

"Shh." I ordered him to quiet down to let me take over his mouth again. "It bothered me." I told him with a smirk and he smiled.

"You're very brutal." He told me.

"You don't know how much, but you'll find out." I smiled while I started taking off his pants.

I finished taking them off and I caressed him entirely while he grabbed my by the hair to pull me up into kissing him again. I really liked this Deidara without shame or traumas, I loved seeing him smile and I loved when he took the initiative.

I entered my fingers into his mouth and it was exciting to see him lick them, so much so, that I couldn't resist kissing him, my mouth searching through the gaps of my fingers in a sick game. I took them out without stopping my kisses and slowly began entering my fingers inside him, softly dilating him. He whined at first, but soon after I heard his muffled moans in my mouth while one of his hands entangled themselves in my hair, his other hand lowering my pants a bit to jerk me, giving me pleasure.

Now that I paid attention to it, the bed kept making a slight sound and I laughed whenever I heard it- I think I would have to fix it next time for that damn noise! I don't know if the bed would last, because I wasn't thinking of having calm sex, I was too excited to be calm. Deidara was going to find how it was to have wild sex with an Uchiha.

I took his hand off my member to positon it. I entered him a bit slow and calm at first as to not hurt him or at least, hurt him as little as possible. I didn't stop until I was deep inside although I did hear a faint moan from the pain. I stopped a bit and took advantage to kiss his neck and his ear lobe, getting a small laugh out of him.

I began to move in slowly and although at first I saw him make a pained face, his features softened little by little until I heard him moan in pleasure. It was then that I started increasing my thrusts until I was pleased with the pace.

I ended up positioning him on all fours over the bed while my hand grabbed at his hair and I entered and pulled out of him over and over again as he panted and moaned. Hearing him was music to my ears, every sound from his mouth excited me. I grabbed at his waist with one hand while my other hand masturbated him. If only I could see his face at this moment, I was sure he was blushing and in all honesty, I wanted to see him so bad. So much, actually, that I pulled out of him to turn him around and grab him so he could wrap his legs around my waist.

I pushed him against the wall of the house while I kept going in and out. He held on to my head and shoulders with force but I only heard him moan and saw him blush as he begged me to go faster. I thought that not even my old girlfriend moaned as much as Deidara was at this moment, although it was true: I had never pushed anyone against the wall in all the excitement I had.

I came inside him without impeding it while I felt Deidara's liquid splatter over my abdomen because now that I looked at it, he had been touching himself while I had been penetrating him over and over again.

I laid him down on the bed again and once again I heard that little creak in it. Had we broken the bed? I wouldn't be surprised if that's how it was, but I laughed as I fell to Deidara's side, resting and hearing as he laughed from the sound. So he had heard it, too!

"I think we have to check the bed." He said to me, smiling.

"At this pase, I'm going to have to make a new one." I told him. "Because if we continue like this, it's not going to last." I smiled, kissing him.

"I love you, Itachi." He whispered to me.

"And I you, Dei."

End of Saga 1: Itachi and Deidara

To be continued...



Saga 2: Naruto and Sasuke

Chapter 30. Encounters

Sasuke Uchiha

My feet soaked in the river near the base; I had preferred to come alone so I could think and I couldn't help but to rest a bit and feel the water run between my toes. How lucky my brother was, to have found the love of his life in that macabre organization he had entered. I felt confused– I always thought my brother was a traitor and only now was I coming to terms with him being a sacrificed hero for that damn village.

Now I didn't wish to return more than ever. I would not live in a place where I knew how they had treated my brother, to have thrown him out like a dog without an owner only because he fulfilled their stupid orders to save them from an uprising. They knew well nobody would have survived the Uchiha if they took up arms.

I fell back on the rock I was sitting on, leaving my feet in the water as I looked up at the sky. I watched the clouds pass by over me and had to place my arm near my eyes when the sun came out from behind them, shining down on me. It was very calm and this was precisely what I needed. I always had it crystal clear as to what I wanted but now... it was very clear I needed to think about what to do with my life. Vengeance was no longer in my plans.

Could I go to another village? Which one? In all of them, I had at least killed someone, so I was wanted in all of them. I think I was the most wanted criminal in exception to my brother. Where would I go? What would I do? Was my life going to be slow while I hid in my dark cave with Karin waking me up every morning with her annoying little chirps? I wanted something better than that, perhaps I wanted what my brother had found: a happy life away from vengeances, assassinations, betrayals...

I couldn't do it; I wasn't very well received in any place and the only one who wouldn't stop looking for me was Naruto. Oh god, was that blond insistent on following me everywhere. Inevitably, I smiled because it had been a long time since he's gotten in my way and I was starting to miss seeing him. What excuse was I going to give him now? I always told him that I wanted revenge on my brother, that that's why I left and why I would not return. What did I have to tell him now?

It was simple, really: I don't want to go back because they would kill me. I was a traitor, I would be judged as a criminal and I'd rather die in my dark cave before they cut my head off.

A drop had fallen on my cheek and I noticed that the sun had been covered by a few dark clouds. Oh how the climate changes rapidly in this region! Even though I knew we were close to the land of rain, it was annoying; it rained almost every afternoon. I supposed though, that this was the village that I found myself most safe in mostly because Pein controlled it and honestly, I trusted him the most. I didn't know when he took over but I felt... perhaps 'safe' wasn't the word I was looking for, but I felt calm not being searched for twenty-four hours a day.

A rustle of leaves nearby surprised me; nobody tended to be around here. I didn't get off the rock however, I stayed there, quiet, letting the rain fall over me. I did place my hand on the handle of the katana, hoping that whoever was near, would pass by without paying much mind to me. I prepared a possible attack in case they did come.

It seemed today was not my day because although I didn't get up to see who it was, I heard Naruto's annoying voice as he said "I found you, teme." I closed my eyes from the insistence of this guy. Was he really not going to leave me alone in peace? How much time would he continue to follow me?

"Do I have to talk to the Hokage for you to leave me alone?" I asked him in a bad mood while I got up and looked at him– he came with one of Kakashi's dogs. Now I was starting to understand how he had found me; my damn scent.

"You're far from home." He told me.

"No, you're the one far from home, idiot. Go back from where you came from before I kill you."

"You won't kill me."

"You want to bet?" I asked him and he gulped at seeing my eyes as I spoke to him in a serious tone. "I can't stand your continuous following; I've told you many times that I won't go back."

"Yes you will. I will not stop following you, I promised Sakura."

Just what else I needed to hear: that he did it for Sakura. He didn't do it to bring me back anymore, he did it because that damn chick that wouldn't stop bothering me when I was there had asked him to. But of course, this idiot only had eyes for her, shouting into the four winds how in love he was with her.

"They told me Akatsuki has disbanded." Naruto commented. "And that you had something to do with it."

"They didn't disband." I smiled at him. "I've killed them all." I commented, excluding my brother from all this because I didn't want them going after him as well.

"So in the end... you've carried out your revenge... you've killed your brother."

"Yes." I told him assuredly.

"Then come back with me to Konoha, Sasuke. You have nothing else to do."

"I'm not going back to Konoha, dobe." I told him. "There's nothing there for me. I'm only a traitor and I won't fight for a village that exiled my brother for fulfilling its wishes."

"What are you talking about, Sasuke?"

"What you heard. They're the ones at fault for destroying my brother's life, they made him into an S-class criminal. I'm not going back there so they could make my life a hell where they use me for their own interests."

"They won't, I promise."

"Who are you to promise me something like that? You're nothing in that village. You're just another one of their puppets. An annoying puppet that runs through trees calling my name out like crazy... I don't want to go back, you can save yourself the time and go back home."

"I'm going to be Hokage." He told me.

"Yeah, you've said that ever since you've been born." I smiled. "It's a stupidity."

"Sasuke, I'm serious." He told me with a tone that really... made me think he was serious. "They're going to name me Hokage when Kakashi steps down." He said. "They're concluding the final details, other villages have already accepted my name."

"Even more reason to not go back. I don't want to be the boss's favorite." I told him, smiling. "What's Kakashi doing as Hokage?"

"You're not the favorite and to explain all of that... I'd need more time. Things aren't like they used to be, Sasuke. Everything's changed."

"Well, even if it's changed, I don't want to see how you fuck Sakura over the table when I go in to give you mission reports." I told him, annoyed and he found himself surprised.

Truthfully, even I didn't understand why I had said that, but there was no going back, I had already said it. I think my was mouth was processing more than my brain because that was supposed to be a thought. Naruto had been shocked by what I had said.

"I'm taking you back to the village, Sasuke, and I hope you decide for the good of it."

"You know it won't ever be for the good of it, Naruto. I prefer to kill you before ever going back."

Naruto got closer to me. He was so close, that I had unsheathed my Katana, pointing it at his neck but even still, he stepped up once more towards me, cutting himself with the katana and a few drops of blood trickled. I had been shocked.

"You're not going to kill me, teme." He said so seriously and honestly, I didn't want to do it. He was right about that.

I looked at his serious, blue eyes, determined to bring me back one way or another and I couldn't help but decide that I admired those eyes. His decision attracted me, his will, his perseverance to get what he wanted.

"You won't do it, Sasuke." He smiled at me sideways with superiority like I tended to do to him when we were kids and worked together in missions. "I know you too well. Your feelings towards us betray you, you still think I am your best friends and because of that, you can't kill me."

"Yes, I can." I told him, gripping the katana hard against his neck and getting a barely imperceptible sound of pain from Naruto.

Honestly... this had to be my limit because he was right: I couldn't kill him. Something inside me shouted at me to separate the katana from his neck. I saw the blood trickle from his neck down to the sheet on his back and I couldn't help it that it hurt me as well. Why didn't he back away? I didn't have much time to think because I fell to the floor, feeling a pinch on the back of my neck. Had they shot me with something? Behind me, I saw Sakura and with my hand searching the back of my neck to find what they had shot me with, I found a dart with something I guessed must've made me sleepy.

"I'll kill you." I told Naruto before falling to the floor.

"I told you this was under control!" I heard Naruto shout towards Sakura.

"He was going to kill you."

"He wasn't going to do it!" Naruto told her.

"He's not the Sasuke you once knew."

"He's still the same teme as always!" Naruto complained. "You didn't have reason to do that; I could've convinced him!"

"Yeah, and your neck says the same." Sakura complained even though she began healing his neck while I fell asleep.


Chapter 31: Locked Up

Sasuke Uchiha

My head hurt as I began to wake up. I recalled there being something on my neck and I reached over to search for what it was, though now, there was nothing. That bitch was going to pay! How dare she do this to me? This was supposed to be an unsettled issue between Naruto and I; she had no reason to interfere. I was going to kill Sakura when I get out of here- let her know once and for all just who Sasuke Uchiha was and to demonstrate that no one could drug me the way she did.

I looked around, trying to see where I was but I couldn't see much apart from a dark cell and a deafening silence. I touched my forehead and winced due to the pain all over my head. God! What had that bitch drugged me with?

I don't know why, but I started remembering Naruto's bleeding neck. Was he okay? Surely he was, I wasn't really going to do anything to him. Why couldn't I kill him? It was simple, I had him at my mercy- I only had to press the katana deeper, but I didn't do it. Why the hell didn't I do it? If I had done it, I would've been far from here not dealing with this headache and not asking myself where they had locked me up.

A light appeared from far away and I didn't even want to move from where I was. I preferred to stay laying there although what I did do, was turn my back to the hallway because it was of no importance to me as to who it was, I didn't care.

"Sasuke?" I heard a feminine voice call out to me as the light reached my cell.

"Leave." I told her.

"We have to talk." Sakura said.

"Leave, you damn bitch." I said. "I assure you that even from here I could kill you."

"I know you hate me at this moment, but you were going to kill Naruto. You didn't give me any other option."

"Are you an idiot or faking it? Did you really think I was going to kill Naruto?" I asked her from where I was without turning around.

"You were pressing your katana against his neck. He was bleeding."

"He was pressing it against himself; he walked up to it. I didn't move it a millimeter. It hurt me more to see how he pressed it against him and I was almost about to retrieve it but Naruto impeded it." I told her and she was surprised.

"Have they informed you of what will happen now?" She asked me.

"No, but I can imagine. I supposed they'll do away with me, I'm only a traitor."

"Naruto wants you to come back to the team." She clarified.

"Yeah, but not you. Not even your new little doll who tries to fill in the hole I left."

"His name is Sai." Sakura corrected.

"I don't care what his name is, none of the two of you want me back, isn't that it?"

"Yes." She said. "Understand it, you tried to kill me. I can't trust you for any missions."

"And has anybody asked me if I wanted to come back?" Sakura was surprised. "I don't want to work with you guys, I didn't want to come back. You asked Naruto to find me and since being a moron, he promised you and didn't stop looking for me until he's finally brought me back. So now what, Sakura? You wanted me back to kill me? You always had Naruto at your feet and never paid attention to him, but I've seen how you look at him. I know you love him."

"And what of it?" She asked me. "You never paid attention to me. Can't I change my feelings?"

"Oh yes, of course." I told her. "But to gain a love you rejected so many times, you've gone as far as to use Naruto to look for me while you keep at his side, crying and making yourself the victim so he could love you more. You're going to kill me just to have him for yourself. Impressive, Sakura."

"Why would I kill you to have Naruto?" She asked.

"Because you know perfectly well what I feel for him." I told her and she was more than surprised. "You knew Naruto wouldn't stop looking for me and he wouldn't stay with you but, if you kill me now, Naruto would stop his stupid search mission and would stay with you; you wouldn't have any rivals for his love."

"And you finally admit it." She smiled at me.

"You knew since long ago, right?" I commented as I smiled and looked over towards her. "You even knew before I left that I felt something for him although I never said it. I suppose you don't have any more rivals, keep him. If he's moronic enough to let himself be manipulated by someone like you, then he doesn't interest me anymore." I lied to her.

"Naruto would never look at you. I'm sorry to say that he only has eyes for me now. You were only a product of a promise he made me and now, after we all vote against you and kill you, Naruto won't have to look for you anymore; he'll be all mine. You've been a nuisance all these years." She told me.

"And you a bitch, but no matter, you weren't going to change, believe it or not. I hope you enjoy that knuckle head."

"I will." She told me. "I'll make sure to remember you while I'm under him moaning; remembering everything you felt for him while I scream his name."

"Sex with him must be boring for you if you have to think of me." I told her smugly, ignoring her words, faking that they didn't affect me although she was affected by mine.

"You're an asshole, Sasuke." She said. "You're just a damn traitor and I hope you burn in hell."

"Let me remind you then, Sakura, that I control flame; I'm an Uchiha." I told her, smiling. "Hell will be perfectly suited for me and one day you'll come, bitch, and I'll enjoy butchering you piece by piece."

"Enjoy your execution." She said, smirking as she marched away.

Once again I was left alone and I still didn't bother to get up. I was still laying on what was supposed to be... called a bed. It was nothing more but a bunch of hay piled up in a corner. I didn't know how much time had passed, but I was very bored when I heard a voice, a scratchy and bothersome voice. So it was Naruto; walking over here bothered as always. A light began moving through the hallway so I guessed they carried a torch while they guided the blond towards my cell.

I got up, headache and all, and neared the bars, staying in the dark corner from where their steps neared along with the light. I could still hear his voice and it's just that for this moron, it was impossible to stay quiet. I could still remember the Chunnin exams and the head aches he gave me, I couldn't even remember a simple phrase from him.

A shadow came from the hallway and I took my arm out, grabbing that flashy orange jacket by the collar to a surprised Naruto, his eyes wide as he saw how I grabbed him.

"I'm going to kill you, you imbecile!" I shouted as I pulled him towards me and hitting his forehead against the bars of my cell.

He complained at the moment and the guards tried to make me let go of the blond. One almost broke my wrist trying to get my hands off him and I heard Naruto shout at them to not hurt me while trying to take their hands away from mine.

The guards let go when Naruto got angry and told them to leave me alone and he stayed still looking at me, without parting my hands from the neck of his jacket. I didn't understand why the hell he hadn't let them separate him from my hold. Was he that much of an idiot or did he really want me to kill him for real?

"What's wrong, Sasuke?" He asked me with that serious look, the same one he had when the katana had cut into his neck.

"I told you I didn't want to come back. Is this what you wanted? To lock me up in here, is that why you wanted me back?!"

"I wanted you to come back with me to the team!" He shouted at me. "I want you in my team, like before. You're my friend."

"No, I'm not. We're rivals, Naruto. I am the traitor and you've sold me, you have given me to death itself and it'll be on your conscience when they kill me without letting me defend myself because you'll know... that they got me because of you."

"They're not going to kill you."

"Are you really that much of an idiot?" I asked him, smiling. "They were capable of making my brother a traitor when he had helped them, when he fulfilled their orders. If they're capable of that... don't you think they're capable of killing me? You really are blind, you can't see what this village really is. It's a nest of snakes that fight each other for power and decent ninjas like my brother end up being used as their means to an end only to be abandoned."

"What of you brother?" He asked me.

"If you want to know about the hidden secrets of the village go and ask the Hokage." I told him. "But I assure you, that from the moment you brought me here, you've signed my death sentence and I never thought I'd die because of your fault. You're an imbecile; you've betrayed me." I said, letting go of him and pushing him away from the bars.

"I haven't betrayed you!" He shouted but I walked away towards the wall in the back.

"Leave." I told him.

"Sasuke." He said my name as he neared the bars, grabbing them with his hands.

"I've told you to leave. I don't ever want to see you again, you've killed me." I told him, throwing guilt at him of my situation and it really was all his damn fault that I was here.

The guards grabbed Naruto by the arms, insisting that he get out because his presence was making me nervous but Naruto gripped tight around the bars as the guards tried to pull him off.

"I'm going to get out of here, you hear me?" He asked but I didn't answer. I was too angry with him to even talk to him. Either way, I didn't believe him because he was among this village of liars. After what they did to my brother, I knew that they wouldn't forgive me like they did with him. "You're going to get out and you'll return to the team with me, I promise!"

That pissed me off- he had never promised anything to me; all his promises had always been for another person and I knew that other person: Sakura, and she wanted to see me dead.

"Don't make promises you can't make!" I shouted, nearing the bars and grabbing his hands with mine to prevent the guards from taking him.

His face was very close to mine and for the first time, his blue eyes had changed from seriousness to the look I remembered of him- that one full of doubts, the caring one, the one he had when he was but an innocent child. But I was no longer that innocent child like Naruto was even now when he wasn't being serious.

"You have eyes for that bitch, Sakura!" I shouted. "Now go with her and get your reward. I'm sure she'll reward you very nicely for having brought me back, in the end, you've fulfilled your promise to her. You've never done anything for me, Naruto, you've only ever thought of Sakura. You searched for me because she asked you to and I assure you that she'll ask them to kill me because she's scared of me. So go with her, you've earned it. Congratulations, Naruto, you've attained what you've had years wishing for: getting in her bed although it's at the cost of my life!"


Chapter 32: Justice

Sasuke Uchiha

I woke up almost drowning when they poured a bucket of cold water over my face to discover that I was still tied to this chair. I damned Naruto again for bringing me here. Didn't I tell him that I didn't want to come back? Could that imbecile really not imagine what they did to traitors? They tortured you until you declared all your crimes to decide your death.

I shook my head and judging how tired I was, I knew they hadn't let me sleep much. In here, there was no light or windows. I couldn't tell what time it was or if it was day or night. I couldn't tell how much time had passed or how much I've slept, I knew nothing. Only a faint light from a torch illuminated the place when they let in a tall man with a macabre face.

He grabbed a chair and sat in front of me, looking at me smugly and feeling superior over me but I didn't feel him as superior. I was an Uchiha, if he untied my hands I would destroy him. If I had a bit of strength, he'd be begging for mercy before the blade of my katana. Surely I wouldn't have any mercy for him, so I'd kill him and feel nothing.

"Well, well." He commented with a smirk. "Sasuke Uchiha in one of my cells, what an honor. Are you going to tell me what I want to know?"

"No." I told him directly although I didn't know what exactly he wanted to know.

He punched me so hard that I spat blood on the floor. I licked my lips to note the metallic taste and I think he busted my lip.

"You killed your brother?" He asked me.

"Yes." I told him, smiling. "And I'll kill you, too, when I get out of here."

I received another punch and once again spat blood but it didn't matter; I grinned and although I felt the blood on my lips, I didn't care. I lifted my head with all my Uchiha pride and looked at him like I looked at every other person I was going to kill- with hate and superiority.

"Don't look at me like that." He told me, but I didn't stop. "I said stop looking at me like that!" He punched me so hard that the chair fell and I hit my head against the floor. I think I was bleeding. "Where is your team?" He asked.

My head hurt too much and now I couldn't focus my sight from the impact. I saw things blurry and if they were telling me something, I wasn't sure if I was hearing well what they were saying. I had been a bit disoriented from the impact. I noted something falling over me, soaking me and from the odor, I could tell they were urinating over me while hearing them laugh. I couldn't tell exactly how many people there were or how many were doing this to me because I couldn't see well, everything was blurry.

They lifted up the chair when they finished and that man began asking something I couldn't understand well so he had to repeat it but it's just that... my head was spinning, I couldn't hear well. I heard a loud ringing in my ear and I tried shaking my head to try to focus. I think they were asking something about Naruto.

"Asshole." Was what came out my mouth as I heard that name. "I'll kill him." I told them. "I'll kill you all. I'll slice you all up like I did with Hidan and abandon your remains in the desert for the vultures to feed on."

"You still feel like playing with us, Sasuke?"

"Don't call me that." I told him, smirking. "To you, I am an Uchiha."

"You and your pride." The one that looked like the boss told me as he grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him. "I'm going to take away that pride of yours." He told me as he laughed. "I'll make you my bitch. You'll end up begging for my cock like the slut you are."

"Dare touch me and I'll cut it off." I threatened.

"Grab him." He ordered while they untied me and immobilized me, putting me on my knees and pushing my head down on the cold floor. I felt a foot on my cheek, keeping my from moving my head.

I felt how they pulled my pants down and someone placed themselves behind me, touching my member with one of their gross hands while I tried moving around to impede it.

"Have you ever seen the cock of an Uchiha?" He asked with a smirk towards the boss while the rest smiled as they said no. He took off my undergarments, leaving it out in the open while I tried to struggle against them. "There you have it." He said. "It's no surprise to me why you have such a big pride, small cock Sasuke."

"I've told you to not call me that." I threatened again.

"Alright, bitch." He spat and that is when I tried struggling harder to hit him but I couldn't, every one held me down. "Who wants to suck the whore's cock?" He asked teasingly and suddenly I felt how someone began putting it in their mouth.

I tried resisting the moans, biting my bruised lip while the boss touched my ass over and over again, smacking it as if it excited him. I was shocked as I felt his tongue play around my entrance to lubricate me and I knew he wanted to fuck me. I tried to impede it but I then felt his fingers inside and I couldn't help but scream.

"That's right, slut, scream. Nobody's ever entered you, right?" He asked me teasingly. "Of course not, an Uchiha never lets anybody put it in, you're the ones to stick it in, Uchiha pride." he said. "But today, you're going to feel what it's like to have a good cock inside you."

"Then you'll have to go look for a better cock." I told him, smiling. "Because yours is so small, I can't even feel it."

Someone punched me in the stomach while I felt how they switched mouths on my member and the boss began putting his cock inside me. I couldn't avoid screaming, especially when he went deep inside, dilating me to the fullest.

"Is that all you got?" I smirked at him. "Then I'm sure you won't miss it when I cut it off." I threatened again and he began to laugh while he began moving.

"Look, guys. I'm fucking an Uchiha." He commented as he smirked. "He's going to be a good bitch. I'll come everyday for you, slut, until you end up begging me yourself to put it in you."

"When I get out of here, I'm going to torture you until you beg me to cut off that mini excuse you call a cock!" I shouted at him.

"Of course, the Uchiha only likes the Uzumaki's cock." He shouted and I was paralyzed to hear that because just now I felt hate towards Naruto for having me brought here. I didn't understand how I couldn't have killed him because I had even dreamt of that idiot.

"Bring me the Uzumaki and I'll rip him to pieces in front of you." I yelled at him, trying not to moan with his penetrating although it didn't take long for him to pull out of me and have them take their foot off my face to bring me up and leave me kneeling before him.

"Open that mouth of his." He told them and one of them grabbed my mandible, opening my mouth without letting me close it.

He put his member inside my mouth and now I could see better. I saw the others who had entered with him masturbate in front of me while they observed the scene. I gagged from his member and they didn't let me close my mouth to spit all the saliva that had accumulated.

He pulled it out of me so I could spit everything out but once again grabbed me to introduce it back in. I swear I would've bitten him if that asshole hadn't been holding my mouth open and I think that's why he ordered them to keep it open; even he knew that I'd bite him and I'd tear it off from biting if necessary.

"Swallow, bitch. Swallow everything, I know you like it."

He pulled it out of my mouth and let everyone else who had been masturbating release their liquid over me, covering me whole. When they finished, they fixed themselves and left telling me they'd be back tomorrow to see if I wanted to cooperate more and for once tell them the information they were looking for.

Perhaps it was from the adrenaline at the moment, but when I began to relax, everything hurt. My head, especially, from the impact. I knew that I was still bleeding and I was beginning to fall asleep... or I was fainting, I don't really know, but my vision clouded even more every time until I couldn't handle keeping my eyes open.


Chapter 33: For You

Naruto Uzumaki

That night, I couldn't sleep. I didn't count on them taking Sasuke to that cold prison, but I suppose they didn't trust him. In reality, I was the only idiot who trusted him to the point of having his katana slicing into my neck and telling him he wouldn't kill me.

I got up early because I was too distressed about Sasuke, so I went to Konoha's prison to only find out that nobody could go in to see him. I got angry because I was the one who brought him and I wanted to see him, I demanded to see him. I walked all the way to the Hokage's office, to Kakashi because they had obligated him to stay there. I entered without calling to see him sleeping behind a pile of papers and reports. He woke up in shock from the way that I opened the door and walked into his office.

"I want to see Sasuke!" I shouted.

"Naruto, don't start a scandal at these hours of the morning." He said.

"I demand to see Sasuke, I brought him here and I want to see him."

"Fine." He said, a bit cross as he signed a paper. "Here, show it at the door."

I grabbed the paper from Kakashi and returned to the prison. The lookout at the door looked at me weird, but he was no one to go against an order from the Hokage, so he let me pass. He indicated where the Uchiha's cell was and I walked alone through the dark hallway with a torch. I liked nothing of what I saw because the prisoners all tended to be fallen on the floor without moving and to me, something told me that something bad happened, something really bad. I sped up my pace because I was scared of finding Sasuke the same and when I reached his cell, I was right. He was on the floor, wasn't moving, and smelled bad.

"Sasuke?" I called out to him but received no answer so I opened the cell although the lookout came running to tell me that I couldn't enter, but at the distance he was from me, I was already inside kneeling before the body of my friend. "Sasuke!" I shouted to wake him up but nothing.

When I moved my hand from his head, I noticed that it was tainted with blood. I got scared, checking his head to see the wound while one of the guards came towards me telling me I had to leave.

"You assholes, he's wounded!" I shouted. "You have to take him to a medic!"

"He's asleep." One of them said.

"Bullshit, he's bleeding! Either you take him to a medic or I take him myself!" I said, beginning to take Sasuke's body in my arms.

"You can't take him out of here, the prisoner can't get out of his cell." He told me, annoyed.

"I'm taking him, be it for the good or bad!" I shouted at him angrily and both guards got scared, letting me pass with Sasuke in arms.

I brought him out into the street and in front of the light, I had noticed they had done something else to him because he was full of wounds and that horrible odor persisted. What the hell have they done to him in there? People looked at me through the streets and whispered about Sasuke. The people of the village feared him but I didn't care, I heard them tell me that he should be in prison but I wasn't thinking of leaving him there. I wanted to take him to the hospital, I needed them to heal him, to tell me that he was alive.

I arrived at the hospital and the sick immediately stiffened to see me enter with Sasuke. I shouted at them to help me but nobody wanted to help the raven, they were scared of him and I was about to loose my patience with this damn indifference everyone had towards my friend. I was tired of all this hypocrisy- he was still the same Sasuke I knew, the one that insulted and fought with me, the prideful Sasuke Uchiha, the most handsome and popular guy in the village that had to hide from all the girls.

At that moment, Sakura walked out from one of the hallways talking to a patient and I ran towards her. Though, once seeing Sasuke with his head resting on my chest and unconscious, she took two steps back as if she feared him as well.

"Heal him." I told her.

"Naruto, he can't be here. He has to be in prison."

"I've told you to heal him." I threatened angrily. "He was our teammate, so do something for him. How many times has he saved you in our missions?" I asked her and she frowned.

"How many times has he tried to kill me, Naruto?" She then asked me.

"Never." I told her. "Don't you know Sasuke? You, precisely? Sasuke is like that; he's arrogant and prideful but he's not a bad guy. I don't fear him, he's my friend and my teammate, so save him." I told her.

"It may be that you don't fear him, but I do." Sakura told me.

"I'll be with you the entire time, he won't do anything to you, I promise. Trust in me if you don't in him. Please, Sakura, help him." I said, putting on the most begging eyes I could put.

"Fine, but I'm doing it for you." She told me none to gracefully. "Put him on that stretcher."

I stayed in that room sitting on a chair, waiting for Sakura to heal him. I was bored of being there without doing anything, seeing how Sasuke didn't move and how that green light came from Sakura's hands. At least Sasuke seemed to have a better tone when Sakura finished attending him.

"Done." Sakura said. "But he'll need some rest. You should return him to his corresponded place."

"Thanks, Sakura." I told her. "But I don't want to take him back to that place. Have you not seen what they did to him?"

"Naruto... he chose his path when he decided to abandon the village. He knew what would happen if he came back."

"Yes, but he didn't come back, I brought him here. It's my fault he's like that."

"Naruto... thank you." Sakura told me and I was surprised.


"Because you fulfilled your promise; you've brought him back. But, he's not the Sasuke we once knew, you should realize that. This is a Sasuke full of hate."

"The Sasuke that I knew was already full of hate." I told her. "He only thought of revenge, so he's still the same."

"Naruto, realize it. He wants to see us all dead, he can't be free and you know it."

"Sakura... you know I appreciate you but I don't share the same opinion as you. Sasuke is not going back to that grimy cell."

"Fine." She continued. "Forgive me, Naruto, I didn't want to offend you, but you know that I worry over you. I love you." She told me and I was surprised.

Sakura neared me and I stayed paralyzed on the spot. How many times had I dreamt of her kissing me? Too many times, but I've always had eyes only for Sakura and now... she was in front of me telling me that she loved me. She kissed me and I couldn't help but to feel the warmness of her lips as I kissed back, so much, that even my hand grabbed her head to being her more towards me as my tongue played with hers. I kissed her and I liked it so much, I liked Sakura, I loved her- I loved her since I was a kid and now she was mine, she kissed me, she chose me. After many years and many sufferings, she had chosen me over Sasuke.

Sakura smiled when she parted from me and told me that she'd wait for me at her house tonight. I promised her that I'd go because I had wished for it for far too long but when she walked out the door, I heard a scoff that was something typical of Sasuke.

"What's wrong with you, teme?" I asked him.

"You're an idiot." He told me, smiling. "You really are that bitch's lapdog. I hope you enjoy yourself with her tonight."

"Don't ever call her that again." I said angrily. "You're just jealous."

"Jealous? Of her? Come on, you're going to make a fool of yourself." He told me.


"Because I'm sure you're a virgin, reserving yourself for Sakura-chan~" He commented in a teasing way and then began to laugh. "Oh god, you wouldn't even know how to put it in." He made fun of me.

"What do you know? You haven't been here in almost four years."

"I know that you're still virgin and that you'll ridicule of yourself tonight."

It was true that I was a virgin, he was right about that and I found it strange to talk about these things with Sasuke because it had been years that we had not been together like before. I wanted to ask him what to do or how to do it to not make a fool of myself like he said, but I didn't know how to talk about it without him laughing at me or at least, laugh more than he was now.

"Aren't you a virgin, Sasuke?" I asked him.

"No." He said assuredly. "Seriously? I was right and you've never done it?" He asked me.

"Stop laughing at me."

"I'm not laughing at you." He said. "But it's just hard to believe that you've reserved yourself for... Sakura." He said her name with despise but at least he didn't insult her.

"Could you explain what to do?" I asked and he looked at me weird.

"Naruto, those things aren't explained, they're practiced. Besides, you'll surely cum fast the first time from pleasure or it would be hard for you to get it up." He said. "You'll have to practice with her and pray that when you do cum fast, that she won't take it into account. Now leave and let me rest a bit, I want to be alone."

"Sasuke please, don't let me make a a fool of myself."

"I've told you to leave, your date awaits." He said, annoyed. "Have fun."

I got out of there and the Hokage came to talk to Sasuke about his condition. He made a big deal out of taking him out without permission, but let me leave without some punishment for my actions. I walked to Sakura's house and honestly, I thought about Sasuke's words because it was true that I had never done it. But I'm just supposed to put it in and that's it, no? It couldn't be that complicated, or is it?

Now I was nervous, so much, that I even when I came to Sakura's house, I had no idea how to behave. Especially when she threw herself at me on the sofa and began kissing me. It wasn't even exciting me, I was so nervous that there was just no way. I was trembling for if I did something bad, I was scared to mess up with her. 'Scaredy-cat.' Those words came to mind with Sasuke's voice because he always said that, he always called me like that and I hated it.

What's worse was, that in the end, I had to stop Sakura because I was unable to concentrate to do it with her. I liked her kisses but now I could only think of Sasuke's words that I would mess up, that I would ridicule myself. It couldn't even get up! Sasuke was even right about that. That day, I couldn't even sleep as I thought of the ridicule I made leaving Sakura that way because practically, I ran out of her house frightened.


Chapter 34: Work

Sasuke Uchiha

Seeing Sakura sticking her tongue in Naruto's mouth wasn't precisely what I liked seeing as I woke up, even more when she invited him to her house- And we all knew for what! That slut wanted to throw herself on him, I just knew it. Ever since I rejected her and marched out of the village, she had radically changed her feelings towards Naruto and that wasn't what bothered me. What bothered me was the fact that I had seen how badly she treated him whenever he ran after her and now... I only had to see her go after him as if he was a second plate. That's what I really hated, because she felt nothing for him until I left.

I was really starting to hate those two. Sakura for being so... hateful! And Naruto for being an imbecile and letting himself be used like that. Did he really not realize? Either way, it mattered little because surely, I would end up dead and Sakura... would dance over my grave just before getting in Naruto's bed.

Although I was a bit grateful that I had woken up in that moment so I could know what was going on because knowing that Naruto was a virgin and... that his first time would be with Sakura, gave me an opportunity to install fear into him that he would be unable to do anything. At least not today with his head thinking about everything I had told him. Perhaps I couldn't stop Sakura from sleeping with him when I die, but I could take him from her this night because today, Sakura would have to calm herself down alone. Naruto would be incapable of doing anything with her from the fear I put in him.

Kakashi entered when Naruto left and it was just what I needed: more problems, more discussions, and more tries to convince me. I gave him my back once seeing him enter and closed my eyes trying to sleep but Kakashi walked around the bed and sat in front of me.

"I don't want to talk." I told him very seriously.

"You're still the same as when you trained with me." He said. "Still as prideful and stubborn, I told you vengeance wasn't going to solve things, Sasuke."

"When am I going back to that prison?" I asked, ignoring his commentary.

"When you're well rested." He answered.

"Great, Wake me up when that happens."

"Sasuke... I've come to offer you something, a deal."

"Doesn't interest me." I told him, turning my back to him again.

"Sasuke, Naruto spoke to me about putting you back on the team with them. The elders from the council don't trust you, but I'm willing to give you an opportunity as long as you help in missions."

"Pass." I told him. "Let the scaredy-cat and his team take care of the missions."

"Come on, Sasuke, reconsider. You know what awaits you in prison; everyone here hates you, they won't leave you alone."

"Why would I help them? Why would I help the people who hate me? Why help the village that looked down on my brother after he helped them?"

"Because your brother made a deal with them so you could stay in the village, he didn't want you to leave."

"What do I gain if I accept?"

"I could free you from prison, Sasuke. I'd intervene for you. You'll be with Naruto, twenty-four hours a day."

"You're keeping watch on me?" I asked. "With that imbecile? Naruto doesn't even-"

I stayed quiet for a moment because I was going to say that I wasn't important to him, but now that I stopped to think about it, it didn't seem like a bad idea. Not because of Naruto, but because of Sakura. What would she do when she saw me free and on top of that... in her team? It didn't seem that bad, besides, I could make her jealous if Naruto couldn't leave my side because he'd have to watch over me. It could be my revenge for her for everything she told me in prison.

"I accept." I told Kakashi. "When do I start?"

"Tomorrow morning in my office, I'll inform everyone that you'll be operating again."


I slept that night in the hospital and by the looks of it, it seemed Kakashi told Sakura what was going to happen because she came in made a fury, insulting me like she tended to do lately. She was giving me a headache with her shrieking.

"What are you doing here? Has your date failed? I thought you were going to be imagining me while you got between his legs, or did the dobe not meet your size expectations, perhaps he bailed on you?" I told her while grinning and she got pissed off even more. So much, that she tried to slap me but I stopped her hand. "Hey, you don't come at me like that. If you're angry at the frightened blond, take it out on him."

"What did you tell him?!" She asked me, annoyed and getting her arm back from my hold.

"What did I have to tell him?" I asked. "Did he leave you?" I smiled.

"You're a jerk." She insulted. "But I'll tell you this: you can hold him back all you want, but in the end, he'll end up in my bed, not yours." She said.

"I don't want him in bed. Virgins are too boring; they make you do all the work." I commented, obviously lying because I didn't care if Naruto was a virgin or not. "Now what I will tell you is, that you're a whore. You'd probably thrown yourself on half the village before Naruto." I laughed and she almost slapped me again.

"Go to hell."

"I'm already in it... I just have to see you." I told her. "See you tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" She asked once she was at the door to leave.

"Yes, I'm on your team. We're going to have a grand time."

"So I'll have to watch my back incase you attack me?"

"Listen, sweetheart, I never attack from the back, you'll see me clearly, I assure you." I threatened and she left the room angry.

I didn't have any more visits the rest of the night, not even the nurses came to check if I was okay and it's just that everyone here was panicked over me. What a chore I had, now I would have to be protected under Naruto aside from being controlled, I hated being watched over.

In the morning, a pair of elite ninjas came for me, more like watched over me all the way to the Hokage's office. I changed clothes and followed them towards the central building although everyone looked at me as if I was something strange. I supposed it would be like this from now on, me against the world, and all because that damn Naruto brought me back to this shitty village.

I reached the office and they made me walk inside to find myself there with a smiling Naruto- happy to see me back on the team- Sakura with her hateful glare, and that doll thing they had acquired in my absence to take over my place. As if that kid could even come close to comparing with me!

He explained to everyone the situation and aside from Naruto being overwhelmed with having me back, the rest seemed to not be the least bit happy. I exited from there and Naruto, just like they had asked him, didn't take his eyes off me, although neither did Sakura after finding out that I had to go to Naruto's house starting from now. Her plans with my blond were all gone now that I was out of prison!

They all left to their houses and I stayed alone with Naruto. A tense silence came over us while we walked back to his house; I still remembered where he lived. Naruto seemed to want to ask me something or maybe even curse me, but I didn't know if he dared.

"You were a jerk." He suddenly said.

"Are you still holding a grudge from yesterday?" I asked him, grinning while I noted how badly the people were looking at me in the street.

"I couldn't do it with Sakura because of your fault and that had always been my biggest dream."

"What am I guilty for? I was in the hospital, I didn't keep you from it."

"You gave me doubts."

"I said truths of what could happen."

"Did that happen to you?" He then asked me. "You've done it with someone, right? Who was the first, Sasuke?" He asked.

"You don't know her." I told him seriously.

"Was it when you were with Orochimaru?"

"Yeah, there were a lot of people in his dens and some of the girls were attractive. It doesn't matter much, the majority of them are dead." I said to him, serious once again.

"Should I do it with someone before Sakura?" He asked me, strangely serious.

"If you don't want to ridicule yourself, then I'd recommend it, yeah."

"Did you make a ridicule of yourself the first time?"

"I'm not about to tell you that." I told him, but the truth is that it kind of was. The other had practically violated me since I didn't know much and it was embarrassing; now, however, it was all the opposite.

To be fair, I stopped for a moment to look at Naruto continue walking. If I could... surely I would have done it with him. Besides, it excited me to know he was virgin; I wanted to be the first to be with him although that would mean that I would have to let him enter in me. Right now, I didn't seem to care much, not after they had done to me in prison.

"Sasuke?" He asked me as he saw me standing in the middle of the street. "Let's go, Sasuke. You need a shower, you stink."

"Thanks, idiot." I told him although smirked to the side when he wasn't looking. I missed our discussions and... I think after what I have lived through with my brother and Deidara along with those dreams I had of Naruto, I was beginning to realize, that I wanted him.


Chapter 35: First Mission

Naruto Uzumaki

We walked home and during the entire trip, none of us mentioned any word whatsoever. Although, I was dying to know just one thing: What had happened in there for him to smell so bad? I couldn't help to avoid seeing the people look at us with fear in their eyes and the mothers take their children, distancing them as far as they could from the Uchiha. In that moment, I felt bad about making him return. I suppose he was right; I was an imbecile. I let myself go for a promise I had made to Sakura and brought him with me hoping to have him on my team, but I never imagined this would happen.

"Sasuke." I called out to him with my head down. "What happened in there?" I asked him but he didn't respond. "Sasuke?" I asked.

"It's a prison, Naruto, just like any other. What did you want to happen?"

"I don't know." I told him. "Have they done something to you?"

"Something like what?" He asked me.

"I don't know, maybe did something to make you stink like you do?"

"What's it matter?" He said to me. "I'm out, that's what matters, no?"

I realized that I had stopped, but Sasuke didn't. He passed by my side, walking calmly with his head high as always, with his pride first and I knew that he would tell me nothing. I didn't know what they had done to him, but I supposed they had tortured him. So little trust in me that he couldn't ask for my help? Well... Sasuke never asked me for help, he'd cut his tongue off before asking for any help but, to not tell me anything? We were supposed to be friends, he even told me about his brother before marching off. Why didn't he count on me for anything now?

Sasuke remembered where I lived and even opened the door of my house with the emergency key I always left hidden on top of the door frame. How could he even remember that? He opened and entered only to twist his lip like he tended to do, making that sound of his that sounded like a grunt of disapproval.

"It's not very organized, but it's just that I wasn't expecting any visits." I tried to excuse the mess.

"No need to swear it." he told me. "Where can I shower?" He asked.

"The last door in the end." I pointed. "The clean towels are behind the door."

"Aright." He said and I would've liked to hear a 'thank you,' but I supposed... that he was Sasuke Uchiha; he never appreciated anything.

He closed the door after himself and I looked over there. I was worried for him, I wanted to know what was going on with him, I wanted to know what he was thinking at this moment, I wanted to help him in any way I could but I didn't know what to do if he didn't even deign to speak with me. I didn't remember the little privacy of the doors until I saw Sasuke's silhouette through the paper door, but that's because I had always lived alone; my parents had put it there and I didn't change it. Why change it if I lived alone? Nobody saw me, but now... I was there paralyzed like a fool looking at the silhouette of Sasuke taking his clothes off.

Perhaps it was silly because I could only see his shadow, but even so, I was watching him unclothe and something inside me made me blush a bit and I looked away. I decided to pass by my room and clean it up a bit because he would have to sleep either here... or on the sofa. My house was really small; one room, one restroom, the kitchen, and the living room for only me- I needed nothing more. I didn't miss anything. It wasn't like I had any amenities; I don't know if the Uchiha, accustomed to his great mansion in the Uchiha clan, saw any comfort in this hovel but he'd have to adapt. I wasn't from the most prestigious clan of the village.

While I cleaned my room of the clothes I had on the floor and put away the futon where I slept, I realized something important: Sasuke didn't have any clothes to change into and had entered the bathroom with dirty clothes. Was he capable of wearing the same clothes again? I hoped not. I looked through my closet for an old black shirt I had and some pants.

I walked out of the room and walked towards the door, seeing Sasuke's silhouette in the far back while I heard water. I knocked on the door and he told me I could go in. Did he really want me to enter? Well, I entered and seeing him naked there had impacted me a bit. Truth is he had really changed a lot since we were kids.

His back was towards me so I couldn't see well but his rear wasn't that bad. I looked at mine and compared it to his. I think it was better than mine! What did he do to have that? Did he train everyday or what? I also wanted one as smooth and pert like his, what nerve I had.

Perhaps his ass had surprised me, but it's just that every muscle of his surprised me. His arms, now strong, demonstrated his muscles when they contracted and stretched while he washed his hair, his back was wide and his thighs really strong. It was incredible; if a girl saw him naked, I think she'd faint on the spot.

"Are you going to stay there all day or are you going to tell me why you came in for?" He asked me, looking at me from the side with that characteristic look of his.

"To bring you clean clothes." I told him.

"I already have clothes."

"Yeah, and they smell fatal. It's disgusting."

"I'm not wearing your clothes, dobe." He told me.

"Yes you will, teme, because I'm taking your clothes right now. So unless you want to walk out naked, you'll wear them." I threatened, grabbing his clothes and getting out of there.

Sasuke was so difficult! He really came up with any excuse just to argue with me, but I had missed his insults, I had missed his discussions and I missed having him trust in me. I wanted to go back to that relationship we had before he left, I wanted him to be my friend again, to talk to me about whatever thing like always. I suppose that was too much to ask of the Uchiha.

I put his clothes to wash and when he walked out, I saw him dressed in my clothes. Although, he made a face when he noticed I was observing him. I think he liked my clothes despite complaining because every once in a while, I caught him smelling them and surely it smelled like me due to how many times I had worn it.

"Something wrong, Sasuke-teme?" I asked with a teasing smile.

"It smells bad." He said.

"No, you smelled bad." I told him. "My clothes smell of me."

"Then that's why." He said just before I grabbed him by the neck of the shirt and pulled him close to me.

"Repeat it."

"It smells... bad." He repeated slowly, smiling as if I couldn't understand it if he said it fast.

I couldn't help but punch him, throwing him to the floor and getting on top of him, hitting him until I realized something; he wasn't defending himself. Why wasn't he defending himself? He always hit me back whenever we began fighting over any stupidity.

"Why are you stopping, Naruto?" He asked annoyingly while I was still on top of him with the neck of his shirt tightly in my grip and the other fist mid air as I saw how his lip bled slowly.

"Why are you not defending yourself?" I asked him.

"Did you want me to?" He asked me. "Come on, Naruto, hit me, you've been wishing to do it."

"That's not true."

"What's wrong? You can't kill me?"

"No, I can't nor do I want to kill you, Sasuke. I want you to go back to being the Sasuke from before."

"This is who I am now, Naruto. Realize it. I am a danger to everyone, this is not my place, let me go."

"I don't want you to go!" I shouted.

"Is it because Sakura asked you?" He asked me and I stayed still. "I knew it." He said, disappointed. "Sleep in your room, I'll sleep in the sofa." He said, taking me off of him while I saw him march towards the sofa.

I saw Sasuke bring the covers over him and he covered himself in them completely, so after watching him for a few seconds that seemed to be eternal and not understanding why he hadn't defended himself from me, I walked off to bed. I couldn't sleep much thinking that Sasuke was on the sofa, thinking about what could have happened in prison, thinking, on why he didn't defend himself, thinking... on why he hated Sakura now.

I woke up in the middle of the night and I ended up in one of the sofas watching Sasuke sleep. He was very tired, maybe that's why he hadn't attacked me, because now that I thought about it, he has been very weak when I got him out of prison and I, imbecile I, hadn't even asked if he wanted to eat something before going to sleep. But he looked so tired, he had fallen asleep completely and I noticed how his hand was grabbing the handle of a Kunai. Seriously, he slept armed? I didn't want to say anything. I spent all night watching him sleep, taking care of his dreams, protecting him better than that kunai he held in his hands ever could. This guy was so tired that not even an earthquake could wake him!

The next morning, he woke up. He had been surprised because I had left him breakfast on the table and it didn't take long for him to dig in and eat; he really was hungry. What had they done in prison; kill him with hunger? I was convinced of that; they didn't even give him food, that's why he was so weak.

A messenger came to the house to tell us that we had to leave with the team on a mission to Suna and that it was mandatory. Gaara had requested us for something, so after we both ate breakfast, we prepared our things and left towards the exit of the village where the two other waited for us; Sai and Sakura, my lovely Sakura whom I loved very much.


Chapter 36: Impossible

Sasuke Uchiha

Seeing Naruto enter the bathroom and look at me almost in shock resulted me as something strange; and that's only because I hadn't turned around, so he only saw my ass. Did I still have markings on it from prison? If that's what it was, then I would have to come up with a lie to tell him because I wasn't thinking of telling him what they had done to me, that's too much of a humiliation for someone like me. It was one thing for me to know it- and I felt really bad about it! Nobody else needed to know.

That made me think of something in which now, came to me. Did Sakura know what had happened to me? I mean, she was the one who healed me when Naruto took me out of prison and brought me to the hospital; she would've known from the wounds. I could deal with Naruto knowing they had beat me, that they had left me to starve, even urinated on me amongst other things, but my pride would not support him knowing they had all penetrated me, how they had fun with my body when I couldn't defend myself. It was too much of a humiliation even for me and I preferred to forget that part, not because I was scared of it or was disgusted, but because of my pride. I didn't want anybody knowing they could fuck me, that they had the right to enter me because that's not how it was at all- nobody had the right to enter me, I was an Uchiha! Well... perhaps I could let Naruto, but of course... he only had eyes for Sakura, so it was obvious which of the two of us rested from the equation and that was clearly me.

Now I found myself here, walking under the cautious gaze of the entire group- as if I would escape! With how fun this mission was going to be... I smiled, because if that bubblegum head thought she was going to fuck Naruto in front of me, she had made it very clear to her. It could be that the blond wasn't for me, that he didn't even look at me that way, but one thing was for sure: she was not going to enjoy Naruto while I was here.

She looked at me badly, well, just like how I was looking at her, and it could be that while in the past we could stand each other- I at least dealt with her constant 'Sasuke-kun' shouting- she couldn't stand me now. How things have changed: my number one fan who tried getting in my bed however way she could was now trying to get into the bed of the boy I liked and the very one she had despised when I used to live in the village. How ironic!

And then there was this pale thing they had acquired to substitute me, but he wasn't even as half as good as I was! Seriously, how the village seems to be falling at such a rapid rate. Moreover, that weird guy... Sai, I think his name was, kept talking to me about Naruto's member and I could do nothing else but laugh. I think I'm starting to like this cheap version of me! Even Naruto blushed as he heard him say that his member was small and Sakura kept getting pissed off at Sai for lying- as if she had ever seen it! But now whatever Sai said, gave me a little curiosity.

"Is yours small as well, Uchiha?" He asked me.

"You want to see it or what?" I asked, giving a side smile like I tended to do.

"Can I?" He asked.

"You guys are gross." Sakura said towards Sai and I.

"I'll show it to you." I told him jokingly and Naruto hurried to get my hands off my pants while telling me twenty possible insults and scolded me for trying to show Sai my member.

"Naruto, it's mine." I told him. "He can see it if I want him to see it. You have a problem with that?" I asked and he blushed to my surprise as he shook his head.

"No need, Uchiha." Sai told me. "It's proof enough that it's bigger than Naruto's." He said without even looking at it. I wasn't even going to show him! I only wanted to tease the team a little.

"What now? So if he wants to show it, it automatically means his is bigger than mine?" Naruto complained.

"He tried to show it, you never do, so there's something you must be trying to hide."

I was liking this guy even more now. He messed with Naruto and that was enough for me to like him because ever since Naruto wanted to be a dog and run behind Sakura, anything that annoyed him was useful. I couldn't stand the thought that he'd be with Sakura all day.

"Seriously, don't you have something else to talk about?" Sakura complained.

"You don't like the topic?" Sai asked as if doubting.

"I think she feels bad that I rejected her years ago and never had the chance to see mine." I told Sai laughing and Sakura glared at me harder.

We were halfway towards Suna when nighttime approached and none of us wanted to spend the night in the desert so when we reached the outskirts of the forest, we decided to set up camp there, laying against the trees. Sakura passed on keeping watch and Naruto offered to do it, although I wouldn't sleep knowing Sakura would be fooling around with Naruto.

"I'll do it." I told them.

"I'm not about to give you a weapon." Naruto said.

"Naruto, don't get offended, but I have nothing to cut. According to Sai, there's nothing of interest between your legs." I told him, smiling to the side and he grabbed me by the collar of my shirt, determined to fight once again.

"Repeat it, teme." He growled.

"Idiot." I told him. "You have nothing that interests me between your legs, but perhaps Sakura would like to do you a little favor." I said.

"Let him keep watch if he wants." Sakura suddenly said. "Here." She threw me a kunai that almost nailed itself into my foot. "In case you need to defend yourself."

"Good thing I have my katana." I whispered because it was true- this kunai she had thrown me worked for nothing.

Everyone went to sleep and I stayed up with my back up against a tree near the campfire. I seriously had no idea what Naruto saw in her but what was clear, was that I had no possibility with Naruto. He was hooked with her. Perhaps that put me down a bit, but I wasn't going to show it, not to Naruto, not to Sakura.

I watched a shadow move from a tent towards the forest and I knew that the shadow was Sakura's, her chakra confirmed it. Behind her, another shadow and that one... I was sure it was Naruto because they wanted to do something while I was on guard. Not under my nose they weren't or my name isn't Sasuke Uchiha!

I followed them without straying too much from camp and I saw how Sakura threw herself on him, kissing him passionately and this guy kissed back. Was I jealous? A little bit, I can't deny it. After all those nights that I had woken up excited with those dreams I had of Naruto, seeing Sakura over him kissing him, made me sick. Those two were really shameless.

I took out some thread out of the pocket of my pants and threw it over various branches, making them sound as if it was some animal. Sakura got scared immediately, Naruto, not so much because he told her to continue and she did. Naruto, that bastard.

I looked around the forest until I found one of the few spiders typical in this area, grabbing the biggest and hairiest I came across and sent it with delicacy towards where they were. With much aim, the spider began climbing over Sakura's leg, making her try to grab at her leg from the tickling it produced.

I laughed when she realized it was a spider and started screaming like crazy while Naruto took care of the animal and told her everything was alright, that they could go on. I was really going to kill Naruto! In reality, I was going to kill Sakura who had her hand over Naruto's member, massaging it over his pants.

"What are you doing?" I heard a voice behind my back.

"Fucking hell you scared me!"

"What are those two doing?" Sai asked.

"Checking the size of Naruto's dick, what do you think?"

"If you're trying to make them stop that dirty stuff, it'd be useful to scare Sakura with something much stronger."

"Like what?"

"Just pay attention to the noise and act." He told me, smirking as he then disappeared, making noises all around. Noises, that could easily be confused with that of enemies.

Naruto then finally realized and threw Sakura to the side, fearing it was some type of ambush. I saw him prepare for a possible attack and I couldn't help it... I grabbed the kunai Sakura had almost nailed on my foot and I threw it with force, embedding it deeply into one of the trees just above her head, cutting a few strands of her horrid pink hair.

Sakura screamed and I jumped out of the bushes while Naruto confronted me about the thrown kunai.

"What the hell are you doing, teme?! You could've killed her!"

"Come on," I said. "I have good aim. Besides, you should thank me. I came just when you screamed, I thought you were in danger. But... you're supposed to be at the tents, what the hell are you doing here?" I asked them and Naruto found himself caught.

Sai appeared behind Naruto and looked at Sakura on the ground, shouting that I had tried to kill her. Just what else I needed to hear today!

"Sakura, if I wanted to kill you, you would've been dead some time ago." I told her.

"Sasuke!" Naruto grabbed my attention.

"What?" I asked him, irritated. "Ah, I know, protect your girlfriend. Why not go to Kakashi, then, and tell him that I tried to kill her? That way you'll save me from having to see you two pass the mission trying to mate like rabbits!" I shouted and received a punch form Naruto that hurt me more from the motive than the punch itself.

"Don't ever talk about Sakura like that!" He shouted. "I won't permit it!"

"I hear you loud and clear, Naruto." I told him. "You know what? I give up. Do whatever you want. I'll go to sleep and hope that some enemy doesn't kill me because instead of keeping watch, you chose to fool around." I told him, showing him that our trust ended here.

I began walking and I wanted to be far from everything. I wasn't even thinking of sleeping. Seeing how Naruto had protected Sakura even in front of me had made it very clear to me that I wasn't for him, I didn't matter. How did he want me to trust in him? How did he dare look at my face and ask what they had done to me in prison? To him I didn't matter, he only had eyes for Sakura.

"Where the hell did you come from?!" Naruto shouted at Sai.

"From pissing." He responded, taking the same path I had taken.

I didn't sleep that night. I climbed up on one of the branches of some tree with my katana and stayed awake. Sometimes, I would look over to Naruto over by the fire keeping guard but when he turned to look at me, I looked away and ignored him. I wanted to know nothing anymore. I was too angry at him at this moment.

At least I got something out of this. Sakura didn't try anything else with Naruto, but at the same time, it was made very clear to me that I was losing. I couldn't compete with her, Naruto would never have eyes for me. I was wasting my time on him.

Chapter 37: Confessions

Naruto Uzumaki

I kept looking over at Sasuke awake on that branch. He was serious on what he told me and preferred to stay awake in case I didn't keep proper watch. He was stubborn! I didn't even understand why he was being that way, he seemed to have a grave problem with Sakura and I couldn't understand why. Since when did those two not get along? Although, one thing was for sure: Sakura no longer felt anything for Sasuke, so it was my moment to take advantage.

Sakura and Sai had gone to sleep but I was still up keeping watch, although, mostly instead of keeping vigil, I watched as Sasuke looked up towards the sky, leaning against that branch with his katana sheathed... but he had it in hand in case he needed to use it. I recalled the punch I gave him and it hurt me more than it hurt him, that I was sure of. I don't know what had happened to me, I didn't want to hit him but my body was much faster than my mind. Perhaps it was his proud way of talking that had pissed me off more... I don't know, but I had to get used to it. He's an Uchiha, he's always been proud; he'd cut his tongue off before having to apologize or get down from his pedestal. He'd prefer to receive my punches rather than let himself be humiliated.

In reality... that quality was the one thing I liked most about him because while many said he was arrogant, it wasn't true. He was never arrogant; he was proud. Nobody could mess with his clan nor his family. He would never permit anyone to humiliate him and since then, he would never apologize. Everything he did, he did it for a reason. He never regretted anything, he looked ahead and never let anyone take advantage of him. Nobody could ever control Sasuke, I was very sure of that.

I just didn't know if it was his pride that was stronger or simply, that he was so strong that his pride had strengthened because since his childhood, I hadn't seen him cry again, not even for his clan. I used to see him get into so many fights whenever they said something bad about his clan or of his family and perhaps he may have been a little arrogant, but it was for his family. He was in the most prestigious clan of Konoha, everyone wanted to be like him, be born into his clan, have his eyes, have that pride and that will and it's just that... Sasuke was special and as such, he had to know how to maintain his character. He didn't insult you just because he felt superior to you, no, it was quite the opposite: he appreciated you, perhaps that's why I liked it when he insulted me. He made me think that we were close and that's why... it had hurt me when he didn't trust me.

The change of turns came around and Sakura was the one to take my place. I could see Sasuke looking at us fixedly as if we were going to start again, but I wanted to do nothing with Sakura, much less after the hard time Sasuke had given me. It's just that, although I didn't want to demonstrate it to him, I was taking what he said seriously because he was my best friend, he had always been. I didn't want to be angry with him, in reality I wanted to go and apologize, but I didn't want to do it in front of Sakura. I decided to leave it for tomorrow.

I looked over one last time towards Sasuke, who turned his face away in annoyance. He really was too prideful, even if there was no reason to be. He would not come down to apologize, I'd have to go to him. Either way, he was right to be that way; I had done something bad, I couldn't do those things while keeping guard.

I left to my tent to rest and just when sleep started taking over me, I realized that I didn't want to sleep if Sasuke wasn't going to, either. I don't know if Sasuke was going to be good in the morning for the mission, he needed to rest, he hadn't had a good rest in prison and the only time he had a moment of decent sleep was in the sofa back at my house, which wasn't precisely comfortable. I should've left him my bed, I shouldn't have punched him, I shouldn't have given him motive to not trust in me anymore after having seeing him sleep in a safe place with a kunai in his hand. I don't know why everything had happened, but I did know one thing: he thought he was in constant danger and he was not going to lower his guard.

I was about to exit the tent when I heard Sakura speak with Sasuke, who was still up in the tree. I opened the tent a bit to hear better and was frozen in shock; these two really didn't get along.

"Don't play the victim, Sasuke, it doesn't suit you. You should go to sleep, it's going to be a hard day tomorrow."

"If it's you who's going to keep watch, I'd rather stay up." Sasuke told her. "You're capable of sneaking off to Naruto's tent instead of keeping watch."

"Would it bother you if I'm with Naruto?" She asked, smiling.

"Do whatever you want." He said. "It doesn't matter, I only want this mission to be over at once."

"You'll end up going back to that prison where you shouldn't have gotten out in the first place, Sasuke." Sakura commented.

"I'll go back for sure." He told her. "You wouldn't waste a minute sending me back there again."

"You were lucky that Naruto got you out of there. Have you told him what happened to you?" She asked and I was surprised.

"What do I have to tell him? Everyone knows what things happen in prison. Don't try to be sympathetic, you healed me because he begged you to, I'm not important to him." He told her and I was even more surprised.

"Perhaps I should tell Naruto everything I saw while I healed you, then. I'd have to tell him how they did each and every one of your wounds, how they left you starving until you couldn't stand on your own, how they tore you when they violated you, the great Sasuke Uchiha." That made my eyes widen and I realized that with my surprise, I had walked out a bit from my tent and Sasuke looked at me with certain fear in his eyes.

"Shut up!" He shouted towards Sakura, trying to tell her to stop saying things when he saw me but I had already found out.

"Why, Sasuke?" Sakura asked him. "You don't want anyone knowing that they abused the great Uchiha?"

"I've told you to shut up!" He shouted once again.

"They humiliated you well. Your odor gave away how they urinated over you. Tell me, did they do it before or after violating you?"

I had just enough time to stop the kunai that Sasuke threw towards Sakura and she was shocked in surprise because there were only centimeters between her and the kunai. If I hadn't grabbed it, she'd be dead. When I looked up, Sasuke wasn't there.

"Did you see him?! He tried to kill me!" Sakura told me, pissed off and scared.

"You crossed the line." I told her. "Continue keeping watch; I'll go look for him."

I jumped up on the branch where Sasuke was and ran through other branches after him. Where had he gone? I supposed that right now, he didn't want to see anyone. For me to have found out about that... must've dealt a great damage to his pride. All of us looked at him as the strong guy, the one who never cried, the superior one, the one that always had things under control. For me to find out that even someone like him could be abused only because they considered him a traitor, hurt me. It hurt me deep inside and I was sure to speak to more than just one of them when I got back from the mission. No one could do these things, much less to Sasuke.

Moreover, I felt responsible that he had suffered those abuses and molestations because it was I who made him come back against his will. It was I who was supposed to keep watch over him now, watching over him twenty-four hours a day as if he were a delinquent- which he was to the village! But I didn't see him like that, I kept seeing the same lost Sasuke from when we were kids, the Sasuke that needed the acknowledgement of his father, the one that had to be the best to not let down his clan, who was always serious and couldn't have a happy childhood like any other kid because he was under the strict norms of the Uchiha clan, under all that pride, he had to demonstrate that an Uchiha was always on top of the world.

I found him by a miracle in a small clearing of the forest. He was standing looking up at the moon, standing within the tall grass that grew up to his knees. Why had he stopped here?

"I'm sorry." He told me once I jumped down from the tree towards the clearing where he was. "Is she okay?" He asked.

"Yeah." I told him.

"Are you going to tell them?" He asked although his voice broke and he tried to recover. "You're going to tell them that I tried to kill her so they can send me back to prison?"

"Nobody is going to make you go back there, Sasuke. I promise you."

"You can't promise me anything; you put me there."

"I didn't know anything, Sasuke. You didn't tell me."

"What did you want me to tell you?!" He asked me, shouting. "That they took advantage of me?! That they beat me to the brink of death?! That I didn't eat for three days? That they entered my cell whenever they wanted to urinate?! What, Naruto?! Did I matter anything to you?! You only have eyes for Sakura, go with her. I'm fine."

"No, you're not fine." I told him and it hurt me when he told me all of that because he tried to make it seem like it didn't matter to him but his voice broke as he spoke. It did matter, they had wounded him, they had gone after his pride, the most important thing to an Uchiha. "Let me help you."

"You can't." He told me.

I neared him and grabbed his arm, turning him to face me and then looking at his dark eyes as if they were to cry although he tried to retain the tears. He tried to make himself stay strong like always, trying to swallow his pain and embarrassment. I couldn't help but hug him and he fell. His knees gave out and I held on to him however I could, slowly falling with him towards the ground until both of us were with our knees on the ground. I placed his head on my chest and caressed his hair.

"Cry, Sasuke." I told him in whisper. "I won't say anything, I promise. Vent."

"I can't anymore." He told me, clinging on with force on my shirt while he cried. I think this was the first time anyone had seen him cry and something within me tore. I didn't want to see him cry, it hurt me seeing him like this. "Don't return me there, please, let me go."

"I can't, Sasuke. I have to look over you, you know that."

"Please, let me walk away."

"Sasuke, you're not going back to prison, I promise you. I won't let anything bad happen to you."

"You can't do anything about it. You love Sakura and she wants to see me in prison."

"That's not true, Sasuke."

"Why don't you ever believe me?!" He shouted. "You're a damn airhead, you don't understand anything!"

"I do understand! You're jealous because I took the girl from you."

"What?!" He shouted. "Sakura doesn't interest me!"

"Then why are you like this?"

"God! See how you understand nothing?! How are you going to do anything if you don't even know what's happening?!"

"Tell me then, Sasuke! We're friends!"

"No, Naruto. We were friends. You've betrayed me for that bitch!"

"Don't you mess with her."

"Of course, because she'll always be more important than me. I was right, I don't matter to you. You haven't even asked me if I'm okay after finding out about everything that has happened to me."

"I know you're okay." I told him. "You're an Uchiha; you'll never tell me that you're not okay even if you aren't. I'll always be here for you, Sauske, when you want to talk about everything that's happened or if you need help, come to me."

"I can't trust you, Naruto, not after you're capable of hitting me for Sakura. I'll go back to prison and you... won't do anything about it." He told me.

"I don't trust you, Sasuke." I told him as well. "You've hidden everything that's happened to you from me."

"How was I going to tell you? I thought you knew me, they've wounded me in the deepest of my being, Naruto, they went after my pride. Do you know how it is fro me to tell you that they've abused me? No Uchiha has ever had a humiliation like mine."

I couldn't help but hug him with more force and it's just that, I felt an immense pain every time Sasuke said they had abused him. I felt a fury take over my veins. Sasuke mattered to me more than I could ever come to terms with. He was my childhood friend and I was going to deal with this because once I found out the names of those assholes, they would know just who a mad Naruto Uzumaki was. Nobody touches my Uchiha without my permission and since I've said it, exactly nobody had the permission to touch him.

"I'm sorry." I told him, almost crying. "I'm sorry, Sasuke, forgive me. It's my fault, I brought you here, I practically put you in a silver platter for them to humiliate, I'm sorry."

I noticed how Sasuke's hands gripped tighter on my shirt and cried, he was crying and I let him although he kept his face buried in my shirt to keep me from seeing him. His pride always first.


Chapter 38: Bedroom Conflicts

Sasuke Uchiha

I felt like an imbecile. I was now sitting on the tree branch waiting for the morning to come and each time I thought over how I had cried in front of Naruto, I felt weak, impotent, and even more of an imbecile. Since when does Sasuke Uchiha cry in front of a dobe like him? The only thing that gave me a bit of comfort was knowing he wouldn't say anything; I didn't want anyone knowing about that weak little detail.

The only problem now was that Naruto looked at me with pitiful eyes. He felt pity over what they had done to me! I didn't want his damn pity, I wanted him to look at me like always: the proud, high and mighty Sasuke Uchiha that always had things under control.

That morning we continued once again to cross the desert and oddly... we all held a deathly silence. I didn't want to talk about anything, much less since Naruto had found out what they had done to me in prison. Naruto didn't even dare look at me, he felt sorry for me and didn't know what to talk to me about. That was the last straw! Sakura, after crossing the line yesterday with Naruto, telling him everything and seeing how he rushed off to help me, preferred to keep silent to avoid the blond getting closer to Sai and I. Sai simply preferred silence so he wouldn't provoke a problem like yesterday.

We arrived at the gates of Suna and everything seemed to be going great, at least to the rest of the team, whom were received with open arms whereas I had arms pointed at directly at me. Seems like nobody told them about my visit. They didn't back off until Gaara came and ordered them to lower their arms, arguing that this was not how they treated guests.

I followed them through the streets and the people looked at me the same as always. I suppose I should start getting used to this. I realized as I looked ahead that Naruto was observing me with those damn pitiful eyes of his- how I hated those eyes! I wasn't the 'poor Uchiha,' I was the 'Proud Uchiha.' I wanted him to stop looking at me like that, with pity, I didn't need his pity nor his compassion. I wanted him to be the same Naruto he always was with me.

Gaara invited us to stay at his house, but I preferred to go to some hotel or hostal, I didn't want to annoy anyone else with my visit, but he practically forced me to stay. I still remembered when I fought against him during the exam; honestly this guy had changed since then.

The only ones who really welcomed me with decency were Gaara's siblings, but then... those two never really had any prejudice towards me and if I was here, they knew it had to be for something, so they didn't ask me any questions and treated me indifferently- which I really appreciated! I may not have talked much with them, but then again, I barely talked with anyone so they didn't hold it against me.

To sleep... Sakura had left towards a room on her own and left us guys to share the other two bedrooms. Of course, I didn't want to go with Naruto after what had happened yesterday and now that he knew everything.

"I'll go with Sai." I said dryly and Sai was surprised over it.

"Don't even say it." Naruto said. "He only wants... only wants to see a certain part of you." He said, moodily.

"Like I care, I'm only going to sleep." I told him.

"You can't go with him and that's final." He said.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm responsible for looking over you, they've commended this mission to me so you have to be with me all twenty-four hours of the day."

Huh, and I almost forgot about that. It was true they had given Naruto this mission and that he was in charge of watching me to my worst of luck.

"Fine." I said. "Just don't snore too much, I want to sleep." I told him as I entered the room.

The room wasn't all that bad... save for maybe one thing: there was only one bed. I threw myself directly on it, hearing Naruto's annoying groan as he closed the room door.

"What are you doing, teme?" He asked.

"Sleeping." I replied. "Are you blind or what?"

"I see that. I'm saying to scoot over and leave me a space."

"Why would I give have to give you space? I got here first, dobe, look for some other place to sleep."

"There's only one bed, so make space, teme!" He shouted.

"The floor would be good for you." I told him. "Although... you could always go to Sakura's room, isn't that what you've been wishing for since we started this mission? Get in her bed?"

I was a bit scared when I felt Naruto's body over me and I saw him with a fist raised in the air as if he were about to hit me. I smiled after the little surprise he gave me; I wasn't expecting him to pounce at me so fast to defend that bitch.

"Hit me, Naruto." I dared him. "Come on, I know you want to."

"What's your problem with her?" He asked.

"She's taking away the only thing that matters to me."

"I don't understand." He said, lowering his arm.

"Doesn't matter, leave it. I only want to sleep."

Naruto got off of me and stayed on one side of the bed while I turned my back to him, trying to stay as far from him as possible because being near him excited me and I didn't want him to feel it. I grabbed one of the kunai and griped it tightly, placing it under my pillow without letting go of it. I couldn't convince myself that nobody would try to kill me anywhere I went, I couldn't trust anyone.

The lights turned off and from the window, I could see the stars in the sky. Here in Suna, you could see them with great clarity; nothing covered them and I liked that. I could hear Naruto's breathing and noticed how sometimes the bed would sink a bit, letting me know he was turning around to look at me; so even he couldn't sleep. Even so, I pretended to be asleep, keeping absolutely still.

"What's she taking from you, Sasuke?" He suddenly asked.

"Go to sleep, dobe." I told him.

"What's she taking from you?" He asked again.

"My best friend." I replied. "I have nothing else left, Naruto. I have nothing that's worth staying in the village. They took it all away from me, I only want to leave." I commented.

Naruto suddenly turned to face my back and sat up on the bed but I didn't turn. I had humiliated myself enough telling him that, I had been humiliated enough telling him about what had happened to me in prison and I didn't want to go on dealing with this, my pride couldn't possibly take any more.

"Is that what you think, Sasuke?" He asked me.

"Yes." I said. "Go with Sakura, it doesn't matter."

"Sasuke... you know that you and I will always be friends and I know it's cost you to tell me this because you have too much a great pride to confess it but, I want you to know, that I would never hurt your pride."

"Cool, now let me sleep." I said, trying to make him drop the topic at once.

"Sasuke..." He called me and I turned to look at his impressive blue eyes. "Were you serious about the first time thing?" He asked me, blushing. "Am I going to make a fool of myself?"

"Surely." I told him in all sincerity.

"Help me, then." He suddenly said. "Please."

"You already asked me once and I told you it's all about practice. I cant help you, Naruto."

"Please... just a kiss, teach me. How do you do it?"

This was going to cost me greatly! I couldn't kiss Naruto without wanting more of him and I was convinced that I didn't want to. Perhaps I could explain it in theory without having to do anything, maybe that's what he wanted because he didn't look at me as anything greater than a friend. I looked at him fixedly to his eyes and raised my hand to his cheek.

"You grab her cheek." I told him. "Not aggressively, but calmly and tenderly. If she has any strand of hair loose, remove it and tuck it behind her ear first." I looked at Naruto, completely red but listening attentively and I knew I was going to regret this because he would do this with someone else. "Caress her softly and slowly get closer to her lips. Don't leave your eyes open when you make contact, at least for me, I don't like that." I clarified. "I don't know what else to teach you, the rest you would have to practice."

"Sasuke... I'll get those who did this to you." He told me and I tensed.

"I don't want to talk about it, Naruto."


"Stop looking at me like that, Naruto." I got annoyed. "Stop looking at me with pity, I don't need that."

"Then what do you need?" He asked me, getting annoyed.

"I need..." I was going to say that I needed him, but I shut up because I knew it would be too much a wound for my pride to be rejected by him. I couldn't say it. "I need..." I couldn't help but to let a tear slide down to my cheek and once again, I felt like an imbecile, once again weak in front of him.

I felt his hand on my cheek and when I raised my head to look at him, I saw his face nearing mine while his thumb dried off the tear that was falling. Was he using what I had taught him? I had stayed immobile, seeing how he closed his eyes, feeling how his lips made contact with mine, softly. I was about to cry once again but I contained myself, maybe because I couldn't stand the idea of a crybaby Uchiha, I should be strong. Knowing that, I swallowed my feelings and let Naruto kiss me.

He really was a newbie at this, he didn't know how to lead and I ended up enforcing mine so he could go along. The good thing was, that he learned fast and went along just fine. I passed my hand over behind his head and brought him closer to me, asking for permission with my tongue brushing against his bottom lip so he could open a little... and he did. He opened his mouth a bit to let me enter and play with his tongue. At first, he didn't know what to do but just then, he caught my pace.

I was even more surprised when he threw his leg over my waist and got on top of me, keeping the pace of the kiss and caressing my abdomen while lifting my shirt. Did he really want to do this? Was this really Naruto or had they replaced him?

"Naruto?" I asked him because I wasn't sure I was understanding what was going on.

"Shh." He quieted me. "I won't hurt your pride, Sasuke." He repeated me, now taking off my shirt and passing his hand over my chest before coming back to kiss me.

I couldn't take any more, if he wanted it, then good for me, because that's what he'll get. I had no strength to reprimand myself anymore. I needed him, I wanted him, I loved him and although my pride would impede me from saying it, I knew perfectly well what I felt for him.

I realized his hands were shaking because he was scared. I think he wasn't scared of doing it with me, but instead, of failing his first time, scared of everything I told him, of making a ridicule of himself.

"Calm down, Naruto." I whispered. "I'll do it for you, just let yourself go." I indicated and he nodded.

I threw him to the side of the bed and rolled over on top of him because for one, I wasn't willing to let a newbie take the lead. He knew nothing about this so I supposed that in the end, it would be up to me to teach him. I lifted his shirt and he lifted his arms, permitting me to take it off.

I passed my fingertips over his abdomen, softly tickling him before placing my mouth over it and traveling all over his chest, kissing it until I reached his nipples. I heard him gasp when I bit down on them with delicacy, when I sucked on them and when I kissed on them. When I looked at him, I knew I had fallen in love with his precious blue eyes, of that innocence of his that he had at this moment. I kissed him again and found that I really loved his mouth, I loved his tongue and I didn't care if he was a newbie- I could show him! Only while he were mine I could do it, I didn't' care if he was a virgin or not, besides, within a little while he wouldn't be one anymore and I knew it was odd of me, but if he needed to stop being one and enter, I would let him, but only him.

He really had no idea how to do anything. In the end, I had to explain to him that he had to lubricate me before entering. I even showed him how to do it when I took his fingers and placed them in my mouth, licking them seductively while I felt his member grow, brushing against mine as I was sitting on top of him. He gasped my name seductively while he entered his fingers inside me and it excited me greatly to hear him.

"Sasuke." I heard him whisper. "Are you sure of this?" He asked.

"Do it." I told him.

"I don't want to hurt you."

"Fuck, Naruto." I complained. "I'm a ninja, you think you're going to kill me just by entering me? I'm used to the pain, come on, do it once and for all... or is it that you want to stay a virgin?"

"I don't." He said.

"One thing, though." I told him. "Don't you even dare telling people that I've let you enter me or I'll kill you, is that clear?" I asked him, saving whatever was left of my pride.

"Alright, I won't say anything, I promise."

Oh how he feared me; Naruto was so nervous. He wasn't sure if he should so in the end, I had to grab his member in my hands and sit on him, penetrating myself. It hurt, I wasn't going to deny it, but knowing that it was Naruto who was doing it filled me with satisfaction because I only wished for him. Naruto moaned as he commented how good it felt and it wasn't odd; the first time doing it was a unique sensation, something new and emotional, that's what he was experiencing at the moment.

I began moving over him while he looked at me and I picked up speed every time, although when I saw Naruto's face about to release from excitement, I slowed down. He had been quiet and enjoying it while I had a problem; I needed to enjoy as well, so I had to ask him, grabbing his right hand and bringing it to my member.

"Naruto, touch me." I asked him.

"Okay." He said, beginning to move his hand over my member, making me moan.

With the excitement I had over feeling Naruto under me moaning and his hand on my member, I wasn't going to last long. I picked up speed, hearing Naruto's last gasp as he told me he was coming and I let him. I came in his hand, a few seconds after he came inside me.

When I got off of him and laid on the bed, I heard that it had been amazing, he even thanked me for letting me practice with him. I did not like that. Practice? Was that all I had been? The guy who he could practice with before going off to fuck that bitch? I was the one who he could learn with and make a fool of himself so he wouldn't do it in front of Sakura? My pride fell to pieces but I didn't want to demonstrate any of it although I got so mad, that I punched him. I just felt like an idiot letting him enter me! I thought he had felt something for me but no, he had used me. I punched him over and over again until I could see his lip bleed and he stopped the next one, angry.

"What's wrong, Sasuke?!" He asked me, cleaning the blood off his lip with the back of his hand.

"Nothing." I told him, getting out of bed and putting on my shirt and pants.

"Where are you going?"

"Taking a walk." I told him.

"Is something wrong?" He asked me. "Tell me."


"Is it something I said or did?"

"No." I said.

"Did you not want to do it with me?" He hesitated to ask. "Is that it? Or maybe... did you not want anyone to enter you?" He asked me, almost shouting and I was now twice as much annoyed to hear that.

"It was just practice, no?" I told him seriously. "I hope you enjoy with Sakura next time, but remember the deal, this never happened between us, you never entered me." I told him although my own words tore me in two, it hurt me, his betrayal hurt me. I though he had done it with me because he wanted to and turns out he had only done it so he wouldn't look bad in front of Sakura, he had used me. I had let him use me! Me, Sasuke Uchiha! "If you touch me again, I'll kill you." I threatened.

I got out of the room and walked towards the terrace where I stayed all night. It was cold, nights in the desert were horrible, but I didn't care, it was better that staying in that room. At least here... no one would see me cry.


Chapter 39: Avoiding You

Naruto Uzumaki

When I woke up, Sasuke had not yet come back to the room. Was he really that angry with me? What had I done to him? I hadn't done anything, I had only asked for help and I even thanked him for helping me... what's going on? I thought he was my friend, that he wanted to help me with this, that he wanted to help me so I would not look a fool with Sakura, but it's as if it had annoyed him.

Why didn't he understand that I wasn't going to stop being his best friend? I wasn't going to abandon him for Sakura like he thought. I walked out of the room, dressed, and I found Gaara in the kitchen, the rest of my team had not yet woken up.

"Good morning." I said to Gaara.

"Good morning." He commented while drinking his coffee.

I sat down, having a coffee as well since I needed from the little night I had. I did have to acknowledge something, though: I liked Sasuke's dominant side, I liked that he had been my first, but I didn't understand him. He knew perfectly well what I felt for Sakura but he should know that I wouldn't abandon our friendship for her.

"Complicated night?" Gaara asked me.

"How do you know?"

"I happen to have insomnia, don't you remember?" He asked. "I heard Sasuke walk out towards the terrace last night. I didn't want to bother him, but I think... he was crying."

"Sasuke? Crying?" I asked, incredulous. "Impossible."

"I'm only telling you what I saw." Gaara told me.

"Seriously?" I asked.

"Naruto... do you really not see what's going on?" He asked me with a small smile. "I'll explain something to you: I think the relationship between you and Sasuke is something more than that of simple friends, Naruto. It even happened last night; you didn't even let him go with Sai. You feel something for him and you haven't even noticed. Jealousy is killing you, you can't even let him go with some other guy."

"Of course I feel something for him; we've been friends since kids."

"I think... you still have much to learn, Naruto." He told me, getting up with his coffee to march off towards the terrace where Sasuke was supposed to be. "Something stronger unites that boy with you, Naruto, and I do not mean friendship." Was the last thing he said before exiting.

I don't know from where this was coming from, but something was clear; Gaara seemed to also be annoyed with me for some reason. What was going on today? First, Sasuke got annoyed and now Gaara. What was I supposedly doing wrong? They were messing with me and I was determined to confront whomever to find out what was going on.

I got up and out of the kitchen and headed towards the terrace. Gaara was there sitting on the railing looking over at Sasuke sleeping on a hammock. At least he had covered him with some sheets; nights here were really cold.

"Can I talk to him?" I asked Gaara.

"He's asleep." He responded.

"I can see that. I'll wait for him to wake up if it's necessary, but I have something to talk about with him."

"I don't think it's convenient." He commented. "What are you going to tell him, Naruto?" He asked.

"I want him to explain things to me."

"Do you not know Sasuke, still? Do what you want, there is no worse blindness than those who do not want to see." Gaara said, getting off the railing to head inside.

I waited for Sasuke to wake up, but he wouldn't. He seemed to be too tired and even still, he continued holding that kunai in his hand. He really didn't let go of it, not even in his sleep! What was he so scared of?

I neared him and grabbed his hand to take away the kunai but he suddenly woke up, placing the weapon against my neck. I stayed still and Sasuke looked at me confused as if he didn't know what to do.

"Sasuke, it's me, let go of it." I told him and he retired the kunai from my throat.

"Sorry." He excused himself. "Fuck, don't wake me up like that, dobe." He told me.

"Why didn't you go back inside to sleep?" I asked him.

"You snore." He replied annoyingly.

"Why are you angry?!" I almost shouted.

"Why do you think?!" He said. "You've used me!"

"I didn't use you, you told me you'd help me."

"I didn't say I was going to help you, I told you I'd show you how to kiss in theory and you kissed me, I thought you wanted something with me!"

"How was I going to want something with you, Sasuke? You're a guy and on top of that, you know I like Sakura." I told him. "What's wrong with you?"

"What's wrong is that I was also convinced that I liked girls." He told me. "But I fell in love with you, I couldn't avoid it. I don't like that you use me so you can later on go with Sakura."

"Are you sick in the head?" I asked him, unbelieving. "We're friends, Sasuke, you're my best friend. You think I'm going to buy that story that you're in love? You're an Uchiha, you don't like guys."

"I don't know, why would I let you fuck me if I didn't feel anything for you?" He asked.

"I like Sakura." I stated.

"You think I don't know that? You repeat it all the time and I'm sick of hearing you say it! I'm sick of you defending that whore!" He told me angrily and I felt his hand grab my member, I couldn't help but moan. "You see that, Naruto? It could be that you don't like guys but this was mine last night, you were mine, now leave and leave me in peace, Naruto." He said, letting go of me.

"I thought you wanted to help me."

"Have I not helped you enough?" He asked me. "I've let you fuck me so you wouldn't ridicule yourself with you friend, now you help me." He told me.

"What do you want?"

"I want you to let me leave."

"Why do you want to leave the village?"

"Because I can't stand seeing you with her." he responded. "Because I can't stand seeing the people who threw my brother away, branding him a traitor, because I can't stand that everyone wants to kill me when I'm there, let me leave." He told me.

"What's keeping you from leaving?"

"You. Because as soon as I try leaving, you'll return to following after me, you'll want to bring me back again because you promised that bitch you would and you love her so much that you'd do anything for her. I don't want you to follow me and for you not to do it, I'd have to kill you... and I can't do that. I love you too much."

"I can't let you leave." I told him. "I'm sorry, Sasuke, but I can't let you."

"Then don't ever touch me again, go back to your girl and leave me alone because now, I can't stand seeing you."

"Sasuke... I'm not gay." I clarified. "I'm sorry, okay? I don't know what to tell you or what to do with you now, I lament that last night confused you."

"Just leave it, Naruto. I can see clearly that you feel weird being here with me, leave."

I got out of there quickly because I couldn't believe Sasuke had let out all of that. He loved me? Since when does an Uchiha fall in love with a guy? He was supposed to be my best friend. Did he insult Sakura because he was jealous? Did he seriously throw that kunai at her face from jealousy? I only had one thing clear now and that was that I did not like guys and in reality, I thought I had it very clear because last night I had enjoyed going inside Sasuke. Fuck! What the hell was happening to me? I wasn't like this, I wasn't like Sasuke, I liked Sakura!

I knew just what to do: get closer to Sakura and far from Sasuke. I had to get away from him, he was confusing me. I felt nothing for him, it was only a night of pleasure, just practice so I could have perfect relations with Sakura. So why couldn't I take Sasuke's moans out of my head? Why couldn't I stop feeling guilty for leaving him knowing he was suffering for my fault? Why couldn't I let him leave like he asked me over and over again? Maybe I was selfish, I couldn't lose my best friend but I couldn't also lose Sakura. I was turning so damn selfish that I didn't want to lose anything and with this... I was making my best friend suffer.

Sakura was in the kitchen when I walked in and I almost appreciated that she had not found out about anything. Sasuke walked in behind me, but I wanted to distance myself from him, I was not going to fall in this again, I was not gay and I had to demonstrate it. I neared Sakura and kissed her in front of everybody. She responded to my kiss and I heard how something fell out of Gaara's hands and broke against the floor. When I separated from her and looked back, Sasuke wasn't there anymore and Gaara looked at me shaking his head in disapproval as if I had crossed the line to the fullest and marched off.

I didn't see Sasuke the entire afternoon. Sakura, Sai and I completed the mission we had came here for. Gaara had accompanied us as well with some of his elite ninja and when we finished, I wanted to talk to him so I grabbed his arm and separated him from the rest of the group.

"What do you need, Naruto?" He asked.

"Are you mad at me?"

"A bit." He said. "But don't worry, you've helped me a lot, actually."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"I thought Sasuke was yours." He bluntly stated. "But oh well, I believe you've made it very clear that you don't like him, so that means I can take advantage now."

"You like Sasuke?" I asked him.

"Since the exam; he's strong, he's prideful, he's like me. He has the same look as I, the same loneliness I once had, I like him. The only reason I wanted nothing with him, was because of you. I respect you far too much for me to get in between of your relationship, but if you have no such thing... I think I'll try something with him." He commented. "Maybe I'll propose he come live here in Suna, it'd be a better place than in Konoha where everyone hates him."

"You can't take him." I said fearfully. "You can't take him from me."

"I'm not taking him from you, Naruto, you've chosen Sakura and I chose Sasuke. Don't worry, I won't obligate him to do what he doesn't want to. Thanks for leaving me a clear path with him."

When we returned to base, I didn't find Sasuke in the room but I heard the shower running in the bathroom so I supposed he was showering. I remembered Sasuke in the shower of my house, remembering his perfect body, his naked body as well, on top of me, his moans, his movements, his soft and delicate kisses, his patience to teach me and I... I had betrayed him for Sakura. It's just that I couldn't change what I felt; I loved Sakura, the entire damn village knew it. I didn't know what to do as to not lose Sasuke because Gaara would offer him to come live in Suna and I knew he would accept as to not see me anymore. I was mad at myself but even so, I was still being damn selfish, prohibiting myself from losing him even though it'd hurt him. What the hell was going on with me? He had left his pride wide open and I... I hurt wounded it where it most hurt.

When Sasuke got out of the bathroom all dressed, he didn't even give me time to react or let me speak; he left telling me he was heading over to Gaara's room to sleep and I got jealous. I didn't want Gaara to have him, but perhaps... tonight he would offer him to stay in Suna with him.

That wasn't the worst of it. I could hear from the room next door Gaara's moans and I knew that he was surely doing something with Sasuke, or in this case, I knew Sasuke was doing something with Gaara because he would never let himself be dominated over, he was an Uchiha and I could tell... by Gaara's screams and moans, I knew he was having fun.

That night, I cried in my room and I didn't understand why. I had always said that I liked Sakura and now I was crying because of Sasuke. What's wrong with me? I decided to forget about all this; Sasuke was only my friend, only a friend and Sakura was everything I wanted.

When I woke up the next morning, Gaara and Sasuke were eating breakfast together and laughing. They were laughing! Those two... I've never seen them laugh, how could they laugh? Sasuke looked attractive, his eyes were shining and I believe... he had accepted to come to Suna with him, even more after what happened last night but it surprised me that when we were packing our things, he too, started packing his.

"Where are you going, Sasuke?" I asked him.

"Where am I going? To the village."

"You're not staying here?"

"You're spying on me now?"

"Gaara told me he was going to offer you to stay."

"And he did, but I'm supposed to be under vigilance, so I have no other remedy than to deal with it and go back with you. Although, he's going to diplomatically ask the Hokage for my transfer, I suppose that in a few weeks I could be living here." He told me.

"Slept well last night?" I asked a bit annoyed.

"I slept stupendously, thanks for asking."

"Gaara must've been very happy." I said.


"I heard him moan loudly last night."

"And that has something to do with me?"

"You did it with him, right?"

"God, Naruto, you're paranoid." He told me, a side smile in place. "I did nothing with Gaara." He told me but I didn't believe him. "Either way, even if I had done it, why would you care? Go with Sakura, haven't you been trying to avoid me all day? You don't need to pretend, it's obvious that I disgust you ever since you found out someone from the same sex turns me on." He told me as he got out of the room.

As if I was an idiot! Of course he had done something with Gaara, I heard him moan loudly and even Gaara himself had confessed to me that he liked Sasuke. He was lying to me and I knew it, they had slept together!


Chapter 40: My Clan

Sasuke Uchiha

Naruto was going completely crazy ever since I told him my feelings. Now he believed he had the right to tell me with whom I could or couldn't sleep with! The trip back was... strange, none of us even talked to one another with the exception of Sakura, who was being too clingy with Naruto. She wouldn't stop giving him kisses and bumping into him. Did I seriously have to deal with this? And it's not only during the mission, I supposedly lived with Naruto due to this whole watching over me thing- please, someone kill me rather than have me see theses little acts between them!

Over these last few days, Naruto ignored me, he wouldn't listen to me, wouldn't speak to me and when our eyes glanced at each other, he would look away. He was angry at me for sleeping with Gaara- but I hadn't even slept with him! Naruto was seriously sick in the head... I kept telling him I loved him and he would ignore me by saying how I had slept with his best friend, who understood him? How was I to sleep with his best friend?

I couldn't deny that I had conversed with him that night, sure, but he had offered me to live in Suna, something I accepted as to get Naruto off my back. Why would I stay here? To see how Naruto threw himself over Sakura every night in her bed? I couldn't see that, it hurt me to even think about it.

That night, we had stopped to rest as soon as we finished crossing the desert. Sakura made the effort to have the first watch and even though everyone went to sleep, I passed. I didn't trust her so I wasn't going to sleep. I got out to walk around a bit and when I came back, Sakura saw me.

"You're not sleeping, Sasuke?" She asked me smugly.

"No." I replied dryly.

"They've told me you had a great time with Gaara." She criticized and had that stupid smile of hers in place.

"I had a great time, alright. But it wasn't with Gaara, I slept with your boyfriend." I told her and she slapped me.

"Stop talking nonsense." She said and I laughed.

"Ask him." I told her. "He put it in me how he wanted and when he wanted. You can take him if you want, but you'll never take his first time with me, I already took it, I took it from you."

"He doesn't even want to look at you." She said.

"Makes sense, he doesn't love me." I told her although it hurt. "But I have his first time."

"You'll have to take it, then, because I won't rest until I see you dead, Sasuke."

"I know, but do it fast, I can't stand seeing you any longer."

I walked over to one of the trees, wanting to sleep for a bit but Sai saw me at that moment, I suppose it was his turn to be on lookout.

"So Sakura's trying to kill you?" He asked me with a serious face.

"Now you're spying over my conversations?" I asked.

"Something like that, I just happened to hear. Why haven't you told this to Naruto?"

"As if he would believe me. He'd defend Sakura, just like he always does."

"Yes, that's very possible. He hasn't noticed his own feelings."

"What feelings?" I asked, incredulous.

"Come on, Naruto is crazy about you." He told me. "He just hasn't noticed yet, he doesn't think it's possible. Have some patience with him, he'll come to realize soon."

"Probably... when they kill me." I told him. "Surely when I'm no longer here, that's when that dobe will realize something."

Sai smiled and I knew that deep down, we both knew Naruto was too slow to notice things. But, Sakura was much faster and smart; she would end up capturing me and I had a great disadvantage in this village- I was alone, completely alone. Nobody wanted me in the village, everyone would do anything to get me out of their way but Naruto... Naruto didn't even notice. How happy that dobe was in his own ignorance!

"Did you really do it with Naruto?" Sai asked me and I smiled. "Is it small?"

"Not even close." I commented and he smiled.

When we began our route during sunrise... I couldn't go on even with all my soul, I needed to go to sleep urgently. I felt how I was weakening at times due to lack of sleep and all because of that blond imbecile. I really wanted to arrive home, in reality, I didn't know if that was a good idea because that meant staying alone with Naruto or dealing with Sakura. I don't know which two things are worse!

Once arriving at the village, the guards had stopped us at the entrance before letting us through and as always... they looked at me with doubts, fear and hate. Since then I was never well-received! I walked, following the rest of the group but the real problem was when Naruto and I ended up alone. He automatically turned around and threw me the keys to his house and told me to go on ahead as he had things to do. I knew in that moment that he was avoiding me.

I arrived at his house and threw myself on the sofa falling asleep. When I woke up, it was very late but Naruto had not yet come back. If before I had any doubts if he was avoiding me, then now I had none and much less when he entered, greeted me and told me he was too tired and he was going to sleep. He didn't even let me speak, so having nothing, I stayed in the sofa reading one of the scrolls he had laying around until the sun rose. Just as he had woken up, Naruto once again disappeared claiming the same as yesterday: that he had things to do. He was avoiding me! He didn't want to see me, I had proved it.

That morning, I went to speak with Kakashi. Since he was the Hokage now, he was the only one who could get Naruto out of my sight. Everyone looked at me fatally, the kids were scared upon seeing me, some ninja even threw things at me but I passed by everything, it wasn't even worth it to look back. I arrived at the office and what a surprise... they wouldn't let me enter to see Kakashi in case I wanted to assassinate him. Of course... the only normal thing in the world! I gave them all my weapons at the entrance and even still, they didn't trust me because they accompanied me all the way towards the office and they didn't leave me alone with him until Kakashi ordered them to leave.

"What can I do for you, Sasuke?" he asked me.

"I want you to get Naruto off me." I told him straight out.

"You're always so direct. What's going on now?"

"I don't want to be with him." I said.

"There must be a motive..."

"There is: he doesn't watch over me; he's avoiding me."

"I'll talk to him." That was his solution.

"I don't want you to talk to him, I want someone else to look over me."

"Alright then," he began. "I'll assign you to Dajimu." He explained and I didn't know him by name.

"To who?" I asked.

"An ANBU, he's from the Root department." He explained.

"In Danzo's department?" I asked angrily. "Look for someone else, Danzo was the one responsible for having my brother exiled."

"There's no other, someone from the elite has to look over you. It's Naruto or Dajimu."

"Fine." I told him. "I'll just have to deal, then."

I got out of there when Kakashi let me leave after meeting my new warder. He was weird and I knew he hated me, just like everyone else, but it was better than having to stand Naruto's constant doings. Dajimu had been surprised when he saw me walk towards Naruto's house and told me that I could not go there.

"I know." I told him. "I'm only going to pick up my things. Can I?"

"Alright." He said, following me.

I entered the dark and solitary room and started picking up my things under the attentive stare of Dajimu, who checked everything I packed in case I wanted to try something. I didn't know what he expected... to slice his neck, perhaps! I don't know. Naruto suddenly entered, running in with ragged breaths.

"What the fuck are you doing, Sasuke?" He asked me angrily and Dajimu grabbed him before he could attack me.

"Leaving." I told him. "Can't you see?"

"Where are you going?"

"To my house, if you don't remember, I'm an Uchiha. My old house is still in the clan compound."

"That house is dust." He told me.

"I know, but it's better than seeing how you avoid me all day."

"You prefer this one from Root than me to watch you?" He asked me, confused.

"Yes." I told him. "I can't continue to be by your side. Go whore around with Sakura to your liking, you can do it now. Stop worrying about me, I'll ask for a change of teams when I can so you won't have to go on avoiding me."

"I'm not avoiding you, Sasuke!" He shouted.

"Oh no, of course not. It's been two days since I've seen you, but you're not avoiding me at all."

"What did you want me to do? You let out all this about feeling something for me and then you go and sleep with Gaara!"

"I've told you already that I did not sleep with Gaara." I didn't even notice that Sai entered at that moment through the door.

"Guys." He called out to us.

"Shut up!" Both Naruto and I shouted at him, making him shut up.

"I heard you perfectly clear, Gaara was moaning!"

"Yeah, well it wasn't me who was there!"

"You said you were going to sleep in his room!"

"I went to talk to him about his offer to Suna!"

"Guys." We heard Sai again and we looked at him. "It was me."

"What?" We asked at the same time.

"I slept with Gaara." He told us.

"Wait... you gave me your room so you could stay with Gaara?" I asked him.

"Yes." Sai answered.

"You slept in Sai's room?" Naruto asked me.

"Yeah, Gaara only wanted to talk to me, I told you but you never believe me."

"Seriously, it was you, Sai?" Naruto asked.

"I wanted to spend a night with him and he with me, so I let Sasuke sleep in my room and I went with Gaara. The moans were my fault, Sasuke didn't sleep with him."

"You're an imbecile!" I yelled at Naruto.

"Sasuke, don't leave." He told me. "I'm sorry, I thought it was you. Gaara told me he was in love with you."

"It was to make you jealous, Naruto." Sai explained. "I've been seeing Gaara for months, we're going out."

"Good job, Naruto, of course... because when I tell you that I wasn't fucking Gaara, you didn't believe me. Go to hell, dobe."

I got out of there and dealt with wanting to cry. I dealt with the pain of my heart breaking, I dealt with the humiliation and his insults, I dealt with loneliness because I was alone, like I've always been.

Just like Naruto had said, the house was practically dust, and not only my house, but the entire clan. Nobody had bothered to fix it, they had left it as it was. Dajimu followed without loosing sight of me and I grabbed a wooden sword off the ground, surely from some of the kids that had been here before being massacred. On top of it, they had given me this guy, one of Danzo's men, one of the ones that had caused my brother to run off.

I walked to my house and the memories were painful. I remembered my brother, remembered my parents, my grandparents, everyone from my clan, but now there was only dust and broken wood, not even the doors closed.

"Are you sure you prefer being here?" Dajimu asked me.

"Yeah." I told him. "It's my home."

"It's depressing." He told me.

"I know, but it's still my home."

I took out a torn futon from one of the closets and looked for another one for my companion. I didn't take long to lay down although I did take long to fall asleep. I suppose... that I wasn't sufficient for Naruto, that hurt me to my soul, it hurt me in my pride, that I wasn't enough for him but that whore was. Sasuke Uchiha was no longer worth anything! That's how I felt. He told me he wouldn't hurt my pride, but he had hurt it to the fullest. He had torn me apart and I couldn't stand it anymore, I would not humiliate myself in front of him again. I would never be this Sasuke again, I had to be the previous one, the proud Sasuke Uchiha who nobody messed with. I would never forgive Naruto, this betrayal, I would never forgive it.


Chapter 41: Danger

Sasuke Uchiha

I slept for a bit, but I think that this was beginning to become a habit for me, ever since I came to Konoha... well, since they forcefully obligated me to return to Konoha! I had only slept well when I was at Naruto's house and it was silly; I had felt safe being with him, I believed that if something happened, he would be there to protect me. How wrong I was! Now I knew he only did all of this for Sakura. It wasn't me whom he cared about.

Either way... it didn't matter to me anymore to know anything about the blond because I knew perfectly well that nobody wanted me here. I was only a traitor, the Class S assassin, nobody trusted me, nobody looked at me as someone from the village, I was only a foreigner that was best to eliminate.

"Why didn't you want that kid to watch over you?" I heard Dajimu ask me.

"I don't get along well with those from the Uzumaki clan." I lied.

"You do know he's the last of Uzumaki descent, right?" He asked.

"Yeah, that's what they say. Looks like he's not that different from me after all, there are few Uchiha and only one Uzumaki. Half Namikaze, half Uzumaki." I told him. "The damn dobe that everyone thought was an orphan turned out to come from two of the most important clans in the village, isn't it ironic?" I asked, smiling. "And he's still a dobe."

"The Uzumakis were experts in seals, he would have been a better guard than I." He commented.

"Well, I don't want him with me." I told him. "Let him stay with his last names and his rediscovered clans, I'll pass. I don't need him."

I got up and got out to walk around the destroyed garden of my house, or more put, my family's house because I didn't even feel like it was mine anymore. I missed my brother, he always had everything under control, I would have liked for him to explain to me what the hell I should do now because I didn't know what to do. Did I have to fight to help the village that had abandoned him? Because at this moment, the only thing I wished... was to kill Danzo, one of the few that had used and ruined my brother's life.

Dajimu followed me as I walked out to the village and as always, the people looked at me badly and insulted me. I went towards the lake in the center and sat down for a second to look at my reflection in the water. I remembered my training when I was small here, when I wanted to perfect my fire techniques and then... I saw something on my neck. I had a mark, I think it was a seal. When had they done this? Weren't the seals a specialty of the Uzumaki? Was it Naruto? I doubted it, he was an imbecile to even think of something this complex, this couldn't have been Naruto.

I looked at the seal better and it looked to me to have been something recent. I began to think that it had been Dajimu while I slept, it was too complex for someone like Naruto, but not for someone belonging to ANBU and in all honestly, I couldn't trust anyone that worked for Danzo, not after what they had done to my brother. They were capable of anything as long as they protected the village and to them, I was the traitor, the enemy of the village, they wanted me out and nobody seemed to notice it, not even Naruto realized that he was in constant danger.

Behind my back appeared Danzo's figure and I saw him from the reflection in the water. I didn't want to turn around when he began talking and certainly... this seal was something of his, it was confirmed. What the hell had they put on me? That was my grand question, what the hell was this seal useful for.

"You intend to block me?" I asked him. "Weaken me?"

"No, Sasuke, it wouldn't be of any use to me to weaken you. It's a seal to control."

"To control?"

"I'll know where you are, what you're doing, I could even order you to do something. It could be that you won't remember what you did after you're out of the trance." He finished, smiling.

"You want to manipulate me?" I asked.

"You're only a weapon more, Sasuke. You may be a traitor but you'll be good in the battlefield. It won't be a major loss if we lose you, nobody wants you here."

"You're an asshole. Didn't you have enough with what you did to my brother?"

"Your brother chose to protect the village."

"Yes, but I suppose he didn't believe you'd throw him to the lions like a criminal just to secure your place as Hokage. You won't be Hokage." I told him. "It's going to be Naruto, it's been decided."

"Yes, and I do hope nothing bad happens to him during this time, right?"

"Don't you dare lay a hand on him." I threatened, turning to him.

"It won't be me who'll kill him, Sasuke." He told me and then I understood: that's what the seal was for.

"I won't kill him."

"You don't have any other option. I could control you from where I want, when I want. All I have to do is order it and you'll run off like a loyal dog to do my biding. I'm not sure you'll remember killing him after." He smiled at me. "We'll eliminate two birds with one stone, it'll be the end of the Kyuubi and the end of the traitor. You'll kill each other and if Naruto doesn't dare to, don't worry, justice will take you for assassinating your teammate, so whatever path you take, you're dead. Either way, Sasuke... I appreciate that you help me become Hokage, you're appearance in the village is perfect timing."

Danzo marched off and I knew I was in serious problems because I didn't know when he would send me off to attack. But if he was right... I would do it without even thinking, I wouldn't be myself, he would control everything I did and I didn't want to kill Naruto. What should I do? To top it off, Dajimu watched me constantly, he wouldn't let me escape, he wouldn't let me put a distance between Naruto and I.

I had somewhat of an advantage in front of Dajimu; I was much faster and had the best genjutsu, I could put him in an illusion before he could even notice what I had done. I looked at the water and saw Dajimu's reflection looking at me, perhaps taking advantage of the water I wouldn't have to turn around to look at his eyes. I only had to get him to look at my reflection. I activated the Sharingan and when he looked at the water, I put him in the illusion.

I made everything seem the same: me sitting in the dock looking at the reflection while in reality, I was marching off. I was going to warn Naruto, I should do it before Danzo begins his plan because I don't know how much time I'd be conscious of what I'm doing.

I ran towards Naruto's house and checked a few times if Dajimu was following, I even took the longest way intentionally to make it seem like I was going somewhere else. I made a couple turns until I reached my teammate's house. I got in through the window since I didn't have the keys to his house anymore. Everything was dark and silent, he probably wasn't home. He's probably busy with Sakura! I searched through his drawers until I found some paper where I could leave a note and I wrote it, thinking in the future tense because I was going to end up dead, they were going to kill me and no one would notice what was going on.

I finished writing it and left it over a table so he could read it, I don't know if the dobe would notice, but thinking I was to die, I left things written clear, as clear as I could leave them. I wrote my name under everything and folded the parchment, writing Naruto's name on the front so he would know it's for him specifically.

I was determined to leave when a grave pain on my neck made me fall to the floor while I grabbed at the seal- it hurt so much! And I could hear something: there was a whisper, an annoying sound and a whisper within. I tried not to listen to it, I covered my ears with my hands and tried to avoid the voice from getting to me but each time it sounded much louder. I couldn't differentiate with clarity what it wanted until it raised its volume letting me understand that I had to kill Naruto. I wasn't going to do it! I tried to resist, getting off the ground and covering my ears with force. I didn't want to hear it, I didn't want to feel this pain but it wouldn't stop. I shouted just when I felt someone touch my arm and when I looked, I saw Naruto standing in front of me. This was getting worse! He had to get away from me but I couldn't tell him, my voice wouldn't make a sound.

Naruto was talking, I saw him move his lips but I couldn't hear him, I only heard that damn voice telling me to kill him. I suppose he was asking me what was wrong, but he wasn't sure, he looked worried- and that was something weird of him to do- because lately all he ever went to see was Sakura.

"Leave." I finally said but he didn't move and I ended up yelling. "Leave, get away from me!" I begged.

I felt strange because I wasn't giving up, and even so, it seemed as if my body was starting to react to the seal. It was starting to loose it's will, I wanted to press my hands against my ears but my grip was starting to losen. My body no longer responded how I wanted it to, they were starting to control me and I was scared that Naruto, an airhead as always, would not move from my side.

I couldn't avoid attacking him, I didn't want to do it. I was conscious of what I was doing and tried to impede my body from moving but I couldn't, good thing that Naruto dodged my attack. Now I couldn't even speak to him, I tried to yell at him to leave, to get away, to explain that it wasn't me but I couldn't speak. My body did not respond to what I ordered it to do. I could only see Naruto in front of me, hesitating as to what to do with me, shouting at me to stop attacking but my body moved over and over again and every punch I gave him hurt me more than him. Why couldn't I stop my body? I was almost praying that Naruto kill me before I kill him.

I unsheathed my katana and shouted internally just when I cut his cheek, although Naruto blocked my hand with his, prohibiting me to move the katana towards him again. His leg blocked mine and he threw me to the ground, falling over me. I knew he was trying to immobilize me! But I don't think this was going to last much time.

"Stop this, Sasuke!" He shouted. "What's wrong with you?!"

My leg wrapped around his waist, turning him over so he was on the floor while I put myself on top. I raised the katana to plunge it into his chest but luckily, Naruto gave me a punch that distracted me long enough for him to turn me back on the floor. He grabbed my arm and hit it against the floor a couple times so I could lose grip on the katana. It hurt, I could feel the pain although I couldn't scream, although I couldn't tell him. I felt how he was breaking my wrist but my body would not let go of the weapon and only until he broke it completely, did I let go. I shouted although Naruto could not hear me.

"Sasuke!" He shouted. "Stop!"

And what the hell did he think I wanted to do? I didn't want to kill him but I couldn't keep my body from moving on its own. My free hand grabbed at his neck with force and I was chocking him, in fact... I think I was activating the sharingan because I saw him close his eyes while he tried to let go of my hand. He managed to loosen it a little, although I noticed how I still grabbed at his neck, not as forceful as before, but my hand was still there. I saw him near my face and it surprised me when he kissed me. What the hell was he doing? Why was he kissing me?

I felt a tear run down my cheek and I knew my body was reacting to it, to the feeling I had for him because I was shaking, even still, my hand did not let go of his neck. When he separated from me, I realized my lips were moving and he neared his ear trying to hear me. I didn't stop asking him for help in case he could hear me and I think he noticed what was going on because I saw his eyes widen, but I wasn't sure. To make things worse, Sakura came in running, perhaps lured in by the noise, and she had seen me trying to kill Naruto. This was just great to worsen the situation!

"I'll call for help!" Sakura shouted.

"Don't do it!" Naruto shouted after her. "It's not Sasuke. Well, it is, but it isn't!"

"Naruto, he's trying to kill you!" She yelled.

"It's not Sasuke!" He yelled back. "Sasuke wouldn't kill me, he needs help!"

"When are you going to realize, Naruto? Sasuke is not who he once was, look at him! He tried to kill me and now he's trying to kill you!"

"I've told you to stay here. If you go to someone about this, you and I are over." he threatened. "I can stop him."

Naruto punched me in the stomach and then in the head. I don't remember what happened after that. He was rough! But leaving me unconscious was a good way to stop me, but he'll pay for this; my body still hurt.


Chapter 42: Traps

Sasuke Uchiha

When I woke up, I didn't know where the hell I was. It was a wide room and I was... tied up? Why the hell was I tied up? I was on a futon and I had... Naruto's clothes on? What the fuck? What the hell had happened? I didn't remember much except being at the lake yesterday. What was I doing in Naruto's house? What's more... what was I doing tied up on Naruto's bed and with his clothes on?

I tried freeing my hands but there was no way. In fact, the ropes were hurting me; I think they'd leave a good mark on my wrists. Look how brutal this guy was to even tie someone up, what little delicacy he had. The door opened as I was trying to bite off the ropes and I saw Naruto enter with a tray of food.

"Are you better, teme?" He asked me.

"You creep, what he fuck have you done to me?" I asked in annoyance. "Is it a fetish of yours to have me tied up? Have you abused me?"

"What the hell are you saying... you tried to kill me yesterday. I had to tie you to keep you from accomplishing it and I changed your clothes and placed you on my bed so you could be more calm."

"Yeah, sure... And I have to believe that bull? Untie me!" I shouted.

"How do I know it's not one of your tricks to try and kill me?"

"What have you drank?" I asked. "How am I going to want to kill you? Strangle you for trying to abuse me this way, sure, but to kill you would be too much."

"You don't remember anything?"

"What? What do I have to remember? Fuck, Naruto, untie me, it hurts."

"I don't trust you." He told me. He was an imbecile, this guy!

But my wrists were really hurting me, I don't know how he had tied these knots but they were destroying me. On top of that, he had been a beast to leave me tied up all night. What the hell had this guy done to me? I had a huge head ache right now; I couldn't remember how I've gotten here. What was I doing in this dobe's house? Apart from the evident... to abuse me, because looking around... what did he want me to think to find myself tied up in his bed? If he wanted kinky sex he could've just asked me or Sakura, seeing how he just loves that chick but... to kidnap me for this was crossing the line!

"Are you hungry, Sasuke?" He asked softly as he came closer to me.

"Untie me, please." I begged. "It hurts, Naruto."

Naruto looked at me with pitiful eyes and finally, put the food tray to the side so he could take out a kunai and cut the ropes that had me imprisoned. My hands hit the floor and I winced from the impact. When Naruto took off the ropes, I could see marks and blood. He really was a brute with tying ropes! Even he himself was surprised.

"Sorry." He said. "I just didn't know what to do with you last night."

"Well, asking me for sex instead of abusing me would've been a better option."

"I've told you I have not touched you!" He shouted. "You tried to kill me and I had to tie you, I even broke you wrist because you were trying to stab me with your katana!"

"Where is it?" I asked, suddenly freaking out. "Where are my weapons?"

"In the closet." He told me.

"I need them." I told him because I felt unsafe without them.

"You don't need them, Sasuke. What you need is to eat something right now, don't worry about your weapons, I'm here with you."

"Yeah... that's helpful." I said.

"You don't trust me or what, teme?" He got annoyed.

"Well, to be honest... not much." I clarified.

"That's how you repay me for helping you yesterday? They could've killed you, Sasuke. If I so much as say what you tried to do to me, right now you'd be walking towards a noose."

"I did nothing yesterday!" I shouted.

"Then if you didn't do anything yesterday, where the hell were you then?!"

"I was..." I tried to think but I couldn't remember anything I had done last night. "I was... well... I don't know where I was, but I was not trying to kill you."

"I know, but something was wrong with you, Sasuke. I found you in my house, writhing on the floor in pain and all of a sudden... you attacked me without notice."

"What's happening to me?" I asked with my hands trembling. "What's happening to me, Naruto?"

"I don't know." He replied. "You asked me for help, it's as if... it wasn't you."

"I'm sorry." I told him. "I'm sorry, Naruto, I didn't want to hurt you."

"I know, I'm with you. Calm down, I'll find out what happened to you."

"And if you can't?"

"I'll find out." He told me assuredly as he placed his hand on my cheek.

I was still on the wooden floor, covered with Naruto's futon and my wrists where they had stayed. I didn't even have the strength to get up, I just wanted to be calm for a bit. I wanted to rest, I was too exhausted.

"Sasuke... you have to eat something." Naruto told me.

"I just need to rest, dobe." I said, closing my eyes.

"Eat first and then you can sleep."

"Fine." I told him.

Naruto helped me sit up and I ate with him. It was tearing me apart to be with him; it hurt me so much seeing him so close to me and knowing that there was nothing between us. I loved him and he walked over my heart over and over again. Every time he was close to me, I gave myself illusions. I liked him, I fell more in love with him and every time... he always brought up Sakura into our conversations and if it wasn't her specifically, it was the love he felt for her.

Every time I saw him, I felt pain. I knew he rejected me, that he didn't love me but even so, I saw him and I couldn't stop feeling this, feeling that I desired him, that I loved him, that I had fallen for the last Uzumaki, of the biggest dobe in the village.

I ate and then went over to fall over the futon when I felt Naruto's hands on my shoulder, stopping my fall. As if I was a damsel in distress fainting! What's up with him today?

"Sasuke." He called out to me.

"What's wrong, Naruto?"

"You don't remember anything from last night?" He asked.

"I've told you, I don't."

"You cried." He told me. "You asked me for help."

"I don't do that stuff." I said.

"Well, you did." He said, letting me lay on the futon while he got closer.

I understood nothing of what was going on and much less when he neared me more each time until kissing me and I let him. What's worse is that I was letting myself, Naruto was manipulating me to his liking and I felt an utter imbecile for being the only Uchiha to let themselves be manipulated this way. I must be the black sheep of the family.

How it hurt to feel like a damned toy in his hands, he utilized me so later on he could go with Sakura. He played with me, he was tearing me apart, stomping over my heart and messing with my feelings, that's what I felt in his kisses but I loved him too much. I desired him too much to deny him when he touched me, when he kissed me.

I grabbed his head and pulled myself closer to him, sticking my tongue inside his mouth. I loved him madly and I hadn't realized just how much all this time. Naruto didn't deny to kiss me, he followed along, even placing his hands on my abdomen to make me moan in his mouth. I realized that at that moment, a tear slid down my cheek. What was wrong with me? Was it because I felt used? Only a toy in his hands? Surely that was the reason, because that's how I felt. I felt the most despicable Uchiha of all.

"You're doing it again." I heard Naruto tell me. "When I kiss you, you cry."

"Then stop doing it." I whispered. "You hurt me, Naruto."

"It hurts you to kiss?" He asked.

"Yes, Naruto. It could be that in that blockhead of yours, you don't understand anything, but I can't stand that our kisses mean nothing to you. I'm not like you, when I kiss you, I know that I love you but you only kiss me to practice. You hurt me, you're using me."

"That's not true, Sasuke. I don't use you."

"Then what do you do? You love me?"

Naruto found himself paralyzed and didn't know how to answer me. I gave a half-smile as it was just so clear. We knew what was happening, we both knew it: he loved Sakura, not me and I no longer wanted to be his toy for much longer.

"Your silence speaks for itself. I'm leaving, Naruto, I'm going back to my house. Thanks for the food." I told him, getting up and I didn't care if I was still in his clothes, I just wanted to leave.

I went over to the closet and searched for my things. I wanted to leave before anything else happened, I couldn't stand anymore. I adjusted the katana on me and put away the rest to head towards the door. Naruto followed me, trying to stop me but I didn't want to stop. I wanted to leave, I needed to get out of that house and try to fix my broken heart.

I walked out into the street and to make matters worse, it was raining. Just what else I needed! I went on ahead, even if I got soaked and I could see Naruto behind me walking fast, trying to explain to me what had happened, something about him being confused. How the hell could he say he was confused if every time he kissed me, he immediately reminded me of his love for Sakura? I was done with that, I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted Naruto to stop hurting me once and for all.

I turned a corner in the street and I bumped into someone, making Naruto, who was behind me, catch up. Both of us stayed still, looking at the people in front of us, one of them being Sakura accompanied by five elite ninjas who all looked at me.

"What's going on here?" Naruto asked.

"Sasuke is to be arrested." One of the ninja said.

"Why?" Naruto asked once again. "You can't detain him without reason."

"For attempted murder."

"What?" I asked. "When?"

"In the mission with Sakura and yesterday, with Naruto. Sakura stands as a witness."

"What the hell are you saying, Sakura?!" Naruto confronted her and I smiled.

"Okay." I told them. "There's no other way you'll believe me, right? Then let's go." I told them, going with them. I knew where they were taking me: back to prison.

"You can't take him!" Naruto complained.

"Naruto, go back home." They told him, all the while taking me with them.


Chapter 43: Out!

Sasuke Uchiha

Once again back in prison! Sakura surprised me each time, though I asked myself why Naruto didn't let my kunai go through her head... we'd all be better off without her, but of course, in the end it was always me who paid for everything. I sat on the other side of the cell, leaning my back against the wall and simply... waited and waited because in here, there was nothing much to do.

At the moment, they hadn't even taken me back to prison. I was in a dungeon waiting for my sentence or some superior's decision to dictate if I should go to prison, something that will happen, seeing how half of them were from ANBU. I supposed Danzou wouldn't be too far from his brilliant plan.

Now that I recalled Danzou... everything came to me from when he told me his plan about assassinating Naruto, but I didn't remember doing anything. Was that what Naruto referred to when he told me that I had tried to kill him last night? I'm so dead! If that confirmed that it was true, then I was lost. Not even Naruto would save me from this one. If I told him I didn't want to come back to the village, it was for a reason. Why is it that that airhead never listens to me when I speak?

I suppose there was no turning back, I was dead, these would be my last hours before they decided on my sentence, but I knew very well what they would declare. They had Sakura as a witness and she hated me, she would do anything in her power against me just so she could have Naruto. What's more, she had already told me she was going to enjoy watching me die and then there was Danzou; of course they were going to kill me.

That night, it didn't surprise me to see a bunch of people. It seemed to be visiting day, but it was something that was bound to happen: everyone wanted me to know how happy they were that finally... they would kill me. If I said I wasn't scared, I'd be lying, but I wasn't planning on showing it. I was an Uchiha, sarcastic and proud until the end like every good Uchiha. Sakura was the first to appear- because why not- to tell me how happy she was.

"Well, I'm happy to have fucked your boyfriend." I told her, smiling and she punched the bars in a fury, although I only laughed.

"You're an asshole."

"Yes, you've told me countless times. Lucky for me, I won't have to listen to you anymore."

"Go to hell, Sasuke." She told me.

"I'll see you there, whore."

She marched off smiling. I supposed because she was thinking about how she wouldn't be seeing me anymore because she was right: I'll be dead within a short amount of time. The next visit I had was even more interesting... Danzou.

"I didn't expect to see you." I commented. "In fact, I don't want to see you, guards!" I shouted. "Get him out of here!"

"You may not want to see me, but you'll change your mind when you hear what I have to say." He told me.

"You're going to propose some great deal to save me?"

"No." He smiled as he told me. "There's no saving you." He commented with a grand smile. "But just to show you that I can be kind, I'll permit you to save Naruto."

"Oh, how generous. Why would I have to trust you?"

"Because you have no other option." He said. "You can stay here to wait for your death or you can save Naruto's life before they kill you."

"How?" I asked.

"You just have to get him away from you."

"Why? How's that going to help you?"

"It would help me a lot if you accomplish getting him depressed because he would loose interest in becoming Hokage. Get him out of my way and I could let him live."

"The only thing that interests you is becoming Hokage?" I asked with a smirk. "Genius... but listen to me well: if you touch Naruto, I'll come to destroy you from hell itself if you touch him."

"Just take care that he's out of my way and all will be well. Enjoy your last night, Sasuke, I'll make sure that you're executed tomorrow."

"It's always a pleasure talking with you." I smiled as I said to him. "I hope not to see you again."

"You won't, but tell me one thing... where is your brother?" He asked me. What a habit it was for everyone to ask about my brother!

"I killed him." I replied.

"I don't believe you." Was his answer.

"Too bad for you then, you can go ask Akatsuki.. oh, sorry... I killed them as well." I smirked sarcastically and he, too, smiled.

"I'd like to see if you'll have this same prepotency and pride tomorrow on your way to the ropes as you have now."

"Uchiha to the death." I told him, smiling.

"Until never, Sasuke." He said, marching off.

I stayed alone for a good while, in the dark and bored. I looked out the window and found that the sky was cloudy, dark; I couldn't even see the moon. I stayed for a while looking out to see how it rained, seeing how drops of water fell against the cornice of the barred window. I even got soaked a little from when the drops splashed, but it didn't matter. I was okay getting wet a little, everything didn't matter anymore, tomorrow I'd be dead. I at least already knew it and Danzou didn't make empty threats.

I heard the door once again, but they didn't even bring a torch. Their steps were coming towards me, they walked through the hallway and when they arrived at my cell, I discovered that it was Naruto, the last person I needed to see today. My grand doubt to see him there was... did I have to listen to Danzou or not? It was clear that Danzou never played around, but I don't know if he'd kill Naruto or not. He had tried it with me, so I was convinced he would.

"How are you, Sasuke?" He asked me, grabbing the bars.

"Perfectly well." I told him. "And your security guards?"

"I don't need guards to come talk to you."

"Not even light?" I asked.

"No." He replied, smiling.

"You only came to see how I was?" I asked once more.

"Something like that. I also came to tell you that they're sending me on a mission."

What a coincidence! They were sending him on a mission exactly on the day they were thinking of killing me. I looked at Naruto because surely... this would be the last time I'd see him. I supposed it didn't matter what I told him now, seeing as how I would never see him again.

"Naruto." I called him, nearing the bars where he was. "Do you remember when we were little?" I asked him with a smile.


"I was a bit jealous of you." I commented. "Because you didn't have to go back home and pretend like everything was perfect, you didn't have to make your father proud."

"I didn't have parents, Sasuke, you know that. I was alone."

"I know it's hard living without them, but even so, my father was worse, believe me. Just look how my clan ended up."

"I wanted to be like you." He told me, sitting down next to me, noticing how his back touched mine between the cell bars. "You were strong, smart, all the girls loved you. I don't know, you were perfect, Sasuke."

"Do me a favor, Naruto?" I asked and he nodded. "Don't become Hokage." I commented. "Please."

"But... it's what I most wish for, you know this."

"Yes, I know, but... please, Naruto. I can't explain it to you but, pay attention to me for once in your life." I commented.

"Why is it so important to you?"

"Because it is, Naruto. If that's what you want then I beg you." I told him, remembering Danzou's words and if I had to beg him to keep him alive, then I will. "Naruto, please, stay away from that burden."

"Fine." He told me. "I don't understand it, but I'll want your explanation once I'm back from this mission."

"Very well." I told him, because once he came back, I would no longer be here. "Can I ask you one last thing? It's a personal wish." I clarified.

"A personal wish? Where's this coming from, Sasuke?"

"In case I never get out of prison." I said, smiling, pretending that everything was going to be alright when it wasn't.

"What do you mean, never get out? Well, anyways, what is it?"

"Tell me you love me, just once."

"You know it's not true."

"Lie to me if it's necessary, Naruto, just this once."

"Are you okay, Sasuke?" He asked me.

"Perfectly well. Please, Naruto, it's something simple that I ask of you."

Naruto turned around towards me and snaked his hand in through the bars to grab the neck of my shirt to bring me closer to him. I knew that I was probably blushing and I appreciated that the guards hadn't walked in and that he hadn't brought a torch because like this, he couldn't see my embarrassment.

"I love you, teme." He told me in such a whisper that brought the ends of my hair to stand from his tone of voice. Even I, myself, believed it and even more so as he used the hand that had me by the collar to bring me towards him to kiss me through the bars.

I let myself be kissed although it was odd that the supposed newbie was taking control. He really had learned because his kiss was seducing me, it was exciting me and it even made me believe that he really wanted to give it to me, that he could feel something for me. He entered his tongue inside my mouth dominantly and I just loved it, I loved seeing that he had learned well, that finally, I didn't have to always be dominant and perfect.

A tear slid down my cheek, but not because I felt my heart breaking from this dobe's fault, but... because this was my last kiss with him, because I was going to die tomorrow and he hadn't been informed. He was going to leave this very night on a mission and he would never see me again, I wouldn't see him ever again. I would never hear him say that he loved me again and although it was a lie, it didn't matter, I just wanted to believe it if only for this one night.

"Why do you cry?" He asked me.

"No reason." I told him.

"I'll get you out of here, I promise you when I come back, I'll get you out."

"Alright." I told him although I knew he wouldn't come back in time. Nobody would tell him of my situation and even if I had told him, he wouldn't be able to do anything. At least he would be spared from seeing my execution.

Naruto got up to leave back through the hallway to the main room. I suppose he was leaving to his mission now.

"Goodbye, Naruto." I whispered and I don't know if he had been able to hear me, but my heart broke in a million pieces when I heard the door close behind him.

That night in the dungeon, it wasn't different from last time. Once more I found myself with those guys from that other time and they violated me how they wanted but nothing else really mattered. I was dead either way, nobody could save me now. The worst of it was that they wanted to assure themselves that nobody would be able to save me. Even before the sun came up, they stabbed me with a katana through my stomach, wounding me just enough to walk towards the noose because if the ropes didn't kill me... the wounds would kill me although nobody would see it. Nobody would know that I was dying even before leaving to my execution.


Chapter 44: Wrong Missions

Naruto Uzumaki

Sasuke's in prison and they're sending me on a stupid mission! What was this about? On top of it, I wasn't going with the team; they were sending me alone and to me, this whole thing was a little off. There were a lot of things that didn't make sense and although I didn't want to be mad at Sakura, I didn't understand why she had told on Sasuke. I understood that maybe she was scared, but I even assured her that I could control him.

Of course Sasuke was uncontrollable! I knew that, but with me, he calmed himself. He didn't have that character of authority with me like he did with everyone else. I mean, he even let me enter him; it was clear he surrendered himself before me. He was just a guy who looked for love and affection. He insulted me a lot and bashed me, but one look at me and his pants fall to the floor. He was an inoffensive guy until you provoked him and Sakura, although I didn't want to say it... had crossed the line, up to the point where Sasuke came to hate her and I didn't find it strange; I myself had told her to leave this issue alone and the first thing she did as she got out of my house was to do the opposite of what I told her.

I knew Sasuke didn't want to see me at the moment, that he was angry with me and I deserved it. I had used him in Suna, I had made him think that I liked him just so I could practice with him and then... I threw him away like a dirty rag. I even avoided him until he went asking for a replacement. And what did I do? I got pissed off with him for asking for a change, but what did I expect? That after how I treated him he'd come running to my arms? No, he was too mad at me and even his feelings had a limit, let's not even talk about his patience because ever since leaving the village, his patience was worse every time.

Although I knew he wasn't happy with me or my attitude, there was one thing that worried me a lot. I couldn't get his 'lie to me' thing out of my head. Did he really wish to hear me say it that bad? I don't know what the hell I was doing thinking of him; I said I liked Sakura but I got excited with Sasuke. I kissed him whenever I had the opportunity and I think... that I liked Sasuke and I had not realized until he had asked me to lie to him. And it's just that when I said that I loved him, I felt something in my heart. I felt that what I was saying was real, that I wasn't faking it, I wanted to tell him for real.

I was on my way to the mission and with every step I took, I felt pained. I felt as if distancing myself from Sasuke at this moment had to be the biggest error I have ever committed, but I had to go to that mission, they had ordered me. I tried convincing myself that I would see Sasuke when I got back to the village, but I couldn't stop thinking about what Sakura said about him being violated in prison. And if they had done it again? The sun was rising and then I remembered that I had left the reports in my house. I had to take those reports with me! So there was no other choice but to head back to the village.

Luckily, I had not gotten far and instantly, I was back home. Strangely, there were no people on the streets, something I couldn't explain because there was a always a good quantity of people walking through here, even more near my house because I lived in the center. The stores were even closed and I didn't understand what was going on; today was supposed to be a workday.

I headed directly to my house to pick up the documents and searched everywhere. Where had I put them? I was absorbed in looking everywhere for them when something over the table in my kitchen caught my attention. It was a piece of paper with my name on it. When and who had left this here? I hadn't seen it before and I had even passed by here at least twenty times this morning.

I got closer to read the paper. Clearly it had my name on it but that's not what got my attention; what got my attention was that this was the teme's handwriting. What could that teme have to say in a letter that he could not tell me in person? I had even been with him in the dungeon and now that I thought about it... there was something weird. Something was happening and I did not like where things were headed.

I opened the letter to find that it was a bit long, but I didn't like how it started. What's more, Sasuke apologizing wasn't an option for me; I knew the authentic Sasuke, that high and mighty bastard, the one that was capable of challenging anyone without thinking of the consequences because he believed himself to be the best. Somehow, the idea of Sasuke asking for forgiveness didn't suit him.

"I'm sorry dobe, it wasn't my intention to fall in love with you, I didn't want to cause you so many problems and I suppose that now... there's no going back. You should've let me walk away because now there's no solution, soon you won't have to worry about me. I'll be dead and I'm sorry to have tried to kill you, but it wasn't me. They're using me to kill you, so when I'm not around, take care of yourself. You shouldn't trust in the people of the village, not everyone is on your side. I'll love you always. Goodbye, dobe."

He loved me and he was saying goodbye? I'll have none of that, nobody was going to kill Sasuke, nobody was going to lay a single finger on Sasuke while I was here! Was that why they were trying to send me away? They were going to kill him and they didn't want me to interrupt their execution? Well now I had one thing in mind: if they dared touch a single hair on him, I was going to annihilate them all.

Had they obligated him to kill me? Was that why I had heard him whisper for help that other night? I'd kill whoever controlled him, nobody dominated an Uchiha and much less if he was mine. I was starting to notice a small detail... I had never gotten this angry, not even when Sakura was in danger. It was for Sasuke that I was like this. I was worried for him, I couldn't permit that they kill him. He had not done anything, he was always covering my back like a good team mate and I was the one that had hurt him over and over again for not wanting to accept everything that was happening to me with him.

God! I had even been jealous of Gaara, I kissed him whenever I had the opportunity, and my heart beat out of my chest every time he said he loved me, it was Sasuke- I loved Sasuke! And I know that I was too slow to realize things, Sasuke too knew that, but I only hoped... that it wasn't too late. I wouldn't be able to handle if they killed him because of my fault. I had brought him to this village that wanted him dead and I was going to get him out of here.

I ran out of the house and forgot about looking for the documents. Screw the mission! They weren't going to separate me from Sasuke while they killed him; I wouldn't let them do anything to him. Now I understood why everyone was so secretive with me, why the village was practically deserted and the hurry to have my teammate imprisoned; they had everything planned out. They would have sent me away so I wouldn't stop them while they assassinated the only person in this damn village that was important to me.

I reached the main plaza and there were so many people. I could even hear how they shouted to kill the traitor and I didn't know if I should start throwing punches then and there or what, but I tried to advance by pushing forwards, I had to get to Sasuke. I could see from here a wooden platform and an executioner sharpening a katana. Were they going to slice his head off? For what? I saw Danzou nearby and from his smile, I knew one thing: they didn't see Sasuke as a traitor, they wanted his eyes. They wanted his damn Sharingan.

From a side corridor, they were bringing out Sasuke but something was not right, he couldn't even move, he was walking... but slowly as if something hurt him, he couldn't move normally. What the hell had they done to him in prison? I continued advancing through the crowd and although one of them turned around in a bad mood to say something, once recognizing who I was, they parted and let me through.

They began reading the charges against Sasuke. I saw him on the platform and they had forced him to kneel down before the crowd, placing his head on a small platform to have a chance at a clean cut. I had to get to him! I had at least gotten to the stairs just as they finished reading the charges and a few were surprised when they saw me run over desperately towards Sasuke.

I saw the executioner raise the katana and Sasuke closed his eyes, waiting for contact when I threw myself over him, making the executioner stop the katana at mere centimeters from my neck. I felt Sasuke's cold cheek against mine because I was leaning my head over his to avoid him getting cut. My hand caressed his hair and I knew he had opened his eyes from the surprise of seeing me there.

"What are you doing, Naruto?" Kakashi asked. "Get out of there."

"No!" I shouted. "I won't get out, If you kill him, then you'll have to kill me! I won't separate from him!"

"Naruto?" I heard Sasuke's voice a little too faint, as if it cost him to speak.

"Shh, I'm right here, I'm with you." I told him.

"What are you doing here? Leave." He demanded. "You can't help me now, don't make them kill you, too."

"Naruto!" Danzou shouted at me. "Separate from him and go complete the mission you were given."

"No!" I told him. "I'm not leaving without Sasuke."

"He is a traidor!" Danzou argued.

"I love him!" I shouted, making Sasuke be surprised even more. "I'm not leaving without him, you don't have the right to judge him without proof! It wasn't him who tried to kill me!"

"We have a witness."

"Well she's wrong!" I shouted. "Sakura wasn't even there to see it, it wasn't Sasuke!"

"I propose to stall the execution until you present proof of Sasuke's involvement on the matter." Ibiki said out of nowhere and I thanked him.

"Stay out of this, Ibiki!" Danzou ordered.

"It looks like you really want to see this guy dead. Is there a special motive as to why we shouldn't postpone for a few days while we let Naruto look for proof of his innocence?" He asked and Danzou had no other words, letting Sasuke free.

I helped Sasuke get up but I couldn't, his legs failed him and good thing I didn't let go of him because I had to sit down with him between my arms. What was wrong with him? Why couldn't he move if I had stopped his execution?

"Sasuke?" I called out to him.

"So you love me?" He asked, smiling weakly. "You're slow on realizing things."

"I know, teme, I'm sorry but I love you, you hear me? I love you and I'm not lying to you."

"Sorry, dobe." He said as he closed his eyes and only when I lifted my hand off his torso towards his face did I see how I had stained him with blood.

I looked at myself but I had no blood. How was my hand covered in it, then? I opened his jacket to discover his shirt soaked in the crimson liquid. Lifting it up to see the wound, I saw how they had stabbed him with something sharp, surely some knife or sword- they didn't want to see him alive! I got worried, I didn't know how much time he had been bleeding and I didn't know if he would last.

"Sasuke?" I asked once again although he didn't respond. "Don't do this to me, Sasuke, you can't die now, you hear me?!" I shouted, crying. "Come on, Sasuke, you're a damn Uchiha, you can't die here, not in front of me! Not when I've just realized I love you!" I looked over to Danzou and the rest of the ones who were in front of me. "A medic!" I shouted. "I need a medic!"

I looked over to Sakura, but instead of helping me, she marched off. Sasuke was right, she was only a selfish bitch. Luckily Ibiki and Ino hurried to help me, being surprised that he was wounded.

"Is it bad?" I asked, now seeing how Sasuke didn't respond to anything we did to him, he had fainted, surely from the pain.

"Yes, Naruto." Ino told me. "I don't know if I could heal this, I'm still learning." She said.

"Help him." I told her. "Please, you have to save him." I begged, almost crying.

"I'll try."

Ibiki carried Sasuke to take him to the hospital and although they told me that he was grave, I didn't want to lose hope. I needed them to save him, I couldn't see myself without him at this moment. I loved him, and I know that it was late, that I had hurt him, but I needed him. Now I was realizing that I could live without Sakura, but not without Sasuke. He was everything I wanted in my life, I wanted to kiss him again, to tell him I love him, to hug him and pass all night with him. He was my Uchiha! Grumpy, bossy, high and mighty and was too proud but he was mine and he couldn't die here, not in front of me, not without having the chance to ask him to forgive me from all the pain I've caused him.


Chapter 45: New Evidence

Naruto Uzumaki

I still didn't understand how they could hide something like this from me, on top of that they tried sending me away so they could kill him to their liking but even still, they weren't happy with that... they just had to stab him in case he was saved in any way. There was something obvious here: someone was going out of their way to kill Sasuke and that worried me. Who mostly wanted to see Sasuke dead? I didn't know, but I was going to investigate it.

We took Sasuke to the hospital but I felt how his life escaped from him much faster each time. He was beginning to stop breathing, he wouldn't stop bleeding and I didn't know what to do although Ino, who studied medicine since a few years ago, tried to stop the hemorrhage.

Ibiki left him on one of the stretchers and although the people looked at us with a fatal look on their face, I didn't care, I wanted them to save Sasuke. They had to save them no matter what happened; he was everything to me now and I know that I arrived late- as usual, my damn habit of being late. Why couldn't I be early for at least once in my life? I was late during the Chunnin exams when Orochimaru attacked him, I was late when those five recruited him, I was late when he decided to leave, and I was late now that they had almost killed him.

Ino entered with Sasuke with a few medics I didn't know, but Ino calmed me down saying she trusted them as she didn't want to make me worry more. The one thing that worried me right now was not seeing Sasuke alive because of my damn fault; I wasn't capable of being on time when he needed me. I felt like an idiot and an imbecile; he had told me a few times before how he wanted me to let him leave and I kept him tied to my side. So many times he told me that he loved me and I rejected him only to find out that now, I couldn't live without him.

I cried in the hallway where they left me alone and although I stood with my back against the wall, I ended up sliding down to the floor, unable to stop crying. It was Sasuke who was in there, dying. So long I had looked for him, wishing for him to come back, to become a part of our team once again. I remembered his egocentric smiles when he called me scaredy-cat, his eyes full of it because he saved my ass in almost every mission. I remembered how high and mighty he sounded when he talked to everyone because he was an Uchiha who believed to be the most powerful being to walk the earth when he wasn't, but even so, I liked his attitude because when he was by my side, I felt like we were capable of doing anything.

We were perfect working together. He always said that I bothered him, that I was an annoyance but he always ended up counting on me; we were inseparable, we always were, ever since the academy. We worked well together, I could even say that nobody could stop us when we were together and seeing him there laying on that bed bleeding out because I... was late... He had tried to tell me in so many ways and I hadn't believed him, I cursed myself for that.

While Sasuke was in the hospital with Ino, I went with Ibiki to look over the case. He made me tell him everything I remembered about the incident with Sasuke, but truth is, I didn't remember much apart from him trying to kill me and how he asked for my help. I don't know exactly what Ibiki was trying to learn from this and I knew that I had to tell him all the details because he was the one who was able to stop the execution and give me time to fix all this. I trusted him and plus, he was the leader in interrogation and torture, he was an expert in these types of cases so I had the utmost trust in him. I just didn't know what else to tell him that could help him discover what happened that day.

"Let's see, Naruto... let's repeat this." He said, almost tired. "What happened?"

"I don't know, when I came home, Sasuke was there on the floor and he told me to leave and all of a sudden, he went crazy and attacked me."

"Is that the only thing you remember?"

"Yes, I don't know, does it help you that I kissed him and he cried?" I asked him with a doubt.

"You kissed him?" He asked.

"I didn't know how else to stop him, I tried everything I could think of that wouldn't kill him."

"Well to be honest, that doesn't have much relevance." He said. "Anything else that's curious to you? Some side effect... or something?"

I thought of something that could have happened with Sasuke that didn't make sense and then I remembered that there was something weird in all of that.

"He didn't remember it." I told him. "The next day he didn't remember anything he had done."

"Nothing at all?"

"No, he thought I had kidnapped him to my house or something like that, he didn't even know how he had gotten into my house. He didn't remember going in there, what's going on?"

"It could be a couple things and I'm trying to discard a few things."

"What are you thinking about?"

"I'm not going to tell you until I'm sure of it; they're military tactics, you're not authorized to know these things."

"And the wound he had?" I asked him a bit worried. "Why did they attack him before his sentence?"

"I think someone wanted him dead no matter what and they wounded him in case the execution failed and they decided to free him."

"Who could hate him that much?"

"The entire village." Ibiki said. "Or practically. Remember that to them, he's still a traitor. They don't consider him someone trustworthy to Konoha."

"But he's my friend, and I'm going to be the future Hokage."

"You think they care about that?" Ibiki asked me. "You've seen how things are, I don't think that your friend is going to be well received even if he saves the entire village. They're obsessed and all they see is a traitor."

"Well then, what a disgusting village." I said without avoiding it.

"Watch your language, kid." He scolded me. "It's not proper for the future Hokage to speak like that."

"It's them who should watch how they act." I complained. "He's Sasuke, he's still the same guy as always."

"You don't have to convince me. Your father was a Hokage and look how the village treated you during a long time... the people's mentality doesn't just change over night and you should know that well enough."

Ibiki was right on that, my father was once Hokage, one of the best and they didn't treat me well even if my mom or dad were from prestigious clans. Why would it be different with Sasuke? People were often cruel and I wasn't going to waste my time wondering why. What only interested me was to know if Sasuke was okay. If something happened to him, I would never be able to forgive myself.

When I came back to the hospital after Ibiki interrogated me probably fifty times, Ibiki left to look for more evidence and I entered towards the room where Sasuke was. He was asleep, but I didn't care. I made space on his bed and got on it, laying down with him while throwing my arm over his waist. If I had to stay all night protecting him, I'd do it, but nobody was going to do anything to him.

I had gone to sleep when I heard the door open and I knew that it was late. I calmed down when I saw Ino come near to check Sasuke's temperature and do a couple of more tests apart from changing his bandages.

"Ino." I called out to her. "Why did you help him?" I asked.

"Well... I suppose that I'm not as good a medic as Sakura is and I still have much to learn but... you needed a medic, nobody wanted to help and I suppose I still care about Sasuke."

"You know he's gay, right?" I asked and she smiled.

"I think you've made it very clear with your public declaration in front of the village." She told me. "I liked him a lot when I was little and although those feelings are unforgettable, I'm not as crazy as to continue following him." She smiled. "But I still remember that he was the first guy I ever went crazy over. He needed help and I was there, I became a medic for a reason. It's not me who decides who lives or dies, but it's my obligation to attend anyone and try to save them. Sasuke has never done anything to me, so, why wouldn't I help him?" She asked.

"I don't know, the village seems to hate him."

"The village fears him, but that's what being strong is about. Everyone feared Gaara as well and you, too, for the Kyuubi. People get scared easily, but me, not so much. Rest up." She said, finishing changing his bandages on his abdomen and walking out of the room.

In the morning, the people reunited once again in the plaza to try and resolve the conflict with Sasuke and they went looking for me. I would've liked to stay with Sasuke until he woke up, but I had to go. Sasuke came in custody of some guards and I could see his pained expressions each time he moved. He looked at me from a distance where they had left him and he was okay until he fell to the floor without any motive, crying and grabbing at his neck like he had done the night I found him.

I looked at Ibiki on my side, indicating that this is what I saw the day he went crazy and attacked me. I didn't get much time to react or tell him any more because Sasuke attacked me like that time. Luckily, Ibiki was nearby and stopped him. I saw him put his hand on his neck, making Sasuke scream, but I could see it; he was taking something off of him. I think it was a seal that I hadn't seen the other time. I didn't understand how Ibiki had seen it before me, perhaps I had intuited but he was from interrogation and torture so it could be that he had seen more of these types of seals.

Sakura, once again, said that Sasuke had too much of an aggressive behavior and although Danzou and those of the council supported her, it was Ibiki who intervened commenting about the seal and explaining what it was. Everyone sat in silence and I could not believe that someone had been controlling Sasuke to try to kill me. Who the hell was it that controlled him?

They had no other remedy than to let Sasuke go because as Ibiki said: it was proof enough to let him free and nobody messed with Ibiki, not even those of the council. Plus, Kakashi and him were old friends, so they had no other choice but to return Sasuke to me. Once out of that reunion, Ibiki commented to me in secret that he believed Danzou was the one responsible of the seal because very few people knew about complex seals like this. Luckily for me, Ibiki calmed me down saying that there was no more danger of him being controlled, so I could sleep easy without expecting him to try and kill me.

When I met back with Sasuke, he could barely walk and everything pained him. I passed his arm over my shoulders and I helped him walk towards my house. He looked at me as if he was doubting something; perhaps doubting that he had imagined my little scene in front of everybody telling them that I loved him or if it had been real because with that wound and that pain, I think he thought he had imagined it all. I didn't comment anything to him until we got home and I helped him lay on the futon.

"You're not going to tie me up today, dobe?"

"No." I told him. "Hey, Sasuke... I'm sorry. You're probably tired of me and how slow I am to help you." He smiled.

"I had the hope that'd you'd come."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because you're always late... but you always come." He said just before falling asleep.


Chapter 46: Suffering

Naruto Uzumaki

Sasuke's words made me realize something and he was right: I always arrived late at every other place and now I was even late to find out about my own feelings. It's just that it seemed like everyone knew more about them than I did; even Gaara had noticed way before me that I liked Sasuke, that I felt all of this for him and not for Sakura like I had always said.

I supposed Sakura had disillusioned me; she was the most beautiful girl in the academy and I was in love with her for most of my life but she only had eyes for Sasuke, so much, that she treated me like trash and when she really started to take interest in me, I suppose that's when I raised my hopes even higher; it was what I had always wished for. But seeing how she betrayed Sasuke when I asked her not to tell anyone and how she marched off when I asked for help in healing him... I noticed that the girl I had fallen in love with in my childhood... didn't exist. I only believed to see a stupendous girl where instead, a selfish girl who hadn't been able to get with Sasuke ended up falling for me.

Sasuke was different, he didn't like anybody but even still, he was always by my side. He helped me, didn't treat me like trash although he wouldn't stop messing with me. I still remember his damn phrase during the Chunnin exams. How the hell did he want me to remember a phrase that long? But of course, the Uchiha had even thought of that because he knew that I was an idiot who would say 'sorry, I forgot,' and it was true, I couldn't remember long phrases. I was bad at exams and I arrived late. But he was right in another thing: I was always there to help him— although late— but I arrived either way to help him. He trusted in me even if I took long, he believed I would be there in time. He believed in me, he always had and he continued to do so. He was the Sasuke I knew, he hadn't changed and I loved him. I loved him just as he was.

I hadn't slept much throughout the night— my fault— since I decided to stay awake taking care of Sasuke. It looked like he needed much sleep and once I laid by his side, he took hold of me unconsciously, buried his face in my open chest and went to sleep hugging me. He didn't wake up the entire night!

I watched him sleep and played with his hair. I couldn't keep from smiling, seeing him with me once again. I didn't want him to ever leave, I wanted him to always be by my side. With him, everything was better. I hadn't realized until now, that the most important person to me, the one I couldn't live without if I lost, was Sasuke, not Sakura. Sasuke was like my family; I needed him and only him.

I saw how he frowned when light started coming in through the window and when he began opening his eyes. I couldn't help but smile, seeing Sasuke look like a small child trying to wake up. It was sweet when he slept and I thought... that when he was awake, he'd still be as prideful and smug as ever. He opened his eyes, finding himself with me, well... finding himself holding on to me because he let go of me and moved away quickly.

"What the?" He began asking.

"Am I also at fault for you holding on to me to sleep?"

"I didn't hold on to you, plus... what am I doing in your house?" He asked me.

"You needed a place to stay and honestly... I don't like your house. You're much safer here."

"Much safer?" He asked, unbelieving. "May I remind you that they almost killed me because of you?"

"May I remind you that I arrived on time?"

"Please, Naruto, you're always late. You almost managed to get Sakura and I killed with Orochimaru during the Chunnin exams, remember?"

"The snake was distracting me." I tried excusing myself. "Which, by the way, was also sent by Orochimaru."

"When Gaara escaped from the exam, you let yourself go to sleep."

"But they woke me up." I said. "I arrived on time to help you."

"Naruto, you're always late."

"But you like me." I said out of nowhere and saw how his face changed not by surprise while he blushed, but because he didn't expect it.

"Yeah well, don't believe it too much." He said, looking somewhere else trying to prevent me from seeing his face and I smiled.

I pounced on him, grabbing his face and making him look at me, kissing him without giving him time to react. I thought he would've punched me for my insolence, for not asking permission, but no, he let himself be kissed and I think... he was even enjoying it. How many times had I kissed Sasuke? I should suppose by now that this was destiny because things always happened between me and him, not with Sakura. Ever since the academy, I always ended up kissing him.

"I love you, teme." I whispered and I didn't quite know how to take his reaction, because he had stayed still as if he didn't believe it.

"That's not true." He told me. "You say that so I could let you practice, you only love Sakura."

"Don't even mention her!" I shouted and he was surprised. I realized that I was yelling at him and it wasn't his fault that I was angry at Sakura. "Sorry, I didn't want to yell at you. It's just..."

"You asked her for help." He said in a serious tone. "But she ignored you." he intuited and I didn't know how he knew that, but I supposed it was pure Uchiha intuition. "She doesn't like me, it's normal."

"You didn't tell me anything."

"What did I have to tell you?"

"That they wanted to kill you, that they were using you. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Would you have believed me?" He asked. "You only believed Sakura, it was a waste of time trying to get to you, Naruto."

"Well now I'm with you, so tell me things, Sasuke. I want to help you."

"I told you to let me leave, but you didn't listen to me. I can't be here, this village isn't for me anymore. Don't you get it? You only have to look at how the people treat me. I'm the traitor, Naruto, they're scared of me and I've kept from defending myself. Do you know what they would think if they saw me in action?"

"I don't care what anybody thinks. What I do know that the others don't, is that you sleep calmly when you're with me, you even forgot to grab your kunai." I told him and he looked at his hand, seeing how he had no weapon near.

"You took it from me."

"No, Sasuke, you didn't grab it. You feel safe when I'm here. You know that while I'm here, you can sleep because nobody would hurt you. I'll protect you, it's the only way you'll relax."

"That's not true. You can't protect me, I'm much stronger than you."

"It's been a long time, Sasuke, you don't know what I'm now capable of."

"Neither do you." He said and I smiled because of his damn pride.

"I love you and I'll protect you."

"I'm not your fucking damsel in distress, you know?" He scolded. "I'm capable of defending myself, I don't need anyone to protect me. I come from the most prestigious clan in the village and I'm much stronger that everyone in this village."

"But you haven't defended yourself." I told him. "So honorable and yet you're as caring as a teddy bear." I said. "You don't want to kill people."

"I only kill when it's necessary and right now, I've had no need. I still have a few men in my list and not you or anybody is going to be able to stop me from killing them." He told me, sounding completely honest.

"You're as vengeful as ever." I commented, my voice serious. "But like always... you're my Uchiha." I told him as I kissed him but once he noticed my lips brushing against his, he moved away.

"Don't touch me." He told me. "I've told you the last time: I don't want you to touch me again."

Now that he said it, I did remember him telling me not to touch him. It was the day when we slept together for the first time and I suppose that on that day, I had crossed the line with him because now he felt like I only wanted to repeat it to practice.

"Sasuke..." I called out to him, nearing him a little.

"Don't touch me!" He shouted.

"I won't." I told him. "You do it."

"What?" he asked in surprise.

"If you don't want me to make love to you, then you do it to me."

"You're crazy." He said, blushing a little.

"Come on, Sasuke, I'm letting you. You're an Uchiha, no? You said nobody would ever enter you and I did. I'm letting you enter me, I'm letting you be the Uchiha you want to be. If that's how I can have you, then I don't care. Do it to me, you've done it more times than I have, so let me test you. I want to know how an Uchiha does it." I told him in the most seductive way possible so he would accept, but he only looked at me hesitatingly.

"Naruto?" He asked, still doubting.

"What do you want me to do so you'll forgive me, Sasuke? I'm literally pulling my pants down for you, is that not enough? I'm giving you control, I'm not lying when I say I love you, and I would do anything for you to love me!"

Sasuke then pounced on me this time, kissing me while caressing my naked chest. It seemed he was now desperate to touch my body, to kiss me. If our first time was calm thanks to Sasuke trying to teach me and take my fear away, then now I was seeing the authentic Sasuke, the wild and possessive one. I liked this Sasuke that kissed every part of my body, that nibbled on my nipples and licked them to make me moan like crazy. It must be true, then, the reputation of the Uchiha, that he knew what he was doing and he only let me scream in pleasure. And we haven't even practically started!

I was a bit embarrassed to still do this with Sasuke and I knew that I must've been as red as a tomato while I saw him kiss my torso but I also didn't want to stay there doing nothing, making him do all the work like the first time we did it. I placed my shaky hands on his waist and had to urge myself to take off the shirt I let him sleep in. To my surprise, he let me take it off of him.

What I did not expect, was Sasuke straddling me and lowering his pants a bit to let me see his member now close to my mouth while he smirked. I think I could imagine what he wanted, but even so, I was embarrassed because I had never done it and I didn't know if I would be good or not. Still, I opened my mouth and let him put it in while my tongue began playing with his tip. Little by little, I began taking it in, having it deep inside my mouth only to take it out slowly, making Sasuke moan despite trying to keep them in.

"Let them out, teme." I told him, smiling before taking his member into my mouth again.

"Do you know how many dreams I've had of this moment?" He asked me, grabbing my hair and forcing me to have his member a bit deeper. "I like it deep, Naruto." He told me, smiling and I let him indicate the velocity he wanted. I liked it when he grabbed and tugged at my hair, making me take it in and out over and over again.

I felt a bit pained when his finger began preparing my entrance. Carefully, he fingered his way in and began dilating it to stick a second finger in. It was an uncomfortable sensation at first, but once getting used to it, it wasn't that bad. It's not like I could complain much with his member in my mouth, muffling my noises, so I let him. In the end, he had much more experience in these things than I ever did.

He took his member out of my mouth with one of those moans that I just loved hearing from him and he prepared himself to enter inside me. He kissed me forcefully before beginning and I couldn't complain much, but I felt how he entered and I knew Sasuke was being careful. He was kissing me to camouflage the pain a bit but I still felt it. I noticed how his member kept entering me, trying to go in deep and I don't know if I had made Sasuke felt the same way, but I felt as if it never ended. He entered so slowly, that even his member felt much more enormous.

He reached the deepest it could go and he stopped. I felt my walls adapt to the thickness of Sasuke's member and how he began taking it out only to thrust it back in. He repeated it a few times, slowly, until he began picking up speed once I felt no pain.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and when I realized, I noticed that I was asking him for more, I wanted him to fill me, to enter deeply. I screamed, moaned and panted until Sasuke began worrying about the neighbours hearing us and thinking we were doing something bad.

"Keep going and stop worrying about the neighbours!" I shouted. "They don't have a damn Uchiha between their legs!" I shouted at him and he smiled.

I loved his smile; I could only see it a few times, but I loved it. Even when he smiled, believing he was the best. I heard him moan, breathing with difficulty as he had picked up enough speed that I thought he was about to finish and that's just what happened; he came inside me and I felt the liquid entering, a warm sensation in me. However, I did not expect him to say the next words.

"Naruto... if you promise me not to do it with Sakura, I'll let you enter."

It had surprised me. I hadn't expected Sasuke to say something like that, not after how I had treated him. But I did want to enter him for only one motive: he had demonstrated the pleasure I could feel and I wanted to be exactly like him or even surpass him. I wanted to be the best, give him even more pleasure. So, without giving any notice, I turned him around, leaving him under my body and beginning to lubricate him so I could place myself in the best position to enter. I had him on all fours and grabbed his hair forcefully to immobilize him.

This time, I managed to enter the first time, not like the last time when Sasuke had to guide me to his entrance. I entered and moaned, realizing he was tighter than the last time I remembered and he couldn't help but moan when he felt me deep inside. I touched his ass and when I slapped it, the only thing I heard was a "Naruto, don't over do it" out of annoyance, but now that he couldn't move with my member inside him and his head immobilized with my other hand grabbing his hair, I slapped it once more. I was going to regret this once I let go of him! But he can't take away the fun I've already had...

I thrust deep inside him how I wanted to and with the speed I felt like going until I discovered, that he was right in his words. Once I was able to go in deeper, he screamed out of pleasure like I had before, and I think I'd be able to get the hang of this, if I managed to get Sasuke to let me do it more often, that is. I smiled once getting it and I knew Sasuke was blushing, he wasn't used to being the one screaming in pleasure, he was always the one giving pleasure and he always heard how everyone screamed for him. I think I was going to learn something new out of this and it's just... I loved hearing him scream for me, he desired me and we both knew it.

I released inside him and gripped his ass, bringing it against my body so my liquid would go deeper in him, I wanted none of it to escape from him as I was going to demonstrate to him... that this Uchiha... was mine.

When I pulled out, we took advantage and headed towards the shower and after that, we laid down to sleep a bit. I was sleepy and although Sasuke didn't seem like being a bit tired, he said nothing and laid down next to me, our nude bodies together. I went to sleep, feeling Sasuke's soft touches all over my body.


Chapter 47: Team Taka


It's been days since we've seen Sasuke and we had searched everywhere. Him and his fucking habit of going who knows where whenever he wanted to, so many excuses about wanting to be alone and now he disappeared. He could've at least told us where he was leaving to and not leave us laying around in the base waiting for him without doing anything!

Karin was insupportable each day thinking about Sasuke. At first, I could tolerate her and told her he'd be back. Sasuke was like that; sometimes he'd leave for a couple of days and then come back with a mission or something for us to do, but when four days passed, even I started to worry. A week then passed and now I was sure something had happened because Sasuke was never this late in coming back.

I walked all around the base, even going as far as to see Pein in his tower in the Village Hidden in the Rain to ask if he knew anything, but it's as if the earth had swallowed him whole. Nobody knew anything about Sasuke except for a faint rumor about Sasuke being in Konoha— something I doubted! Sasuke didn't want to go back, so there was no fucking way he could be there, this had to be one of the many rumors that were false.

Pein said the exact same thing: that he had heard that he was in Konoha and although I didn't believe it, Pein assured me that with the fear everyone had of Sasuke, the rumor could be true because the people of Konoha would never let something like that out if they didn't have any foundation to it. They would say it and spread it around so other villages would want to or even demand that he be executed; he was wanted everywhere, it was normal. They would create a complicated diplomatic order, they couldn't help it, all the nations searched for him for some crime or another. They would be the ones to send requests to Konoha to have him killed.

Sasuke really was in a world of trouble this time! How the hell did it occur to him to go back to Konoha? On top of that, without warning us! What was so important in Konoha that he abandoned our team to leave to that village that for so long despised his brother and him? I don't know if this was a good idea, but I wasn't about to throw out all our hard work to know why. He had formed this team, we were good at what we did and we were here doing nothing because our leader had left to visit his village.

What happened now with getting revenge on his brother? He desired it with so much hatred that he let go of everything for it, even Konoha and now he went back. And his vengeance? What happened to that? We had worked until exhaustion following his brother and now... we had no clue as to where he was. What was Sasuke thinking? I would've gone in person if necessary to ask what was going on because I was lost. I don't know what mission we had, what we had to do, nor who to help or kill. Sasuke was the one to decide these things and he wasn't here.

I decided to take Karin to inspect the surroundings of the base in case she found any trace of Sasuke. She could sense and trace chakra, that's why Sasuke utilized her: to search for his brother and find him. So now, we would use her to find him and just like in the rumors... he was in Konoha!

"What's he doing in Konoha?" Karin asked me and Juugo shrugged.

"I don't know, but we're going to find out." I told them. "Let's go." I ordered them.

"We're moving?"

"Yes." I told them. "Towards Konoha."

We were late to arrive since we had distanced ourselves too much, but even with Karin's complaints, we didn't stop to even rest at night. We continued running through the trees and only stopped for a few minutes to rest when we could no longer keep going. I prohibited ourselves from sleeping, we had to get there. I wanted an explanation of what was going on and it had better be something convincing because I would not tolerate him doing this to us for some stupid reason.

We arrived at dawn. I could see the sun rising behind me and how the sky tainted itself with its characteristical red morning tint. I called Karin and she appeared by my side, searching for Sasuke's chakra. She wasted no time in finding him— he was in the center of Konoha. In the center? What the hell was a traitor of Konoha doing in the center of the damn village?

"Should we spread out?" Karin asked me. "There will be a lot of guards on look out. How are we going to enter?"

"Like we've always had." I told her. "With stealth and ninja techniques."

"We can't put them under illusions, that's Sasuke's thing."

"I know, but we can camouflage into the environment. Let's meet up where Sasuke's at."

"Alright." Juugo said, beginning to utilize his abilities to enter.

I didn't see what Karin did, but she was an expert in camouflaging her chakra, so I didn't worry much. I entered with my specialty— water. I arrived first and that was weird because I expected Karin to arrive before me, mostly because she was the one who was desperate to see Sasuke.

I was in front of some apartments— very ordinary, by the way— and I felt that hyperactive blond's chakra everywhere; the nuisance that never stopped bothering Sasuke, the one that we kept running into everywhere we went. He was very persistent! He always yelled at Sasuke to come back to Konoha with him and then... something hit me. Had Sasuke come back for him? I wasn't sure, but I was going to find out.

I jumped over to one of the roofs and went to look into the window when Karin and Juugo surprised me as they arrived where I was. The two of them looked at me and Karin began telling me her usual nonsense about Sasuke and how much she wanted to see him, although of course, when I looked through the window into the inside, I think it wasn't what Karin wanted to see. Even I was surprised and blushing to see how that hyperactive blond penetrated an indefensive Sasuke over and over again, immobilizing him as he grabbed him by the hair.

Karin was shocked, she couldn't take it that someone was with Sasuke and much less... that it was him who was receiving. To me, seeing Sasuke like that shocked me a lot. I had always seen the cold and strong Sasuke, the one who wouldn't let me do anything with him, not even suck his member and now... it turns out he was letting that guy penetrate him. I don't get it. I was dying to have him ever since I met him, he knew it and never let me near him, but he let that guy? I just didn't get it.

Had he returned to Konoha just to roll around with this guy? I was getting annoyed and for a moment, the idea of trying fuck him came into mind. It's what I had desired but another part of me told me I couldn't force him. He was Sasuke, he could destroy me before I even noticed. He was a damn Uchiha and I wouldn't even see him attack me— he was fast, created illusions, and had an absolute defense thanks to his brother: Susanoo. It was impossible to get near him and have him for myself. I was a bit jealous of Naruto and seeing him... wasn't calming me.

"I'm going to kill that guy." I heard Karin say. "How dare he touch my Sasuke?"

"I don't think he's your Sasuke..." I told her. "I didn't think he'd let himself get fucked like a whore." I told Karin in a whisper and she found herself confused by my words.

"Suigetsu?" She called out to me with a worried face. "Are you jealous?"

"No." I lied. "It's just that I didn't think Sasuke would let someone do those things to him so easily. I didn't expect that of an Uchiha and to top it all off, with him."

"You know him?"

"Not much, just enough to know he's a pest. He's nowhere near Sasuke's level but there he is, fucking him." I told her before turning around and beginning to walk away to get away from there.

"Where are you going?"

"I need to get away for a bit. When he's done, tell him I'm waiting for him in the park nearby." I commented towards Karin.

I got out of there because I couldn't stand seeing anymore of that scene. I could say that it bothered me, but in reality... seeing Sasuke like that excited me. It excited me for the simple fact that it was what I always wanted, but he never let me. First he fucked Deidara instead of me and I don't know if it was because he looked like Naruto in a few aspects or because he was his brother's boyfriend and he wanted to destroy him, but it didn't matter anymore. I only wanted him to be with me for at least one time, to get a taste of what the Uchiha were capable of, but no... he never wanted anything with me.

I ignored the thing with Deidara since I thought it was his way of getting revenge on his brother, that it was to lure him and nothing more. But this... this I couldn't ignore, I couldn't stand that he prefer that loser over me. He was never in love with Sasuke, but I was. Why couldn't he look at me instead? Why was he letting himself get fucked by that brainless blond? I couldn't think of anything else.

I arrived at the park and stayed in a clearing away from all the hustle. I didn't want anyone to see me and make a scene. I maintained myself alone and silent for a long time and it wasn't until noon when I saw Sasuke appear walking towards me. I suppose he found me by my chakra and although I was happy to see he was alright, my conversation with him was not going to be what he was expecting because I wasn't understanding a lot of things, because I couldn't stand seeing him with Naruto, humiliating himself like that for someone who despised him over and over again.

"Suigetsu." He called me with a serious voice and I jumped out of the tree, looking at him with my most serious look. He knew something was wrong with me because I was always joking around with him but today, there was nothing to joke about.

"Playing happy family in Konoha?" I asked him out of nowhere and he was surprised.

"No." He told me. "Naruto captured me a few days back while trying to escape."

"It's been more than a week." I told him. "Also... how are you trying to escape? By giving your ass to Naruto like a damn cat in heat?" I asked, pissed off. "Now you're his bitch or what?"

"Don't you talk to me in that tone." He said very serious-like and I tensed, especially as I saw how his hand was on it's way to the handle of his katana.

"Am I by any chance lying?" I asked him. "I've seen you fuck around with him. I came here because I was worried that something had happened to you, but I see now that it was unnecessary, you're perfectly well."

"Don't start with your acts of jealousy." He said and I opened my eyes. "You know my story with Naruto goes back way before you and I knew each other. Don't make me choose, Suigetsu, because you know perfectly well who I'll end up choosing."

"I didn't expect you to abandon your revenge and everything we had all planned just to let yourself get fucked by that blond."

"What revenge?!" He asked, shouting at me. "My brother has runaway with Deidara! My entire clan was going to rebel and Itachi was the one who paid the consequences and they exiled him after utilizing him! I can't get revenge, he did his job! I have nothing to fight for!"

"And is that reason enough to stay with Naruto?"

"I can't stay here and you know it. They hate me."

"You're right about that. The other nations won't leave you alone, they want to see you dead. You don't have a future by his side and you know it. Your only life is away from this village."

"I know." He told me. "But I'm not going to give up on Naruto now." He said with a hateful glare that I had never seen before in all his moments of fury. I believe he was capable of anything to protect that blond, so I dropped the subject in fear that he would turn against me.

"What will Team Taka do now?" I asked him.

"I don't know, Suigetsu. I've yet to think about what we'll do from now on."

"Alright... we'll be in the outskirts of the village if you need us." I told him dryly as I marched off.

"Suigetsu." He called me, much more serious than before. "Let this be the last time you come into my personal life. I let myself get fucked by whoever I want, is that clear?" He asked.

"Very clear." I replied annoyingly.


Chapter 48: Hot Springs

 Naruto Uzumaki

When I woke up, I couldn't feel Sasuke's weight on my arm and as much as I looked for him with my other arm, I couldn't find him. I got worried as I couldn't feel him anywhere and I opened my eyes rapidly seeing that he wasn't on the futon with me. He had gotten up and I thought perhaps he had marched off somewhere, although I didn't know where to and that worried me even more because the entire village despised him, so I didn't like the thought of him going out by himself. I wanted to be with him at all times in case he needed help, in case he needed a witness to deny all the things people could begin to say or make up about him.

I got up quickly and headed towards the closet to look for my clothes. I hadn't even taken off my pijama pants to go out searching for him when the sliding door to my room opened, revealing Sasuke completely dressed. I was in shock at seeing him, but he blushed to see me without pants.

"Is that how it is now?" He asked with a smug smile. "You can't go a second with your pants on?" He teasingly asked and I smiled.

"With you here, it's impossible." I joked.

"'re too horny lately, it's bad for you." He said, smiling at me.

"It'll be bad for me only if you reject me." I told him, getting closer to him to kiss him. "Where have you gone, Sasuke?" I asked and he looked at me strangely.

"To take care of a pending problem." He told me.

"What problem?"

"A problem with my team."

"With your team? Your team is here?" I asked.

"So it seems. They were worried about my long absence and wanted to know if something happened. I've taken care of it."

"Alright." I told him as to not bring anymore problems.

I had breakfast with him and to be quite honest... I was still worried about his team coming here, not because I was jealous that I'd have to share my time with Sasuke with them, but because I didn't want Sasuke to march off because they had come to take him. They knew as well as I did that to Sasuke, it was a risk staying in the village, so it would make sense that they try to convince him to leave once again and I wasn't going to permit anybody to separate me from Sasuke. He was mine and I wanted him always at my side.

Perhaps I was a little annoyed ever since I found out that his team was here and Sasuke noticed it right away. I didn't have the same easy advantage that Sasuke had to feign that things were okay when they really weren't; he knew how to camouflage his feelings but I didn't. What I felt is what I felt and I loved him, I was too conflicted just thinking about loosing him.

"What's wrong?" Sasuke asked me as he took a sip from his milk.

"Did you ever sleep with anyone in your group?" I asked, the doubt was killing me!

"Mmm... no." He told me. "Although, Karin came to wake me every morning, you understand what I mean."

"And you say it so calmly?" I asked, annoyed.

"You asked." He said with the same seriousness as always. "Did you want me to lie?"

"No." I told him. "Or yes, I don't know, Sasuke."

"Then decide." He said. "Are you jealous?" He asked, smiling.

"Perhaps a bit." I told him, pouting like a little kid and I saw Sasuke get up to reach across the table and grab my head as he neared to kiss me.

"I love only you, dobe." He told me as he smiled.

"Yeah... but Karin blew you in the mornings." I reminded him and he began to laugh.

"Well... then perhaps I should blow you from now on, what do you think?" Somehow that made me smile.

"Not a bad idea." I said, kissing him as he came towards me and I made him straddle himself over my legs.

I threw everything off the table, making it all fall to the floor as it didn't matter. I preferred dragging Sasuke all over the table so long as he was over me. I kissed him possessively and it's just that... I felt he was mine. I had taken long to realize but nobody was going to separate me from him, not the village or his team. Sasuke let me kiss him as he tugged at my hair, caressing me.

"I have to go buy a few things." I commented towards him, more so because I had something to do and I didn't want him to come along. "How about if you wait for me like a good boy and when I come back... I'll invite you to a relaxing bath in the hot springs?"

"Sex included?" He asked naughtily.

"Of course. I'll give you anything you want, Sasuke, you already know."

"Then alright." He said, kissing me as he got off of me.

I grabbed the house keys and went out to buy anything I needed for the kitchen: some potatoes... some ramen, anything to camouflage my real intention before Sasuke.

I searched for Sasuke's team because I was going to have a few words with them. I didn't trust any of them and I had to make it clear to them that Sasuke was mine whether they liked it or not. I found them near the outskirts of the village— and it had cost me to get past the guards! But there they were: camping out near a river inside the forest to hide themselves. The guy with the white hair was the first to see me and he tensed up.

"Well, well. The great Uzumaki Naruto is here. You don't have to convince me to go back to the village, so I don't know what you're doing out here."

"I came searching for you all." I clarified.


"Because I don't know what exactly you want from Sasuke." I said very clearly.

"I don't know about the others," he said, looking over to them. "but you know what I want from him. I want exactly what you have. I want to fuck him while he screams just like he did with you this morning."

"Then you can forget about it." I threatened. "He wants nothing with you."

"We'll see about that. Let me remind you that I've worked with him far longer than you have. I used to enter his room whenever he changed and I've seen him shower. He has always been a step away from fucking me." He told me and I punched him although it surprised me that he converted himself to water and it didn't affect him. He began laughing. "What a temper we have here."

"You won't have him."

"We'll see. You'll end up crossing the line with him somehow like you always have and he'll return to me. He'll return where he belongs: with his group, and when that happens, I'll have my opportunity to have him fall for me."

"You know nothing about Sasuke." I told him. "He's an Uchiha, you can't make him fall for you because he always gets his way. You can't force him to anything. He won't even let you fuck him."

"He lets you, I don't see why he wouldn't let me."

"Because he doesn't do it with anybody!" I shouted. "I don't even know why he lets me! Sasuke is uncontrollable— he fucks me whenever he wants and when he feels like it, it' me. We always do whatever he wants." I told him. "You can't try to make an Uchiha fall for you, they're too prideful."

"In that case, I'll think of something. I'm not about to let you destroy his life, he doesn't belong in this village, don't you realize?!" He yelled at me. "They only want to see him dead here!"

"They're not going to kill him."

"No, they won't kill him, only because I won't permit it." He told me and I stopped arguing. It wasn't worth it wasting my time with him.

The truth is I was very annoyed; he thought himself to be better than me but... where was he when they almost killed Sasuke the other day? It was me who impeded them from killing him. That guy hadn't even known. If I hadn't arrived on time, he and I wouldn't even be here arguing about Sasuke because by then, he would've been dead. He couldn't protect him, he'd only return Sasuke to that damn path of vengeance that Sasuke always followed whereas I offered a change, a chance to live calmly, to live with me, be happy, and forget completely about revenge, to only think about us.

I returned home after buying a few more things and Sasuke had already noticed how long I took for what I had bought. I suppose I wasn't too good about thinking about things because Sasuke was much more intelligent than I, he had always been. Ever since the academy, he had always gotten better grades, he was the best at everything. He was astute— always thinking up plans to defeat our enemies whereas I only went along with his ideas.

"You went to see them, right?" He asked me although strangely, he didn't appear to be bothered. "I told you that I'd take care of my team."

"I know, but..."

"But you were jealous." He said out of nowhere while smiling. "I haven't had anything with them, Naruto." He clarified. "With Karin, perhaps a little bit, but I don't feel anything for them and you know it. What do you have to worry about?"

"I don't know, I don't want to lose you." I commented.

"You won't lose me." He told me, nearing me to kiss me. "You know that I love you. What did Suigetsu tell you?" He asked,

"I think he's a bit in love with you."

"That's not true." He smiled. "He wants to fuck me because he has this obsession about doing it with an Uchiha, but he feels nothing for me. But if you want... perhaps we could give him a lesson." He told me, smirking as I listened to his plan.

Just like I promised, I took him out to the hot springs out by the outskirts, since there were less people there and since everybody hated him, he preferred going there so we were more alone. Sasuke had come up with this great plan for the springs and I don't know how, but he knew his group would go there. I suppose he knew them well but then, he told me Karin could trace chakra, so they would end up knowing that he was nearby and wouldn't take long to hurry.

He was right— as always— but I wasn't taking them into mind, but rather, a completely nude Sasuke covering his intimacy with a single white towel. He sat by my side and relaxed in the water while I looked at him; it's just that, he had this body that was just too much to ignore. I loved everything about Sasuke: his character, his pride, his body, his intelligence... everything about him had my attention. I couldn't do anything else but blush knowing I had the perfect boyfriend that everybody wished for because whether they admit it or not, everyone felt attracted to Sasuke in one way or another. Who didn't want to be with him? Ever since he was little, everyone desired him, they followed him, he even had his own fan club within the girls.

If I went on without saying anything, surely he would end up falling asleep, so I sneakily moved my hand, softly touching his leg. There was another guy nearby but even as I looked at him, he was so oblivious as to what I was doing to Sasuke. In fact, I'm pretty sure the other guy would end up falling asleep for sure. I don't know if it was okay or not to touch Sasuke in a place like this but when I began to move my hand away from his leg, I heard Sasuke, who still had a small towel over his eyes, tell me to move my hand a bit more up. I loved his naughty smile and although I took my hand off of him, he moved his hand inside the water and under my towel, grabbing my member.

"Sasuke..." I said. "I don't think this is a good time." I told him, gesturing with my head over to the guy in front of us.

Sasuke took the towel off his eyes to see the other guy and then smiled even more without taking his hand away. Instead, he started moving his hand much faster and gripping a bit more to give me pleasure. I muffled however I could the first moan that almost escaped my lips.

"Are you embarrassed or what?" He asked me, getting on top of me to straddle me and kissing me possessively. "You're mine, Naruto, so I don't care about the people. For all I care, the entire village can find out how you moan for me." He told me, biting at my neck.

I saw Suigetsu enter at this precise moment and I indicated to Sasuke with a small gesture that the person he was waiting for had entered and I saw him smirk even more as he kissed me. Suigetsu got near us, and I suppose to interrupt us, but Sasuke didn't stop his hand, nor his kisses. He ignored Suigetsu and whatever he wanted to say to start moaning when I entered my fingers in him, preparing his entrance.

"Stop this!" Suigetsu suddenly shouted, looking at us but Sasuke didn't stop. Instead, Sasuke reached out and grabbed his arm with force, giving him a look I had never seen before, but then again, it was no wonder everyone feared him.

"If you don't like what you see, then leave." He told him, letting go of him harshly. "And Naruto... fuck me." He told me and I stayed still with his words.

"I can't believe you're going to let him." Suigetsu told him.

"You've said it: I'm like a cat in heat. Well you're right, but I'm Naruto's and if I want him to fuck me, he'll do it and that's it." He said threateningly. "I don't care if you want to stay and watch, but get the point that I'm with Naruto and only he has the right to touch me."

Suigetsu couldn't take it and marched away, pissed off and although I saw him leave, I also saw him hide to make sure if we were serious or not. I knew Sasuke also supposed he would do this, because he grabbed my member and placed it on his entrance, slowly sitting down into it while he moaned, feeling how it went inside him. I couldn't help but gasp at his tightness and in grand pleasure when it went in deep.

I had never seen Sasuke move like he was doing now, because he was moving at a rhythm that I couldn't even keep up with, rubbing his member against my abdomen every time he bounced up and down on my member. He hugged me as he dug his nose into my neck trying to silence his moans. I came inside him almost immediately but he continued moving until he came over me, kissing me forcefully and passionately.

"Has it become clear to you that I love only you?" He asked me. "I don't want any more jealousy." He said. "My team and their problems, I take care of them."

"Alright." I said. "No more jealousy, I promise, but this... we have to do it again." I told him, smiling and he smiled as well.


Chapter 49: Meetings

Sasuke Uchiha

I relaxed once I finished with Naruto and felt Suigetsu's chakra getting fainter as he marched off. I was so relaxed after our little sex session with my blond, that I fell asleep with my head leaning over his shoulder. I felt his hand in my hair, caressing it, but I was so comfortable at this moment that it didn't matter. I only wanted him to continue while I rested with him and that was something odd of me because I had never trusted anyone.

I always carried weapons with me but today... strangely I had gone out without them. I trusted that Naruto would protect me if something happened and that made me feel weird: I wasn't the type of guy who needed help or protection. I was a lot stronger than Naruto— or that's what I liked to believe— but still, I went to sleep like a child completely relaxed knowing Naruto was there although I had no weapons to defend myself with. Even so, I could also use many techniques without having a weapon in hand, so that relaxed me enough.

I woke up thanks to feeling Naruto's lips over mine. He was kissing me and I responded as I let him wake me up. If he was always going to wake me up this way, then I'd be the happiest person in the world. I noticed his hand caress my cheek as he separated from me and when I opened my eyes, he was smiling sweetly.

"Hey sleepy head." He said and I smiled. "Should we go home and rest?"

"Yeah." I replied. "That sounds good, going back home."

"More like you to your home and me to mine." He said, smiling as a joke. "l like it when you're with me because I can sleep hugging you like this every night."

We got out of the hot water where I had been at peace and headed towards the changing rooms to get dressed. I watched Naruto as he took off his towel and began dressing himself. He had trained a lot! I could see his abs a bit more toned than when I had left the village, his legs and arms much stronger and his back wider. I loved Naruto so much, with his unusual blond hair and those spectacular blue eyes that drove me completely crazy.

"What's wrong, Sasuke?" Naruto asked me.

"Nothing." I told him. "Just observing."

"Sasuke... you know you can have me whenever you want, there's no need to space out looking at me." He said with a smile. "I'm yours and you know it."

"Yeah." I said, taking control once again and kissing him with force. "You're mine, so don't you ever forget it."

"You're very possessive."

"I am." I told him, smiling as I began dressing myself as well.

I changed next to Naruto and walked out once we were done, heading towards home. It was weird of me to say 'home' because it was as if it was ours when in reality, it was only Naruto's. Still, getting used to living with the person you love was the best thing that had ever happened to me and I wasn't willing to lose that, not even if the people of the village insulted me or tried humiliating me.

It was clear that I couldn't go out to buy or do many things because the shop keepers at the stores didn't want to sell me anything. They didn't cooperate with traitors, as they said, so Naruto would always be the one to go out and buy. I could do nothing for him and that hurt me. Sometimes I thought about preparing him dinner, doing something romantic but of course, I couldn't go out to buy the ingredients and if I asked him to buy them, then it wouldn't be a surprise anymore. It was something I would have to get used to and at times, I felt like I was a weight on his shoulders.

It was now late. I looked up at the stars and then over at the moon, thinking I'd sleep good today; I was very tired. However, as we headed home in silence, a few drunk people walked out from one of the bars, talking between themselves and laughing. I recognized those laughs right away! I could not forget about them although I wanted to— those guys who had abused me in prison.

I stopped for a second and Naruto, seeing how I stopped following, also stopped for a few seconds to look at me. I saw them turn the corner, getting farther away from where we were and I clenched my fists forcefully from the rage I had at this moment. I noticed how my hate grew in my interior and I just wanted to see all of them dead.

"Sasuke?" Naruto asked me and I suddenly lost focus on those men to look over at my worried blue-eyed blond. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah." I told him.

"What's wrong?"

"I forgot to grab something." I said. "Would you mind going ahead? I'll go pick it up and catch up with you." I commented. "I promise."

"Will you be okay by yourself? Do you want me to go with you?"

"There's no need, Naruto. I'm bothered enough as it is that you have to do everything. I think I can do this by myself."

"Alright." He said. "I'll see you at home, then. Don't take too long."

"I won't." I told him and retraced my steps towards the corner.

I waited until I saw Naruto disappear on the street ahead and once gone, I jumped up towards the first roof, running over them until I found the men. They began separating as they arrived home and I stayed where each one of them lived because today... I began and ended my vengeance.

I entered the first house and walked through the hallway until arriving at the room of my first victim. He had been surprised to see me as he was changing to go to sleep and I suppose the last thing he expected to find was me. He grabbed his katana but with a fast, swift movement, I unarmed him and I ended up being armed with his weapon. Blood, blood, and more blood! It's all I saw and I continued on with the next and the next after that one. Every one of them succumbed to my vengeance before finally I finally arrived at the very last one: the boss.

I didn't want to arrive late with Naruto, so I quickly took care of him and hurried out towards Naruto's house once again. When I arrived, I changed my clothes and washed the blood off my hands before entering the room. I didn't want to scare Naruto with this topic, so it was best getting the blood off before going to see him. I entered naked because I had thrown my clothes in the clothes bin, hiding it between more clothes and when Naruto saw me, he thought I wanted sex. But of course, it was normal that he'd think that— I entered his room naked and to top it all off, seeing his eyes eyeing my member made it begin to react, causing more amazement to Naruto.

"Stop looking at me like that, dobe." I said, blushing a bit.

"Fuck me." He said out of nowhere without looking away from my member to which I tried to hide, placing my hands over it from embarrassment.

"What are you saying?" I asked and he crawled over to me, parting my hands and placing my member in his mouth.

I gasped when I felt him and he moaned as he licked my member with pure delight, as if he was enjoying his favorite dish— which was ramen. I didn't like thinking much about ramen when Naruto was like this; my member was not ramen, but even so, Naruto seemed to be enjoying it. I was a bit embarrassed seeing him kneeling before me, taking my member in and out of his mouth, sucking it in desperation while saying over and over again how big it was, how much he loved it or how much he wanted to feel it inside him.

On one hand, it embarrassed me a lot, but on the other hand, it also excited me greatly to hear him say all of that. Plus, being used to being the one to always give pleasure, it appetized me a bit to have Naruto under me asking for more, panting and moaning like crazy. I didn't care about the neighbour's complaints, I wanted to stick it deep inside that blond.

I moved my waist and stuck my member deeper in his mouth while Naruto played with my testicles, giving me even more pleasure. I then felt his hands on my ass and how he pulled me towards him, taking more of my member in if at all possible. I noticed how his tongue played around and his teeth softly rubbing against my tip. Naruto really learned fast!

I couldn't take anymore and placed him on all fours, sticking my tongue in to lubricate him while my hand massaged his member as it was beginning to react. I penetrated him almost without consideration, giving the both of us pleasure as I continued masturbating him. He screamed, moaned and shook. I even began to think his legs would fail him, making him fall to the floor from the trembling he was getting from with the pleasure.

Naruto's ass was... pure pleasure. It was noticeable from afar that nobody had ever entered him except me because he was always so tight. So much, that it cost me to contain myself as to not come fast. It was a damn sin being with him, that's why I always liked him entering me sometimes because I didn't have to make too much of an effort to contain myself like I was right now, hearing him scream like crazy to continue, to go faster and go in deeper, to thrust with more force and now, as he pronounced my name with a seducing tone only he had, it was almost impossible to control myself. I came inside him and Naruto shouted to stick it all inside him, screaming that he was mine, and he was.

Naruto fell upon the futon, trying to recompose himself but I didn't let him. I positioned him on his back so I could lick and nibble on his nipples, making them hard for me as I continued massaging him because he had yet to come and I would never permit anyone to be with me and not come, especially, if it was Naruto.

His hands were over my head, pushing me down over his chest and begging me to continue, asking me to pinch his nipples, to lick them and I began to think that he was going to come down with something, seeing how he trembled more and more each time. He even begged me uncontrollably to blow him, and so I did. I did as he said and began licking the tip of his member delicately before placing his entire member in my mouth and slowly picking up speed.

I showed him something new, something he had never tried before and it drove him crazy: licking his balls with my tongue, placing them in my mouth, licking and playing around with them with my tongue before going back to his member and giving him pleasure. I didn't stop hearing him say dirty things, saying my name over and over again, hearing him scream and pant, seeing him tremble until he came inside my mouth.

He got scared a bit and sat up, apologizing but I swallowed everything I could before licking his member once again, cleaning it with my tongue while he blushed as he saw me doing all of it.

"I'm sorry, Sasuke." He kept saying. "I should've told you."

"Hey, there's nothing wrong, Naruto." I told him. "You know I permit you almost anything. You're delicious, I love your screams, I love that dirty vocabulary of yours when you're excited and I love seeing you shaking from pleasure." I told him as I smiled.

"It's all for you." He told me. "God... they were right, the Uchiha are incredible." He commented. "You're a genius at everything, I don't know if I'll ever be able to surpass you."

"Then... you should practice more." I told him smiling. "Go to sleep now, Naruto."

I laid by his side and let him hug me, caressing his hair and feeling how he buried his face in my chest.


Chapter 50: Believe Me!

Naruto Uzumaki

I woke up grabbing Sasuke to realize that he was still asleep. I don't know what had happened to him these past few years in his life, but I did know that he only managed to sleep this relaxed when I was with him. In fact, even I slept more at ease when I had him between my arms, watching him sleep. I couldn't help but look at him like a little kid who needed to be protected and although I knew he was much stronger now, I still had this instinct of defending him.

I tried moving, intending to get up when Sasuke moved as well, throwing his arm over my abdomen and blocking me from trying to move. I smiled, watching him because he hadn't even flinched, he hadn't even realized what he had done but unconsciously... he impeded me from moving away from him. He reminded me of a little kid! I couldn't help but see him all sweet and caring although he was only just sleeping because as soon as he wakes up, he was bound to have that same damn Uchiha character as always: cold, strong, prideful, and dominant.

I stayed with him for a bit, turning towards him to caress his hair as I watched him sleep. I grazed his cheek with my fingertips and his lips, always so soft and sensual. I was dying to kiss them as he slept. In reality, I was dying to kiss them all the time because I loved Sasuke, overall when I managed to control him. Even if he won't admit it, we would end up doing what I wanted, and just like last night, I was controlling him now. He ended up doing what I wanted and I loved it.

He moved his head in annoyance as if my ticklish touches annoyed him and buried his face between my shoulder and my neck, impeding me from touching his face more but at the same time, provoking me a few shivers from the excitement I suffered when he touched my neck. I caressed the arm he had over my abdomen and heard him make a strange sound as he was at ease, but to me, it reminded me of a cat when it purred in relaxation—but I wasn't even thinking of telling that to Sasuke! At least I didn't want him to get mad at me for treating him like a little kid or someone... caring instead of how he wanted everyone to see him as.

In the end, I managed to get up with more shame than glory, parting his arm from my abdomen carefully and placing a pillow in my place, which he clung to it tightly while I hurried towards the bathroom— I needed to go urgently! I entered, finally relaxing as I did my business and washed my hands. I noticed something strange in the clothes bin— it was dried blood?

I took my clothes out of the way as they were over a shirt where I had faintly seen blood and grabbed it to see better. It was blood! And it was the shirt I had let Sasuke wear last night— what was going on here?! I got worried in case something had happened to him last night when I let him go alone for whatever it is he had left behind.

I ran out towards the room once again, now worried that something had actually happened to him when he was alone and he didn't want to tell me. Although sincerely, last night when I was with him I didn't see any wounds. I didn't understand what was going on, I don't knew where that blood came from.

I practically uncovered Sasuke and he woke up instantly, complaining about my behavior but I didn't care. I grabbed his wrists with one hand to immobilize him and with my other, I tried searching for any wounds in case he had any that I hadn't seen last night.

"What the hell are you doing?!" He asked, annoyed.

"Checking." I replied in a serious tone.

"Checking? For what?"

"What did you do last night?" I asked.

"I was with you all night last night, you know very well what I did."

"You weren't here all night, you went back to look for something at the hot springs." I commented.

"So what? They were a few minutes, I came back right away."

"Who did you cross on the way?" I asked worriedly.

"With no one." He said and I knew he was lying to me.

"Sasuke... with who?!" I shouted.

"What's wrong? You don't believe me?" He challenged and I had to let go of him because I didn't want to start problems with something I wasn't sure of, much less after our relationship had worsened previously thanks to Sakura and me not trusting him on what he said, so I let go of him trying to believe him.

I hugged him because I didn't want to argue with him and if he said it was nothing, then I suppose I should believe him. Why would he lie to me? I had already made the mistake to not believe him with the Gaara thing and that had created a huge problem, so I ignored it this time. I didn't want any more problems with Sasuke, at least not now at this moment.

Sasuke hugged me back although he didn't seem so calm after my accusation and it was normal; perhaps I shouldn't have gotten like that with him, maybe it was something stupid that I was trying to find out but even with all of that... I was still worried about the blood I had discovered on his clothes.

"I'm sorry." I told him. "I shouldn't have talked to you like that. I trust you, Sasuke. If you say you're alright, then I believe you." I tried fixing it and he appeared to relax. "Do you want to go out with me to buy a few things for the kitchen?" I asked, trying to change the topic and to calm everything down.

"No." He told me. "I prefer to stay, you know how people get when they see me." He commented.

I didn't want to insist because he was right on something: the people looked at us weird when he accompanied me, they trembled upon seeing him. Some who were brave enough even dared to insult him as he passed by or murmured over him. There were graffiti painted on walls calling him a traitor and worse things so I suppose it was best he not come along. In the end, I parted from the hug to go change and go out to buy a few things. I wasn't going too far, so I wouldn't be late in coming back, that's what I told Sasuke.

I walked out, leaving Sasuke to relax and walked out to the street and towards the store that I tended to always go to. The people today were being extra weird; almost everyone was jittery. They were all crowded in groups and talking about something; I think something about an incident last night. I didn't pay much attention to them either, or at least at first because just as I arrived at the store, I heard rumors. There had been a few murders and I wouldn't have paid any mind to it if not for the fact that they said that they were two ninja who worked at the prison and not just any two, but two ANBU. Meaning someone much stronger than an ANBU had entered into their house and killed them cold blooded.

I remembered the blood on the clothes Sasuke had thrown away, how weird he was last night that he even entered naked after passing by the bathroom and I think... that as much as I trusted his words, he was guilty of this. He had the strength to do it, he had the cleverness to not leave any clues behind but I could not just ignore something this big. I wanted to believe him, I really wanted to believe his words, but he had killed at least two people and the others were gravely injured in the hospital!

I left whatever product I was looking at in its place and exited the store without buying anything. Even the store clerk who knew me asked me if something was wrong as I quickly headed out of there, jumping onto the first roof and running towards home. I had to confirm these doubts because I knew Sasuke, I knew how vengeful he was and I remembered perfectly well what happened after Sakura said he had been violated in prison. This was something he was capable of doing and I couldn't permit it; I couldn't ignore this.

I had tried to defend him of anything and everyone. I tried taking care of him, protecting him, but each time he gave them more motives to execute him. He couldn't go around assassinating people— that would be his sentence. They would end up killing him if they found out about this and I don't know how I'd be able to protect him if he kept getting into these types of troubles.

I arrived home and everything was in complete silence except for the sound of water running. He was showering and I could see him through the door, at least his silhouette. I really loved Sasuke but right now, I had no idea what to do with him or how to confront him about this because I knew it had been him.

I entered the bathroom and although he was surprised to see me at first, he then smiled, inviting me to go in with him. I supposed he wanted sex, but sex right now wasn't appetizing, not after finding out about all of this. He asked me something, sounding a bit worried after seeing how I wasn't moving or how I had come back with my hands empty after coming back from the store. I couldn't help feeling rage running through my veins. I entered the shower with him and I didn't care if my clothes were getting wet. I pinned him against the bath tiles so he wouldn't have the possibility of escaping and I asked him angrily.

"What did you do?" I asked.

"I've already told you."

"Stop lying to me!" I shouted. "There are two dead and three gravely injured!" I said. "What did you do to those guys?"

"I didn't kill them." He told me annoyingly.

"So you were with them?"

"I wanted to get revenge for what they did to me but when I left there, they were alive."

"Come on, Sasuke. I know you. I know perfectly well how your vengeances are and they're never any good."

"They're not." He told me. "I mutilated them a bit, yes. To one of them, I cut off the arm that he had touched me with. To the other, I cut off his tongue so he wouldn't lick anyone's neck like he did with me and their boss..." He smiled. "To him, I cut his dick off, which was what he most took pride in, but I did not kill them." He repeated.

"Fuck, Sasuke!" I complained. "Is it that you can't stop getting yourself into problems for at least one day? I only ask of you one damn day! I can't always be over you protecting you if you keep killing people!"

"I haven't asked you to protect me!" He shouted. "I don't need you to be my babysitter! You knew perfectly well that I wasn't going to leave things the way they were! I even told you there were a few more names in my list to take revenge on!"

"I don't give a shit about your vengeances!" I shouted angrily. "I want to keep you alive! Don't you get it?! Everyone will throw themselves over you, they'll want to kill you for this and I don't know how I'll be able to defend you of these accusations when you actually did it!"

"Let me repeat it to you that when I left, they were alive." He said.

"How the hell do you want me to believe you?! You even lied to me this morning, you made me believe that you had nothing to do with anything and now... now it turns out you were actually in their houses, you tortured them. Who tells me they didn't kill them and then tries hiding the truth?"

"Believe what you want, then, Naruto." He said. "But let go of me." He threatened.

"I'm not letting go of you."

"Then forgive me for this, because I'm not staying."

He punched me hard on my mandible, making me lose equilibrium thus letting go of him. This guy really hit hard. I think that until now he hadn't been serious in hitting me because now that he had done it seriously, he had even left me disoriented a bit. I was a bit dizzy from the punch but I recomposed myself, hitting him back.


Chapter 51: Goodbye

Sasuke Uchiha

I punched him because this topic was rubbing under my nose already and I had one thing clear: if someone had killed those guys to leave the blame on me, then there was no doubt that they were going to come for me again. They wanted to execute me whichever way possible and I supposed that it had surely been Danzou because I hadn't killed them. Naruto was right on one thing: I didn't let myself be protected, I was too obsessed with going to destroy them as my vengeance but... what had he done? He couldn't understand how I felt at this moment. They hadn't violated him whenever they wanted and often times they did it only to humiliate me while I was in prison. He knew none of that.

For him to enter me didn't mean anything more than to teach him— I wanted to teach him. I loved doing it with him and it felt good but he didn't seem to understand that I had only let him enter me. I couldn't permit anyone else to do it and they had done it, they had forced me, they had tried to destroy my pride and they had to pay. I wasn't going to stay in a corner crying about it, I was going to go there and torture them, and that's exactly what I did. But I didn't kill them. I didn't because that would bring me problems with the village and I wasn't willing to lose what I had with Naruto, but he understood nothing.

He didn't see how much effort it took for me to let him enter me. He didn't see how it made me feel, how much effort I was putting into teaching him all those tricks for pleasure, to teach him to be the best in sex. I showed him all I had learned and on top of that, I let him practice with me. Still, the only thing he saw was me and my vengeances, that he had to protect me. I didn't need a fucking babysitter looking after me; I was independent and much stronger than him, I didn't need him. I wanted him to love me just as I was, not to protect me like the damsel in distress he thought I was.

Naruto had stumbled back with my punch, as if he hadn't expected the hit and it had gotten him by surprise but when he could react, he too, punched back. And now, we're back to the times of our youth— hitting each other all day and trying to surpass the other but we knew perfectly well Naruto wouldn't admit it. He believed he could defeat me but he never could, not even if I had used my full power. I didn't want to use Amaterasu with him because I didn't want to kill him, I didn't want to use Susanoo because I didn't want to make him depressed after seeing how none of his attacks could make it through my absolute defense but I also wasn't going to let him win because this... was our goodbye. I was leaving the village whether he liked it or not.

I couldn't stay here, not anymore. We had tried it but Naruto knew as much as I did that there was no solution for me here. They would always be looking for something to execute me for. They would always try to demonstrate that I did something wrong just to have an excuse to kill the traitor and honestly... I didn't want to help a village that had shunned my clan, my brother, and me. Naruto could stay with his position as Hokage if he wanted, but I was getting out of here, I wasn't going to share him with the village.

I threw another punch at him and he lowered his head, which I took advantage of and kneed him just as his head lowered and it hurt me to hurt him; it hurt me to do this, but I had to. I had to leave and I knew he wouldn't let me. I suppose Suigetsu had been right in one thing: this wasn't my place; I no longer belonged to this village. For all I care, all of Konoha could drown deep in the depths of hell and it wouldn't matter to me. I'd dance over it's ruins and enjoy it.

Naruto wasn't too far behind in his punches, he too, was destroying me and even more when I saw him create shadow clones to stop me. Although, with a few quick seals and my flame, I destroyed them all, breaking the window of the house while Naruto, without worrying over the mess his house was becoming, threw himself over me trying to leave me unconscious. However, I was not willing to permit him and with another seal, I summoned one of the serpents to take a hold of his arms and legs while he looked at me and demanded me to let him go.

I made him look at me and after apologizing to him for what I was about to do, I activated the Sharingan and put him into one of my illusions, making him faint. I undid the technique and caught his body before it landed against the floor to avoid him getting even more hurt than I had already hurt him. I placed him on the futon and covered him before taking leave because he wasn't at fault for my decisions. It wasn't his fault that everyone wanted to kill me but he had to understand at some point that I did not belong in his world.

I caressed his blond tresses while I kneeled at his side because this was going to be my goodbye. I wanted to march away from this village and I don't know if Naruto would understand that we couldn't be together. He belonged in this village... where I was only an assassin, a traitor. I neared my face towards his, touching my forehead with his as I apologized to him, asking him to forgive me some day and that I loved him. He couldn't hear me, I know. He wouldn't know anything but even so, I kissed him one last time before leaving.

I walked out of his house and there were a lot of people watching from below. I suppose they had gathered from the noise and the ruins of our fight but even so, I didn't stop once. I saw the people look at me worriedly when I walked out and it was normal; everyone feared me, so I passed by and continued running, looking for the exit.

The guards began blocking every exit of the village after being informed of the situation in Naruto's house. In fact, they believed I was escaping after attacking my own teammate. They believed just about anything to blame me, so I was right: the best thing I could do was leave. Although, I didn't know where to leave from without hurting too many people in the process because that would make my situation worse.

It surprise me to see Suigetsu on one of the roofs near the one I was hiding in and with a quick movement, I went to him. Luckily, he showed me a way of escaping and I followed him, supposing he was still a part of my team. I could only trust in my teammates. I no longer belonged in this village, I was only the traitor.

We exited the village and I breathed in relaxation once I was out. My team was still there, all of them. I then asked Karin for my brother. I wanted her to tell me where he was right now and I wanted her to locate his chakra immediately.

"We're going for your brother?" Suigetsu asked me.

"No." I told him. "I think it's time we get away from here." I commented. "We have nothing to do except keep ourselves alive. I'm going with my brother."

"Then we'll go with you." Karin told me. "We have no other missions to do and no other place to go."

"There's no need for you all to come." I told them. "Seriously, you all have done a lot for me. You've tolerated my vengeances, so go and live your lives, I mean it. I only need you to do me one last favor: I need to know where my brother is."

Karin concentrated on searching for Itachi's chakra and when she located him, she explained to me where he was. I thanked Karin for the favor and began running. I wanted to leave and the sooner, the better. It was strange to me how when I advanced a few more steps, I felt Suigetsu's presence after me and I stopped, waiting for him to come to me. He didn't take long in arriving.

"What's wrong, Suigetsu?" I asked.

"I wanted to apologize for my behavior these days. I had no right getting in your personal life." He told me.

"Sui, you'll always be someone important in my life, but I can't help loving that imbecile." I smiled and he too, smiled with me.

"I understand." He said.

"Come here." I told him, getting closer to him and kissing him because I could do nothing else for him. He would have to deal with this goodbye kiss. "Take care of yourself and goodbye." I told him, smiling while advising him to take care of the rest of the team.

"I will, take care." He commented just before I began running off in search of my brother.

I didn't want to stop until I arrived with my brother, more so because whenever they discovered that I was no longer in the village, they would look for me to kill me and let's not talk about Naruto... he was capable of going to hell itself with any intention to save me. He was a damn airhead and he was going to get himself into problems. I didn't want to give him any problems, it was best he let me leave and that's it, but no, he was too much of an idiot. He wouldn't dare lose me and we all knew it.

Although I didn't want to stop, I knew I'd have to make a stop at some moment but at least, I could stop at just the right moment and while they followed after me, my team could head in the opposite direction, also avoiding to be found. We would separate the enemies and all of them would prioritize finding me instead of my team, that was the best option because then at least I would have no remorse over having gotten my team in a serious problem.

On the other hand, I couldn't stop thinking about Naruto. It's just that, we had been good these last few days that I didn't know if I could get used to being alone again, to go back to my loneliness and my vengeances. I may have shown him something new, like sex, but he had showed me that there was a life beyond revenge, that there was a life where I could be happy without thinking about any problems. A life only thinking about your partner, living together, not being alone. But all of that ended now.

I shook my head a few times to try and get those ideas out of my head because I would have to leave everything behind me. I had to forget about Konoha, of its problems, of the people there. I had to forget about Naruto, it would only bring problems and he had it very clear that he wanted to become Hokage. I couldn't come in between in his decision, I couldn't break his dreams so he could stay with me... he would never be Hokage then and I couldn't take that away from him.

I barely slept for the next few nights. I ran and continued running. I wanted to reach my brother as soon as I could and I had to get away as far as possible from all of that. I suppose they had already found Naruto and after various nights... I knew that surely... he was already looking for me. That's why I had to leave fast. I slept only a couple of hours, stopping for just enough time to eat and then I continued. I didn't even stop at night, I would only sleep when I arrived to my brother.


Chapter 52: Looking for You

Naruto Uzumaki

I woke up in place I didn't know— somewhere very white, very solitary and I guessed... that this was the hospital, although I had no idea why I was here. I wasn't supposed to be here! Sasuke hadn't hurt me to the point where I needed to be in the hospital and I didn't feel like staying. I wanted to go after Sasuke because he had escaped me once already in the past and I took long enough to get him back; I was not going to lose him a second time.

I got up from the bed and got dressed to go home and grab a few weapons to immediately go after Sasuke. I couldn't waste anymore time here because the more time I stayed in this hospital, the more advantage Sasuke had to get farther away. Sasuke was fast, he could easily get more distance between us if I took too long.

Once I was dressed and able to walk out to go home and grab a few things, Sakura entered from out of nowhere and was surprised to see me awake, up and dressed. I don't think she expected me to want to leave as fast as possible, but it didn't matter to me, I grabbed all my belongings and began walking towards the door.

"Where are you going, Naruto?"

"You know where I'm going." I told her.

"You're an imbecile, what more do you need to realize that Sasuke isn't the same? Look at what he's done to you!"

"What has he done to me? Hit me a few times? Use his Sharingan on me? He's always done this ever since we were little; we've hit each other more than a few times and you know it— you were always trying to separate us."

"You never learn. You can't see the evil that's in Sasuke. He's killed people, don't you see it?"

"It wasn't him."

"And you believe him?"

"If he says it wasn't him, I believe him. He has no reason to lie to me much less confess what he had really done, so I'd appreciate it if you would stop trying to acuse him whenever you have the chance to because you're giving me the impression that you're the one pulling the strings on everyone here and I'm not going to permit that you, or anybody, separate me from him."

"He's escaped." She told me. "As if he were a criminal."

"He left so they wouldn't kill him!" I shouted. "He left because all of you really want to see him dead but I'm not thinking of abandoning him like everyone did. I'm going after him!"

"And you'll bring him back..." She said a bit disappointed.

"No, I'm leaving." I said very sure of myself.

"Are you crazy?! They're going to give you the position as Hokage, it's what you've always wanted!"

"I don't want it if it's not with Sasuke." I told her. "If I can't save a single person... how am I going to save an entire village? No, I prefer Sasuke right now."

I walked away from Sakura and headed straight home. How people changed! It was something I didn't understand: how Sakura could go from that deep love she had for Sasuke to hating him like she did now. I think it had only been a simple attraction, just like Ino had told me. Only Ino had realized by then that it wasn't love, that it was only because Sasuke was handsome. But who didn't find him attractive? Sasuke was very handsome. Cold, but handsome and only I knew how sweet he could be because only I had the luck to make that cold iceberg fall in love with me.

I never imagined that my admiration for him would convert to love. That all those other fights, those other moments where Sasuke insulted me or challenged me, would become this. That they would all become a single, huge feeling for him that sometimes... it scared me a little, because it was Sasuke: cold, antisocial, vengeful. He was a complicated guy to have a relationship with but he was still my guy and I wasn't going to permit him to escape from me. I was going to demonstrate to him just how Uzumaki Naruto was when angry.

I walked into my house and grabbed a few weapons from the closet to head out of the village fast. It didn't matter if I did or didn't have permission to leave; I was going to find Sasuke no matter what. He knew as much as I did that I'd go after him because he knew just how persistent I was. Surely, he was very far away by now, so I began running. I had no more time to waste and much less knowing him: he was capable of going without sleep so long as he continued advancing.

I headed out of the village and although the guards tried to stop me, asking me where I was going or where my permission to leave was, I passed by them and continued running, advancing along the way and getting away from them. I jumped up to the first tree I saw when I had the chance and continued making way. Although, it wasn't clear where I had to go but I at least had a place to start from: Suigetsu.

I didn't stop until I arrived in the Land of Rain and I was torn up when I arrived. I couldn't go on anymore but I had to find Sasuke's team and I knew perfectly well that here is where I had found Sasuke the first time: not too far from the Land of Rain because this was a damn village for criminals; everyone was here and Sasuke's team was convinced that he had come here to take refuge here, since it was the city where they were most protected.

I entered the village and the people looked at me strangely, but it was normal: I was not a delinquent like they were and they didn't understand what I was doing here. I think I was starting to understand how Sasuke felt in Konoha when everyone looked at him like everyone was doing at this moment towards me. He didn't belong in my village just like I didn't belong in his world. We had distanced ourselves too much but even so, I loved him. I didn't care if his world was distinct to mine, I would unite them if it was necessary but I wasn't going to leave his side. I wouldn't dare myself to lose him. I wasn't going to allow him to go back to darkness, to his revenge, to his loneliness.

I was walking in the streets, searching for Sasuke's team when an individual bumped roughly into my shoulder, turning towards me and confronting me when I complained. Oh, how I wanted to blow his head up right then! But I didn't have the time, I had to find Sasuke because wasting time was an advantage to him.

"Watch where you're going, kid!" He told me and I got pissed.

"Why don't you watch where you're going, imbecile!" I shouted.

"Are you looking to fight?"

"I wouldn't recommend it, I could defeat you in two seconds." I told him and when we were just about to begin fighting, Suigetsu appeared, separating us.

"That's enough, he's with me!" He told the other man and he stopped, marching off. "And what are you doing here? Go back to your village." He said, walking away and I followed.

"I want to know where Sasuke is."

"Well, he's not here." He told me. "You're wasting time and you know it. Sasuke doesn't want to be found and much less by you."

"Well, I'm sorry to tell you that I'm going to find him, with or without your help. He's not going to escape from me that easily so we can either do this the easy way or the hard way but I need to know where he is."

"I don't know where he is, all I know is that he was leaving to his brother."

"His brother?" I asked a bit oddly. "I thought he was dead."

"Well he's not, he's alive. But I don't know where he lives, that's information only a few know."

"Who knows?" I asked.

"Sasuke." He said. "In fact, he left yesterday. You're not going to catch up to him with the speed he's going."

"I don't need to catch up to him, I only need to find him." I told him. "I only need to know where he's going to stop."

"That I don't know." He said. "Plus, why would I help you? You're the reason he had to leave now. You can't protect him, you're useless. You don't realize that he can't live there and you won't give up your village."

"I've given it up." I informed him. "So tell me where he is because it's only him that matters to me, I don't care about the village. If they don't want us then good for them, I choose Sasuke."

"Karin knows." He told me, almost as if my words had convinced him. "I'll take you to her."

I was surprised at Suigetsu's sudden change of opinion and now I guess it's possible that I may have over done it the last time with him. I knew that this guy was obsessed with Sasuke, I didn't even believe he loved him, but now he seemed to be a different guy than the last time I spoke with him. I don't know what exactly had changed about him, although once we entered the base, I saw him throwing a few smiles towards a serious Pein and I think I could imagine where his glances were headed towards.

Pein didn't seem to happy to see me, but he also didn't say anything. Karin was refusing to help me; she was still too in love with Sasuke although in a way, I think she understood that Sasuke had only been happy with me, so I could see her doubts on giving me the information or not.

In the end, after begging Karin and convincing her that I couldn't live without Sasuke, she ended up telling me where he was. She tracked his chakra and just like I thought: he was very far away. He was still running and getting farther, but at least I know knew where his route ended. I know knew which town he was heading towards and knew it was on the other end, far from Konoha; too far away. It'd take a few days to get there and no doubt Sasuke would be there by tomorrow, knowing he wouldn't rest unless it was necessary.

I thanked them for the help, although everyone agreed that I'd need a good plan to convince Sasuke. They didn't believe that I'd easily admit to him that I gave up my dream for him, that I was becoming a traitor for him because from the moment I left the village without a permit, everyone would turn against me. They would say that I was betraying them and right now, it didn't matter. Danzou wanted to be Hokage? Good for him, I had Sasuke and that's all that mattered to me right now. I loved him, I wanted a life with him and I don't care if it was in the village, in another village that I didn't know of, or in hell itself. I was going to be with Sasuke.

I headed out running once again and this time, Sasuke could take a break now because no matter how much he ran, he was not going to escape from me. I was going to reach him. I had at least hoped that they had given me the correct information and that it wasn't some type of prank from them to protect their leader. You can rest now, Sasuke, because I'm coming for you.


Chapter 53: Come with Me

 Sasuke Uchiha

I had arrived late to town. Dusk was nearing and when I asked around town for my brother, the people didn't seem to have him too much in mind but when I asked for Deidara, everyone indicated very clearly where they lived. I suppose blond hair was unusual around these parts; it attracted more attention than my brother because I didn't think my brother had activated his Sharingan— which was what attracted the most attention out of him.

When I knocked on the door and Deidara opened, he was confused to see me there but let me go inside, telling me that my brother had gone out in search for some firewood but that he'd be back soon. I suppose he was surprised, which was normal: they thought nobody knew where they were and here I was at their door. I had to explain how Karin could trace them.

Deidara prepared me a room where I could stay for a few days but I didn't want to bother them much with my visit and even more knowing my brother, who would surely be very busy with Deidara— overall at night— and I didn't want to stay around for much time. I would look for my own place some time later, but for now it was only for a few days although Deidara said it didn't matter, that I could stay as long as I needed.

Deidara was always like this. I even believed that he did this from the way I behaved with him in the past when I protected him; I gave him a place where he could stay safe and now he was doing the same for me, but it was only a thought. When he finished fixing the room, we came out to the dining room and I couldn't help but notice the furniture they had— it wasn't much— but I think they had built them themselves.

My brother was good at everything, that's why it didn't surprise me that he had built them. I was bad enough at crafts but of course, my brother was the authentic genius Uchiha. He knew everything, he was strong, intelligent, attractive, he knew how to fight, cook, craft... he was perfect. Me, on the other hand, was born blunt. I always had the best grades in the academy and was only being good for killing and nothing else. I never dedicated myself to cooking or doing normal things; I only trained and trained even more to kill faster. I was only a vengeful being.

I sat on the couch they had and it was really comfortable— good hands my brother had for this! If I ever had a proper house, I would have to ask him to make me my furniture, what an art he had. Deidara, too, sat down next to me while he sharpened a few kunais over the table. I guessed they were either his or my brothers. He didn't want to ask my why I had come here, so I decided to intervene myself, mostly because I trusted him more than my own brother.

"You're not going to ask me anything?" I asked him.

"Of why you've come here? I know how reserved you are, Sasuke." He told me. "If you want to tell me, I'll listen and if you don't... you can tell your brother when he comes back."

"I don't want to tell my brother." I told him.

"Naruto?" He asked me and I found it odd that he knew his name. "You talked in your sleep at times. I used to hear you say his name when I was in your base that one time."

"Yeah." I said with resignation. "Naruto. It has cost a lot to make him realize I existed and now that we were good... I think I crossed the line, but I hoped he would believe me when I told him it hadn't been me."

"It hadn't been you?" He asked.

"A long story." I told him. "But to make it short, I did something I shouldn't have, tortured some guys that did me wrong, but I didn't kill them and he won't believe me."

"Are you sure he doesn't believe you?" He asked me.

"He yelled at me, he cornered me in the shower and blamed me."

"I think he wanted to protect you." He said. "It could be that he was scared that they would come for you if you had done it. Even if you hadn't done it, it could be that he was scared that they would do something to you. You left for that reason?"

"I didn't want to die in that village." I told him. "And that's what was bound to happen."

"True, I'll give you that. Once you enter this life, there's no going back."

"I don't want Naruto to leave everything he has for this life." I said. "What do I have to offer? I can only give him a life of always running, having to defend ourselves, living life however we can and being with a vengeful and complicated guy." I commented.

"You're a great guy, Sasuke. Sure, you have a profound darkness in you and you won't let anyone help you, but he could do it. That decision is Naruto's decision and not yours. You can't live there, that's something we all know, they'll kill you but it's him who has to decide if he wants to live this life or the life in the village. You can't make decisions for him, Naruto knows perfectly well what awaits for him if he walks through that door."

"Well I don't want him to walk through, not for me." I told him. "He wants to be Hokage and he's going to be Hokage. They've given him the position and he only has to wait for a while before he's finally at the top of the hierarchy in the village. It's what he's always dreamed of and I don't want him to throw away his dream for me, we can't be together."

Deidara laughed and I didn't know exactly why but I think it was because he thought I was wrong and didn't want to say it. He was right on one thing, though: that I couldn't make Naruto's decisions but at the same time, I didn't want to ruin his dream. Deidara thought this guy would come looking for me and honestly, so did I. What should I do for him to leave? What should I do for him to realize that his place was in Konoha? I had one thing clear, and that's that if I had to make him hate me so he would go back to his position as Hokage, I'd do it.

Itachi walked in through the door with a smile on his face, telling Deidara that there was a good storm coming and when he closed the door and turned to see him, he found himself with me on the sofa. I don't know if his face and that serious look of his was that of being happy to see me or not.

"Sasuke? What are you doing here?" He asked me.

"I've come for Deidara." I replied jokingly.

"Then you can head through the door." He said in a serious tone and then smiled. "Seriously, why have you come here?"

"To visit." I lied. "I'll only stay for a few days, I just wanted to see you two."

"Well then, welcome." He said, leaving the firewood in a basket next to the fire.

That night, I didn't sleep too well even if I was very tired of not sleeping well the last couple of days. Not having Naruto close to me protecting me had me up all night. I knew my brother was right next door to protect me if something happened— or so I think he would be there to protect me— because at the moment, I could only hear moans and laughs from the two of them and I knew they were too occupied to be looking out for me. I turned and moved around on the bed until finally, I think I managed to get a few hours of sleep.

The next morning, I went out with Deidara to walk around the town because Itachi had gone out to look for some wood he needed; I don't know what else he needed to build for the house. Deidara decided to go out for a few things to eat and after telling me a bit about the town— which there were only four houses to say it that way— he marched off, leaving me to walk around and see what else was left, which wasn't much: a park, a lake, a bunch of chicks that whispered amongst each other when they saw me and a few people working their shops. The majority of them were blacksmiths that made weapons and camping utilities.

I was distracted watching how they were making a hoe for crops when on the other side of the street, appeared that blond hair with the Konoha symbol on his forehead. That imbecile! He really had no cure, he should've stayed at home. How the hell did he always manage to find me? He was a lost case, this guy.

I walked closer to one of those girls and leaning against a tree in the park, I smiled naughtily as if it really interested me what she was going to tell me, as if I was going to hook up with her. I had no absolute care as to what she would say to me, I only wanted Naruto to realize that I could continue living without him and that he leave to his village again. This wasn't his place! It was mine.

I saw him coming annoyingly towards me, picking up his pace and I got scared a bit because although I had gotten out of sight and the girls laughed with me trying to get me, Naruto had seen me perfectly well and he wasn't exactly coming at me with a good look on his face either. In fact, he came to me and while I tried explaining how things were, he pinned me forcefully against the tree, immobilizing my hands and kissing me in front of all the girls. He stuck his tongue in my mouth as if it were the last thing he was going to do in his life, letting the girls see clearly that I belonged to him.

All of them walked away in murmurs but he didn't stop and I ended up closing my eyes, letting him kiss me. I loved his kisses, I couldn't help it. I liked them even more when he was a bit violent with me, so dominant. It excited me to see him like this, so possessive, so jealous.

"You're mine. Is that clear to you?" He asked me, biting his lip from the overall rage he had.

"Leave, Naruto." I told him. "I don't know what the hell you're doing here, you should be in Konoha."

"I don't feel like it. It's not worth it to stay there without you." He told me. "I love you, Sasuke, I don't care about anyone else."

"I don't want you to not care." I said. "You have all you ever wanted. You're going to be Hokage, leave before it's too late. I can only bring you more problems."

"You're right on something, Sasuke. I'm going to be Hokage, but I'll be it in your bed because I have just betrayed the village. I chose you, Sasuke, so if you're still fixated on me to become Hokage, believe me I will be it and you'll only end up obeying me. I only want to be with you, so don't you dare try to pick up girls in front of me ever again, or guys." He clarified. "You belong to me and I'm going to demonstrate it."

He dragged me with him deeper into the trees and once again pinned me forcefully back, kissing my neck lustfully and provoking my legs to start shaking from the excitement, not only from his caresses or kisses, but also from the situation, from the feeling of being at Naruto's mercy right now and although I was kind of letting him, I loved it so much.

I think Naruto was completely out of control because he didn't even let me complain when he practically ripped my zipper open, kissing me forcefully and preventing me from yelling at him or tell him something while I dealt with him putting his hand over my member, massaging it and later on licking his fingers to put them inside me.

I had never seen him as desperate as today to make love to me although I didn't know is this could be considered making love. This was more of a wild sex, without the possibility of letting me complain, stopping him and pinning him back against a tree. He didn't even let me do anything, he had me blocked and I think... he was so fed up with my behavior that this was his way of punishing me: avoiding me from taking control and taking his place.

He entered me without warning or asking for permission. It's not like he entered gently, either, he thrusted deep inside me and when he felt like I was going to scream or complain from the pain, he kissed me, drowning any noise that could come out of me. He didn't stop until he came inside me, moaning like crazy and I couldn't avoid moaning as well and when I came on his abdomen, I realized that after looking over his shoulder... my brother had been standing there, looking surprised as he saw how this blond knucklehead fucked me against a tree. The face he had on... I couldn't describe it. Only these types of things happened to me!


Chapter 54: War

Sasuke Uchiha

Mother of mine— my brother's caught me! I don't know if there could be any greater embarrassment, but perhaps there was: catching me with a blond imbecile like him and not only that, he had caught me immobilized, without being able to do anything and letting Naruto stick it in me. No way an Uchiha could ever fall as low as I have!

I pushed Naruto away, surprising him as he didn't understand what was going on. I pulled my pants up to go after my freaked out brother because once seeing me and trying to believe what he was seeing, he had shot out of here. I guess he went out in search for Deidara. Naruto followed me and I didn't want him to follow. For once, I needed to talk about this with my brother and alone without this knucklehead that had gotten me into this mess behind me.

"Itachi!" I called out to him but he wouldn't stop. "Stop, Itachi!" I told him, grabbing his arm and turning him to face me.

"Look here, Sasuke... you can do whatever you want with your life. I'll pretend I haven't seen anything. Okay?" He asked me although I didn't believe a single word.

"You're not being serious."

"Of course I'm not! I'm going to kill the imbecile that's desecrating my brother!" He yelled at me. "Naruto?! You couldn't fall for someone else? I even doubt he loves you, he's always gone after that other girl—"

"Sakura." I told him.

"Whatever her name is!" He commented without much importance. "Has he forced you?" He asked me.

"No." I replied. "It may seem that way with what you saw, but no, I let him."

"Alright... I'm going to look for Dei." He told me.

"You're going to tell him?"

"Right now, I want to forget what I've just seen. Fuck... not even I have done it in front of you." He said.

He was about to leave once again when he turned around, sighing in resignation as he looked at me and then walked back to me.

"Perhaps I'm a bit selfish but you know I love you, Sasuke. You're my little brother and I would do anything for you and you know it, but Naruto... if you're happy, I'll understand. Even so, it still costs me a bit to imagine Naruto although I'll admit I saw it coming. I've always been worried about you but I suppose I should be thankful to him. Just don't make me see another one of those scenes again."

"Alright." I told him. "I'm sorry."

"Alright... see you at home."

He marched off once again in search of his blond while I looked back towards Naruto, who waited for me with a 'good boy 'look as if he had never broken any plates. I didn't know whether to kill him at this moment for being caught or kiss him from excitement. I walked towards him and he looked at me strangely. He even closed his eyes and flinched as if waiting for my punch, but upon not receiving it, he opened one of his eyes, doubting as to why I was taking so long.

"Are you mad?" He asked looking at me with the corner of his eye.

"No." I replied seriously. "But let this be the last time you do this to me in public."

"Alright." He commented. "Sasuke." He called out to me as I began walking towards my brother's house. "Why did you leave like that? And don't tell me it was because I didn't believe in you, because I did believe you. I don't agree with what you did but I knew you were sincere when you said that about the torturing and that you hadn't killed them."

"And I didn't kill them."

"I know." He told me. "But whoever did it left you to be accused for it and they're looking for you for assassination."

"Why do you think I left?"

"I know, I know the motive. But you could have told me, you always do things without consulting anything with me. You rush things. You decide to leave and you do it, you didn't even ask me if I wanted to leave with you."

"You didn't want to, you were going to be Hokage." I told him. "You had to be it, god damn it! You're the best for the position, don't you see?!"

"I don't want to be it if you're not by my side."

"Why, Naruto?!" I shouted. "I can't give you anything! This is the least I can give you: a town with four cats where nothing ever happens, a place forgotten by the hands of god! We'd live life however we could, you wouldn't see your friends anymore and you wouldn't be able to go back to your home ever again!"

"But I'll be with you and that's enough for me. I only need you, I don't care about material things. I don't care what we have to work in to survive. I don't care about not being the boss of the village or going back to it if I'm with you. I've already told you, Sasuke... if you want me to be Hokage, I'll be it in bed. I don't need an entire village under me to be happy."

"You're crazy." I told him.

"Yeah, I am, but I'm not loosing you. I'll do whatever it takes for you and you know it. You can't escape from me. No matter how much you run, I'll always reach you." He said and I couldn't help but kiss him.

We stumbled towards home, bumping into everything as we kissed uncontrollably and when we arrived at my brother's house, I think we broke a vase of flowers near the entrance but it mattered very little at this moment. We entered and I pushed him towards the room they had prepared for me for the next few days.

It was Naruto who closed the door behind him, later on pushing me onto the bed. I fell on it with Naruto over me, once again trapping my lips between his without giving me time for anything, not even letting me say anything to him. His hands were at my waist, caressing me softly while they tried sneaking under my shirt and they did. He touched my abdomen and then went up to my pectorals.

I moaned when I felt Naruto's soft lips imprison my nipples, kissing and licking them as if he had never done it in his life, with eagerness, devouring everything in his way, biting them softly and even pinching them at times softly to excite me more. I think Naruto had learned a little too fast because whenever I tried to contain my moans, he would add more passion to his movements, trying to make me moan for him.

"Moan for me you damn teme." He told me, strangely serious.

"Don't believe what you think you are." I told him with an even serious and intimidating voice than his.

"I don't believe I am. I already told you that I'd be your Hokage and I've ordered you to moan." He said, sticking his hand inside towards my member and softly caressing the tip of it with his fingertips, making me moan louder. "That's right, teme. I like that you know who's in command."

"Go to hell, Naruto." I told him, trying to muffle my moans.

"Don't be rude, Sasuke, or I'll have to punish you for that vocabulary." He said, this time smiling with superiority as he repeated his previous movements making me moan once again.

"Blow me." I told him, smiling in a prepotent way like the way he had done. By the looks of it, he didn't like my answer because he lowered his pants a bit and sat on my chest, placing his member in my mouth without compassion.

"You blow me, Sasuke." He said, smiling even more. "You'll learn one way or another that I'm the one who gives the orders."

I couldn't respond to him since I had my mouth occupied with his member as it entered and exited however he wanted. I could see Naruto move his waist to thrust it deep while he grabbed at my neck and began to moan. I knew Naruto. I knew these things excited him; to order, but I wasn't used to having someone order me around. I had my pride and yet here I was: laying on my back with this blond practically sitting over my chest and sticking his member in my mouth. And what was I doing? Sucking it as if my life depended on it, giving him all the pleasure I could instead of getting mad at him because I just couldn't be mad at him.

Naruto took it out of my mouth all of a sudden to kiss me forcefully, sticking his tongue in to play with mine and when he separated, I could see the surprise in his face when he didn't expect me to speak and much less... he didn't expect what I asked of him.

"Fuck my mouth." I told him in the most dirtiest way I could and he smiled, once again placing his member in my mouth and letting me suck it to my liking while he moved over me how he could.

"Is this what you wanted, teme?" He asked me teasingly while he couldn't stop moving around without letting me speak. "Then you have it, enjoy it like I enjoy your mouth."

It excited me to hear Naruto's moans fill the room and he had to get out of me when he couldn't handle any more because if we continued like this, he'd cum in my mouth. He neared my ear to whisper something while I tried recuperating my breathing: that he was going to fuck me like never before, that I would beg for more and when he entered me and began moving, of course I was going to ask for more! This asshole had learned a lot of my tricks and I couldn't help but ask him to go in deeper, to go much faster but he came as I yelled that I was going to cum because I had shouted everything out, exciting him to the max.

We fell asleep for a good while. I wasn't even aware of time, I didn't care; I had Naruto hugging me and I could sleep calmly knowing he was at my side, that he'd protect me and when we heard knocking on the door, waking us up, we were both surprised. I thought my brother and Deidara had already arrived while Naruto and I slept, but hearing how they continued knocking insistently, we had to get up to open the door and it was Naruto who opened it while I stayed at his back a bit more distanced. It was Kakashi! I couldn't believe this.

"What are you doing here?" Naruto asked annoyingly.

"We have a problem in the village, you have to come back."

"I'm not going back." Naruto told him. "Not after how they treated Sasuke."

"Naruto... there won't be a village to go back to if you don't go back now. All the other countries are sending their militia, they're laying siege to us. We need every force necessary."

"Ask the other villages for reinforcements." He told him and I was a bit frightened, not for the fact that Konoha was under siege, but for how Naruto was acting because it was still his village and I didn't want him to lose it because of me.

"We'll go." I said towards his back and Naruto was surprised. He didn't understand my decision. "I'm not going to let them destroy your village, Naruto, it's still something important to you."

"But not to you."

"We're a couple, Naruto. What's important to you is important to me. If you want to go, we'll go, but we'll do it together. I'm not going to let you leave on your own, something could happen to you."

"Alright." He told me. "But under one condition... the Land of Rain has to be on our side." He told Kakashi and he was surprised.

"They won't accept, they're delinquents. They wouldn't fight for Konoha."

"Then I'll go in name of the Hokage to talk to them. I'll do whatever necessary so they could help us because we're not fighting alone."

"We'll go, too." I heard my brother say behind me next to Deidara. "It's still my village, I suppose, and Pein controls the Land of Rain. It'd be a lot easier to convince him if I go with you."


Chapter 55: Attack

Sasuke Uchiha

We were on our way as soon as we prepared what was necessary for the war and although Kakashi explained to us the motives on the way, although he was telling us of the events... I was having a feeling of guilt. It was my fault in the end; none of this would've happened if I had never returned to Konoha, if they had killed me at that time, because that's exactly what the other villages wanted to do to return to their time of peace: to see me dead.

I suppose that everything had started thanks to the traveling rumor that Konoha was protecting me, me... a traitor, an assassin, so now everyone really wanted to see me dead. In part, this whole situation was my fault and on the other... it was Naruto's for having brought me back. If he hadn't done it... none of this would be happening.

We headed towards the Land of Rain and not once did we make a stop ever since we left that diminutive and calm town. Kakashi was a few meters ahead of me and Naruto was just in front of me, running without stopping nor turning around to look at me. He only moved forwards like he always had and sometimes that... made me think if I wasn't staying too behind from him, as if he could continue surpassing himself and I was stuck in my actual power, always looking at my past, a tragic past that would never come back. Why couldn't I be like Naruto and look forwards, to the future?

Naruto suddenly turned around as if he sensed my doubts and threw me one of his typical smiles as he winked in complicity but he never stopped. His feet touched the next branch and he jumped once again in search for another one. I followed his steps and although I tried smiling, I couldn't. I suppose it gave Naruto the idea that I was thinking of something. I turned to my right side to see my brother and Deidara, also following our pace perfectly. In fact... I think they could've gotten ahead of us a long while ago, but the maintained themselves at my side.

My brother looked at me and although said nothing or made no gesture of support, I felt he was here with me. The only movement he made was a gesture of the head towards Naruto, as if trying to tell me something about him, but I didn't understand, I only followed after the steps of my blond, jumping a second after him from the same place he had jumped from.

I didn't notice when Naruto slowed his pace and placed himself by my side to ask me if I was okay. In fact, I wasn't. I was so scared that something might happen to him during this war. I didn't want anything to happen to him and it was a damn war— they could kill him at any moment and I could never permit it.

"What's wrong?" He asked me. "You've been very serious ever since we parted."

"I didn't precisely expect to go back to the village to defend it." I commented. "And much less defend it in a war where I could lose you."

"You're not going to lose me, Sasuke." He assured me while smiling.

"No, I won't lose you."

I won't lose him, of this, I was sure because before if I had the chance to see him die, I would get in between. I would never let anything happen to Naruto. I don't know if he knew what exactly I was thinking, and I suppose not, because if he knew, he would've tried to stop me at whatever cost and I wasn't thinking of telling him ever. All my thoughts of him would stay in the depths of my mind.

I sped up my pace and went ahead of Naruto to reach Kakashi although slowed down a bit before getting to him because although I was quicker at this moment, I didn't want to be in the front. I didn't trust anyone from that village, so I could not be within Kakashi's reach although I did not think he would want to do anything to me at this moment. I suppose he needed me to defend the village.

We arrived to the Land of Rain around noon and I began searching for my team while Itachi and the rest tried to convince Pein to fight, something I didn't know they would achieve. He had already fought alongside my brother, Deidara, and I but back then, that was his own organization. He was the leader and he had to take measures. This issue didn't concern him, so I didn't know how much he would care about Konoha to intervene.

I found my team in our same base as always and didn't understand why they had chosen to move here. Perhaps they felt most secure in a place they already knew instead of looking for a new site. All of them found it odd to see me there and they were more than surprised. Even so, they came to greet me and ask me what brought me here.

"I'm going to fight for Konoha." I told them and they were all surprised.

"That's a joke, no?" Suigetsu asked me.

"No." I replied.

"Does the blondie have anything to do with this decision?"

"It's his home, I can't let it fall just like that."

"It was also yours and you don't care if it burns to cinders."

"It's not the same. I hate that place, my entire clan is dead thanks to them but Naruto doesn't hate it and would do anything for it."

"I'll go with you." Suigetsu said.

"You don't have to do it."

"Yes, I have to." He said. "You have helped me hundreds of times and I'm not going to let anything happen to you there, so I'll go."

"And us." Juugo and Karin commented. "We're a team, we'll go with you."

I smiled because they were still my team and they were a bunch of airheads. I couldn't convince them of the contrary, so I had no other remedy than to accept that they come with us. In a way it comforted me because they were my team, they always supported me and I felt we were close. It was a relief; I was no longer alone with all of those ninja who would go to war and hated me, much enemies like allies because nobody in that village wanted me.

When everyone returned, Pein came with them. In fact, he was talking to my brother and Deidara, trying to find an explication for the motive as to why he would enter into war with them now that they were very distanced from the world's problems. I suppose Itachi was going for me, in the end, he was and would always be... my big brother; the one who wanted to protect me from everything and everyone, so he didn't trust leaving me to be alone in this war and Deidara didn't trust us to leave the both of us alone.

Everyone, even Pein and Konan, went to Konoha and it gave me an uneasy feeling to see its gates. Naruto, too, was a bit tense after having just escaped from there but being with Kakashi, everyone let us pass. The first two days, while the armies neared us, we were going over different plans and honestly... I didn't like having Sakura in our team. I could perfectly stand having Sai and Gaara around, Temari and even Kankuro, but I just couldn't stand Sakura.

We were only seven in our squad and we had to make do with what there was. I had preferred that they have Ino as our medic instead of Sakura, but they said that Sakura was the best medic— something I didn't doubt! But I didn't trust her, she was capable of leaving me to bleed out if it means I'd die. Plus, I noticed something weird in her lately, she kept looking at Naruto weirdly and I didn't like it because they weren't the same eyes as before full of love. It was as if she was waiting for the perfect opportunity to stab a kunai behind his back and I didn't like that even more.

My brother was in another squad with Deidara, Pein, Konan, and Kakashi to control everyone and my team. What's worse about that... is that I would've fit into that team better than the one I was on because I couldn't stand Sakura. I could work well with the rest but with Sakura, it was impossible. I suppose I had no other remedy, I was already here and I had to win however I could.

That day, the sky was preparing itself for a good storm and I got dressed with combat vest that Naruto left me as an order from the village and some pants as he looked out the window, watching how the sky was becoming cloudy. Naruto was behind my back, changing as well and putting away the weapons. I couldn't help but look at him then and mentally prepare myself... that I had to do anything for this guy.

When we went out with the rest of the team towards the battlefield, I didn't expect it to be a heavy battle, but even so, I tried not letting Naruto out of my sight. It was true that these last few years he had gotten stronger, perhaps more than I had wanted to see. He wasn't the same Naruto from when we were kids, he was too different, much more stronger.

I destroyed the next squad of enemies that had approached us and once I finished, I looked over to Naruto instinctively to see him fighting against another group next to Gaara. Then... I felt the impact of something on my neck. Something came from behind my back and I couldn't believe it... because only my team was behind me. I saw Sakura smiling and when I took out the dart from my neck, I knew she had drugged me once again.

Although it was her who was smiling, it was Danzou who appeared amongst the trees' shadows to finish me off. My body felt so heavy, that I fell there on my side, trying to look at Danzou as he approached me with the clear intention of killing me and obtain my eyes but I couldn't move. So much for trying to save a village that only wanted me dead! I had killed hundreds in this stupid war and now... I was going to die at the hands of my own allies.

I yelled from all the kunais he stabbed into my body. I yelled even when he deepened the katana in my abdomen and moved it around even more to cause more damage. I felt punches, the pain, the blood that fell to the floor from my lips— a blood that came from the interior of my body and I watched as Naruto fought a few meters from me. He hadn't noticed and I didn't know how to get his attention. I didn't worry much about what would happen to me, in fact, I only worried when I saw Sakura get close to Naruto with the clear intention of killing him and Naruto didn't even realize. He believed that she was an ally, he would lower his defense like I had done and I couldn't permit it. I couldn't permit that Danzou kill Naruto through this scheme.

I hit Danzou as hard as I could in that moment and stabbed my katana in his abdomen, making him retreat back from the pain. I got up however I could, with more shame than glory and in my last effort, just when Sakura and the rest of the enemies were about to attack Naruto, I forced my strengths to recover my normal speed and stand behind him. Naruto was surprised to see me, but he hadn't even looked at me entirely. He had only seen my back next to his and I used Susanoo with the hopes of being able to protect him.

As I activated it, I let out a quantity of chakra that sent Sakura flying back with the rest of the enemies, avoiding them from getting close to Naruto. I began spitting out blood without being able to avoid it; I was wasting my last strengths here but it was to save the love of my life and I deserved it.

Everything happened in slow motion. I could hear Naruto's voice in almost a muted whisper, calling me and seeing how he threw himself on me to grab me before falling to the ground. My ears were failing to listen, I couldn't hear anything. I could see Naruto's lips move and I smiled. How many times had I kissed them? Those lips that now with their movement, I could tell that he was trying to convince me to deactivate Susanoo. It was killing me to keep it on, too much energy, but I didn't want to take it away until he was completely safe.

I didn't undo the technique until Kakashi arrived with the other team and when I saw them, I deactivated it. I couldn't remember anything... I slept inevitably. I couldn't feel my breathing, I couldn't feel my heart. I couldn't keep myself awake, I couldn't hear anything. There was only silence, there was only darkness...

At least I did something good in my life... save the dobe.


Chapter 56: Life or Death

 Naruto Uzumaki

Why was the damn teme bleeding? Why had he stumbled onto me activating that ability that consumed so much of his chakra in that state to defend me? Why was Sakura sent flying in the air when she neared me behind my back with a kunai in hand? I knew the answer to everything; the teme wanted to protect me, he would always have my back. He took care of me like he had always done and if it meant him dying, he'd do it.

This scenario reminded me a bit of our encounter with Haku, Sasuke always coming in between to protect me; knowing they'd kill him if he did that didn't matter to him. He would get in the middle to protect me and although at that time I thought he had died and I let out all I could, I soon discovered that Haku had been much more compassionate than he looked; Sasuke was alive, but right now that didn't seem to be the case. He was bleeding out before my eyes.

I had him laying between my arms; I could see his activated eyes loosing strength until I could only see his eyes back like carbon and he smiled at me. I don't even know why he was trying so hard to smile at me in a situation like this but he was doing it, as if he were trying to calm me. But how was I supposed to calm down when he was dying before me?! He was bleeding from so many places and I blamed myself for not paying attention to him in battle; I should have checked to see if he was okay, but I didn't! I had thought he was alright; he was the great Sasuke Uchiha, the other genius of the Uchiha clan! He was always okay on his own!

I couldn't stop shouting his name over and over again as I pulled his face into my chest and I also couldn't avoid crying as I felt him dying in my arms because this was a stupid war that had nothing to do with him and it had affected him to the fullest. He had wanted to fight for me and I had brought him into this situation; it was my fault that Sasuke was wounded and to be truthful... without Sasuke, nothing else was important.

Kakashi came to us and luckily, Ino was with his team to help us. She immediately started working on Sasuke, but even so, I myself knew that he was really bad. I didn't know who had left him in this state, but if Sasuke hadn't killed them then I would because I, too, could be even more vengeful than Sasuke if it were about things that were important to me. I could never permit that someone do something like this to Sasuke.

It didn't even look like an enemy attack and I was beginning to doubt... that as strong as Sasuke was, he wouldn't have been so easily defeated by someone from the outside. This was something from an ally, from someone who you wouldn't expect to attack you in a war because Sasuke was much too intelligent, much too strong to let himself be defeated by an enemy.

I was now so immersed in getting revenge. I looked at Sakura, unconscious from being thrown back against a tree after Sasuke's Susanoo was activated, sending her forcefully a few meters from us and I watched Danzou in the background looking at us. I felt rage. At this moment, all I felt was pure hate and more hate and it wasn't until I heard Kakashi's voice telling me to calm down that I noticed I was looking straight at Danzou while the Kyuubi's chakra began cloaking over my skin lusting for blood, lusting for vengeance for what they had done to Sasuke.

I stopped myself before attacking anyone, now wasn't the time and much less with Ino here worried, trying to heal Sasuke and him dying. They transported him to Konoha's hospital and I went with him; I didn't want to be away from his side, not even a second and although they ordered me to return to the battlefield, especially Danzou, I didn't pay attention to them. My place was with Sasuke.

In the end after much insistence, I had to return to the field but not after assuring myself of what Ino told me over and over again: that she'd take care of Sasuke but she had to urgently operate on him. On the battlefield, I found myself with an Itachi worried about his brother, Hinata, and her combat team in which she was assigned to. It surprised me that she wanted to talk to me and after informing and trying to calm Itachi down so he could continue in combat, I headed over to talk with Hinata.

Hinata, with her usual habit of being shy, stuttered a few times trying to tell me something about Sakura, whom they had also taken to the hospital. Hinata told me everything about Danzou's plans to get his hands on Sasuke's eyes and how he wanted to kill him. She told me how it was him who had placed the seal on him to try to kill me so I couldn't be Hokage and then, she told me how Sakura and Danzou had planned to kill us both but Sasuke... Sasuke had gotten in the way to protect me. He had activated his best technique to save me even though he knew he'd die with those wounds he had but he loved me too much to have me die without once thinking... that I loved him too much to let him die.

I asked Hinata how she had managed to know all of this but her only response was that the Hyuuga clan knew everything and I believed it. With those eyes, her greatly skilled ninjas, her abilities, and her prestigious clan, it was only normal that they know of everything that happened but that only left me with the worst of my doubts... Sasuke! Sakura had been taken to the same hospital as Sasuke and it had been a while since I had seen Danzou. Sasuke wasn't even conscious to defend himself if they decided to do something to him so I left once again running towards the village, again leaving my position in combat.

I arrived at the gates of the village and although they tried to detain me to ask why I had come back with such a hurry, I ignored them all and continued towards the hospital. Dawn was nearing and I could imagine that after how much time had already passed, that Sasuke was already out of the surgery he needed. I had to hurry before one of his enemies reached him.

I entered the hospital with the devil in my soul and asked for Ino. The nurses told me that she was on the lower floor attending to more wounded ninja that wouldn't stop coming in from the field. This was war, of course they wouldn't stop bringing in wounded ninja from all doors and the nurses ran all over the place, doing their best to save lives but the only thing that mattered to me right now was Sasuke. He could die if I didn't arrive on time and I was fed up with always arriving late for him.

Ino was right where they told me she would be and when she saw me, she came towards me— leaving the patient in her hands to another nurse nearby who began stitching the wound Ino had already healed.

"What are you doing here, Naruto?" She asked me. "You should be out in the battlefield."

"And Sasuke?" I asked her with great worry.

"I've left him in room one o' five in the upper floor." She commented.

"And the surgery?"

"Perfect, he just needs a lot of rest. His arms are destroyed, he won't be able to move them for a while. His lung was collapsed in blood and his kidneys had been severed after activating Susanoo. He used too much chakra with how wounded he was and he has a few other things more. Do you want the full report?" She asked me.

"No." I replied. "He can't move his arms?" I asked. "Not even a bit?"

"No," she clarified. "but he'll recover, it's only a matter of days before he recovers his full strength. He just needs a lot of rest. I'll pass by later to see if he's awake."

"Have you seen Sakura?"

"Sakura... I think she's on the upper floor. They brought her in with a strong head injury but they say she'll be fine in no time."

"And Danzou?" I asked.

"I haven't seen Danzou, sorry." Ino replied.

I ran towards Sasuke's room and entered quickly to see Sakura in front of him, holding his arm to perform a large cut with her kunai. Did she want to kill him?! I pounced on her as fast as I could and she shouted at me to let go of her, that she had to do it but I struggled with her until she let go of the kunai and I could immobilize her on the floor.

"Let go of me, Naruto!" She yelled at me.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" I asked her angrily. "Don't ever do something like that again, don't ever come near Sasuke!"

"It's not Sasuke anymore!" She shouted. "Give him a good look, Naruto, he's only an assassin! He's done damage to all the villages he's been in and this war was initialized because of him! You want to give up your dream of being Hokage for him! He only brings problems, you have to realize! We can finish him now!"

"Don't touch him!" I shouted even more. "Sasuke's not guilty of anything, it's this damn village and people like you who make Sasuke become a cold being. I've been with him, Sakura, I've lived with him these days and he's the same Sasuke as always. In fact, he's a better Sasuke. He just saved my life with the cost of his and I'm not going to permit that anybody hurt him while he can't move!"

"You're an imbecile, Naruto!" She shouted at me. "He's a danger to everyone, that man has to die!"

"I'm tired of you and your damn tricks to blame Sasuke of everything! He hasn't done anything except come here to protect the village that only wanted him dead and he has done it on his own free will because he loves me just like I love him!"

"You're going to turn me in?" Sakura asked me once she saw me calling the guards in the hallway.

"Yes." I told her. "Anyone who endangers my man is against me. I'm not going to let anything happen to Sasuke, is that clear? I don't care who or what your motives are, don't ever come near my man."

"Your man?" She asked as if doubting.

"Yes, my man, because he and I... are together. He's my boyfriend, he's the love of my life and you... you're nothing. You're not even capable of knowing what we feel for each other."

"Nonsense, Naruto. That guy will only use you and then later on he'll throw you in the trash just like he did with everyone."

"Not with everyone." I told her. "Sasuke never wanted to have a girlfriend. He waited for me and now... I'll stay with him no matter what happens."

The guards came and took Sakura to prison where she would be judged in a few days for attempted murder, although I don't know if they would free her or not in the end. Me, on the other hand, I preferred to stay with Sasuke. I lay next to him and stayed there hugging him. I didn't want to move from here; he was my man, he was the love of my life and I'd protect him from everything and everyone. Now nobody would be able to enter this room without me finding out. I was going to stay all night if it was necessary to look over Sasuke's deep sleep, or in his case... the sedatives that Ino gave him so he would sleep without pain.


Chapter 57: Disillusion

 Naruto Uzumaki

I slept there on Sasuke's bed in the hospital and although a few nurses entered to check up on his wounds and told me that I had to leave, that I couldn't stay after visiting hours, I looked at them with my hateful eyes because no one was going to separate me from this bed. I wasn't going to let Sasuke stay alone here without protection in the state he was now— indefensive— so they ended up letting me stay.

In reality, I think they only let me stay because I scared them looking at them that way more than anything. But it's just that in this moment, it was the only look I could give them; hate. I hated everybody, I hated whoever had done this to Sasuke although I didn't believe that whoever fought against him hadn't exactly ended up in perfect conditions because Sasuke was really strong. He could even be stronger than I but I would never admit that to his face.

I had a long night to think about everything, in all the problems I have had with Sasuke ever since I brought him to the village and now I understood that a great majority of our arguments, of our fights and punches... was all because of Sakura. She was always there behind us, getting in between us. It was always her that put me against Sasuke because I was so obsessed with her to realize he was the man of my life, the one who was always by my side. That even in our first mission, although he said he hated me, was capable of getting in between an attack to defend me like he did with Haku. He was willing to die for me since the first moment and I hadn't valued it. I didn't realize then that it was always Sasuke who I really cared for.

Ino passed by in the morning to check up on Sasuke and she seemed very tired. I suppose she hadn't once stopped working to attend to other ninjas for hours. She hadn't gone home to rest even a bit but here she was: not complaining as she looked over Sasuke's wounds. I was worried as I watched Ino place her hands over his chest and try to heal him. She had at least managed to finally take off the tube he was breathing through when she told me that his lungs where beginning to function properly by themselves.

I smiled from the news. I think that was something good although Ino still insisted that he was in grave condition and began giving him another sedative to avoid him from waking up and feeling pain. At least his lungs were recovering, but he was torn. Susanoo had destroyed him in the inside from the release of chakra. His organs had begun to fail him and although I begged him to release his technique, he didn't do it until he was sure I would be safe.

It wasn't the damage from his technique that also had me worried, it was also the wounds that he hadn't made on himself. It worried me that he couldn't move his arms for a while, it worried me that perhaps one of his organs wouldn't heal perfectly but Ino tried convincing me that everything would be alright; that he was recuperating little by little.

I only exited the room when Itachi came to see his brother at the hospital and he stayed there taking care of him. I trusted his brother and what's more, Itachi was much stronger. If anything happened against Sasuke, surely he would kill them within a moment. He wouldn't let anybody get near his brother.

I was with Deidara for a bit in my house since he insisted in accompanying me so I could change clothing. I was still wearing the gross, dirty clothing from the battlefield and although I had slept in it all night by Sasuke's side, not once had it occurred to me about it. I was only worried about him. Now even Itachi had forced me to go change, so I went home and on the way, I took advantage to ask Deidara how he knew Sasuke apart from him being his boyfriend's little brother.

"He rescued me once." He told me.

"He rescued you? Sasuke?" I asked doubtingly.

"Yes, I don't know why either, but when the members of the organization had left me badly wounded, he saved me. I was in his base and he healed my wounds. He let me stay there all the time I needed."

"Just like that?"

"Well, in reality... I slept with him so he could let me stay." He said and I stayed in shock.

"You slept with Sasuke?"

"That was the deal, but before you think weird things... he always thought of you." He clarified. "He dreamed of you. He said your name in his sleep and I suppose I reminded him of you from the color of our hair, nothing else. It was his way of venting I guess. Itachi and him already talked about it."

"And he'll have to tell me about it when he wakes up."

"Don't be too hard on him, Naruto, he's a good guy. He adores you, he would do anything for you and you know it."

"I also love him." I confessed. "And I want to tell it to him seriously when he wakes up."

When we were returning to the hospital, Deidara suddenly stood in the middle of the street looking over to some buildings and I too, stopped to look at him trying to comprehend what was going on.

"What's wrong?"

"Isn't that the house where Sasuke's supposed assassination took place?" He asked me.

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"Sasuke talks to me." He said. "Wait here, I'll be back."

Before I could say anything, Deidara had jumped up on a clay bird and flew up towards the house window before going inside. I waited in the street, watching people pass by. Although, there weren't many. I suppose that the rumors about the war outside the gates of the village had traveled and it had created fear in the population, making them run to take refuge. Only a few women had the guts to come out to buy some things.

Deidara returned and he had brought me something: a piece of clothing, as if the victim had grabbed at his aggressor and had ripped off a piece of his clothing. I looked at it with much attention and realized I had seen this before but I couldn't remember where.

"Danzou." I then said to Deidara. "Danzou was wearing something like this on the day of the ruling, it was from his jacket."

"I think someone is a little too interested in sentencing Sasuke and taking his eyes." Deidara commented.

"Yes, very." I said, annoyed as I clenched the piece of clothing tightly with my hand. "But he won't have his eyes, everything Sasuke has... is mine."

Before going to the hospital, I passed by Ibiki's base to give them the evidence and he said he would do everything possible to catch Danzou. He already had the suspicion that it was precisely him who was behind this matter and his men had been investigating Danzou with the rest of the evidence to try to catch him. In fact, they had discovered that it was him who had wounded Sasuke but that with all the rush, that although Danzou had too, been wounded from Sasuke's attack, he had managed to escape and as of now, they were looking for him.

I was a bit more calm knowing they were looking for Danzou now but even so, I still rushed my pace to hurry towards the hospital. When I arrived, Itachi marched off with Deidara, leaving me alone once again with my Sasuke, who was still laying in bed connected to tubes fighting for his life.

I laid in bed next to him now with clean clothes and I hugged him, caressing his arm and his abdomen as I watched him sleep peacefully. At least he didn't have that breathing tube anymore and I could now perfectly see his face. He looked so calm with that innocent boy look on his face— he was so handsome! Even bruised he was still handsome. He had these masculine features and at the same time had that typical bad boy look that excited me.

I fell asleep with my head on his shoulder without noticing as I was too tired. I had spent all night awake looking over him, checking that nobody would enter to hurt him. When I woke up, I found myself with Sasuke's dark eyes looking at me although he wasn't caressing me. I think it was because of his arms; he couldn't move his arms with ease so he was immobile.

"You sleep too much, dobe." He said in a whisper as if it cost him greatly to speak, it was noticeable that he wasn't well still.

"Sorry, teme." I commented with a smile. "God! Come here!" I told him, hugging him from the scare he had made me go through and he complained a bit.

"Careful, Naruto." he said with a pained expression and I separated a bit, apologizing.

"You're an imbecile!" I now shouted and he looked at me confusingly. "I was about to loose you, you piece of shit! I told you to release that technique, don't you listen to me when I speak or what?!" I asked a bit annoyed from the fear that I could have lost him more than anything. "Didn't you stop and think what my life would be without you? I can't live without you, Sasuke, so don't ever do something like that again! I don't want you to give your life for me, your life is mine, it belongs to me and you have no right to die for me. Is that clear?!"

"Sorry." I heard Sasuke say and I was confused. I immediately shut up because I could never imagine the prideful Sasuke ask me to forgive him.

"What?" I asked oddly.

"That I'm sorry." He repeated with a slaughtered lamb look on his eyes. How was I not to forgive that? "I shouldn't have gotten in the way, but I couldn't let them ever hurt you. I am your shield, Naruto." He said.

"I don't want you to be my shield, Sasuke. I want you to be with me always, to live for me, to never separate from me."

"Alright." He said. "I promise I'll try to control my impulse to always save you." He said with a smug smile.

"There's just no cure with you." I told him. "I love you, Sasuke, and I don't want to lose you."

"Nor do I you, Naruto. I love you too much."

"Come here, come on. Don't ever scare me like this again."

I couldn't keep myself from kissing him, he was so sweet, so caring that it was a sin to contain myself. Still, I couldn't do it so in the end, I ended up just kissing him passionately and he responded although he could barely move. His eyes had closed, enjoying my kiss and then, I felt a tear roll down his cheek onto my finger where I held on to his face. I separated from him to look fixedly at that tear fall and seeing the suffering on his face, his eyes full of the fear of loosing me in that battle, I hugged him against me, holding him tightly as I let him cry.

"Come, it's all passed now, I'm okay. I'm okay thanks to you, Sasuke." I told him but he continued to cry.

"Don't tell anybody about this, Naruto." He told me.

"You know that I have never seen you cry, Sasuke. Do it whenever you want, I'll never say anything. I'll always be here at your side."

"I didn't want to lose you."

"I know, I love you, Sasuke."

"And I you, dobe."


Chapter 58: Medical Leave

 Sasuke Uchiha

When I woke up, my entire body hurt. I could barely move and my arms could barely respond because although I could more or less move my arms, my hands would not react. I looked to my side once I felt a weight over my shoulder and discovered Naruto sleeping. He looked so tired, although I suppose he had probably stayed up all night.

I wanted to touch him, I was dying to do it, but I couldn't move my arms and that pained me even more. I wanted to be able to touch him, to hug him, but I couldn't do anything aside from looking at him. I passed my eyes from his face to the clock, watching the hours go by. He must've been very tired because there was no way of him waking up or letting go. I liked having his hand over my waist but I would've liked it even more if I could do the same.

When he finally woke up, it cost him to open his eyes from the light that came in through the window. However, once realizing that I was awake, he immediately opened them and threw himself to hug me. I wanted to hug him as well. I was dying to have his face in my hands and kiss him but I couldn't and I couldn't take this situation.

I apologized to Naruto once he started ranting; I knew he was mad at me because I had shielded him. He was so pissed off because he thought they killed me because of him, for having protected him, for activating grand techniques of great potency with my debilitated body and I knew the majority of damage had been done by me but I couldn't let them kill or hurt Naruto.

I couldn't avoid crying when Naruto kissed me but it's just that it was true what he had said. He was right and I felt so guilty because I could've left him alone and that wasn't my intention. It was impossible to contain my tears. I was about to lose him and I didn't want that to happen. Naruto hugged me tightly after seeing me cry and luckily, I knew he would never say anything but even so, it still cost me to cry in front of him. It made me feel weak and stupid but I had been so scared of loosing him in that battle.

"Come, it's all passed now, I'm okay. I'm okay thanks to you, Sasuke." He told me but I still cried.

"Don't tell anybody about this, Naruto." I told him although I knew he would never.

"You know that I have never seen you cry, Sasuke. Do it whenever you want, I'll never say anything. I'll always be here at your side."

"I didn't want to lose you."

"I know, I love you, Sasuke."

"And I you, dobe." I said, trying to stop crying while Naruto once again kissed me more calmly this time, more gently.

We heard a throat-clearing sound from the door and Naruto let go of my mouth to see who was entering the room and it surprised him to see Ino come in to check my wounds. Naruto stayed with me in the room while Ino checked me and finally, she said I could go home so long as I rested because I couldn't do anything else but rest and be at home. It's not like I could do much with my hands like this; I hoped this situation would pass soon.

Naruto had to help me to his house but I had a grave problem once I entered the door, Naruto closing it behind him. I didn't know if I should tell him or not but it's just that it embarrassed me having to ask him this. I had always been independent, I never needed anybody's help and now... I needed Naruto's help for this. I blushed and he looked at me strange; he knew something was wrong with me.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Naruto... I have to go to the bathroom." I said all of a sudden, trying to avoid the embarrassment.

"You know where it is, no?"

"Yeah, but I can't move my hands."

I couldn't take anymore with my embarrassment. Asking this of Naruto was too much for me but there was no other option. I could still remember the first time I had to help Naruto piss, although he too, had helped me. It was during a mission and our hands had been joined together by some sticky ability and the damn dobe had to pee constantly. Naruto had a great problem with that because he always had to pee when we began something important, like the Chunnin Exams, for example. He was a lost case. Either way, I didn't expect to have to tell him this and ask for help, but without movement in my hands, it was a bit complicated to even take it out of my pants.

Naruto had stayed still as if he couldn't believe that I had asked him something so private and intimate but then smiled and that made me even more red. I couldn't stand feeling so insecure and so embarrassed but I preferred it to be Naruto who had to touch it so I could go instead of someone else.

"Come on, then." He said, smiling as he accompanied me to the bathroom.

I saw him behind me after preparing a few things and his arms passed down by my waist, pulling the zipper down and putting his hands inside to take my member out and point it at the toilet. It cost me a bit to urinate but because I was really nervous. I was feeling his hands on my member and when I finished, he even had to clean me as if I were a little kid. But this was a grave problem: his hands were exciting me. I leaned my head back on Naruto's back near his neck and faintly bit at his earlobe.

"You're exciting me, dobe." I whispered and then I felt his smile before noticing how his hands began moving on my member.

"How much?" He challenged.

"If you continue like that... a lot." I said.

"Then I won't stop." He commented although he moved me towards the room and laid me gently on the bed.

I stayed on the bed where Naruto had left me and watched as he took off his shirt before climbing into bed over me and begin kissing me. I kissed him as passionate as I could but even so, I still missed being able to use my hands because I missed touching him, caressing him, feeling him and yet I couldn't do it.

It was a bit depressing having to let Naruto do all the work but taking into account the great problem I had between my legs, I preferred to feel bad about not being able to touch him. I preferred to stay as I was, I wanted him to penetrate me. I wanted to take care of my excitement however I could.

I played with his tongue in his mouth as I felt his hands caress my waist softly, placing them under my shirt and moving them up to my chest. I noticed his hands traveling every centimeter of my skin, stopping his fingers on my nipples and pinching them delicately to excite me even more before lowering his tongue from my mouth towards them. I loved it when he bit them, when he licked them as each time, Naruto did it better. Each time, I felt more pleasure with him.

I gasped and arched my back a bit as Naruto continued to suck on my nipples. He continued biting them softly and licking them lustfully before finally taking my shirt off and unbuttoning my pants to take them off as well.

"It doesn't bother you now, does it, Sasuke?" He asked teasingly.

"Yes." I said. "A lot."

Naruto laughed and tugged a bit at my undergarment, taking my member out fully to begin licking it. He really had gotten better at this; it was impossible to contain my moans when I was with him. I enjoyed Naruto so much and he helped me move, placing his hand on my ass and slowly moving me to start entering. Naruto also seemed to enjoy licking it as well, he loved hearing my gasps. He loved feeling like he had control and although it irked me not having it because of my wounds, I couldn't deny saying that it excited me once in a while to lose control as well.

I was enjoying what Naruto was doing, I loved it. I couldn't stop shouting and moaning, even more when he began utilizing the tricks I had taught him last time because I had to admit: he learned fast. He had to stop a bit, fearing I would cum much before him, but he took advantage to prepare my entrance.

He slowly entered me and I almost yelled at him to enter once and for all because I was dying to have it in me. I wanted it, I was dying to feel it, to give it to me with all his strength. After laughing for seeing me so desperate, he ended up entering me all at once, making me scream in a mixture of pain and pleasure because feeling his member inside me was something that excited me too much.

I hated not being able to touch him or do anything, only letting myself be touched and I didn't like it at all. But I couldn't think too much of it because I was enjoying so much with Naruto's movements inside me. I smiled prepotently when Naruto began with his dirty vocabulary and I loved that he did that for the simple fact that it excited me and on top of that, I knew I excited him. It made him hot to see my body, entering me, believing he had control.

He came inside me and although I moaned feeling his liquid invading me, what I loved the most is how he moaned as he came with that manly tone. How I loved Naruto. I couldn't believe it still that Naruto was with me, so in love with my like I was with him.

What I hadn't expected was that when he finished and laid at my side, he told me that after giving it much thought, he didn't want to return to living in the village. He didn't want to be the Hokage of a village where they did not want me with him. Naruto was determined on two things: either we get the people to accept us, which was impossible, or we leave once again, but I didn't want to turn Naruto into a delinquent.

"Sasuke," he began. "I don't want to live anywhere where you're not there."

"I'll always be with you, Naruto." I told him.

"Yeah, but I want you to be comfortable and be happy. If that's not going to happen in this village, we could leave, I don't care."

"I don't want you to have to leave because of my fault."

"It's not your fault, Sasuke. I only want you, I don't care about anything else. Do you want us to leave?" He asked directly.

"I don't want to know anything about this village, Naruto." I answered sincerely.

"Alright then, we'll leave, I promise. I'm not going to let anybody in this village hurt you."


Chapter 59: Hokage

 Naruto Uzumaki

When I woke up that morning, it made me happy to see Sasuke at my side now out of the hospital and sleeping like a log without the need of sedatives or some other medication. Although, Ino had reminded me that he had to still take some medication for a few more days. I saw him to torn there, laying in my bed and I felt bad because I had brought him to this situation. Ever since I brought him to the village, I was the one at fault for all of his suffering and I couldn't think of anything else except that.

I caressed his hair and he turned to me, grabbing me because at least now he could move his arms, I didn't even think he could fight because he couldn't make seals, so it provoked this sensation in me as if I had to protect him of everything and everyone now. He had always looked after me, he was willing to die for me if it was necessary and now... it was my obligation to be at his side and help him in everything I could.

I hugged him as well and pulled him a bit closer to me to my advantage so I could caress him more. He seemed so sweet when he slept, as if he were a small kid although in reality, when he opened his eyes I would find myself with that lone guy with a deep look that only thought of revenge. But I would show him that not everything was about revenge, there was much more. That there was love, too and I loved him very much. I never wanted to separate from him ever again.

My great problem now was that after the war, they had once again offered me position as Hokage and honestly... it had been my dream to be Hokage but it was also to live with Sasuke and I didn't know to what point the village would forgive him. Should I chose the position or not? I know Danzou was being looked for by justice; Ibiki and his team were on his heals but... would Sasuke support living here? Surely he would, he was capable of supporting anything for me but I didn't want him to deal with it. I wanted him to be happy and I wasn't so sure that living in the village would be happiness for Sasuke.

With the conversation we had last night, I knew that Sasuke didn't want to be in the village and that I should start making decisions, to make myself the point that I would never become Hokage, but it's just that after seeing how they treated Sasuke in this village, I wasn't so sure I wanted to be it's Hokage. They were only a group of people that had tried to kill my guy; selfish people that didn't deserve my charge. They only wanted me because I had become strong and I could defend the village but I wasn't that innocent kid whom they could easily manipulate to their liking anymore. I was going to march away with Sasuke and I didn't care if that made me into a criminal.

I should at least wait a few days until Sasuke could move better to leave here. He needed much rest and I couldn't ask Sasuke now to leave, we would have to deal with staying a few more days here. I watched him sleep and after caressing his hair, his arm, and his back, I gave him a kiss on the forehead before getting up out of bed carefully and changed to go out and buy a few things that we needed; mainly Sasuke's medicines.

I passed by for his medicines at the hospital and I ran into Hinata and Ino, still helping a few ninjas they brought in from the battlefield— a battle that was now in it's last moments as the troops drew back and it was possibly from the rumor that Sasuke had died thanks to Danzou and that attack he made on him.

Ibiki was there, too, looking for information on Danzou and his whereabouts although he had almost his entire squadron looking for him, even Ino's dad was in on it. He had entered in the minds of many of the subordinates Danzou had to be able to find some information about all of this.

"How's Sasuke?" Ibiki asked me when I passed by him.

"He's sleeping." I commented. "I've come to pick up his pain medication."

"It still hurts a lot?"

"Fairly. It's going to take some more time for him to move like he used to."

"It's been a tough battle, give him some time, Naruto. His body needs to heal with patience."

"I know, but I hate seeing the pain he's in when he's not sedated."

"We'll catch Danzou, I promise you. We're expanding our circle."

"I want to go after him." I told him.

"Are you sure? You could let your rage out and that wouldn't be good."

"I want to go after him. I'm going to show him that he can't come near my man while I'm here with him."

"Alright then, I'll let you know when we find him."

I walked over to Ino, who was talking to Hinata, so she could give me some medicines for Sasuke. When I arrived to her, they were talking about the entire topic of the war but at least they weren't pinning everything against Sasuke like others in the village had. As if it was Sasuke's fault that it had started, he had nothing to do with it! He only wanted to live peacefully but instead, he got everyone to hate him, to try to kill him even in his own home because Konoha was his childhood home and I didn't understand why no one could see that. Nobody wanted to see Sasuke as another one of their own in Konoha.

Ino gave me a bottle of pills to reduce Sasuke's pain and asked me about him and his state. I clarified that he was getting better but very slowly. I also took the chance to tell her that sure enough, I would end up leaving as soon as he could walk normally. I didn't want to risk something happening to him on the way. Although I would miss my dream of being Hokage, initiating a new life with Sasuke in a town abandoned by the hands of God, like the one I had found him in with his brother and Deidara, didn't seem like a bad idea.

When I exited the hospital, I bumped into Itachi, who was in the park with Deidara, the two of them sitting on the lawn under a tree in embrace and looking out into a lake where a civilian was fishing. I saw them so in love, so calm... so in love that I didn't know what to think of all this. In reality, I did have something to think of: I thought that I too, wanted something like that with Sasuke; a calm life with him, living day by day and I didn't care if we had to build our own home or do whatever we needed to do to survive.

In fact, I was hoping to leave the construction of the house to Sasuke, because if he left me the task, we could forget about having a good home because I was very bad in the whole construction and creating things from scratch thing. I don't know if Sasuke was good or not, but at least he had his brother and he could ask for a bit of help.

I returned home to give Sasuke his medications but once I entered the house and headed towards the room, I realized that Sasuke was still sleeping like a log. Not even a tsunami could wake this guy and I had to acknowledge that being in my house with me, Sasuke could manage to sleep without problems.

He woke up while I was caressing him again and although it cost him to open his eyes, he pulled himself closer to me a bit more so I could continue caressing him. It's just that Sasuke, although cold, could also be really sweet; I loved everything about him and I couldn't help smiling seeing him although I also noticed how his body still hurt. At least now he was beginning to move his hands and that was a great advance.

"Are you okay?" I asked him.

"Yes." He said. "If you keep touching me, yes."

"You're something else." I commented while smiling. "Does it hurt a lot?"

"A bit."

"Take your medication." I told him. "You'll be better with it."

"That's not true. You know too much leaves me kind of out of it."

"But that way I can take more advantage of you." I laughed with the joke and he smiled.

"So that's why..." He smiled. "And here I thought it was because you were worried about my pain."

"Seriously, take it. Whenever you're ready to make the trip, we'll leave here, I promise you that."

"Weren't they going to make you Hokage today?" He asked and I didn't know how he had noticed, but he was right.

"I declined." I told him. "It won't be me, I already told you that I'm only interested in you."

"Then why is Ibiki looking for you?" He asked me and I was surprised.

He was right, I felt his chakra come towards us from the street and I left his medicine at his side and told him I'd be right back. I think Sasuke already guessed that I was going for Danzou judging by the face he made. He also asked me to take him with me but I couldn't take him, not with how he was now. I knew he was very vengeful but this time and this time only... this would be my vengeance and not his. I would take care of defending Sasuke of whoever and wherever.

I got out of the house, knowing Sasuke wouldn't follow me in his state. Ibiki was surprised to see me there so quick and then told me how they had located Danzou's location. I didn't take long marching off with Ibiki's squadron. I wanted that man behind bars or kill him then and there for everything he tried to do to my Sasuke.

The squadron wasn't bad; everyone seemed very strong and plus, Ibiki too came along and that gave me confidence. We exited the village from a route I had never gone through and we arrived where Danzou was supposed to be. It was a small cabin out in the outskirts where he hid himself like a rat, which was what he was. I entered without warning, kicking the door open and breaking it down to enter and see Danzou gravely injured on a bed. I suppose he had been trying to recuperate from the wounds Sasuke had left him during his fight, but that didn't stop me.

I grabbed him by the neck of his jacket and took him out forcefully, glaring at him hatefully like I had learned from Sasuke and although he begged for his life, in this moment, I only thought of destroying him. Ibiki had to come over and calm me down and once he did, I threw Danzou over to him like a sack so they could take him away. I knew Ibiki wouldn't leave him in prison without giving him a good torture and what's more, Danzou had secrets of the village that they had to protect, meaning that the torture would be anything but pleasant.

When I returned after making sure Ibiki had taken Danzou to his base, I found myself with Sasuke sleeping. I think the medication had left him very tired. As I neared him, he woke up and asked me how everything went. I told him how Danzou wouldn't bother him anymore and I laid down at his side to hug him, cuddling his face on my chest to feel him close, so he too, could feel me close to him and be protected because with me, Sasuke would always be protected.


Chapter 60: Happiness

Sasuke Uchiha

A month passed before I could heal completely, even with Ino coming to check up on me every day to heal my wounds. I suppose it had been a lot more grave than I had imagined. I didn't think Danzou could have given me as many wounds as these, although of course, I think I made them worse when I used Susanoo. I knew I shouldn't have done it, but it was my only way of protecting Naruto and for him, I would do whatever.

At least today was the day where my life would begin anew, away from vengeances and everything bad that was in my life. I thought only of Naruto and in building a future for us, away from everything, away from Konoha, and away from the problematic politics of this damned village. I wanted to leave far away with Naruto and I was very nervous because I didn't know what we would live of off or what we would do or if it would be good to live together because we both had such a character; but with the wild sex from the last few days... I think I would like living with him.

We took longer than expected to arrive and we traveled with my brother and Deidara. We had decided to go together for more security and because Itachi was worried about my recovery; he didn't want to leave me alone with only Naruto in this trip. Naruto had commented about how he wanted to live near where my brother was and I think he had made that decision because of me that he made that decision because I hadn't told him anything. But I guess after being alone for such a long time, perhaps I did feel like being with my family—with my brother, Deidara, and Naruto; because now I felt them all like my family.

We slept for a few days in my brother's house and they didn't let us sleep much with all their moaning. They were going to break the bed, or so I thought because they often made noises, shouted and talked when they did it although in all honesty, Naruto and I weren't so far behind when we did it. On the third day, Naruto got tired of hearing them and not letting him sleep, so we ended up making this a contest on who shouted more: my brother with Deidara or me with Naruto. The worst of it all was that I think it excited us both to hear the couple on the other side.

Many times I thought that all of this was fun; hearing my brother in the room next door, but on the other side of things, I thought that I'd like to be alone with Naruto, to do it all over the house and do whatever thing with him without having to check if my brother or his boyfriend was there to see us. Itachi helped us build a house and Deidara also collaborated. Naruto was closer to my brother each time, learning to make these kinds of things and I too, took advantage to learn.

I spent so much time with my brother, making furniture, learning to build them and I loved being with him, especially after all the hate we had had for each other until finally everything seemed to calm down. He was my brother; it was about time we could be together and rebuild our familial relationship from zero, as if whatever happened to our clan had never happened. Our life started now, it was my new life next to my brother and living with Naruto, my blond with blue eyes who insisted on releasing his dream of being Hokage... only that he had changed it to being the Hokage of my bed. He was full of it with him trying to dominate me, to be him who ordered me but I wasn't going to permit him to order me around.

It took us about a month to finish the house. It was practically next to my brother's house and I liked that even more because having him so close gave me confidence. Aside from feeling secure living with Naruto, there was my brother and Deidara. For once in my life, I began to sleep without having any weapons near. I began to relax, to sleep like I have never slept. I felt good and happy. I would wake up every day with that blond's impressing smile on his face and his touches.

Of my team, the only thing I knew was that they all ended up living in the Land of Rain and that Suigetsu had somehow managed to conquer Pein after many efforts. It didn't surprise me much; I knew Suigetsu and he tended to get everything he set his mind to. In a way it kind of reminded me of Naruto: he was an airhead and stubborn, always doing whatever he needed to do to get what he wanted and desired. Even Pein... he was on his list and he got him although it took him a while to get him to fall for him.

Of Karin, I knew that she ended up falling for Juugo and that did surprise me a lot more than Suigetsu. It was hard to believe for the simple fact that she had always been heavily over me when she was with me, so now it was a bit hard to imagine that she was now with someone else but deed down it made me happy. She wasn't a bad person, she had only made the mistake of falling for me, just like Sakura had done although of her I barely knew anything. All I knew is that she was in prison and Naruto never once asked about her again.

Many times when I brought her up, he would get mad but I think it was because he had been an idiot with me thanks to that girl's schemes and tricks, that he had fallen for her sweet and desirable words when she told him she loved him to put him against me. In my opinion, I think Naruto still blamed himself for letting himself get tricked into being against me by her, but she was already paying her sentence just like Danzou.

Danzou was tortured and after taking every bit of information he had of the village, there was practically nothing left of what that man once was: one of the most feared and important members of the village. He was then imprisoned for his crimes and they checked the entire section of Root to assure that there were no more of Danzou's influences in it's members.

We were in contact with a few of the village but there weren't a lot of them who were fortunate enough. I knew Naruto wrote letters to Hinata and many times to Ibiki to make sure everything was alright. Me, on the other hand, contacted Ino but because after her great help, I liked talking to her; she was a great friend. She told me about how she had graduated from being a nurse and now she worked fulltime at the hospital. Kakashi was still Hokage and he didn't know who to put in charge because he hated that job, but since Naruto had denied, they were still looking for a new Hokage.

Sometimes I thought that perhaps it might've been worth a shot to confront the village, to stay there and face my problems so as to not break Naruto's dreams. I thought that perhaps I was a bit selfish and that I didn't think of him but that village had brought me too many bad memories.

"What are you thinking of?" Naruto asked me as he saw me sitting on the sofa reading a letter from Ino.

"That perhaps maybe you should've taken the position." I told him.

"No, Sasuke." He commented. "I'm good here, being Hokage brings so many papers, too much work and I want to be with you. I can't let that an entire village be against you, so if they don't like you, then neither me."


"But nothing, Sasuke. I know you don't like it, that you think you've destroyed my dream, but no. My dream is you, Sasuke. I adore you, I like you, I love you. You're everything I need in my life."

"I know." I told him. "But sometimes I think I'm not enough."

"You're too much for me. You're perfect, Sasuke. I'm proud of being with you and I need nothing more."


I stopped going around in circles about this topic and left the letter over the table as Naruto kissed me with force, stumbling onto me on the sofa. I placed my hands on his waist and kissed him passionately, placing my tongue in his mouth and exploring it all, playing with his tongue without letting him enter my mouth because if someone took charge here, it was going to be me.

Naruto grabbed my face forcefully and immobilized it so he could stick his tongue inside, demonstrating this time to me that it was him who was going to dominate. He placed his hands under my shirt and began taking it off. I too, placed my hands inside his shirt and smiled, thinking about how I could move perfectly once again.

I turned him around, getting on top of him as I was not going to let Naruto control me today. I had already passed enough time without being able to move from my wounds and I wasn't going to deal with him dominating when I was okay now. Naruto smiled and grabbed my head, bringing me closer to him to kiss me again while his other hand began pulling my pants down.

I grabbed his hands, separating them from me and holding them above on each side of his face as I smiled at him and told him to stay calm because today, he was mine. I loved his naughty smile so much and I smiled as well before kissing him and exploring every centimeter of his chest with my tongue. I kissed him entirely, I bit him and placed a hickey on his abdomen, marking him that he was completely mine.

I lowered his pants and began licking his member with much effort, giving him as much pleasure as possible and hearing him moan, seeing him close his eyes and arching his back as he told me to continue doing it, to take it all in my mouth and pick up the pace. And so I did, gaining a few more moans from him.

Naruto forcefully grabbed my hair and indicated me to face him with a grand smile, kissing me while his hand grabbed my member and began massaging it, giving me great pleasure because at this pace, I could handle it a bit. Naruto excited me too much, even without touching me he excited me.

He placed his fingers inside my mouth so I could lick them and I did so he could prepare my entrance; I loved it when he began placing his fingers inside my interior. I wanted to enjoy him, to feel him inside, I wanted to be his and I screamed when I felt how he began entering me carefully while making one of those manly sounds that drove me crazy.

I heard Naruto's dirty talk and I smiled as I was beginning to get used to hearing it. Just like he had asked, I rode him. I began moving up and down, thrusting his member in my interior, deepening it as deep as it could while the both of us moaned and enjoyed it. I picked up the pace as I noticed Naruto once again touch my member for even greater pleasure and in the end, I ended up coming not after Naruto came inside me. Feeling all his essence inside me was the best feeling of all because I knew perfectly well that only I could belong to this blond knucklehead. I just adored him and if each and every one of the rest of my days were going to be like today, next to Naruto's side, having sex without problems or vengeances... then I would begin to know what happiness was because Naruto was the only man capable of giving me joy. He was the only one in my life and as much as it had cost me to realize it, I now knew it and so did he.

It could be that we didn't have anything, that we had to begin all over again, away from our place of origin but we were together. I thought of Deidara because he was once our toy; a simple toy for a pair of Uchiha but right now... I felt like a toy for Naruto and I liked it because he too, would be my toy and I would never share him with anyone. I loved Uzumaki Naruto, hyperactive ninja and Hokage of my bed.